Tuesday, July 9, 2019

No Republicans who supported Alex Acosta have called on him to go.

Murkowski says she won't be calling on Acosta to resign. Also tells me she likes him. She's clearly irritated with all the questions she's getting about him.

Many lawmakers admitted to @politico that they have not read the Mueller report. “It’s tedious,” said Senator Lisa Murkowski.

TRANSLATION: The Federal Judge is not going to let the @realDonaldTrump Administration change out its lawyers so that new lawyers can lie to him about the #CensusQuestion.

Noteworthy from the SDNY bail memo on Epstein: Florida prosecutors not only knew Epstein was a sexual predator but also that he harassed & intimidated the victims & their families to stop them from testifying. No federal prosecutor should let conduct like that go. Acosta did.

Federal judge rejects Justice Department’s bid to swap out lawyers for census case on citizenship question

New arrests in Russia show how elite special operations troops worked with corrupt cops in Russia to shake down banks

NEW YORK (AP) — A federal appeals court says President Donald Trump can’t ban critics from his Twitter account.

AG Barr and Deputy AG Rosen should recuse themselves from all matters involving Jeffrey Epstein. Their professional ties to the law firm that previously represented Epstein risk undermining the public’s confidence in the investigation. The American people deserve better.

New: Prosecutors won’t call Mike Flynn to testify at the trial of a business associate. Court filings suggest they don’t believe he will tell the truth on the stand, revealing a suddenly loss of confidence in what was supposed to be their star witness.

Something you probably haven't read, but should- a letter following a KKK rally in Hanover, Virginia: This is Hanover (but it doesn’t have to be)

Opinion: Epstein is in jail. But Trump continues to make a mockery of justice.

The U.S. attorneys who revered Giuliani loathe him now: “Rudy’s behavior has sparked a particular kind of outrage. He might as well be Roy Cohn.”

DoJ investigation, which was supposed to "expose" the "problematic" origins of the Russia investigation and various surveillance warrants, finds Steele reporting credible. This is like the 4th or 5th time "releasing the memo" has just been a clown car.

ICE just quietly opened three new detention centers, after Congress told it not to

Except the record shows you had the evidence in 2007. Remember the 53-page indictment, the phone records, the trash pulls, the flight manifests, the witnesses who worked for Epstein?

So remember that 2018 BBC documentary alleging Trump preyed on underage models?

WATCH: Felix Sater speaks to reporters after testimony.

Asked Felix Sater outside House Intel how much Trump knew about Moscow project: “I assume he knew what he knew.” And how much was that? Sater: “I don't know” He said he spoke to Cohen about the project. Asked how much Don Jr knew, Sater said: “You’ll have to ask them, I’m sorry”

The abuse of a child is one of the most heinous, despicable abuses of power imaginable. It is inexcusably poor judgment for a US Attorney to seek leniency for someone guilty of it. Secretary Acosta should provide his resignation immediately.

BREAKING via @NarativLive Sater Speaks

Holy shit. Jews and allies in the Capitol Building in D.C. chanting: “Never Again is NOW”

The Pentagon says the military support to Trump's July 4th celebrations cost $1.2 million. These are the different types of military equipment that took part in it.

I reported last night that AG William Barr's father hired Jeffrey Epstein to teach at a NYC private school even though Epstein isn't a college graduate. Is that the real reason Barr recused himself?

Trump says he hasn't spoken to Epstein in 15 years after 'falling out.’ Epstein's "black book," where he kept contact info for his associates, contained 14 phone numbers for Trump, who also attended dinner parties at Epstein's homes & used his private jet.

SDNY is in charge for now, but there will probably need to be an independent prosecutor. Powerful people in both major political parties were in the Jeffrey Epstein frequent-flyer program. And it's time for them all to start talking.

Amy McGrath: "I think that that's really important and that's going to be my message, that the things that Kentuckians voted for Trump for are not being done. He's not able to get it done because of Senator McConnell."

Open Carry is legal in Virginia. That’s why these armed men are standing near the Virginia statehouse in an attempt to intimidate and silence the hundreds of @MomsDemand volunteers and other advocates supporting gun safety at today’s kickoff of the special session.

Steve Bannon is scum who peddled the Seth Rich conspiracy. “Huge story … he was a Bernie guy … it was a contract kill, obviously,” then-White House chief strategist Steve Bannon texted to a CBS “60 Minutes” producer about Rich on March 17, 2017

The decision by prosecutors could imperil Flynn’s ability to avoid incarceration for lying to the FBI unless he is pardoned by Trump

Rather than stagger in penniless irrelevance to Iowa, Eric Swalwell managed to demonstrate a political attribute many presidential contenders lack: the sense of a quick and graceful exit

Trump once called billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein “terrific.” Now he claims that he "was not a fan" of Epstein's, and "feel[s] very badly actually for Secretary Acosta"

As the Constitution says: “If the President and his hack AG and a Fox News guy all agree the Supreme Court got it wrong, they shall have the absolute power to ignore the Court and make up whatever they shall feel like.”

“Instead, the prosecutors say they plan to use Flynn's out-of-court statements at the trial. They now call him a co-conspirator in Kian's alleged crime of illegally lobbying for the Turkish government in 2016.”

