Monday, April 22, 2019

I teach Federal Courts (a class that, among other things, focuses on different mechanisms for raising legal questions in court), and I can't think of another example in which a sitting President sued members of Congress. Ever.

“TRUMP CLEAN,” blared the front page of Murdoch’s New York Post. “Mr. Mueller found nothing to prosecute,” wrote Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal. “The witch hunt is officially over,” said Sean Hannity on Murdoch’s Fox News Channel. My @PostOpinions column

“My name’s not in there, is it?” A Russian businessman asked @ryanchilcote that question when the redacted version of Robert Mueller’s investigation report came out on Thursday. He wasn’t really joking and he wasn’t alone.

BREAKING: House Judiciary subpoenas ex-White House Counsel Don McGahn

Breaking now: @RepJerryNadler has subpoenaed Don McGahn.

The response to this from @RepCummings sums it up well: “The president has a long history of trying to use baseless lawsuits to attack his adversaries, but there is simply no valid legal basis to interfere with this duly authorized subpoena from Congress.”

Pelosi says Democrats can hold Trump accountable without impeachment hearings

Republicans chose the most loathsome figure in public life, possessed of not a single virtue. He would inevitably call them to descend to the moral void where he resides. When they did, enthusiastically, they showed us not just who he is, but who they are.

Rep. Dan Kildee: "We have very serious doubts as to whether or not the IRS is properly auditing and enforcing the tax law on the President of the United States."

All it takes is four (4) GOP Senators to tell Trump NO! They did and Trump says he won't nominate Herman Cain for Fed seat

NEW: Trump and the Trump Organization are suing House Democrats to block a subpoena to Trump's accountant, Mazars USA LLP

Mad about reports re: his clip being shown on #Russia's state TV, Hannity goes on a rant, claims that the Daily Beast et al. "are no better than Russian propaganda outlets—perhaps even worse." He seems to think that the Kremlin's anti-U.S. agitprop is better than the U.S. media.

Trump sues in bid to block congressional subpoena of financial records

This #EarthDay, I'm thankful for the millions of young people around the world who have marched and gone on strike to demand action on climate change. We know what we need to do: Cut greenhouse emissions in half by 2030. Now we need to do it.

Daniel Dale on Whether President Trump Believes His Own Lies


Sen. Elizabeth Warren proposes canceling approximately $640 billion in outstanding student loan deb

An appeals court rejected a bid by Chelsea Manning to be released from jail for refusing to testify to a grand jury investigating Wikileaks

“Nobody disobeys my orders,” President Trump tells me when I asked about the portrayal in the Mueller report that his staff often ignored his directives.

Harvard IOP poll of young voters:

On the Fox News-Trump merger: By my count, 10 former Fox employees now work in the Trump administration. Six more spent time in the administration but have since left. A few more are on tap to join

This LA Times banner for an article about government attempts to censor #FOIA has everything.

SCO witnesses were not ideal. Some used encrypted apps that were not preserved, some were overseas. Some were loosely tethered to facts. “No lies, hunches, wishes,” prosecutor Aaron Zelinsky told Jerome Corsi in one session. “Hopes do not equal facts."

The reason Congress needs to have access to the redacted Grand Jury and current investigation portions of the Mueller Report is to make sure that all of the proper investigations and charging continues and isn't suddenly dropped or lost without explanation.

“consumers bore between 125 percent and 225 percent of the costs of the washing machine tariffs. The authors calculate that the tariffs brought in $82 million to the United States Treasury, while raising consumer prices by $1.5 billion.”

Most young voters think the country is on the wrong track, a new poll finds.

Fact Checker: The Four-Pinocchio claim at the center of the census citizenship question

"Humanity is now standing at a crossroads."

Momentum for Impeachment Is Picking Up:

A central focus of the impeachment hearings that need to begin without delay must be whether Donald Trump has betrayed his duty to protect our country as Commander in Chief. I believe he has — but only televised hearings will nail him & convince America.

