Wednesday, November 18, 2020

"A second official tells CNN their goal is to set so many fires that it will be hard for the Biden administration to put them all out."


Joe Biden says his plans for COVID vaccine distribution could "be behind by weeks or months" because of the Trump admin's denial of access to crucial information: "There's a whole lot of things that we just don't have available to us."


They don’t believe the ICU at Utah Valley Hospital is full of coronavirus patients. If only they were right


Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs has had to release a statement describing "ongoing and escalating threats of violence" against her, her family and her office. She pledged that "intimidation tactics will not prevent me from performing the duties I swore an oath to do."


"We question whether this was to fulfill a campaign promise or to foreclose options for the Biden administration," Allen said. "There's no merit to this. None." As a reminder Allen as a retiree spoke out forcefully for Hillary Clinton's candidacy as president in 2016.


New: The Republican secretary of state, Brad Raffensperger, rejected repeated demands to endorse Trump. As the official overseeing the voting, he believed he should remain neutral.


Joining @realdonaldtrump, Vladimir Putin - alone among major global powers - not ready to concede. Honest question, who acknowledges Biden's victory first, Trump or Russia?


Mitch McConnell's obstruction of a major stimulus package can't continue. Expanded unemployment, a second stimulus check, relief for state and local governments, and aid for small businesses are urgently needed priorities. We must get this done


A U.S. judge has granted the government’s request to drop the drug trafficking and money laundering case against a former Mexican general. The acting U.S. attorney said the decision to drop the charges was made by Attorney General William Barr.


Had a fruitful meeting with @SwedishPM Stefan Löfven. We discussed economic sanctions against the Lukashenka's regime and the state murder of Raman Bandarenka. I am grateful that #Sweden supports the cancellation or postponement of the Ice Hockey World Championship in #Belarus.


"I think Nancy Pelosi, when the history is written, will go down as one of the most effective legislative leaders that this country's ever seen" Thank you SpeakerPelosi!


"For Graham, being a United States Senator isn’t about helping Americans or advancing principles. It’s about swimming in the pool of power and feeding off the scraps the big fish leave behind."


BREAKING: Wayne County, Michigan has certified its election results. And, Trump and it's allies are still 1-25 in court.


Millions Will Lose Unemployment Aid This December Unless Congress Acts Fast


BREAKING: Pfizer says a final analysis of clinical-trial data shows its Covid-19 vaccine is 95% effective


Biden builds White House team and tries to show dangers of Trump’s intransigence


Infighting and an attempted 'coup': Trump team erupts into chaos as Giuliani takes over legal efforts.


U.S. Troops Are Packing Up, Ready or Not


Emily, how about finishing the job you have before looking for a new one? Give Emily a call to let her know you want Biden treated like every other president-elect: 1-844-472-4111


Nuclear power is the new darling of many “green” politicians. I was in Fukushima after the meltdown. We, mankind, can’t control this tech when it goes wrong. By trying to save our planet from our filthy habits, do we doom ourselves to a worse fate?


JUST NOW: "The question is not how far will the President go. We know the answer to that now...there is no limit. The real question is how far will Republicans let him go? "@NewDay


Taiwan’s broadcast regulator orders the closure of one of the island’s most ardently pro-China cable news networks


trump and REPUBLICANS like McConnell, and Georgia Senators Dave Perdue and Kelly Loeffler want immunity from prosecution from all lawsuits, for all their actions relating to Corona-virus. Your thoughts?


On "Fox & Friends," Brian @Kilmeade with a message to Trump about the transition: "It's in the country's best interest if he starts coordinating on the virus and starts coordinating on security with the Biden team."


The negative impact will be especially significant in the fields of intelligence and aviation assets.


Doctors told Pence that things are only going to get worse unless he changes something


Anyone fancy boarding a plane that was involved in two deadly air disasters during a raging global pandemic?


Thai protesters have deployed oversized yellow inflatable ducks in an effort to wade off chemical-laced police water cannon. The clash was part of an anti-government rally in Bangkok on Tuesday. Photos: Mladen Antonov/AFP.


The EU is following closely and with concern the arrests of former pro-democracy lawmakers today in relation to incidents that took place in the Legislative Council. #HongKong #Arrest #LegCo — European Union Office to Hong Kong and Macao


Hong Kong police have arrested three former opposition lawmakers for disrupting legislative meetings several months ago, as concerns grow over a crackdown on the city’s pro-democracy camp.


