Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Jerry Nadler just told @TheBeatWithAri that the civil enforcement resolution that House just passed could also be used against Hope Hicks and Annie Donaldson if either of them choose not to comply with the Judiciary Committee subpoenas.

Trump administration quietly makes it legal to bring elephant parts to the U.S. as trophies

McConnell dismisses report that his wife, Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, steered funds to Kentucky

"There's almost nothing that is working. [The president] is putting us in tremendous danger around the globe," @sethmoulton says when asked about the Trump administration's foreign policy.

"Lewis, who fought for civil rights in the 1960s by organizing protests to end racial segregation, broke down crying in the caucus. His tears made others cry, according to several lawmakers in the room."

Mitch McConnell called out for blocking vote on net neutrality rules Republicans actually like

President Trump pulls a piece of paper from his jacket he says is one page of a secret agreement with Mexico: "I am going to let Mexico do the announcement at the right time." The Mexican foreign minister indicated there is no secret or outstanding deal

Trump Jr. initially balked at testifying a second time in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee, but this Wednesday he’ll be interviewed behind closed doors.

Story: DOJ threatens executive privilege to block access to census docs

Nadler: "Federal law makes clear that the documents we requested—documents that left the White House months ago—are no longer covered by executive privilege, if they ever were. "The President has no lawful basis for preventing these witnesses from complying with our request."

Oversight Dems say the White House tried to assert executive privilege over Kobach…

A.G. Barr will ask Trump to assert executive privilege over documents from the admin's decision to add a citizenship question to the 2020 Census if House Oversight Democrats proceed toward holding Barr in contempt.

DOJ is asking the committee to delay the contempt vote until the president makes a decision about whether to invoke executive privilege (the vote is scheduled for tomorrow)

BREAKING: House authorizes lawsuits against Barr, McGahn in Trump probes

BREAKING: The House votes to hold AG Barr and Don McGahn In civil contempt. Party line vote was: 229-191.

Trump can't be bothered to read (or even sit through) the PDB, which the IC has to condense down to idiot-level bullet-points for him, but he thinks he can handle CIA agent recruitment and vetting

Why is @DonaldJTrumpJr testifying behind closed doors? He cannot have any classified information. We have not had any public testimony on his I-love-it meeting with a Russian emissary that was part of a secret Kremlin scheme to help @realDonaldTrump win the 2016 election.

First on CNN: Donald Trump Jr. to be interviewed by Senate panel behind closed doors Wednesday

McConnell dismisses report that his wife, Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, steered funds to Kentucky

Trump thinks that exercising too much uses up the body’s ‘finite’ energy

Trump: I just received a beautiful letter from Kim Jong Un. I can't show you the letter obviously, but it was a very personal, very warm, very nice letter.. North Korea has tremendous potential and the one that feels that more than anybody is [Kim]. He gets it. He totally gets it


NEW: @NBCNews, @MSNBC and @TelemundoNews announce moderators for 2-night #DemDebate live from Miami on June 26-27:

Nearly 1,700 Suspected Child Sex Predators Arrested During Operation "Broken Heart"

Speaking about President Trump's personal attacks, House @SpeakerPelosi tells @MKRaju "I'm done with him," adding, "my stock goes up every time he attacks me."

Trump’s conspiracy theories about intelligence will make the CIA’s job harder - The Washington Post

Jon Stewart at a 9/11 victim fund hearing: "What an incredible metaphor this room is for the entire process that getting healthcare and benefits for 9/11 first responders has come to ... a filled room of 9/11 first responders and in front of me, a nearly empty Congress." Via ABC

Spicy Updates! Contempt of Congress Barr & Ross your seat is ready - UPDATED 6/10/201 – Mad Dog PAC

Sam Donaldson is trending because of his absolute dismay at the amount of lies coming from White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, 'She's had a lifetime achievement Oscar for lying'. But his main point, is a more sombre one: 'the Press Secretary takes cues from the top'

Mar-a-Lago intruder deemed mentally competent and allowed to represent herself at trial

How Russia Can Spend Money to Influence the 2020 Election—Legally

Epic failure for Russian repressive system

Russia says it will begin delivery of missile system to Turkey in July

More than a billion untraceable dollars have been spent in US elections since 2006, and it’s unknowable how much of that came from foreign sources, legally or illegally.

