Wednesday, August 8, 2018

The Daily Beast: Omarosa secretly recorded Trump

Yes, grovel for help from the man who insulted you, your wife and your father. Go

Here’s what I’ve been told. “Trump (and some adult family) negotiated a deal with the Saudis and the Emiratis for 3.6 billion to get rid of Iran nuclear deal and reimpose sanctions. The payment was made in two installments. The first last year and the second earlier in 2018”

Federal deficit jumps 20 percent after Trump tax cuts, spending bill: CBO report

NEW: Draft legislation aimed at punishing Moscow for election attacks has been leaked... by the Kremlin. How has the Russian government obtained a draft bill that hasn't even been released to the American people?

BREAKING: Court documents say man arrested at New Mexico compound was training children to commit school shootings.

Say it again with me, America, so that @RudyGiuliani & @realDonaldTrump can hear it: Witnesses and suspects don't get to dictate the terms of the investigation.

Unrelatedly, Trump bragged to his Ohio rally that Gorsuch was “number one in his class, Harvard Law School.” Harvard Law School tells me that is false.

USA Berman: Representative Collins, who, by virtue of his office, helps write the laws of this country, allegedly acted as if the law did not apply to him

JUST IN: Michigan Dems elect state's first all-female statewide ticket for midterms

Military Veterans’ News Site’s Top Editor Quits, Says He Faced Pressure to Be ‘Less Liberal’

Guardian: A shipment of soybeans worth more than $20 million has been bobbing aimlessly in the Pacific Ocean for a month, a casualty of the escalating trade war between China and the US.

China's going after vehicles like large passenger cars and motorcycles, as well as coal, grease, Vaseline, asphalt and plastic products, and recyclables.

Special prosecutor investigating possible election fraud in Rep. Scott Taylor’s race

Updated: Kris Kobach won’t recuse himself from a recount in governor’s race. No law requires it.

Bill Nelson: The Russians have penetrated some Florida voter registration systems

Rick Gates wrapped up his testimony Wednesday without a dramatic courtroom showdown, but the defense got in an attention-grabbing parting shot at the star witness: suggesting Gates had multiple affairs during the time he was working for Paul Manafort

West Virginia House committee votes to impeach entire state Supreme Court

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos does not put students first. Here’s how she's been helping shady and predatory for-profit colleges at the expense of our students

Russia's currency fell to a multi-month low against the U.S. dollar, as bond yields rose and stocks tumbled, after the Kommersant newspaper printed the draft of Senate bill that proposed new U.S. sanctions on state-owned banks

JUST IN: Pro-Trump GOP lawmaker removed from key House committee after insider trading indictment

A judge ruled Monday that a "firewall counsel" will be employed to protect sensitive information during federal court proceedings against Russians who allegedly attempted to influence the 2016 U.S. election through a widespread online campaign.

Four additional Republican congressmen are now implicated in Chris Collins' recent charges-Mike Conaway (TX), Doug Lamborn (CO), Billy Long (MO), and Markwayne Mullin (OK) purchased the stock in Jan 2017 and two are on a Health subcommittee w/ Collins.

US Attorney Geoffrey Berman announces CRIMINAL charges of insider trading & lying to the FBI against @GOP Rep Chris Collins. "These charges are a reminder that **this is a nation of laws, and that everybody stands equal before the bar of justice

China to put 25% tariffs on $16 billion worth of US products

JUST IN: Senate Dems file Freedom of Information Act request to force White House to turn over Kavnaugh documents

this is Joe Manchik (Green Party) -- aka the guy with 1100+ votes in #OH12 (0.6%) tonight -- whose support is *nearly* the difference between Balderson & O'Connor. here's the end of an disastrous interview he did in March where he can't quite remember his own campaign website

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Collins also allegedly lied to the Feds.

#BREAKING: @NRA launches a seven-figure national and regional ad campaign urging #2A supporters to contact their Senators and tell them to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to #SCOTUS.

Trump's D.C. hotel, a clubhouse for his fans, may also be a 5-star conflict of interest

This Russian Spy Agency is in the Middle of Everything

This is the guy who gave health care stock tips to Trump's former HHS secretary Tom Price. Tom Price must be a tad nervous.

William Ruckelshaus, ex-acting FBI director and as deputy A.G.: "Trump is acting with a desperation I’ve seen only once before in Washington: 45 years ago when President Richard M. Nixon ordered the firing of special Watergate prosecutor Archibald Cox."

Former MMA fighter wins Dem primary for House seat in Kansas

Witch Hunt Running Tally

Rand Paul, now officially the Senate's Rohrabacher, delivers letter from Trump to Putin on his Moscow visit. This is the second trip where Republican Senators have acted as go-betweens with Putin

Isn’t this why we have an Ambassador and an Embassy?

