Thursday, September 27, 2018

A House of Reps IP address edits 'Devil's Triangle' entry on Wikipedia to include Brett Kavanaugh's claim that it's a drinking game

If Brett Kavanaugh can be this angry on national TV, imagine what he's like when he gets inebriated.

BREAKING: Kavanaugh slams sexual misconduct allegations as an “orchestrated political hit”

Lindsey Graham is having a meltdown on national TV

The polygraph line of questioning continues while Rachel Mitchell tries to establish some kind of nefarious polygraph plot and everyone, including Dr. Ford's lawyers are tired of it.

GOP governors call for delaying Kavanaugh vote

Fox's Andrew Napolitano: It's over for Kavanaugh unless he can overcome Dr. Ford's 'extremely credible' testimony "a Fox News panel agreed that she appeared to be telling the truth about the alleged sexual assault she suffered at the hands of Kavanaugh."

Chris Wallace on Christine Blasey Ford Testimony: 'This Is a Disaster for Republicans'

Senator Leahy asks Dr Ford the one thing she remembers most about the Kavanaugh assault.

"Extremely emotional, extremely raw, and extremely credible," Chris Wallace of Fox News describing Dr. Ford's testimony.

BREAKING: Trump postpones meeting with Rod Rosenstein, White House says they don't want to 'interfere' with Kavanaugh hearing

Silence on Wall Street. Tears in a retirement home. The country watches, transfixed, as Ford tells her story.

Analysis: Mark Judge’s book validates Christine Ford’s timeline of the alleged Kavanaugh assault

The streets outside the Senate are filling up.

@OrrinHatch just responded to a question about a sexual-assault survivor's credibility by saying "She's an attractive person."

LIVE COVERAGE: Christine Blasey Ford testifies at Kavanaugh confirmation hearing

Watch Live: Kavanaugh and Blasey Hearing

Programming Alert:@NBCNews Special Report: The Kavanaugh Hearing Watch live at 9:30 a.m. ET on NBC TV, @NBCNews Periscope and

Please watch this. It is 100 percent honest. Julie is incredibly brave. And the analysis that follows it is spot on and consistent with what we have been demanding.

New: Mueller has recommended a non custodial sentence (i.e. a fine or probation) for Richard Pinedo, who “provided evidence that led to the indictment to 13 Russian nationals and 3 business entities that interfered” in the 2016 election.

Trump: Expert says China has great respect for "Donald Trump's very, very large a'brain."

Here’s the President of the United States telling a woman reporter to “sit down” while defending a rapist. Shameful

Pleased to co-lead bill with @RepJerryNadler and others to #KeepFamilesTogether. This bill will reverse the @realDonaldTrump policy of ripping kids away from parents.

When two people volunteer to say they committed THE SAME sexual assault, it is awfully suspicious. Looks like the 2nd version of Ed Whelan's ridiculous doppelganger story.

General Kelly watching the Trump press conference.

The most truthful thing Trump has ever said: Trump laments #MeToo as ‘very dangerous’ for powerful men

Trump says he wants to have a second summit with his pen pal Kim Jong Un because that's what Kim Jong Un wants to do. The president then makes the baseless claim that Obama was about to go to war with North Korea because he took office.

Asked about the Russia investigation, Trump talks about Brett Kavanaugh and somehow ends up ranting, bizarrely, about how "women are so angry" because of how Democrats have treated him

Rand Paul’s Push to Lift Some Russia Sanctions Fizzles

New Kavanaugh allegations come to light ahead of Dr. Ford hearing