A small town swore in its new mayor. Then the fires started.

No One Listens to the President Trump keeps issuing orders, and staffers keep ignoring them because they’re illegal or unwise. It’s an unsustainable situation—but it shows no sign of abating.

Romney, Rubio and Cruz. Flashback.

The Observer called Trump a "wounded charlatan" and said he should not be honored with a state visit. Buckingham Palace and Britain’s Queen should not be fouled with Trump’s stench.

Reminder: Trump knew the Russians were interfering with US elections. He didn’t care as long as he benefited. Since then he sided with Putin over US intelligence and refused to protect future elections. That’s dereliction of duty. That’s an impeachable offense.

Harvard Law professor Laurence Tribe: "I've warned that impeachment talk is dangerous, but the time has come."

Adam Schiff: "In Every Way This Is More Significant Than Watergate"

Rep. Tim Ryan on Mueller report: "This is a very nuanced document. Let the American people really see what's going on here. It paints a terrible picture of the president's interactions."

Lindsey Graham in 1999 on Clinton "He encouraged people to lie for him. He lied. I think he obstructed justice. I think there's a compelling case that he has, in fact, engaged in conduct that would be better for him to leave office than to stay in

US officials are considering designating fentanyl a weapon of mass destruction, according to a Department of Homeland Security memo

Trump administration’s proposed hiring requirement alarms criminal justice reform advocates on left and right

The IRS has until tomorrow to turn over six years of President Trump’s personal and business tax returns.

The president’s advisors just used the phase “holy war.”

No, Bill Weld can’t beat Trump. But he’s the only way real conservatives can dissent

It's just Russia's way of thanking an American traitor.

The White House team that ensures federal agencies build better technology and defend networks from hackers is in turmoil

What is it with these 'Republican Christian values'? This idiot campaigned against his own sexuality. He probably ate bananas sideways in public to keep up the charade...

I was a staunch "do not impeach" supporter yesterday. Then I watched @maddow who taught me that the statute of limitations runs out in 2022 on these crimes. If he is able to get re-elected in 2020, he literally walks away from the charges in 2024 when he leaves office.

Cummings says Trump will be "emboldened" if Democrats "do nothing" after Mueller report

Average US price of gas spikes 13 cents per gallon, to $2.91

High school journalists were barred from a Betsy DeVos event. So they took her to task in an editorial.

Republican State Sen. Maureen Walsh angered nurses by saying that some working in rural hospitals “probably play cards for a considerable amount of the day.”

Katie Hopkins is a right-wing extremist who has openly called for the genocide of all Muslims. And here comes @CBS, featuring her bigoted views as if they are perfectly normal and acceptable. This shows why we need journalists trained to cover religion.

Representative Joe Kennedy of Massachusetts knows he was born into one of the most famous families in America. He also believes that if capitalism isn’t radically rethought, democracy will collapse

U.S. intelligence has called Russian cyber espionage one of the greatest threats we face as a nation today. Tonight, @60Minutes reports on the growing partnership between Russian intelligence agencies and Russian cybercriminals

After Democrats Surged In 2018, Republican-Run States Eye New Curbs On Voting

Looks like a fun story but it’s bad & he’s not skilled in standing up to Putin. “Zelensky has ties to billionaire Ukrainian oligarch Ihor Kolomyskyi; Daily Beast alleges Kolomyskyi has ties to neo-Nazis & contract killers. Is Zelensky anti-Putin, or playing into Putin’s hands?”


Poor, poor Ukraine.

"all candidates should disclose their business interests in foreign companies; ... And foreign companies, organizations and consultants should not be allowed to work on U.S. campaigns."

Hey Dirk: Guess who has this case? Trump's guy in NY. Geoffrey Berman. Thought he was to stay off Trump-RU stuff? This involves Manafort-Gates-Butina-RU Embassy in US, maybe Prevezon & $$$ being moved around {money laundering?] ..oh and DJT. @TimInHonolulu has threads on it.

