Friday, May 18, 2018

More children have died in school shootings in 2018 than active combat members of the US military

NEW: Texas shooting suspect posted neo-Nazi iconography online

Three top Democratic senators have requested rare multi-agency inspector-general investigations into the Trump admin’s failure to fully implement congressionally mandated sanctions against Russia, The Daily Beast reports.

Bill Gates: Trump left event he was already at so he could make a "grand entrance" in a helicopter

Opinion: Stormy Daniels and Michael Avenatti’s odd partnership might turn out to create the clearest path to accountability at the highest levels of government

On their last day of class, Marjory Stoneman Douglas seniors watched news coverage of the Santa Fe High School shooting.

#BREAKING: Trump to ban federally funded clinics from discussing abortion with women: report

In major embarrassment to GOP, House fails to pass massive Farm Bill in face of conservative Republican showdown

ICE arrested a dreamer, revoked his DACA status, placed him in detention, and attempted to deport him, claiming he was a gang member. A federal judge just ruled that ICE was lying—brazenly, intentionally, repeatedly, and illegally.

There might have been more breaches of election services providers that the public doesn’t know about.

This is like the archetype of a small-town scandal — but with the US Postal Service, president, and one of the nation's biggest companies.

This dude just showed up with an American flag and a gun to Santa Fe High School, where kids were just murdered in another school shooting. He said he’s there to make America great again. This is Trump’s America and one of the village idiots

Almost half of US families can't afford basics like rent and food

LIVE: 'Multiple students dead' after shooting at Santa Fe High School in Texas

Hope Senate Intel Committee requests aggregate intelligence source performance reports now, 1yr, 2yrs from now (by type, quality, disposition) from ODNI to see how Trump-Nunes scheming has harmed intel collection

Nothing says "I'm confident of my innocence" like 3 frantic tweets attacking the agency that's investigating you!

How the Trump team scrambled to get its story straight on meeting with Russian emissary

Giuliani contradicts Trump: We don't know for sure if there was a spy in the campaign

Giuliani contradicts Trump: We don't know for sure if there was a spy in the campaign

Assistant principal tells @KPRC2 that a gunman has been arrested and secured after school shooting in Texas.

Trump reveals he made $40 million from his DC hotel last year

New poll from Germany: 14% of Germans consider the United States to be a reliable partner. In comparison, 36% of Germans think Russia is a reliable partner. Tough to overstate how bad this is.

Trump and Nunes want to reveal the ID of a confidential source, despite warnings that it would put lives in danger and imperil operations.

USDA may warn some facilities when animal welfare inspectors are coming

Fox News legal analyst says Trump can be indicted: "The president is not above the law"

“All 92 pages—in line after mind-numbing line describing the hodgepodge of shell companies, trademarks, licensing deals, skyscrapers, golf courses and other assets that the president owns or draws income from—remind us just how deeply conflicted he is.”

Two alleged Syrian hackers (Syrian Electronic Army) were indicted on additional charges by a Virginia federal grand jury, prosecutors announced

On Wednesday, two more Republicans signed on to a petition that would force an open-ended and unpredictable immigration debate onto the House floor -- a nightmare scenario that the White House and GOP leaders seem, at least at the moment, unable to stop.

Report: Paul Manafort's Former Son-In-Law Cuts Plea Deal, Agrees To Cooperate With Government

The earth has had warmer-than-average temperatures for 400 straight months now -- that's more than 33 years -- and climatologists aren't mincing words as to why

Bill Gates revealed that President Trump asked him on two separate occasions if HPV and HIV were the same thing.

The president of the United States has joined an effort to expose the identity of a confidential government informant, while the FBI is taking steps to protect the life of that informant, and associates, in case they’re outed.

Ecuador orders withdrawal of extra Assange security from embassy in London

The Definitive Story Of How Trump’s Team Worked The Trump Moscow Deal During The Campaign

Trump says he doubts trade talks with China will be successful

'CEOs don't want this released': US study lays bare extreme pay-ratio problem

Former VTB executive Yury Kotler found dead of an apparent "suicide." “A note was found at the scene of the incident, making it clear that he committed suicide for personal reasons.”

BREAKING: QATAR is bailing out Kushner's real estate disaster 666 5th Ave. I've documented evidence suggesting that Qatar is the intermediary between Russia and Trump in Rosneft bribery deal, as previewed in Steele Dossier

Kushner family sees Qatar-tied bailout; US policy warms to Qatar

Rachel Maddow describes the peculiar turns in U.S. foreign policy toward Qatar that happens to correspond with Qatar's disposition toward helping the Kushner family with a skyscraper burdened by hundreds of millions of dollars of debt.

Jim Acosta: I dare Trump to sit down for a one-on-one interview with me