Sunday, September 6, 2020

Diplomats may want to hide the flashy knick-knacks if Trump comes calling.

“Please don't be the next. Avoid parties and bars,” the school said. “Wear a mask. Keep your distance.”

Holy shit. Former employees of Louis DeJoy claim that he paid people at his company to make donations to the Republican Party. That is a federal crime

Trump Ended 2018 France Trip Having Art Loaded on Air Force One

Aug. 24, 2020 COOPER: Did you pay back several of your top executives for contributing to Trump's campaign by bonus-ing or rewarding them? DEJOY: That's an outrageous claim, sir, and I resent it. … The answer is no. … I'm fully aware of legal campaign contributions.

Joe Biden visits his son's grave after attending church this morning. Punk from Trump campaign ridicules him.

Bag Man fans will recognize this as almost exactly the same scam Spiro Agnew used in the bribery/extortion scandal that removed him from the White House and very nearly put him in jail

Trump's not the first fascist to flee France with stolen art.

The @MichaelCohen212 Cohen reveals new details about the convoluted effort behind a National Enquirer report smearing @tedcruz. Cohen says that Trump signed off on the baseless report to damage Cruz, one of his rivals in the 2016 Republican primary.

If this reporting is accurate, USPS is currently led by a Republican donor guilty of campaign finance violations — federal crimes

The Dakotas now lead the US in number of new infections per million people.

USPS chief DeJoy’s rise in GOP was fueled by donations from his company's workers who were later reimbursed, former employees say

At 1.5 million acres burned & counting, California may set a record by Monday for most acres burned in the modern era. Average California fire season=310,000 acres burned

Now we wait for the Trump Flotilla. They’re gonna love us.

Anyone who thinks the Belarus uprising against Lukashenko is losing stream, take a look a look at these pictures from today.

This statement is irresponsible, to put it lightly. @stevenmnuchin1, don’t make me get out the whiteboard — Rep. Katie Porter

Is everyone payin' attention?

So, let me get this right: Trump hired an Obama impersonator so he could berate him and tell him "You're fired" because he's totally normal, stable person without a roaring void of malevolent narcissism where a human soul would normally be found, yes?

A new corporate filing has revealed that the chairman of the U.S. Postal Service Board of Governors is also listed as a director of Mitch McConnell's $130 million super PAC, the Senate Leadership Fund.

Northeastern University has dismissed 11 first-year students after they were caught violating social distancing rules, the school announced Friday. Their $36,500 tuition for the semester will not be refunded.

Soldier's widow says Trump couldn't remember her husband's name. From 2017.

There are videos of Trump golfing the day he posted this tweet. #focused


Hardest working president ever!!!!

Our nation’s veterans speak for themselves. — Joe Biden

Despite 186K deaths from #COVID, Republican Congressman Paul Gosar from #Arizona believes the coronavirus pandemic is OVERBLOWN and will end in 64 days; the day after the election

Dozens of military trucks are heading into central Minsk ahead of today’s mass rally against Lukashenka, according to multiple videos surfacing online. It’s the 5th straight weekend of protests.

I am so proud to be a Czech citizen today. Speaker of our Senate told Taiwanese lawmakers that we are standing with them. Hell, we are. We know what it takes to be bullies by an ugly dictatorship.

Thousands dead but the president got his boat parade!

President Trump is heading into the general election with the worst jobs numbers of any president, based on records that go back to World War II.

Mr. President, enough with the weekend golf trips and erratic tweets. It's time for you to get to work and control the spread of this virus.

Trump is a bona fide water-sports aficionado.

This is what a president should be.

Liberty University’s board has announced it’s hiring “one of the leading forensic firms in the world” to conduct an investigation into Jerry Falwell Jr.’s mixing of his personal finances with university funds.

“This is probably the worst situation India has been in since independence,” one economist said. “People have no money. Investors aren’t going to invest if there is no market. And the costs have gone up for most production.”

Tech Workers Flee Belarus as IT Haven Takes Authoritarian Turn

A new protest chant in #HongKong today: “give me back the right to vote”. Hundreds are making their way from Jordan to Mong Kok, walking along the pedestrian roads despite heavy police presence at every block.

Hong Kong security law 'may break international laws'

Hong Kong opposition activist Tam Tak-chi arrested by police’s national security unit amid calls for protest in Kowloon

Peter Strzok would like to clear a few things up The former FBI agent at the center of the Russia probe is finally having his say.

Cohen writes, Trump loves money—and he wrongly identified Putin as “the richest man in the world by a multiple.” Trump admires Putin for taking over an entire nation and running it like it was his personal company

NEW: In upcoming book, Michael Cohen writes Donald Trump's disdain for Obama was so extreme he hired a "Faux-Bama" to participate in a video in which he "ritualistically belittled the first black president and then fired him." He includes this photo:

Normal stuff here from the president’s son

“The cosmic joke was that Trump convinced a vast swathe of working-class white folks in the Midwest that he cared about their well-being. The truth was that he couldn’t care less.”

Trump pushed back hard on Theresa May’s pleas to expel Russian diplomats after the Skripal poisoning, saying “I would rather follow than lead.”

Here’s a new term to define Putin’s Russia: Its now a 'killocracy'

For pediatricians, covid-19 presents a thorny problem

Cohen writes, Trump loves money—and he wrongly identified Putin as “the richest man in the world by a multiple.” Trump admires Putin for taking over an entire nation and running it like it was his personal company

Trump’s revelation that he hadn’t spoken with Xi in “a long time” was just a glimpse of a much broader breakdown in communications

Of *course* Donald Trump loves the troops, just look at this happy troop

WATCH: Our powerful new video exposes Matt Gaetz for using disinformation & chaos to stay in power. I saw our enemies use the same tactics when I served during the Cold War. Now it's happening here. It's time for change. Help us defeat Matt Gaetz here:

Multiple people have been injured and a major incident declared after a series of stabbings in Birmingham

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will reportedly extend a loan program for commercial landlords into September

“Trump held a meeting at Trump Tower with prominent evangelical leaders, where they laid their hands on him in prayer. Afterward, Trump allegedly said: ‘Can you believe that bulls--t? Can you believe people believe that bulls--t?’”