Joshua called HK the “new Berlin in a new cold war”. The city was then akin to West Berlin. Over the past year, China has turned it into something closer to East Berlin


NBC News: It has been weeks since Trump took questions from reporters on-camera. That's the longest stretch he has gone without speaking to the press since he took office


“I have one word for you, Fake News: Fuck you!” a woman shouted into Klepper’s camera. Over her shoulder, he pointed out that that was actually two words before asking, “Can no one in the MAGA-world count?”


Reprehensible. Mark Zuckerberg confirms that Facebook won’t ban people who call for murder—so long as they don’t do it too often! Make no mistake—like Myanmar and Kenosha, more innocent people will be killed. And Facebook will be why


On Tuesday, more than 50 people were injured on the worst night of violence in Thailand's five-month protest movement


The Trump Campaign Can’t Find a Judge Who Will Ignore Facts — but It’s Trying


You know that your presidency is totally innocent and you've done nothing criminal whatsoever when you need to protect yourself from prosecution


JUST IN: President Trump has fired the Department of Homeland Security official who had publicly rejected his claims of widespread voter fraud


Director Krebs worked diligently to safeguard our elections from interference and misinformation. He protected our democracy. And spoke truth to power. That’s why Trump retaliated and fired him. It’s pathetic and predictable from a president who views truth as his enemy.


Hahahaha. As predicted


Sen. Cory Gardner (R-Colo.) when asked if he considers Joe Biden the president-elect: "You're going to play gotcha questions with me? You guys, just come on. I'm not going to play your gotcha questions. I'm not going to play your games. I'm tired of it."


DETROIT (AP) -- Michigan's largest county reverses course, certifying election results for Biden after initial party-line deadlock.


Guess again


"Chris Krebs, he is a hero and the men and the women of his agency, along with the FBI and ... the National Security Agency did a lot to secure this election. I can attest the dramatic improvement over the situation in 2016." - Former DNI James Clapper


Here is his final tweet, before he was fired for having too much integrity


Tomorrow Florida will likely break 900,000 reported COVID-19 cases as Governor DeSantis continues his herd immunity experiment on his constituents


Honored to serve. We did it right. Defend Today, Secure Tomrorow. #Protect2020 - Chris Krebs


Cybersecurity chief fired; openly debunked Trump's voter fraud lies


EXCLUSIVE: Top Dems on the Senate intelligence and armed services committees are trying to stop one of President Trump’s White House attorneys, Michael Ellis, from taking over as the senior lawyer for the NSA, the Daily Beast has learned


Dr. Bhadelia: Trump admin. ‘hurting people’ by not sharing Covid-19 info with Biden


Chuck Grassley tests positive for covid


The Michigan AG files an emergency application in State Court to compel these two dullards to certify the election. If they refuse, it’s then contempt of court - prison & monetary fines until they comply.


The FDA is allowing emergency use of the first coronavirus test that can be done entirely at home and gives results in 30 minutes


Lindsey Graham must resign. It has now been corroborated that he urged the Secretary of State in Georgia to find a way to throw out legally cast ballots. There must be accountability and justice for this dangerous attack on our democracy.


A source close to @C_C_Krebs says he always knew he might get in trouble for telling the truth while the president was spreading lies and conspiracy theories about the election. That said...


Trump will leave office soon. But we can’t let him escape accountability for his misdeeds.


Lawrence: ‘Another day, another Trump vengeance firing’


Nice job @AliVelshi handling a tricky, 180 degree news change on live TV and getting it confirmed on the spot by Lt. Gov. Gilchrist.


Trump's Nevada electors, including the chair of the Nevada Republican Party, are suing to either have Trump declared the winner of Nevada or to have the presidential election in the state annulled entirely.


Please Watch @NedStaebler — a Wayne County Board Member of Canvassers stuff in a locker @HartmannDude and @monicaspalmer — the two members that refused to certify the ballots for the county...


Georgia Sec. of State Raffensperger says Sen. Graham asked him whether he had the power to reject certain absentee ballots, a question he interpreted as a suggestion to toss out legally cast votes