Sunday, December 30, 2018

Dear Trump Voters: As 2018 comes to a close, here's an updated list of Trump's 30 biggest broken promises. Don't keep falling for his lies in the new year.

John Kelly paints yet another dim portrait of Trump.

At Epstein’s place.

We are now using Mar a Lago’s WiFi. It’s totally unsecured.

They'll tell you, if it's just the two of you, you know, 'The guy (Trump) is nuts, he doesn't have a grasp of the issues — he's making rash decisions, he's not listening to the people who know the subject matter,'" McCaskill says

Chaos on @FoxNews when host bucks Lying Trump and says Dems are not killing migrant kids at the border

House Republicans revealed in a letter to top Justice Department officials that they are closing their investigation into the how the FBI and DOJ handled their probes into Hillary Clinton and the Trump campaign

Dave Barry’s Year in Review 2018: You thought 2016 and 2017 were bad? Let’s look back at this past year.

Trump is billing US taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars for parties at Mar-A-Lago while Americans serving in agencies he shut down protect our country without pay

Whitaker’s role in 2006 immigration raid foreshadowed aggressive stance as acting attorney general

39% of the U.S. prison population — 576,000 people — are behind bars with no compelling public safety reason.

Lindsey Graham and the other Republicans literally voted for a deal without wall funding right before the holiday.

Conservative health care experiment leads to thousands losing coverage. 'I have pre-existing conditions. But all they could tell me was, 'sorry, you didn’t comply,'' said one Arkansan who lost coverage.

FBI collecting evidence of undocumented immigrants who claim they worked at Trump golf course

Seattle's $15 minimum wage was supposed to crush hiring. Look at what happened instead

Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection Kevin McAleenan tells @MarthaRaddatz that the United States needs to “invest in Central America,” which is at odds with a tweet from President Trump saying he would cut off aid to those countries

The Pentagon announced Friday that Boeing was awarded a $400 million defense contract, just days after the company’s former top executive Patrick Shanahan was tapped by President Trump to be acting Secretary of Defense

As of the start of FY2018, only 15% of federal government employees were located in the Washington, DC area.

Even Trump’s team now admits a wall isn’t the smart way to do border security!

Ret. Gen. Stanley McChrystal says, if asked, he wouldn't join the Trump admin because "it's important for me to work for people" who are "basically honest." Raddatz: "Is Trump immoral in your view?" McChrystal: "I think he is."

And, yet again, Trump is going after #LisaPage, who had investigated Russian crime boss Semion #Mogilevich.

VIDEO: Staffers caught dragging, slapping, & pushing migrant children at a detention facility operated by Southwest Key (a nonprofit whose CEO makes millions on the backs of undocumented children). Full video as obtained by the Arizona Republic:

Outgoing White House Chief of Staff John Kelly says President Trump's border wall is "not a wall," and the idea was abandoned "early on" in the administration

To over simplify this #TrumpsShutdown , which is the 3rd shutdown in 11 months. The Senate Agreed to the House Amendments The House specifically the wankers in the @freedomcaucus convinced Trump to reverse course Literally @SpeakerRyan has ZERO control over the PITA Tea Baggers

Kelly says Sessions "surprised" White House with child separation policy

No, Mr. Trump, the Press Is Only the Enemy of Lies

Trump Lies Again About 19,000 ‘Deleted’ FBI Text Messages

Kelly blames Sessions for Trump family separation policy

John Kelly: judge me on what Trump didn't do while I was chief of staff

Once more: your son, your son-in-law, & your campaign chair signaled to Moscow your campaign approved of Kremlin efforts to intervene in the election, and *you* collaborated with Putin’s disinformation op by echoing his false denials. You aided and abetted the Russian attack.

March/April ‘16 #FSG CEO (Smith) and lead Director (Adm Fallon) notified through “back channels” that the DOJ would NOT pursue the matter until AFTER the 2016 election. #ErikPrince is aware that if HRC is elected, her DOJ will likely pursue an investigation.

