Friday, June 19, 2020

What is a “John Bolton?” In Ep. 18 of The New Abnormal by The Daily Beast, @mollyjongfast and @therickwilson (who knew the former national security advisor) try to crack the mystery of Trump’s mustachioed menace

Kayleigh, it’s not “Team of Rivals” you have in mind, but another book by a different author: “A Confederacy of Dunces.”

'Recovered' COVID-19 patients suffer major ongoing physical, cognitive problems

I asked a CDC contact about the risks of a COVID explosion after the 19000 people jam together at the Trump event this weekend. The reply: "Looks like Tulsa might be about to go through some things."

More threatening fundraising texts from Don Jr

BREAKING: DOJ releases new material from the Mueller Report as part of @EPICprivacy & @JasonLeopold's FOIA lawsuits. The disclosure marks the first new release since the Apr 2019 publication of the redacted report. Vol. 1: Vol. 2:

BOOM! NEW DOCUMENTS ON THE WAY: *New* release of Mueller Report shows direct knowledge by Trump of collusion Russian intelligence through Roger Stone.

Top House Democrats say they're seriously considering whether John Bolton should appear before them — either voluntarily or under subpoena — to testify about the explosive allegations about Trump contained in his new book

Bill Barr has (more) explaining to do.#BoltonBook: "On August 1, I spoke with Barr to brief him on what Trump said to Zelensky about Giuliani, and Trump’s references to Barr himself." Justice Department statement of Sept. 25 sent to the House Intelligence Committee

Dear @realDonaldTrump: We have all seen videos of Black Americans being murdered, brutalized or harassed. Your ad below, released around Juneteenth, suggests the racism we have seen against Black Americans is just a misunderstanding or didn’t happen. Shame on you.

“Well, you know, my take on this is a little different than the rest of the gang,” Williams began. “Because to me, it comes down to one point. Americans have the right to a peaceful protest, to a peaceful assembly.”

A public statement from the President of the United States

Why the new case against Bill Barr could be a game-changer

Reinforcements just arrived in a white van. More percussion. Some flute like instruments. Crowd marching back down NE 2 Ave

At least 42,000 workers remain trapped on cruise ships without paychecks three months after the cruise industry shut down amid the COVID-19 pandemic. “They describe feeling really hopeless,” Miami Herald reporter @taydolven tells CBSN

This dystopia would be Hilarious if it wasn’t so tragic

That aged well

Mitch gets Richer

If you watch nothing else, at least watch this brief clip of @williegarson from "America Reads The Mueller Report" regarding what GRU did to hack our elections in just some Florida counties in 2016. This was just a warm-up for 2020. It's chilling.

We're auctioning off original art on @eBay, with all proceeds going to @chefjoseandres' @WCKitchen. #worldscentralkitchen #joseandres #chefsforamerica Let’s feed some more people during these trying times! #Chess

Florida and Texas governors echo President Trump on coronavirus

Protesters gather at McConnell's Kentucky home: "No justice, no sleep"

It is not peaceful protestors who are encouraging escalation and inciting violence, it is those in positions of authority - from those wielding tear gas and rubber bullets, all the way up to Trump. They are scared of the strength of the people united. They should be.

NBC NEWS EXCLUSIVE: Top members of coronavirus task force advised against Trump's Tulsa rally

In just five months, the U.S. can boast over 2.2 million confirmed cases and nearly 120,000 deaths due to the novel coronavirus. Here's the full timeline of how we got here.

How Republicans discourage Democratic voters with long waiting lines at the polls.

This is the ad that Trump melted down today on twitter over. Retweet very far!

What five black fathers are saying to their children about this historic moment

A Tidal Wave of Bankruptcies Is Coming

AMC Theaters, who first said customers didn't have to wear masks so it could avoid "political controversy," will now require customers to wear masks after political controversy

Judge Royce Lamberth says he thinks the horse is out of the barn on Bolton's book. “It certainly looks difficult to me about what I can do about those books all over the country."

Wear a mask.

With your support @FEMA_Pete @FEMAspox we could do much more to support our fellow Americans...We need the Federal Government to help make sure no family goes hungry! Philanthropy alone isn’t enough... Let’s pass the FEED Act and do it together!

Ivanka Trump was fully away of her fathers frequent use of the ‘n-word’ on ‘Apprentice’ set. Don’t buy her pretending to care at, she is a fully indoctrinated daughter and granddaughter of white supremicists. @IvankaTrump

Any protesters, anarchists, agitators, looters or lowlifes who are going to Oklahoma please understand, you will not be treated like you have been in New York, Seattle, or Minneapolis. It will be a much different scene!

