Monday, October 9, 2017

For first time, rank-and-file Republicans admit Obamacare may never go away

Mnuchin wants to repeal rules that require companies to disclose how much more executives make than employees.

POTUS fundraising off VP walking out of Colts game after some 49ers took a knee during part of the anthem to protest racial injustice

BOMBSHELL: US voting infrastructure vulnerable to hacking by Russia, other foreign powers, now and in the future:

Pence’s pathetic stunt tells us a lot about him

Trump is making China and Russia happy because he's creating problems in the U.S., says Ai Weiwei

Russia targeted US military members with pro-Kremlin messages on social media: study

Mattis urges military 'to be ready' with options on North Korea

President Trump and Lindsey Graham hit the links at Trump's Virginia course

It’s been 5 days since 3 soldiers were killed in Niger, 3 days since a fourth was identified. No official statement from WH or President.

DHS: Jones Act waiver for Puerto Rico has expired and is not being extended; will review on case-by-case going forward, if deemed necessary.

JUST IN: Trump EPA chief calls to eliminate federal tax credits for wind and solar powe

How the hell is what Jemele Hill tweeted controversial?

BREAKING: ESPN suspends Jemele Hill for two weeks for second "social media violation"

Surreal: White House puts out a press release filled with praise for Trump’s immigration plan. From his own employees.

Trump has an elaborate routine he uses to hide his double chin during photographs: new book

First lady compares White House to political prison

Gorsuch v. Roberts: Rookie takes on the chief

There’s now documentary evidence that the purpose of Veselnitskaya’s Trump tower meeting was to repeal Magnitsky Ac

Tim Murphy's abortion scandal was just the tipping point. Former aides say abuse inside his office was rampant.

FLOTUS Melania Trump s spox responds to Ivana Trump's “I’m first lady” comment, calling it "attention seeking and self-serving noise.”

AG Jeff Sessions consulted hate group Alliance Defending Freedom ahead of issuing “religious freedom” guidance.

CNN host: Corker could be "planting seeds" for Trump to be removed over mental fitness for office

FEMA director: "We filtered out" San Juan mayor "a long time ago"

After hurricanes Congress ponders future of flood insurance program that Trump slashed

Gov. of Puerto Rico asks Congress for more federal funding for relief, recovery efforts—says "the humanitarian crisis will deepen" without.

Watch: GOP nominee for governor awkwardly dodges questions about his shockingly racist ads

US lawmakers want to stop Trump from supporting Saudi Arabia's war in Yemen

News Analysis: Corkers Blast at Trump Has Other Republicans Nodding in Agreement

E.P.A. Announces Repeal of Major Obama-Era Carbon Emissions Rule

Oddly, Russian operative Akhmetshin was required to sign non-disclosure before Jun 2016 Trump Tower mtg.

Russians' lawyer says new documents show Trump Tower meeting not about dirt on Clinton

Per pool, Trump has arrived at Trump Nat'l Golf Club in VA.

w Lindsey Graham

Donald Trump's popularity is declining among rural Americans

Russia using LinkedIn to target Western professionals - including stalking them in real life.

Is Trump fit for office?

Not even a little bit!

These union workers from all over North America went to Puerto Rico to help recovery efforts

And there you have it, first time I've seen confirmation of Russians ads for: Bernie Sanders Jill Stein & GreenParty

GOP lawmaker: Trump's conflict with Tillerson is part of his "strategy"

Russian propaganda engaged U.S. vets, troops on Twitter and Facebook, study finds

tom cotton has a message for trump dissidents: 'if you feel strongly enough then you have to resign'

How Russia recruited wannabe YouTube stars to convince Black Lives Matter activists to vote for Trump

Bob Corker said his concerns about President Trump were shared by nearly every Senate Republican

Republicans privately admit defeat on Obamacare repeal

WaPo: Google uncovers Russian-bought ads on YouTube, Gmail and other platforms.

Interior Dept. worked w/ energy industry to reverse a rule that would force companies to pay millions in royalties.

Why Investors Should Care About Trump Tax Cuts’ Fairness

President Trump is playing zero-dimensional chess

Trump takes credit for coming up with the word "fake"

VP Mike Pence headed to Newport Beach for a luncheon fundraiser, supporting Putin fan Dana Rohrabacher and others


PIMPOTUS – Trump Models and Russia’s Human Traffickers


"We All Knew About the Trafficking"-The Untold Story of Trump Model Management (Part 1)


"This is what systemic oppression looks like.

Trump Is Pouring Millions Into Money-Losing Scottish Golf Course

Stop Kidding Yourself: This Is the Christian Rights Presidency

Sen. Ed Markey Says Massachusetts Has Become the NRAs Worst Nightmare

Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein fired amid sexual harassment allegations

‘We will forever vote for you’: Huckabee vows permanent allegiance to Trump in Christian TV interview

The Brazenness of Trump's White House Staff Using Private Email

Schumer and Pelosi blast Trump for demanding border wall in DACA deal after he promised he wouldn't

Trump has turned himself into the primary victim of Hurricane Maria.

Facebook, Google, and Twitter had employees working inside the Trump campaign on company time. "They showed up for work" with Brad Parscale.

Trumps Tax Plan Might Not Add Up

Digital director for Trump's campaign says TV news "thought I was a joke" for predicting win

US and Turkey mutually suspend non-immigrant visa services after arrest of a US consulate employee in Istanbul

Less than 1% of EPA administrator's meetings are with environmental groups

Steve Bannon plans to back primary challengers to almost every Republican senator who runs for re-election in 2018

As more people are taking the "golden shower" dossier seriously, a GOP senator hits back

The Secrecy Undermining the Senate Intelligence Committee’s Russia Probe

White nationalists hold torch-lit protest in Charlottesville

Pence used the Colts, who went out of their way to accommodate the VP - with no idea this political stunt was coming

It's a shame the White House has become an adult day care center. Someone obviously missed their shift this morning.

NEW: Russia Recruited YouTubers to Bash ‘Racist B*tch’ Hillary Clinton Over Rap Beats

Steve Scalise will speak at anti-gay group's forum months after lesbian cop saved his life

ALL MORON - Last Week Tonight with John Oliver ( HBO ) | Oct 8, 2017

Conservative author: Trump's attacks on Corker show he's an "erratic narcissist"

This Is How Donald Trump Thinks the U.S. Government Works

It looks like Ol' Blue Eyes himself, Frank Sinatra, didn't like Donald Trump

Bob Corker Says Trump’s Recklessness Threatens ‘World War III’