EXCLUSIVE: Outgoing White House Chief of Staff John F. Kelly defends his rocky tenure - “A bone-crushing hard job, but you do it.”

#UNFIT-a new film where leading mental health pros go on camera for the first time about Trump’s behavior, disorders, instability. Important film to change public narrative.

ICYMI: From popular prince to virtual pariah, @ewither recaps Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's year

Eyeing end of Netanyahu era, Bennett and Shaked are ditching the settlers

Montenegro. Erik Prince associates and former CIA Joe and Mary Assad accused of working with Netanyahu's Israeli political operative for Russians. Is anybody playing it straight in the Balkans?

Mick Mulvaney: "We will not be weaponizing the shutdown in order to make it hard on people like we believe the previous administration does but we could be in this for the long haul."

Putin, in New Year letter to Trump, says Moscow is open for dialogue

Republican fundraiser Elliott Broidy under scrutiny over alleged deal with sanctioned Russian bank VTB.

Barak is deep into the Israeli tech community - Black Cube and the like - he also has been transferring Israeli tech to China vis Kuantan’s Chi HKSE:0439 He is a dual Israeli and US citizen and Mueller ought to chat with him on his next trip into the US.

On shutdown, White House wants Trump’s tweets to do the talking

Rep. Steny Hoyer: "We had a deal here. We weren't flapping around. We had an understanding. The Senate passed a bill."

Searching for Boris Birshtein

Donald Trump Can Be Indicted While President, Says Bill Clinton Special Prosecutor Ken Starr

Conservative outlet BlazeTV dropped from Verizon channel package

More bad news for American farmers as new 11-nation treaty leaves them out of the deal Trump nixed

Hey @realDonaldTrump, perhaps this map may help you understand just how stupid a person has to be to think that your wall will change anything.

Young Republican women are aggrieved, outnumbered, defiant. And they aren’t going to apologize for loving the guy in the White House.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: some ignorant twatwaffle inexplicably blaming the minority party for deaths that happened during two years of complete GOP control of the government.

How far will Trump go to appease Erdogan & Putin?

Has Putin lost his mojo? Signs point to yes.

FUN FACT: Donald Trump is under 17 separate criminal investigations.

It's almost like Paulie Walnuts had a longstanding clandestine relationship with Kremlin spies or something

Paul Manafort pressured by Russians to pay back debt while Trump's campaign chair, Time magazine says

Cyberattack from outside the U.S. hits newspapers across the country, preventing distribution

Is there no one who cares enough about grandpa to put him to bed? Good grief.

Trumps descent into madness

Facebook temporarily banned evangelist Franklin Graham

Trump ditched the TPP. Now it's going into effect without the US

My interview with the other #GRU spy - Viktor Suvorov talks #Putin, novichok, Brexit, and why his old service will never forgive him. On Salisbury: “Of course it was the GRU”

"He's trapped," Republican strategist Mike Murphy said of Trump. "He's playing poker holding two threes and suddenly putting all of his chips in. It's pure emotion, the mark of a panicking amateur."

My head hurts thinking about #ErikPrince world-I spent much time with Joe and Michelle(not Mary)-we used the same office in Erik’s villa in Abu Dhabi - I’d joke with Joe that it was his job to dump the server into the Arabian Sea if we got a knock on the door, no joke now

sean hannity ratings nose dive.

New Jersey prosecutors have evidence that supervisors at Trump’s New Jersey golf club may have provided fraudulent green cards and Social Security numbers to undocumented immigrant workers.

#ErikPrince says he doesn’t know if anyone from Mubadalla was present in Seychelles? He was very aware that MBZ is the Chairman of Mubadalla - I visited with Mubadalla with him. And yes he has worked more at RenCap than Charlier, maybe in Cape Town? yes Cape Town

Except for all the indictments and guilty pleas

Dear @SecWilkie: I respectfully request that you reconsider cutting group therapy for veterans with PTSD. There are better ways to cut costs. Thank you for your consideration