Donald Trump is a symptom; Mitch McConnell is the disease. Elected by less than a million Kentuckians, he has held the entire country hostage for years. Please help @AmyMcGrathKY kick his selfish, cruel, greedy ass to the curb.

Jeffrey Epstein's billionaire pal Les Wexner doesn't just make money selling lingerie. He also knows how to play the college admissions game

Our struggle is not the struggle of a day, a week, a month, or a year--it is the struggle of a lifetime. We must be persistent and consistent if we are to build the beloved community here in America. #GoodTrouble — John Lewis

Trump on Epstein has gone from "He's a terrific guy!" to "I'm not a fan." That and Barr's sudden un-recusal tells us Trump's right in the middle of this filthy mess.

“Instead, the prosecutors say they plan to use Flynn's out-of-court statements at the trial. They now call him a co-conspirator in Kian's alleged crime of illegally lobbying for the Turkish government in 2016.”

Whoa! William Barr has "un-recused." That's all the proof we need that Trump is smack dab in the middle of this Epstein scandal. When will @SpeakerPelosi and Dem Leadership finally do the right thing and impeach the Trump Crime Syndicate?

What does John Brennan know? What does the upper branch of our entire intel community know? Why does Donald Trump attack them, and take the word of our enemies over their knowledge?

I take no joy in saying this; Clinton is not telling the truth here. There are other incidents/encounters he’s not telling the truth about, either.

"Many of Giuliani’s former Justice Department colleagues spoke of Mueller in glowing terms [and] expressed deep disappointment in his attacks on Mueller and the FBI."

Remember the “unverified” Steele dossier? “One of the two sources said Horowitz's investigators appear to have found Steele’s information sufficiently credible to have to extend the investigation.“

A high school principal in Florida has been removed from his position over his refusal to state that the Holocaust was a factual historical event

Backfired: This didn’t work out for AG Barr as planned. DOJ IG Horowitz, at Barr’s behest, investigates Christopher Steele of Steele dossier fame

Easy to achieve when you literally kick people off the program...

A New Report on Trump's Foreign Business Holdings Points to a Gobsmacking Level of Corruption

NEW: Great work by My Miami Herald team today. Love the headline. Thank you to my editor

Let's ask the residence of FLINT!!!!

Your story of the day is this brave piece by @VickyPJWard. The buried lede is that Acosta gave Epstein that absurdly lenient NPA in 2007 because he "was told 'Epstein belonged to intelligence' & to leave it alone." Note: not US intelligence.

Exclusive: How Russian intelligence agents planted one of the most insidious conspiracy theories of the 2016 election. My new six part podcast series.

The Miami Herald Editorial Board calls on Alex Acosta to resign as Labor Secretary.

Geez why would Russian intelligence have a motive to plant an alternative origin story for a hack of Demoratic emails that helped tip the election to Donald Trump, and why would @seanhannity shamelessly promote that alternative origin story?

At the barest minimum, “unalienable rights” include the right not to be horrifically butchered on the order of a senior government official, as happened to WAPO columnist Jamal Khashoggi. Shamefully, that is obvious to all except the Trump Administration.

Did Jared Kushner support a blockade of a US ally as payback because it would not fund his family’s business?

Les Wexner, the CEO of L Brands (owns Victoria's Secret) purchased the townhouse at 9 E 71st Street in 1989. In 2011, it was transferred to Jeffrey Epstein's Virgin Islands-based Maple Inc. for $0

In which Trump treats “Fox & Friends” host Steve Doocy as a greater legal authority than members of the Supreme Court.

Former biz assoc. of Michael Flynn, Bijan Kian, is gearing up to go to trial. After a few sealed hearings, his attys have filed their proposed jury instructions + voir dire. Note: list of potential witnesses 🔽 incl. Flynn and Flynn Jr. Jury trial set for July 15 at 10AM.

So Elaine Chao, Trans. Sec., married to McConnell, hires her husband's former campaign aide to be her own staffer and then designates him specifically to help pave the way for Transportation-funded projects in McConnell's state as he runs for reelection.

Spicy Files! WRIT OF MANDAMUS Blumenthal et al v Trump

I’m running to replace Mitch McConnell in the U.S. Senate. Everything that’s wrong with Washington had to start somewhere—it started with him. With your help, we can defeat Mitch and defend democracy.

"The things that Kentuckians voted for Trump for are not being done. He's not able to get it done because of Senator McConnell." --@AmyMcGrathKY on why she's running against Mitch McConnell.

What do you think. Recruited for modeling or sex trafficking in Slovenia by a creepy guy named Stane Jerko. Young Melania.

Back to school with @tribelaw to learn about freedom of the press. Harvard Law professor shames Alan Dershowitz for trying to shut the press out of Epstein court proceedings

"For almost two decades, for some nebulous reason, whether to do with ties to foreign intelligence, his billions, or his social connections, Epstein remained untouchable"

Let’s thumb through Jeffrey #Epstein’s Little Black Book

Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz was literally the only person to vote against an anti-human trafficking bill. Someone tell me how this guy is still in public office?