" It's time the Mueller investigation comes to a conclusion.", Chris Collins

Environmental protections have nothing to do with the wildfires in CA. Climate change does. We're not going to let you use fires as an excuse to clear-cut our forests.

DOJ: Rep. Chris Collins (R-NY) has been charged with alleged securities fraud, wire fraud, false statements.

Missouri voters strike down GOP right-to-work law in victory for organized labor

4-star general warns: Trump behavior ‘more alarming and...

Donald Trump’s incendiary rhetoric and increasing rate of falsehoods have former national security leaders alarmed. Retired general Barry McCaffrey and Jason Johnson join Lawrence to discuss the reported “intensifying fury” of the President.

Ohio special election stays too close to call to the bitter end

Steve Kornacki, MSNBC political correspondent, breaks down the county-by-county counting in the too-close-to-call special Ohio election in which Democrat Danny O'Connor hopes to take the reliably red seat from Republican Troy Balderson.

Manafort's work for Trump a touchy subject at trial

Barbara McQuade, former U.S. attorney, talks with Rachel Maddow about why some lines of questioning about the Donald Trump campaign and the special counsel are being tightly controlled in the Paul Manafort trial.

Judge Ellis behavior in Manafort trial risks helping the defense

Barbara McQuade, former U.S. attorney, explains how Judge T.S. Ellis's behavior in the trial of Donald Trump's former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, could damage the jury for the prosecution.

Judge Ellis plays role of belligerent character in Manafort trial

Rachel Maddow shares portions of the transcript of the trail of Donald Trump's former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, in which Judge T.S. Ellis appears to bully prosecutors.

New trial testimony offers insight into Manafort ties to Russia

Rachel Maddow shares news from the Wall Street Journal that Donald Trump's former lawyer and confidant Michael Cohen is under investigation for tax fraud related to his taxi medallion income, and his accountant has already been subpoenaed.

Net neutrality and Alex Jones

An immigrant is ordered to be deported after the Justice Department replaces the judge

The special election results for Ohio's 12th Congressional District were too close to call late Tuesday night.

Chairman Grassley, as you will recall, I opposed Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination to the DC Circuit in 2006 because I believed he was a political operative not suited for the bench. Given what we have learned since that time, I still believe that today.

Paul Ryan is trying to rewrite history and his treasonous, cowardly part in it. The good news ; Ryan knows Trump is going down, hence him trying to whitewash his own legacy

De Blasio rips Murdoch and Fox News: "We would be a more unified country" without them

@MichaelRCaputo "changes testimony" to include meeting with Russian: lying to Congress is a felony

Ex-CIA Director John Brennan: "Anybody who would go into a meeting like that with individuals who were known to be associated with Russian intelligence should have realized that they were getting into some very, very deep and hot water."

Big new @NPR interview on Putin/Trump and what we need to do to stop Putin bringing us down to his level of criminality

Surprise, surprise. Trump makes up fake poll info and lies directly to the American people again. The truth is Balderson was up 2% in the polls prior to Trump’s speech.


After Yanukovych fled Ukraine in 2014, Manafort worked with former Party of Regions members & suggested a new Party of Development, which was later absorbed into the Opposition Bloc. Manafort's slogan for this new party - in 2014??? #MakeUkraineWorkAgain! Sound familiar???

"Normal campaigns don't have a campaign chief with 15 foreign accounts to allegedly evade taxes, just as they don’t meet with hostile foreign powers peddling dirt on their political opponents."

Jim Acosta Says ‘Hannity Is a Propagandist for Profit Peddling Lies Every Night’

The mastermind of the new policy is Stephen Miller. Under the forthcoming plan, any legal immigrants who have ever used children’s health insurance (CHIP), Obamacare, supplemental nutrition assistance, or other social benefits could be denied legal status

We need our elected officials to look into what motivated Trump’s EPA proposal that would allow for new uses of asbestos. Here’s a start. πŸ‘‡πŸ½ Russia will soon be the sole asbestos supplier to the United States.

Opinion: Trump’s privatization plan would destroy the Postal Service

Fire scientists are sure of only one thing: This will get worse

Former Manafort accountant fired from firm after testifying she falsified his tax records

Ex-Trump lawyer Cohen under investigation for tax fraud: WSJ

Rachel Maddow shares news from the Wall Street Journal that Donald Trump's former lawyer and confidant Michael Cohen is under investigation for tax fraud related to his taxi medallion income, and his accountant has already been subpoenaed.