Monday, September 14, 2020

EXCLUSIVE: A DOJ IG probe is focused on events in February, say sources, when prosecutors say they were told to seek a lighter sentence for Roger Stone than they had considered.

JUST IN: Gov. Ron DeSantis blew another deadline Monday and failed to name a justice to the Florida Supreme Court by noon, prompting the court to unleash a powerful writ of mandamus, ordering him to make an appointment by 5 p.m. or face sanctions.

Paul Manafort — Trump’s former campaign manager — traveled to Cuba to meet one of the Castros.

FBI says no raid was conducted at home of conservative conspiracy theorist Jack Burkman

South Dakota AG Jason Ravnsborg Thought He Hit a Deer, But Struck, Killed Pedestrian

Per this lawsuit, USPS police officers historically have responded to things like mail carrier assaults and mail theft — the complaint alleges that they've been told they can now only exercise their law enforcement authority on physical USPS property

New: The US Postal Service police officers' union filed a lawsuit saying they were ordered to stop exercising their law enforcement authority off of USPS premises as of Aug. 25 (NB: This is different from the USPS *inspectors* that arrested Steve Bannon)

JUST IN: Top HHS official accuses scientists of plotting against Trump, tells supporters to buy ammunition

BREAKING: The South Dakota Attorney General reported hitting a deer Saturday night but had actually hit and killed a man whose body wasn’t discovered until the next morning, according to the Department of Public Safety. Story coming ASAP. Then will update with info from relatives

Mike Pompeo is quietly relaunching his extravagant, taxpayer-funded "Madison Dinners" during the coronavirus pandemic, even as Congress scrutinizes his use of government resources to entertain CEOs, big-dollar Republican donors and television anchors.

If this was just the side hustle, imagine what’s in the bullseye. QAnon Website Shuts Down After N.J. Man Identified as Operator

New Jersey man Jason Gelinas is identified as the developer behind a popular QAnon website

GOP lawmakers say last week's procedural vote to advance a relief plan was designed to give political cover to their vulnerable incumbents and put House Democrats on the defensive. Democrats refused the bill because it lacks relief checks to Americans.

Sen. David Perdue doesn't work for Georgia. He works for Trump, himself, and his donors. Chip in $5 to defeat him

In a final call with Bob Woodward, President Trump wanted to know how he would be portrayed in his new book. He also said of the coronavirus, "Nothing more could have been done."

With increased droughts, unpredictable rains, higher heat, drier air and extreme winds, climate change is priming California and the West for devastating wildfires. We have to get real about this: it's going to take a bold fight against climate change to change course.

Nobody has ever spent a *billion* dollars to go down 10 points. Don, you got conned.

Flat out admitting he’s using an official investigation to impact an election. Corruption through and through from Ron Johnson

Alito should be thrown off the SCOTUS

"I’m always struck by the complete silence from the Republicans right now. The Republicans who warned us every day during the Obama years that this was a president who was lawless, he was unconstitutional, that he was an emperor and yet, they’re nowhere to be seen right now”

ICYMI: two Texas Congressmen filed a bipartisan bill Friday to create a National Historic Site for a onetime segregated school in rural Far West Texas. It's an effort former Blackwell students have been working toward for years:


Where did all the money go @GOPChairwoman?

"There's no free chicken out here!" -Every Outlaw 01 in history (Army friends will understand)

In his first interview, Alex Vindman tells me that Trump is Putin's "useful idiot." "In the Army, we call this ‘free chicken,’ something you don’t have to work for—it just comes to you. This is what the Russians have in Trump: free chicken.”

This Atlantic interview provides some insight into my motivations for public service, testifying in Congress, and now speaking publicly. — Alexander S. Vindman

The new hanging chad: in the pandemic-era primaries, 500,000+ absentee ballots were rejected for faulty signatures, and with voting already underway in two states, the lawsuits over how signatures are evaluated and if they can be rehabilitated has begun.

