Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Another accusation against Kavanaugh that he was asked about by Senate staffers this week: an alleged rape on a boat in Rhode Island in 1985. Kavanaugh denies.

NBC News Exclusive: Senate Judiciary Committee is inquiring about at least one additional allegation of misconduct against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh

.@realDonaldTrump @ChuckGrassley @LindseyGrahamSC - Are you three privileged, white men calling my client Julie a liar? How dare you attack a sexual assault victim. She has risked her life to do the right thing. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Your actions are disgraceful.

The onetime girlfriend of Mark Judge is now prepared to speak to the FBI and the Judiciary Committee, according to a letter from her lawyer obtained by

Look! Trump Press Conference - Insane

.@realDonaldTrump @POTUS "I've been accused. And I was accused by I think four women, you can check with Sean Hannity, you can check with Fox 'cause they covered it very strongly."

NEW: Skripal 'hitman' unmasked as GRU colonel awarded Russia's highest military honour by Vladimir Putin

There will be no delay to the hearing with Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford despite new allegations, Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley says

FLAKE on the Senate floor: “I will have to listen to the testimony before I make up my mind about the testimony. What I do know is that I don’t believe that Dr. Ford is part of some kind of vast conspiracy from start to finish to smear Judge Kavanaugh.”

Jeff Merkley will announce that he's seeking an injunction in federal court designed to stop a final vote on Brett Kavanaugh, asserting an obstruction of his constitutional duty to advise and consent on nominees.

All 10 Senate Judiciary Democrats to Trump: Withdraw Kavanaugh's nomination or direct the FBI to re-open its investigation and "thoroughly examine the multiple allegations of sexual assault."

Michael Avenatti just said on @MSNBC that Julie Swetnick is prepared to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee: "100%. Absolutely."

“False accusations?” Like those crimes your fixer Cohen pled to? You are an habitual liar and complete narcissist who also is a disgrace as a president and an embarrassment to our nation. You are so inept that your “best and brightest” are Cohen and Giuliani. Let’s go.

I’m suing @realDonaldTrump & @senatemajldr today to stop the unconstitutional #KavanaughConfirmation process. They may want to ram through this nomination come hell or high water, but that’s just not how our Constitution works.

It would appear President Trump has been briefed on the latest allegations pertaining to Kavanaugh

CNN: President Trump has grown increasingly dissatisfied with the way Brett Kavanaugh has defended himself in wake of sexual assault allegations. It has led the President to believe that he must personally take charge of defending his embattled nominee.

Debbie Ramirez's legal team writes the FBI to ask for an investigation into her claims

Well he is clearly with Mark Judge on the evening of July 28

Hey Blackout Brett: That you don't know her name is no more exonerating than submitting a calendar with BEACH WEEK scrawled across it. Which puts YOU at the scene of the crime.

Julie Swetnick should not have to be the last nail in the coffin for Kavanaugh. She shouldn't have had to have come forward at all. This should have ended with Ford.

Here is a picture of my client Julie Swetnick. She is courageous, brave and honest. We ask that her privacy and that of her family be respected.

“This is ridiculous and from the Twilight Zone. I don’t know who this is and this never happened," Kavanaugh statement on the third batch of accusations.

This behavior is absolutely horrifying. There MUST be an immediate FBI investigation into Judge Kavanaugh's conduct & Mark Judge MUST be subpoenaed to testify before the Senate if necessary. I thank Julie for her courage & urge ppl to treat her with the respect she deserves.

White House shocked by Avenatti claims. Privately aides involved in nomination saying “this could be end of the line” for Kavanugh, per outside adviser briefed on discussions.

JUST IN: Senate Judiciary Committee releases Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's prepared written remarks ahead of tomorrow's hearing.

Revealed: What Erik Prince and Moscow’s Money Man Discussed in That Infamous Seychelles Meeting

We are borrowing money from China to pay our farmers to not sell their crops to China.

We are saying that women are less than a man’s promotion. That’s not how the world is in 2018, and we cannot allow this Senate, this body, to bring us back to before 1991

Donald Trump used his prominent perch chairing a United Nations meeting to accuse China of meddling in U.S. elections — a striking assertion at a meeting billed as focusing on non-proliferation

A woman said Brett Kavanaugh and a friend attended house parties where women — including herself — were sexually assaulted. She specifically accuses Kavanaugh of spiking drinks with drugs to “target particular girls so they could be taken advantage of”

Why is the GOP pushing to give Trump the ability to pardon state crimes? Kavanaugh is the lynchpin to getting everyone off, that’s why it doesn’t matter what he’s done. They are going to confirm him.

Avenatti has released a sworn declaration from a third Kavanaugh accuser, Julie Swetnick. She says she was a victim of a gang rape after being drugged at a party in 1982, and alleges that Kavanaugh and Mark Judge were "present."

This new sworn declaration about Kavanaugh is explosive. Can Senate GOPers ignore it and rush ahead with a committee vote on Friday?