‘Shameless grifter’ Mitch McConnell and wife scorched by conservative for quietly doling out taxpayer dollars to their Kentucky pals

Compare: Elaine Chao was willing to CANCEL electrification of Cal-Train from Silicon Valley to San Francisco, affecting millions of people but was OK with a Kentucky project affecting 59,809 of Mitch’s constituents

Lead By the GOP — Hillary Clinton: "Classic Pattern" Of Fascist Takeover Is Happening Right Now In The United States

Trump’s conspiracy theories about intelligence will make the CIA’s job harder

The Old School Grift of Mitch McConnell and Elaine Chao

Senate Maj. Leader Mitch McConnell has reportedly told his colleagues that he will not allow the Senate to vote on election security legislation this session. Lobbyists for the two biggest voting machine makers have started writing him four figure checks.

For mother Russia. And maybe for Dr. Richard Strauss.

It’s not just the US. Putin’s Chef Yevegny Prigozhin has allegedly been deeply involved in a major Russian effort to manipulate politics in a whole slew of African countries

Mick Mulvaney fires all 25 members of consumer watchdog’s advisory board

FOX has done to our parents what our parents thought video games would do to us

At John Dean hearing, Rep. Raskin says his father was on Nixon’s enemies list

Baseless claims about Biden’s medical fitness have quietly taken hold on Fox

"The book is a call to the country to say, well, do we want to go down this road where we refer to other people as our enemy?" @Acosta says about his new book, "The Enemy of the People." "Reporters should not be going to Trump rallies with bodyguards."

Trump won’t impose tariffs on Mexico, for now

Lead By the GOP — Hillary Clinton: "Classic Pattern" Of Fascist Takeover Is Happening Right Now In The United States

In Alabama—which banned abortion for rape victims — rapists have parental rights. Said one victim: “I’ve spent my entire life scared to death of my rapist, and now, I’m fighting him for custody of my children.”

This is a clear red flag for the intelligence services, the FBI, the State Department. It's hard to fathom how those entities could have signed off on a security clearance. And they probably didn't. Why isn't Congress probing this?

This will deliver facts from the Mueller report to Congress,which moves one giant step closer to commencing a formal impeachment inquiry that could validate Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s patient strategy for dealing w/ America’s first hardened criminal president.

Reprising an argument that two federal judges found unserious.

REPORTER: The Mexican government says there was no secret agreement. So what do you mean when you say there was? TRUMP: We have an agreement on something they will announce very soon R: Why are they denying it then? T: I don't think they'll be denying it very long

This session Mitch McConnell has already killed more than 100 bills passed by the House by refusing to give them a vote or even a hearing in the Senate. If he won't do his job, we should retire him.

Ken Cuccinelli Wanted to End Birthright Citizenship & Militarize Border—Now He’s Trump’s Immigration Chief

President Trump has no direct control over his impeachment, but that’s not stopping him from trying to weaponize the process

The House appealed a federal judge’s decision to uphold President Trump’s ability to funnel billions of non-congressionally approved dollars toward border wall construction

Nearly 50 years ago, when a Republican president was facing allegations of #ObstructionOfJustice, members of his own party came forward to uphold the Constitution and the #RuleOfLaw. It’s time to get back to Republican standards.

Judge throws out Trump order and restores Obama-era drilling ban in Arctic

Facebook the ‘Largest Fraud in Corporate History’ – Fake Accounts and Customer Data Theft

Tomorrow is Primary Day in Virginia! I hope the people of Virginia head to the polls and make their voices heard. Find your polling place here:

McConnell Is Blocking Any Plan to Prevent a Russian Election Attack in 2020

Canada to ban single-use plastics as early as 2021

Joe Biden told a room of donors on Monday that Republicans "know better" and would immediately begin to work toward bipartisanship as soon as Trump leaves office.

Iran revokes New York Times reporter's credentials

How many mass shooters can someone inspire before their advertisers feel a little sheepish?

This is the purest and most egregious corruption possible. Mr. Kushner should not finish the day as an employee of the US Government.

Lawrence's Last Word: a Republican who voted to impeach Pres. Nixon told Republicans ‘Watergate is our shame’

DOJ agrees to turn over key Mueller evidence to Congress

Lawrence on the latest fake Trump crisis

Is it credible that Gym Jordan didn’t know about sexual abuse?

Wonder how Kim Jong Un found out?

Criminality of Trump conduct explored in Congressional hearing

Delighted to see this careful @harrylitman Washington Post op-ed exploring my new proposal to break the impeachment logjam and carefully explaining why it fully satisfies the Constitution’s requirements

Has Bannon been working out?

UK PM candidate Hancock asks: Why should Boris Johnson avoid public scrutiny?