Suga Wins Party Vote, All But Assuring Election as Japan PM

Woodward: Historians Will Write About Trump's ‘Lost Month of February

Maybe Kid Rock and Smash Mouth should do a big four-day music festival. They can call it Killapoorloser.

Trump’s Mideast deals tout ‘peace’ where there was never war

“I say the president is the wrong man for the job.” Bob Woodward says he came to this conclusion “based on evidence, overwhelming evidence.”

Analysis: In the battle for the suburbs, polling shows Trump's law-and-order rhetoric falling flat

Which family is Trump on? His third?

“Aggressive oversight of the aid agency by political appointees at the White House and the State Department has delayed humanitarian aid when the world needs it most.”

Imagine calling the police for support de-escalating a domestic dispute and having them kill your brother. Time and time again, we’re seeing unacceptable police violence. People of all races across Pennsylvania are standing up to demand it stop.

L.A. deputies tackled and arrested a reporter. Her videos contradict their claims about the incident.

House Intelligence Cmte. Chairman Schiff calls for an IG investigation of AG Barr, following the resignation of Nora Dannehy, a top aide to the prosecutor tasked with investigating the origins of the Russia probe

Belarus President Lukashenko seeks backing from Russia's Vladimir Putin

House Intelligence Cmte. Chairman Schiff calls for an IG investigation of AG Barr, following the resignation of Nora Dannehy, a top aide to the prosecutor tasked with investigating the origins of the Russia probe

Trump stokes a "lock him up" chant about Obama after accusing him falsely of spying on his campaign. "Let's see what happens," he says.

"The night he stayed on my sofa, he woke me from the next room with screams in his sleep." Must-read @india_bourke piece on the challenges facing those fleeing Hong Kong following China's protest-crackdown

Interesting picture. A soldier of Belarus' interior troops wearing a st. George's ribbon - symbol of modern Russian imperialism. It's been unofficially banned in Belarus since 2014.

Please, retweet. Watch how riot police were detaining peaceful protesters in Minsk today. I am wondering if the EU/US will be brave enough to impose individual sanctions against all those involved in the violent crackdown on non-violent protesters in Belarus

Pompeo tweet indicates US ambassador to China is leaving

IMPORTANT NOTICE Public address loudspeaker As of September 14, in-person passport and citizenship application services are only available by appointment. Appointments can be made through our Online System: (1/4)

UPDATE: @USPS is now fighting the temporary restraining order that is barring their further mailing of incorrect election information to Colorado households.

Dear @SecPompeo: You are a hypocrite, a grifter and an embarrassment to the @StateDept. Also, why are taxpayers funding your lavish Madison dinners for donors and the elite in DC?

No need! Just wished that FEMA leaders will call me to have a discussion about proper way to feed all people in need, and maybe about asking us how in places that sometimes everyone freezes @WCKitchen is able to deliver where no one else can.....but they have no interest....

President Trump has hosted his first indoor rally since June with a packed Nevada crowd, with few wearing masks, in open defiance of state regulations and his own administration’s pandemic health guideline


When we were in government, we did not serve so much as a cup of coffee at taxpayer expense. We paid for coffee and bagels from our own pockets. Now taxpayers are funding Pompeo’s lavish dinners for the swells.

Meanwhile, globally, models are anticipating approximately two *million* deaths between now and Jan 1, with one million being the best case scenario. Wear your mask, wash your hands, stay home if at all possible.

Remember when Trump fired the captain of the USS Theodore Roosevelt bc he warned superiors that COVID19 was spreading among his crew? #Trumpknew it was airbo

Woodward shoots down Trump’s attacks during ’60 Minutes’ interview: He had the ‘duty to warn’ America

NEW: @NBCNews has obtained a photo from one of Pompeo's "Madison Dinners." Here's Justice Alito, Atlanta Falcons CEO Steve Cannon, Fox Business' Bartiromo & WH Counsel Cipollone at a June '19 dinner, paid for by the taxpayer

John Fogerty rips Trump after he uses 'Fortunate Son' at rally. The 72yr old songwriter, veteran, said he wrote the song in ‘69 to target the hypocrisy of flag-waving Americans who cower when the time comes to serve- like ⁦@realDonaldTrump.⁩

This pic is from ‘Look of the Year’ contest Elite Models held in NYC. It was used to bring in teenage girls from Eastern Europe. The gentlemen behind then looks to have Casablancas on his name tag. If you zoom in on the program’s you can see the event’s name.

