Thursday, December 10, 2020

Portland police attempt to serve an eviction notice during a pandemic. Residents push them back


Two of the first people vaccinated in the U.K. with the Pfizer Covid-19 shot had adverse reactions, prompting the regulator to warn those with a history of significant allergic reactions against having it


Sen. Mitt Romney on Texas lawsuit against battleground states: “It’s just simply madness.”


CDC official told House Coronavirus Select Committee she was ordered to delete email suggesting political concerns behind effort to change data about coronavirus and children.


"...Clyburn writes that the testimony raises "serious concern about what may be deliberate efforts by the Trump Administration to conceal and destroy evidence that senior political appointees interfered with career officials’ response to the coronavirus crisis" at the CDC."


.@GabrielSterling told me, “We had an entire ad campaign on disinformation that we did in the state to explain to people, 'A lot of what you're going to hear is not going to be real.' The problem is we have to combat it from the President...”


These people are being tricked by a reality television host and the Republican Party is too cowardly to stop it.


There’s a mystery or two surrounding the current president that @maddow wants to solve. #LSSC


On record day for covid-19 deaths, Trump falsely proclaims at packed Hanukkah party, "We’re going to win this election"


Demanding governors overturn results. Coercing state election officials. Insisting state legislators appoint new electors. Trump lost, and these attacks will not succeed. But if you believe in democracy, silence is complicity.


Rush Limbaugh: “I actually think that we’re trending toward secession.” If the red states seceded they would be a third world nation. It is the blue states that keep the red state’s financially afloat. Generally, blue states pay more taxes than they receive in federal benefits!


Texas suffers no legally cognizable injury that warrants original jurisdiction in the Supreme Court. Allowing its case to proceed would invite a tsunami of such cases that would make it impossible for SCOTUS to perform its essential functions


“You know who voted for you in Michigan, General Paxton? No one. Literally no one. So, stay in your lane, and stick to trying to disenfranchise voters in your own state. Don’t come to mine,” says Michigan AG @dananessel discussing pro-Trump election lawsuit.


What’s clear from this s***show is that this is the strategy the GOP has had since 2000 and is going to follow for every election they lose moving forward. The only reason, I am guessing, they didn’t attempt in 2008 and 2012 was bc McCain and Romney actually cared about democracy


In an alarming statement, Chris Krebs's lawyer says a "shadow group" is advocating "the assassination of various Republican and Democratic leaders." The lawyer add: "If blood is spilled, it is on the hands of the president."


Or to his state’s Attorney General, Ken Paxton, who is bringing the suit and who is himself indicted on criminal charges


Texas says the swing state elections were unfair. Yet Texas removed its drop boxes. This resulted in one drop box for 4 million people. Maybe the Texas people should sue Texas.


Grandpa Ranty found the cooking sherry.


"Vote cancellation? This is unprecedented and it is the President of the United States, Ted Cruz and 17 Republican attorney generals that are pushing for it. How do you realign once you have supported something that grotesque?"


On whether she will support a waiver for Gen. Austin, @SenDuckworth: "I will support General Austin, but I will not support a waiver."


"I really am sorry, from the bottom of my heart. But if the price we pay is 590 deaths a day then this is unacceptable." German Chancellor Angela Merkel pleads with the public to follow #COVID19 restrictions ahead of Christmas.


China’s Foreign Ministry says two Canadians held for two years in a case linked to a Huawei executive have been indicted and tried, but gave no details.


“So there you have a 32-year-old young man, otherwise healthy actually, quite athletic and strong, who died."


Republican leaders of the Michigan House have removed Rep. Cynthia Johnson, D-Detroit, from her committee assignments over a Facebook video she made discussing the death threats she received after participating in Rudy Giuliani's sham hearing last week


It’s been a while since I checked the status of Rule 11, but I just assumed it was no longer a rule since federal judges keep allowing Trump’s grifters to make a mockery of their courts without sanctioning the attorneys. Their bad faith is evident on the face of the pleadings.