Please explain your use of “fine.” Is it kill someone fine, rape someone fine, owned by mafia fine, or all of those?

Below is my correspondence to Mr. Davis of moments ago, together with a sworn declaration from my client. We demand an immediate FBI investigation into the allegations. Under no circumstances should Brett Kavanaugh be confirmed absent a full and complete investigation.

NEW: Feinstein says Starr office memo at National Archives shows Kavanaugh misled in denying any role in breaching grand jury secrecy. Senator says effort to shape reporting on sexually-explicit questioning in Vince Foster probe crossed the line.

Grassley cannot hire Rachel Mitchell without the consent of Sen. Feinstein

Contrary to Nielsen’s public statements, the memo made clear that this was a family separation policy. Nielsen seems to have misled Congress and the American people when she repeatedly claimed that there was no policy of separating families at the border

How the Koch brothers built the most powerful rightwing group you've never heard of

North Carolina will have 20% fewer early voting locations in 2018 than in 2014. Nearly half of the state's 100 counties are closing polling places because of law passed by GOP legislature in June

Senate Republicans don’t yet have the votes to confirm Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, even as Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is projecting a public face of certainty

BREAKING: Sen. Rand Paul plans to introduce an amendment tomorrow to lift U.S. sanctions on members of the Russian legislature.

Macron rejects trade deals with any country not in the Paris climate deal

U.S. and Russia clash over Syria as the UN is urged to back rival plans

China blocks U.S. warship USS Wasp from making port call in Hong Kong next month

A crucial case that might allow Trump’s presidential pardon to include state offenses. It also underscores the importance of who is confirmed for the SCOTUS bench, i.e. Brett Kavanaugh...

President Trump's new tariffs on Chinese products went into effect on Monday. Many Americans are left wondering if they'll end up paying more for the things they buy. Experts predict that the answer is yes.

‘Mr Trump is continuing to erode America's central place in the world order by pinching pennies as if the UN were a failing casino in Atlantic City.’ Chuckles aside, Trump's speech at the UN is no laughing matter

US Rep. Kevin Cramer on Kavanaugh allegations: “Even if it’s all true ... does it disqualify him from the Supreme Court?”

Here’s our story from last night on Facebook’s expansion overseas and some of the problems with “connecting the world.”

Women feel this on a visceral level. November is coming. Expect us.

The UN General Assembly literally laughed at President Trump for bragging about his administration. A clown before the world.


Rachel Mitchell was responsible for this nightmare, so of course the GOP Judiciary Committee senators chose her. #CultureOfCorruption A Former Jehovah's Witness Elder Who Sexually Abused a Teenager Gets Only Six Months

GOP plays chicken with Kavanaugh nomination

How much more insulting can you get? By scheduling a vote before hearing any testimony from Dr. Ford, Chairman @ChuckGrassley & Republican Senators are sending a message to survivors of sexual assault that their voices don't matter. It's shameful.

BREAKING: Senate Judiciary Committee schedules Kavanaugh vote for Friday morning

Some of Kavanaugh’s former Yale classmates, rankled by Fox interview, speak out for the first time

#BREAKING Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford has four people who corroborate her sexual assault claims, documents sent to Senate show

Kavanaugh appears to be receiving protection from the US Marshals. Dr. Ford has to pay for her own protection. This is despicable, and AG Sessions should extend US Marshal protection to Dr. Ford and any other women being threatened for testifying about Judge Kavanaugh.

Tonight’s Fox News lineup is going all in on anti-woman victim shaming. And it’s all sponsored by corporations that depend on female customers. Which advertiser will stand up and say they’ve had enough? Surely there has to be one.

Rachel Mitchell, an Arizona county sex crimes prosecutor, has emerged as the top GOP choice to question Doctor Blasey Ford before the Judiciary Committee, according to WaPo

While Rachel Mitchell was sex crimes division bureau chief, 400+ sex-crimes reported to Sheriff Joe Arpaio's office between 2004 & 2007 [including dozens of child molestations] were inadequately investigated or not worked at all

BREAKING Turkey's to continue to buy Iranian gas despite U.S. sanctions

WATCH: Michael Avenatti says he represents a "witness and victim" who has credible information about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and may pursue a criminal complaint.

Senate Republicans have hired an attorney to use as a questioner of Christine Blasey Ford at Thursday's hearing, against the wishes of Ford, and are declining to name her, Politico reports.

Opinion | Trump is the laughingstock of the world

In a rebuke to Trump, Gov. Jerry Brown signs bans on short-term health plans, Medi-Cal work requirements

Amnesty International is calling for Kavanaugh hearing to be halted due to potential human rights violations by Kavanaugh. Let that sink in for a minute.#

Attorney: Republicans skipped call with second Kavanaugh accuser

Mormon women call on senators to postpone Kavanaugh vote

Brett Kavanaugh is a Sexual Predator projection with @ultravoilet at US Courthouse

Want to see another example of state media? Look below.

Politico reports that, right now, Kavanaugh doesn't have the votes to be confirmed, Republicans privately admit.