Trump's sole acknowledgement of the indoor setting of his rally, which is ignoring a state directive limiting indoor gatherings to under 50 people: "If the governor comes after you, which he shouldn’t be doing, I’ll be with you all the way."


President Trump’s campaign faces a cash crunch brought on by huge investments in staff and operations

"Mythical looters and mythical anarchists are now more frightening to some people than an actual forest fire."

I live in Henderson. These people will leave the rally & stop at a gas station, drug or grocery store or worse yet, a local casino. They will spread this through MY neighborhood & those of us who have been virtually isolated at home for 6 months will pay the price. Unbelievable.

As of tomorrow, meeting in groups of more than six - inside or outside - is illegal in England, punishable by an on-the-spot fine. That's because there has been a spike in cases. The UK had 6 deaths on Friday. The US had 1,094 deaths on Friday. Trump is still holding rallies.

South Africa says it's unaware of any threat by Iran against the U.S. ambassador to Pretoria

"Hundreds of thousands of doses," of Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine could be distributed to Americans before the end of the year if found to be safe and effective, CEO Albert Bourla said Sunday.

New: As another grim milestone approaches, here are the lessons officials ignored and what the country needs to do to prevent further tragedy.

Joe Biden leaving church with his granddaughter Natalie and his grandson Hunter. Joe’s grandkids call him “Pop” When’s the last time Trump attended church and does anyone know what Trump’s grandkids call him?

It is rather interesting how fast the death of Herman Cain vanished as if to forget that he died as a direct result of the hate rally in Tulsa, OK, much like what will happen in Reno and other places.

One weird thing is how you start seeing connections everywhere... for instance, Mary Trump’s book shows how terribly Fred Trump (Donald’s father) treated Freddy (Donald’s older brother). Then a few books later, in Cohen’s book, you see it’s similar to how Donald treats Don Jr.

Michael Cohen's daughter said Ivanka Trump is 'phony' and 'gross'

The Supreme Court of the United States is not supposed to fraternize with members of the executive branch, *especially* not in an election year. I know everyone normalized Ginni Thomas, one of the Justices' wives, engaging in seditious political activity - but this is obvious.

This is not an award that exists. The president is a madman.

This is false. You guys should check out the video where the reporter is heard screaming her station affiliation over and over and over again

David Cameron says breaking international law over Brexit is "the very, very last thing you should contemplate," meaning all five of Britain’s living ex-leaders have expressed concern over Boris Johnson’s strategy

If you hired a guy to Make Your House Great, and he hired his incompetent children, stole your money, gave it to your richest neighbors, let everyone get sick, killed your grandma, backed over your mailbox, burned down your house and blamed Black people. Would you hire him again?

Germany Says Two Independent Foreign Labs Confirm #Navalny Was Poisoned With #Novichok #Russia

I'm usually wary of The Sun but they recently nailed the Andrew/Sdny story, so with that in mind this would be a huge deal if true. πŸ‘€ “Jean-Luc was telling them how Ghislaine’s father Robert Maxwell was one of the reasons why Jeffrey Epstein had money"

As wildfires burn out of control, the West Coast faces the unimaginable

This speech by @RepTimRyan was historic. Every American needs to see this and learn the truth about who is trying to fix #TheTrumpDepression.

LAPD Officer Valentin Martinez died from #COVID. When @GavinNewsom instituted a lockdown and mandated masks to save lives, Trump and Republicans lied about hydroxychloroquine and urged protestors to liberate themselves, spreading the virus.