Samantha Bee taunts @IvankaTrump over preemptive pardon talk: "Cancel me, queen!"


The bigger question is why these billionaire fuckeroos want to maintain such secrecy in their spending for the ever-embarrassing donald & his white supremacist Instagram fascistas. Oh, wait... I get it.


Federal Executions Pit The Trump Administration Against The Catholic Church


Jimmy Kimmel goes off on Rudy Giuliani for getting VIP COVID cocktail: "And why didn’t Herman Cain get that? Is it like one of those movies where the Black guy gets killed first? What is going on there?”


Actual Witch Hunt


BREAKING: 48 states file suit accusing Facebook of anti-competitive conduct and U.S. files antitrust suit seeking to break off Instagram and WhatsApp


“I want Hong Kong citizens to know that if they come to London, they’ll be welcomed with open arms"


China has just cancelled Visa Exemptions for US Diplomatic Passport Holders visiting #hongkong and Macau


Legco officials apologise for flying the Chinese flag upside down for two hours on Thursday morning, saying they will seriously follow up on the matter. #HongKon


In 2014, Putin annexed Crimea. Conservative critics blamed Obama for not stopping Putin. In 2020, Xi seized control of Hong Kong. Trump failed to stop it. Why is the conservative chorus from 2014 lambasting Obama "weakness" so quiet today? Why isn't Trump labeled weak as well?


[Recap] Hong Kong to study ‘loopholes’ in current laws against misinformation as press freedom advocate raises alarmh


Lukashenka closes inner borders of #Belarus because of Covid. Let's be honest: the dictator just terrorizes the country & violates human rights on the daily basis. He didn't care about covid before. Now repressed Belarusians cannot flee and seek asylum abroad.


What do Milosevic in Serbia (2000) Yanukovich in Ukraine (2004) Lukashenko in Belarus (2020) & Trump (2020) have in common? They're all leaders who tried to #OVERTURN the will of the people as expressed in free & fair elections. So shameful that a U.S. president is on this list.


#Belarus Security officers threatened a woman and smashed the glass on a table. This is how OMON made a raid on the dormitory of #Grodno University.A student was detained, badly beaten, fined and jailed. He was later taken to hospital. They are terrorists and this is state terror


Since August, more than 30,000 people have been detained in #Belarus, including athletes. They recorded a video demanding justice. Very much coincides with the excellent decision of @Olympics to suspend #Lukashenko "from all Olympic activities including the Tokyo Games next year"


The Chinese Embassy twitter account was hacked this afternoon and we condemn such an act. For clarification, the Embassy didn’t do any retweeting on Dec.9.


Ex-U.S. Court of Appeals Judge: No, President Trump can't pardon himself. "Neither the Constitution nor the Supreme Court will allow him to forever escape liability for any crimes he may have committed against the nation he served."


The Trump appointee overseeing Voice of America and other federally funded news agencies is refusing to cooperate with Joe Biden's representatives as they seek access to records and personnel.


2. It’ll be interesting to see if Chinese and Russian officials and media outlets also start amplifying the statements of Republican officials, including members of Congress, who support Trump’s efforts at subverting the election. Read @tripgabriel on GOP:


Weather Service runs out of Internet bandwidth, proposes limiting key data


A green light for a Covid-19 vaccine could come any day now in the US, but leading health experts warn the nation is only at the start of a winter that's projected to be one of the most difficult in the nation's history.


There have been over 40 COVID-19 cases in Donald Trump’s circle, so Joe Biden's team plans to “thoroughly clean and disinfect” all the surfaces in the White House before moving in


I’ve watched it and it’s devastating. It’s director @bryanfogel previously won an academy award for Icarus for Netflix, but strangely Netflix didn’t want to show it. Jeff Bezos features in the movie because Jamal Khashoggi worked at the WashPost, but Amazon didn’t take it either