Trump says he’s heard ‘interesting’ things about UFO mecca Roswell

Ex-politician Paul Petersen (R) pleads guilty to fraud in multi-state adoption scheme, he is facing charges of human smuggling and sale of a child

A dictator’s biggest fear is a free and fair election.

The AP's analysis also found that Massachusetts had the highest proportion of nursing homes with COVID deaths, nearly 66%. That represented 247 of the state’s 376 nursing homes.

After an estimated hundreds of black Tulsa residents were massacred in 1921, no arrests were made and there’s never been a complete count of the dead. The nameless were buried in unmarked graves while their families were locked down in internment camps.

LA County deputies shoot dead teen security guard who ran from them

Trump should resign and have Pence be on the ticket. That way, he will never have the 'L' (loss/loser) on his record. He can just say "We'll never know who would've won."


As the U.S. and other world powers hurtle toward a confrontation over the Iran nuclear accord, European diplomats are trying to forge a compromise to save the deal from collapse by proposing a limited extension of the arms embargo on Tehran.

i don't know who made this new Biden ad but they deserve an award.

A whistleblower is alleging that TSA displayed "gross mismanagement" in its pandemic response and withheld N-95 masks from its staff — making them "a significant carrier" in the spread of coronavirus to travelers.

“Trump will pay any price, make any deal, bend any law to assure his own survival and success.”

Not sure I understand why her killers have yet to be brought to justice...?

Me: Are all the former advisors who have criticized the president - Bolton, Mattis, Kelly, Tillerson & more - liars? Mick Mulvaney: “He (Trump) didn’t hire very well.”

I’ve got you, AP.— Maura Healey

While U.S. tackles police brutality, Hong Kong is in denial


Fox News Argues Viewers Don't Assume Tucker Carlson Reports Facts


I wouldn’t accuse Trump of actually *wanting* more people to get sick and die. But he must know, despite his stupidity, that what he and Pence are saying and doing will certainly have that result. That makes their conduct not just monstrous but criminal.

And with this #DACADecision Brett Kavanaugh proved AGAIN he is every bit as rotten, callous and loathsome as we TOLD you he was @SenatorCollins (but you knew that). 📌Support @SaraGideon #FlipTheSenate

Private Equity Donors Favor Biden Over Trump on Bet to End Chaos

US v Bolton hearing in federal court Friday at 1pm..

Few businesses in Beijing have been as hard hit by the coronavirus as restaurants. Now, just weeks after most of them fully reopened, they fear another shutdown.

Original Juneteenth order found in National Archives

Dr. Anthony S. Fauci: We Are Still in the First Wave of Coronavirus

He’s asked Russia. He’s asked Ukraine. He’s asked China. That’s not going to stop America from voting for @JoeBiden in November

Fauci warns "anti-science bias" hinders U.S. COVID fight

Meanwhile, the Kremlin is all-in on their war on history, posting charming content about how the Baltics *asked* to be occupied, oppressed, tormented, and psychologically tortured for 50 years. Sure, guys. Seems plausible. 🙄 Don't let Molotov-Ribbentrop hit you in the way out

China plans to accelerate purchases of U.S. farm goods following talks in Hawaii this week

“...more than 25 large corporations in the past three years have contributed funding to private police foundations – industry groups designated as nonprofits that provide additional funds to police forces.”

Removal of the first of four Confederate portraits from the Speaker’s Lobby.

MY LATEST-> Zuckerberg has put $85 billion in his bank account by publishing violent rhetoric, deadly misinformation, deranged conspiracy theories and foreign propaganda that debase America’s culture, coarsen its political debate and erode our democracy.

Sometimes a headline should be plainspoken

I wrote about that insane interview where junior interviewed his dad in ⁦@thedailybeast⁩

The last time Secretary Pompeo publicly accused someone of lying to him ... the person he accused was telling the truth - and he was not.

Surprise, surprise—@SecAzar has been giving relief funds to healthcare companies backed by private equity while community hospitals struggle. His Wall Street buddies don't need our taxpayer dollars.@BillPascrell, @rosadelauro, and I want answers.

Russia rips Democrats' bill -- to defend Trump's withdrawal of US troops from Europe

The Trump's presidency in turmoil after bombshell book and Supreme Court defeat

Did you agree with the ruling on gay and transgender work rights? Brett Kavanaugh didn't. These Senators voted to confirm Kavanaugh: Martha McSally, Cory Gardner, David Perdue, Joni Ernst, Susan Collins, Thom Tillis, John Cornyn. And all are seeking reelection in five months.