An Attorney General using political propaganda is malpractice. William Barr should be disbarred for lying to the American people about the Mueller Report

I’m a law professor at Scalia Law School, I worked as a Republican Senior Counsel for the House Financial Services Committee. We can agree to disagree, but it’s time to impeach Trump. There’s more than enough evidence in the Mueller Report to start.

Barr received dividends from Vector Group, a holding company with deep financial ties to Russia. Furthermore the president of Vector Group is Howard Lorber, the person from whom DonJr received call during the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting

Trump & his team are ignoring all the red flags in the Mueller report and giving a green light to Putin to keep attacking US elections. Because they know who he’s going to help—again.

On today’s front page — Robert Mueller’s report shows how President Trump sits at the center of an ecosystem of lies

This Weeks Supreme Court Case Could Decide the 2024 Election

Scoop from me: leaked chats show WA Republican legislator Matt Shea and associates discussing surveillance, “psyops” and violence directed at political opponents

Elijah Cummings says that even if the House moves to impeach Trump and the Senate votes against it, "history would smile upon us for standing up for the Constitution."

“That’s an extraordinary statement and I would hope he would retract it,” former US Attorney Preet Bharara responds to President Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani saying “there’s nothing wrong with taking information from Russians.”

The 2020 Democratic presidential race enters a new phase this week with the expected entry of former Vice President Joe Biden

It’s time for @SenatorBurr to recuse from the intel committee or simply resign as a Senator.

John Oliver breaks down the redacted Mueller report.

America’s elderly are twice as likely to still be working now than in 1985

Is Bernie using Trump Tricks?

Between his handwritten, unsigned tax returns and this....

According to the FEC and Bernie's disclosures, he spent $444,937.50 in campaign cash to buy his own book(s) The same book(s) that Bernie claimed made him a millionaire because it was a best seller.

Full text of the "impeachment resolution." Read it. It's half a page long. Almost boring. It doesn't put Trump in chains. It directs the Judiciary Committee to consider whether the House should consider whether to impeach. This is a measured response to the Mueller report.

Trump asked the head of NSA to squash stories alleging ties between his campaign and Russia. The agency’s deputy director deemed it “the most unusual thing he had experienced in 40 years of government service.”

Trillions of microplastic particles are already in our oceans. On Monday's #EarthDay, learn how you can help #

Interior Secretary David Bernhardt began working on policies that would aid one of his former lobbying clients within weeks of joining the Trump administration, according to a POLITICO analysis of agency documents

"With the stroke of a pen, Barr — a political appointee named to the job by Trump — injected his own judgment as an ill-fitting exclamation point on what Mueller deliberately left as an unfinished sentence,"

Since its release, Trump has sent 34 tweets or retweets attacking, undermining, or misquoting the Mueller report. That doesn't sound like someone who was "totally exonerated."

How Trump’s trusted fixer came to turn against him

'Reforms' in Saudi Arabia exist only as a tool to appease Western allies

Mueller report: Donald Trump failed us as commander in chief

Based on the President's repeat, mean tweets, I guess he's still more worried about Democrats and the media than he is about Russia's ongoing attack on our country, including their known tactic of weaponizing information and using social media to spread divisions.

Kansas Republicans are moving to strip Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly of her power to fill vacant state offices.

A ladder and a string of lights left in planes' tails. Bolts left in engines. Chewing gum holding together a door's trim. Workers at Boeing's Charleston plant detail flawed production. Some were punished for flagging safety problems.

Top Democrats won't rule out impeachment of Trump

Interesting, Christie interview with Mueller office was just two months ago, Feb. 2019.

This isn’t the first time Trump has “joked” about staying on as President. We should take this seriously-he often excuses his worst comments as jokes & he knows he’s only protected from criminal prosecution for as long as he stays in office.

Trump takes off his hat, forgetting he is not wearing his wig.

