Saturday, February 3, 2018

Paul Ryan deleted his embarrassing tweet of a blatant admission because he and Republicans don’t want you to know the truth: the #GOPTaxScam is a gift to corporate America and the top 1% at your expense.

The W.H. plans to withdraw its controversial nominee to head the Council on Environmental Quality

Maxine Waters demand Mnuchin and Tillerson explain why Trump didn't add sanctions against Russia

Carter Page bragged that he was an adviser to the Kremlin in a letter dated Aug. 25, 2013 obtained by TIME

"That's it?" Comey rips House committee over memo

Nunes Played The Press Like A Fiddle. Why Do Journalists Keep Falling For This Trick?

Reminder: 13 months ago, McClachy reported that FBI had already been investigating Trump for a year with 5 other agencies.

Congrats Jim. Your lie made it into the Columbus Dispatch. It is called the Steele Dossier and a Republican Pac paid for it. How much campaign $$ did you receive from Russia?

.@realDonaldTrump just released his new nuclear strategy, which calls for more nuclear weapons that are easier to use. This flies in the face of decades of American leadership in building a safer world – one with fewer nuclear weapons

I was one of the most Conservative Members of Congress. I've been an outspoken Conservative on the radio for the past 4yrs. But I tweet that I think this memo release is a partisan & dangerous act by Republicans and today I've lost 1,000 Conservative followers on Twitter.

Conservative outlets were the first in the media to see the Republican-written FISA memo, leading some to allege that the selective leaking of the document only amped up its partisan stake

Chuck Todd: Leak of memo excerpts to Fox News "smacks of a partisan exercise"

A Tea Party group is launching an ad campaign calling on Rod Rosenstein to "do his job or resign."

.@RepMarkMeadows just either misspoke or was deliberately misleading on @MeetThePress. He said Steele was “fired by the FBI” for “leaking to the press.” Steele never had a formalized relationship with the FBI as it related to Trump-Russia. There was nothing to be “fired” from.

Pompeo's meeting with top Russian spy violated sanctions law. Look at the specific questions Schumer asked about sanctions, election interference, cyberattacks -- and Pompeo's refusal to answer.

Kansas chemistry instructor arrested by ICE while taking his daughter to school

Trump has arrived at Trump International Golf Club. This is Trump’s 95th day at a golf club as president.

A lobbyist for the corn syrup industry left her job, went straight to Trump's USDA & got an ethics waiver to help write its Dietary Guidelines

The desperation we are seeing from @POTUS in grasping at straws shows, again, CONSCIOUSNESS OF GUILT.

Former Fed chair Alan Greenspan sees bubbles in stocks and bonds

JUST IN: GOP lawmaker says he will seek criminal prosecution of DOJ, FBI officials over "treason" outlined in memo

Trump on if he has confidence in Rosenstein: ‘You figure that one out’

Husband of former Trump household aide scores job EPA's New York regional office, which is the latest example of someone with a personal connection to the Trump family finding work in the administration

Ex-GOP lawmaker shreds Nunes: He's a "partisan hack"

4 months ago today marked the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history, with 59 people slaughtered. We’re still pushing our bill to ban bump stocks, which allowed a semi-automatic weapon to fire like a machine gun. It’s time for Republicans to get on board.

‘So many parallels’: Ex-Watergate prosecutor says Nunes memo just like Nixon’s ‘whitewash memo’

“A Democratic congressional source with direct knowledge told NBC News that four separate FISA judges reviewed the surveillance application and renewals of Page.”

WATCH: Nunes admits he did not personally review material summarized in memo

Tom Shannon’s departure leaves just one career ambassador at the State Department

EPA chief Scott Pruitt personally monitored removal of climate info from website

Sources just revealed Trump is contemplating war with N. Korea to save his presidency

Steele had no obligation not to speak to reporters, per a source, because his research never belonged to the FBI. By late Oct., a relationship with the FBI had not been formalized even though the possibility of a commercial contract had been discussed.

BREAKING: Dow closes down nearly 700 points; logs worst week in two years

What the market thinks of memo.

K.T. McFarland has asked the W.H. to withdraw her nomination as U.S. ambassador to Singapore.

Pelosi: “Trump has surrendered his constitutional responsibility as Commander-in-Chief by releasing highly classified and distorted intelligence. By not protecting intelligence sources and methods, he just sent his friend Putin a bouquet.”

Most adult Medicaid enrollees do work or go to school or are too sick to work, studies show

Trump has plenty of bark, but his predecessors actually had more bite

Arizona man who sold ammo to Las Vegas shooter is charged

NEW: CNN: Newly obtained documents show the extensive involvement that family members of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson, especially his son, Benjamin Jr., play in official business, despite strong warnings from agency lawyers.

Opinion: Trump has picked a fight with the FBI. He’ll be sorry

Trump Treasury Dept warns new Russian sanctions could hurt US

Senate Intel Vice Chair Mark Warner: "Unlike almost every House member who voted in favor of this memo's release, I have actually read the underlying documents on which the memo was based. They simply do not support its conclusions."

Swiss banking regulator just banned Gazprombank Switzerland from taking any further private clients based on Panama Papers disclosure of Putin’s nominee Roldugin holding accounts there

Spain extradites suspect Russian citizen Pyotr Levashov thought to be spam kingpin to US - A statement from Spain’s National Police said officers handed Levashov over to US marshals on Friday

The #NunesMemo is a partisan effort to undermine law enforcement agencies & the Russia investigation. Using this misleading memo as pretext to fire Rosenstein, Mueller, or DOJ leadership would be an attempt to obstruct justice & could spark a Constitutional crisis. Full Letter

If I got that right should be game over — Donald Trump Jr.

Why I Am Leaving the F.B.I.

Nixon's right-wing media vision ultimately a help to Trump

Michael Beschloss, NBC News presidential historian, talks with Rachel Maddow about the context of the Devin Nunes memo and how Richard Nixon met with Roger Ailes about creating a conservative media that now carries Donald Trump.

Nunes memo presents incomplete picture, but FBI's hands are tied

Chuck Rosenberg, former U.S. attorney, talks with Rachel Maddow about the FISA process and why Devin Nunes' manipulation of classified information puts the FBI in in a tough bind.

Schiff: Nunes memo damages intel community, trust in Congress

Congressman Adam Schiff, top Democratic member of the House Intelligence Committee, talks with Rachel Maddow about the damage the Nunes memo has done to the relationship between Congress and the intelligence community.

For all the hype, Nunes memo delivers sad trombone for Trump

Rachel Maddow points out that despite two weeks of Fox News hype, the Nunes memo is not only underwhelming as a political stunt, it actually undermines the argument it was meant to make for Donald Trump.