Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Even Fox News host Laura Ingraham is calling out Trump’s nonsense on the border wall

An RNC member “wants the RNC to change the rules, endorse Trump and declare him the de-facto nominee, heading off any primary challenge.”

Drugmakers Raise Prices on Hundreds of Medicines

Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says President Trump is an "amoral" person and says he's "the worst President we've ever had"

Fact Check: “Trump’s Baseless Claim That Mexico Will Pay for the Wall Through the New NAFTA The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement does not compel Mexico to pay for the wall, and little in it would divert funds from Mexico to the United States.” Lies

National Parks Getting Trashed During Government Shutdown

Netflix has blocked an episode of its show “Patriot Act With Hasan Minhaj” from streaming in Saudi Arabia after the Saudi government complained that the episode — which is critical of the crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman — violated its cybercrime laws

Trump’s EPA doesn't seem to want to punish law-breaking polluters

TSA agents are working for free right now and Chuck Grassley argues the shutdown is about security.

Which investigations will the Dems launch first?

Trump is losing military voters. Here’s how Democrats can win them over.

Benjamin Netanyahu worked together with Mike Pompeo to prod Latin American leaders into moving their embassies to Jerusalem

U.S. border authorities fire tear gas into Mexico as a group of roughly 150 migrants attempt to cross the border into San Diego.

Women and children


Here’s a brief history of the tumultuous, on-again-off-again relationship between Trump and Romney.

"President Trump must be held accountable for his allegedly illegal activities — for his apparently knowing and willful violations of the nation’s campaign finance laws,"

The late Wayne Barrett's seminal two-parter on Trump ran in the Village Voice 40 years ago this month. Wayne was one of the too few who took Trump seriously right from the start.

Just in: Washington Governor Jay Inslee is running for president with a single-minded focus: pulling the country back from the climate-change brink,

The mother of #JazmineBarnes on the fatal shooting of her 7-year old daughter. Killer pulled up to the family in his red truck and fired shots directly into their car. Jazmine died at the scene. Dec 30. Houston. Murderer is a white male, 40s and is still at large.

World Anti-Doping Agency accused of being 'played' by Russia

Guys, you might find this hard to believe about a chap who went to Moscow to deliver a handwritten letter to Putin from Trump, but it sure looks like Rand Paul is a traitor to his country

A tunnel under the U.S.-Mexico border had lighting and a rail system,

Nobel Prize-winning economist says Trump tax cut ‘made most Americans poorer’

Bibi depicted as the savior of Brazilian evangelicals in a new stamp

A U.S. delegation is scheduled to visit Ankara this week to discuss Turkey’s request for the extradition of a self-exiled cleric, sources say

A Ukrainian soldier was killed on Jan. 1 as Russian-led forces launched attacks on Ukrainian positions in Donbas. Ukraine’s military said another 2 soldiers were wounded in attacks, which occurred near port city of Mariupol in the south of Donetsk Oblast.

William Barr Must Make the Same Promises Nixons Attorney General Did During Watergate

Nikki escaped serving in Trump’s Admin without unduly damaging herself but this tweet supporting an authoritarian goon makes me wonder about her off camera thinking. Frankly, this statement should give comfort she’s out of government! More GOP awful praise of fascists.

It's easy to laugh at this, but it's dangerous in many ways. It undermines our civil-military foundations, and it's a bonanza for the enemies and foreign intelligence services who track not only the workings of our govt, but who keep careful tabs on the president's state of mind

Since Trump became president, government spending at Trump properties increased exponentially. We can’t imagine why…

New, with @arawnsley and @kpoulsen: Lots of previously unreported detail on Paul Whelan, the American arrested in Moscow yesterday and held under espionage allegations

If we ease pressure on the Islamic State, we could be attacked again

NASA chief Jim Bridenstine extended an invite for his Russian counterpart, Dmitry Rogozin, to visit NASA HQ. Rogozin is an ultranationalist politician with a record of racism, homophobia. He's under US sanctions over his role in the annexation of Crimea.

In December 2015 Dmitry Rogozin met with a delegation of NRA officials invited to Russia by Maria Butina

“The Russian government made this public before the US government had the time to either know or contact Mr. Whalen’s family, which tells me they really wanted to manipulate this narrative,”

Letitia James, the incoming New York A.G., has suggested that Trump could be charged with obstruction and implied that foreign governments channeled money to Trump's family's real estate holdings, calling it a "pattern and practice of money laundering."

NEW: Paul Whelan, the former Marine who is being detained in Russia for spying, was discharged for bad conduct in 2008 for charges relating to larceny, according to @USMC

Netanyahu calls Bolsonaro a good friend.

NEW: Hidden lede. The $250,000 a head Inauguration dinner that Vekselberg attended in DC, Viktor was seated next to Michael Cohen๐Ÿ˜ฑ. Lots of other tidbits here regarding Israeli players

“what in the world is a U.S. official doing advising a foreign leader on how to escape blame for the murder of a U.S. national…?”

The first test of this rhetoric would be if @MittRomney votes to open the government. If he doesn’t, he’s just another Flake.

Poll: Trump is losing on all fronts

Exclusive: The mystery of the missing Davinci. Does "Salvator Mundi" hold the key to the Trump-Russia investigation?

After reading this interview, it’s hard to avoid the conclusion that @JerryFalwellJr is, how you say, not very bright

Blackwater founder Erik Prince is launching a fund to invest in metals used in electric vehicle batteries - he aims to raise up to $500 million to invest in deposits of metals such as cobalt, copper and lithium in Africa and Asia

Mark Harris promised to cooperate with the investigation after his campaign stole votes. Now he’s changed his tune. My New Year’s resolution: let’s bring democracy back to North Carolina.

This is just a reminder that the NRA is screwed. Again.

The NRA, which pumped $30 million into #Trump campaign, says it took money from 23 Russia-linked donors

Just hang on to this one for when she decides to run for president.

Mitt Romney: The president shapes the public character of the nation. Trump’s character falls short.

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