This is being overlooked in Volume I of the Mueller Report. The first charging decision details Russian cyber attacks on our electoral process. Mueller indicted two significant cases as a result. But with Trump, it's as though Roosevelt ignored the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Help support Mad Dog Pac

We’re up against a powerful propaganda machine, being steered by a criminal POTUS & AGBarr. Our 4th Estate is all at once: overwhelmed, weaponized (“fake news!”), & corrupted (state news). They have failed. THE PUBLIC MUST BE INFORMED. Hold impeachment hearings. Or we will fall.

We are losing the war on climate change

As well as Trump, Erik Prince, Russia, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt backing Haftar's assault on the UN backed Govt in Tripoli, China's State media seems to be on board the Haftar train too

“Impeach Donald Trump?,”

Trump decided to fire Comey the day his meeting w/Russian FM Lavrov & Kislyak was confirmed, May 5, 2017, after Trump Putin call May2

“Is this just poor lawyering or something ... different?” Paul Rosenzweig asks this uncomfortable question repeatedly about Attorney General Barr’s actions in recent weeks. Read the full article here:

The political class may marvel at Trump’s perceived control over Fox News, which liberal critics have likened to a propaganda outlet. But the president’s complaints suggest he’s frustrated that he doesn’t have enough

We must embrace paper ballots and upgrades to our election infrastructure in 2020. Russia and other foreign adversaries cannot hack a piece of paper like they can a computer. Every voter deserves to have their vote counted. It’s imperative we work now to protect our elections.

Is he suggesting we actually do something? ⁦

U.S. intelligence has called Russian cyber espionage one of the greatest threats we face as a nation today. 60 Minutes reports on the growing partnership between Russian intelligence agencies and Russian cybercriminals, tonight.

ICYMI. Russia attacked us. The Mueller report still doesn’t give us the full story.

"When they say 'America first', it's America alone," said Gรฉrard Araud, the outgoing French ambassador to the U.S. "Basically, this president and this administration don't have allies, don't have friends."

Oh literally FOR F*CKS SAKE. After everything that's happened since 2016, the ruling Liberal Party here in Australia still purchased the Koch Brothers i360 data f*ckery software. Our national election is on May 18th

Is anyone else worried that many, if not all, of the 12 criminal investigation referrals that we learned about in the report are under the supervision of the now exposed political hack Barr?

A dishonorable man like Donald Trump cannot remain at the helm of an honorable nation

The time for impeachment is here.

The time for impeachment is here.

URGENT CALL TO WHISTLEBLOWERS. ACT NOW TO PROTECT OUR REPUBLIC @RepCummings: "[W]e need your help because the president and his lawyers are blocking information that we need to do our investigation. I beg you, whistleblowers, come out, help us, call us."

Fears grow Trump will abandon Afghan women to the Taliban

Trump wants to bring back Asbestos. Yeah, you heard that right... Guess who imports almost ALL Asbestos? Russia!!!

The #MuellerReport doesn’t clear Kushner. He and a major Russian banker, Sergei Gorkov, have different recollections of a December, 2016, meeting. Jared, who had a debt-saddled skyscraper weighing on his mind, said the meeting was “diplomatic.” Gorkov said it was about “business”

Maxine Waters pummels ‘no credibility’ Lindsey Graham: He’s ‘in bed with the president of the United States’

So this happened a few weeks ago. In the last 72 hrs Trump has changed US policy & praised Haftar. Erik Prince has been doing dark shit with Haftar for years. Russia, Trump & Erik, all on the same page

Fruity G is out of his mind in saying it’s OK to for a campaign to get stolen info from a foreign government. As I explained in this piece, protecting the presidency against foreign influence was one of the primary concerns of our Framers

Elijah Cummings says that even if the House moves to impeach Trump and the Senate votes against it, "history would smile upon us for standing up for the Constitution."

Rex Tillerson says Trump ‘asked him to do illegal things’ as secretary of state

This is EXACTLY why “no collusion” holds no water.

#Russia's state TV broadcasts Hannity's commentary, attacking the #MuellerReport in perfect synchrony with the Kremlin