Criminality of Trump conduct explored in Congressional hearing

The Sinclair must-Run continues with Peter Schweizer talking about Hunter Biden. 19 Dem candidates in Cedar Rapids today and it got roughly 1/7 as much local TV time as this must-run content

Trump investigation story lines continue in courts, Congress

Tariff Threats Aside, the Senate Is Where Action Goes to Die

NBC analyst accuses Trump family of ‘insider’ trading with early knowledge of Trump’s market-moving tweets

Alabama governor signs bill requiring child sex offenders to undergo chemical castration

The Sinclair model is particularly powerful because unlike Fox News it *isn’t* 24/7 propaganda — these are mostly just normal broadcast network affiliates that insert little chunks of propaganda into local newscasts between sports & weather.

House Democrats crack down on Trump admin foot-dragging

The slain half brother of North Korea's leader was an informant for the CIA who met on several occasions with agency operatives

How did Kim Jong Un become leader of the North Korea and how did he remain it? That’s the subject of my book The Great Successor *out tomorrow*


Gears begin to turn on Congress follow-through on Mueller report

You know, this Matt Gaetz fellow, he’s kind of a jerk

Republican Rep. Rob Woodall says that he didn't bother to read the Mueller report.

Hey @Jim_Jordan how do you think your nonsense will go over when you’re facing the OSU rape victims on the stand?

"The House Intelligence Committee plans to hold a public hearing on the counterintelligence implications of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report next Wednesday featuring testimony from former FBI officials."

Saudi Arabia’s coalition has killed Yemeni civilians with bombs stamped Made in America. Now the White House is handing over sensitive smart bomb technology to Saudi Arabia. Enough. Time to end support for this cruel and senseless war.

Rep. Justin Amash, lone-wolf GOP Trump critic, leaves House Freedom Caucus

(VIDEO): Rep. Ted Lieu enters the infamous words of President Trump from the Mueller Report into Congressional committee record... “Oh my God. This is terrible. This is the end of my presidency. I’m f**ked.”@tedlieu is a national treasure!

Yes, people, tell everyone you know: If anyone other than the president had committed this conducted, he/she would have been indicted by now. It's not even a close call.

US senators launch bill to broaden shell companies' disclosures - Republicans Tom Cotton, Mike Rounds & Democrats Mark Warner, Doug Jones on Senate Banking Cmte said bill would require shell companies to disclose ultimate, real owners to US Treasury Dept

Honestly, the old example of chutzpah- the son who murders his parents begging the judge for mercy because now he is an orphan - utterly left in dust by the new Trump vintage model

House Oversight committee to vote to hold AG Barr and Wilbur Ross in contempt on Wednesday

Mexico denies Trump’s claim of secret concessions in deal

The US Navy welcomes its oldest Ensign

Several Fox News stars have already begun quietly pushing rumors that Biden is in poor health

Kavanaugh defender Amy Chua's daughter gets Supreme Court job with Kavanaugh

In light of the news about foreign funding for Cadre, a company in which Kushner holds a massive financial interest, now seems like a good time to re-up this tweet pointing out that Kushner's lawyer claims Kushner is subject to an ethics agreement . . . that you have never seen

We need to be prepared for Trump refusing to leave office, whether he is impeached, indicted, or unelected. He will incite his supporters regardless of the scenario. Trump on Richard Nixon comparison: "He left. I don't leave."

The cost of Trump’s tariffs has fallen "entirely" on U.S. businesses and households, says Goldman Sachs.

Imagine writing this story and not once mentioning that Trump has never released his tax returns

These are the documents — or at least some of them — that the Judiciary Committee has secured from DOJ.

Russians helped elect Trump & now openly mocking him.

Here's the full text of John Dean's statement to the House Judiciary Committee

WH has a weak hand and knows it

Row 1 identifies the individuals @realDonaldTrump told to deny facts. Row 2 identifies the individuals Trump used to fire the Special Counsel or limit the investigation. Row 3 identifies the witnesses Trump attempted to influence or intimidate.

THIS @JoyceWhiteVance: "The facts contained in that report would be sufficient to . . .charge multiple counts of obstruction." Not a close call. "I would have confidence that the evidence would be sufficient to obtain a guilty verdict" and stand up on appeal.

"It is quite startling to me that history is repeating itself and with a vengeance. This is why I'm speaking out." - John Dean

Director who is forcing women in Missouri to undergo unnecessary pelvic examination is Dr. Randall Williams. He is a political hack who overruled professionals in N. Carolina & declared safe wells full of carcinogens. This creep belongs in jail.

Judge grants Missouri's last abortion clinic two-week reprieve