For the second time in three months, Amy Klobuchar has put the country's interests over her own personal ambitions. Thank you Senator Klobuchar.

What's been happening in China's Xinjiang, home to 11 million Uyghurs?

Sen. Kamala Harris is planning to introduce a bill that declares Juneteenth a national holiday.

“Why is the Justice Department sitting on this report?"

#BREAKING: Sources say Florida man harassing 15-year-old black girl in viral video is Lee Jeffers, a U.S. Department of Homeland Security employee at @USCIS Citizenship and Immigration Services in West Palm Beach. @USCISMediaSouth is preparing a statement.

Canadians Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig are indicted in China on espionage charges, in cases seen as retribution for Canada’s arrest of a Huawei executive

Assembly lines at auto factories to halt to commemorate end of slavery

Who paid off Brett Kavanaugh’s credit card debts? Just wonderin’

Sheriff Lamb, a Republican who is running unopposed, believes he was infected at a campaign event. Videos from the event showed Lamb without a face mask and hugging and shaking hands with supporters under a tent in a parking lot

Most Republicans we see today are not Republicans. They are Trump cultists. Thank you to all the principled Republicans who reject this conman. Make your voices heard.


Zuckerberg says he's "disgusted" by Trump’s rhetoric. It’s just crocodile tears.

Facebook takes down ads run by President Trump’s re-election campaign for breaching its policies on hate

Opinion: The stage is being set for the repudiation of Donald Trump in November

China's security law threatens Hong Kong journalists, says Reporters Without Borders

A comedian watched her mom die from COVID on an iPad. Her live tweets will break you

What really blows my mind is: This guy presumably walked through a scanner that revealed his nude form, showed photo ID, let TSA paw through his belongings, took his shoes & belt off, maybe had to submit to a pat down... and the *face covering* is where he feels oppressed?

“That’s unfortunate because, you know, science is truth,” the infectious disease expert said.

The Supreme Court found that white nationalist Stephen Miller’s attempt to end DACA was cruel and now illegal. He should resign immediately. — Kamala Harris

All levels are being attacked, including the health system & sector, and national logistics. Given we are in the middle of a pandemic response at the moment, this ongoing attack is an utter act of bastardry

The president is tweeting out a fake, edited CNN video.

The president is tweeting a series of propaganda videos dismissing that racism exists at all in the United States. I’m not sure what to say after that.

Whatever is happening here is really wierd.

Sadly, our friends around the world (if we still have any) know nothing of the kind.

Imagine - just imagine - what kind of memes and articles and tweets you'd be seeing from Conservative Land if Obama's national security adviser later revealed that Obama had told the leader of China: "I miss you."



Twitter has added a label to President Trump's tweet tonight saying it violates the company's policy against "manipulated media."

What in the actual fuck is this shit

You know who was in “The Room Where it Happened?” Lt. Col. Vindman, Fiona Hill, and Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch. Because the only room that mattered was the one where witnesses were called to impeach @realDonaldTrump. Like Trump, you put your financial interests above America’s.

Let me grab muh sharpie: AMC will be filing bankruptcy in the near future.

Ex-politician Paul Petersen (R) pleads guilty to fraud in multi-state adoption scheme, he is facing charges of human smuggling and sale of a child

I’m just a boy standing in front of his dad and the 12,000 people watching this stream on YouTube asking him to love me

The $35 million ski chalet a Russian tycoon can’t prove he owns

Disneyland workers unions send letter to Newsom, saying park’s July 17 opening date is too early

Sen. Klobuchar takes herself off Biden’s list of possible running mates

Sen. Amy Klobuchar: ‘We can’t sell out for nothing’ on police reform legislation

Average Americans

These guys are great.

Zerlina Maxwell: Democratic vice presidential ‘advantage’ is now with Sen. Kamala Harris

AZ’s GOP Governor relents and allows local leaders to require masks

For all of those wondering, this is not @mattgaetz's son. He's not adopted him. He has in the past labeled him a page, local student or "helper" and has NEVER listed a "son" in any bios. He lists himself as childless -- always. He did not give Nestor his last name. This is weird.

Trump admin sloppiness hands Supreme Court victory to DREAMers

They'll understand in the long run': mayor issues mask order

.@SpeakerPelosi on Bolton: "I’m Not Paying Any Money for a Book That Was a Substitute for Testifying Before Congress"

'They'll understand in the long run': mayor issues mask order

Opinion: The DACA decision chalks up another triumph for the rule of law