Analysis: Epstein reckoning hits Washington

"Courtney Wild, identified by the FBI as one of more than three dozen underage girls — some of them as young as 13 — who had been molested by Epstein at his waterfront estate between 2001 and 2005."

Jane is not the only witness offered in this filing. A woman using the pseudonym “Joan Doe” attests that she is willing to testify that Jane told her about the sexual encounters with Trump and Epstein “in the 1994-95 school year.” Here is her sworn declaration

Jane claims a 12-year-old named Maria was forced to be involved in the third encounter. She never saw Maria again after that. Following the rape, Jane says Trump threatened to hurt her and her family if she ever told anyone. He suggested he could make her “disappear like Maria.”

I’m running to replace Mitch McConnell in the U.S. Senate. Everything that’s wrong with Washington had to start somewhere—it started with him. With your help, we can defeat Mitch and defend democracy.

Mike Pompeo unveils panel to examine 'unalienable rights

"@realDonaldTrump you date girls young enough to be your daughter.That's perverted" Dated. No, that's talent.

Blame Mitch McConnell If Saudi Arabia Escapes Accountability For Khashoggi And Yemen

Deutsche Bank shares slide again on skepticism about turnaround

"I was rolled." An ex-Interior Department official says bosses told him to change an environmental decision to favor a developer connected to the Trump's administration.

Digital rights group calls for a 'complete' federal ban on government use of facial recognition tech

Trump's speech gets fact-checked live... on Fox News.

NEW: We are formally requesting @USGAO investigate costs of @POTUS’ 4th of July event & whether it broke laws that prohibit taxpayer $ from being diverted for political purposes. @SecBernhardt hasn’t responded to our inquiries, and the American people deserve immediate answers

I'm no genius, but when the President of the United States starts putting kids in cages & 1500 of those kids disappear & the President says things like a creepy pedophile & he is pals w/ pedophiles who are into sex trafficking...well...maybe...just maybe that might be a red flag.

A man has a 7 story home worth $77m in the middle of Manhattan, and no one knows how he makes his money. Where I’m from you get a new car and you ain’t got a job, law enforcement is sitting outside your house taking pictures.

Back when he was his primary rival, Ted Cruz screamed “What the fuck?” in rage at Fox News’ pro-Trump bias, a new book claims

Takeaway: Britain is standing by its man in Washington. Or until Kim Darroch leaves as part of his scheduled departure in a few months, anyway

I guess that time @IvankaTrump laughed and laughed when her dad joked about being a sexual predator was BEFORE she took up female empowerment?

Opinion: The Federalist Society just became a no-go zone for federal judges

This is just plain stupid.@speakerpelosi needs to stop wasting time fighting with other House Democrats and start impeaching Trump. Or someone needs to file a Motion to Vacate the Chair. Enough

It's an odd choice for the president to be choosing this moment to highlight his close personal relationships with multiple sex offenders.

How many people enabled him? Jeffrey Epstein kept labeled photos of nude underage girls in his Manhattan mansion: Court documents

The most powerful man in the world has no grasp of reality, peddles absurd lies several times a day, fabricates events and discussions that never happened, claims that he basically invented a branch of forestry that has been around for decades if not centuries, and is unhinged.

McConnell is actively facilitating a Russian election attack.

Oh look, an arrested pedophile/serial rapist has close connections to Trump and senior members of his administration

Opinion: Democrats, stop embracing losing issues and focus on getting rid of Trump

Why would @AlanDersh not want the press to have access to the Epstein proceedings? @tribelaw is right. The public has a right to know. And who by the way would not want us to know?

.@SecretaryAcosta needs to resign immediately. As @mayawiley stated, the Secretary of Labor has under his purview, human trafficking. Which ... might have been exactly why he was selected in the first place.

Two explanations for why the older generation of politicians in both major parties does not want to impeach @realDonaldTrump One explanation is that they are wiser (and richer) than the rest of us which makes them right. The other explanation is that .... Putin has their email.

Today in Brexit: The Labour party moves another step closer toward backing a second referendum

if the UK is truly a sovereign country, it will respond by boycotting the American ambassador too

Tuesday, the GOP lawsuit to end the Affordable Care Act moves another step forward, with NO replacement plan It's hard to exaggerate the devasting impact of losing the ACA

If Trump is so hostile to the ACA/insuring people w preexisting conditions, go get the votes in Congress to repeal it. He shouldn’t try to nullify laws himself—giving him even more than the Const’s veto power (which is ltd to proposed bills). Here he seeks to nullify existing law

This is not Alec Baldwin doing an SNL sketch.

@SecretaryAcosta must step down. As US Attorney, he engaged in an unconscionable agreement w/ Jeffrey Epstein kept secret from courageous, young victims preventing them from seeking justice. This was known by @POTUS when he appointed him to the cabinet.

Cy Vance’s office seems to misread the law a lot when the defendants are incredibly wealthy.

The judge went ahead and classified Epstein as a Level 3 Sex Offender over the DA's objection. Cy Vance later claimed his office had made a mistake and misread the law.

Unsealed documents show Manhattan DA Cy Vance knew Jeffrey Epstein should have been designated a Level 3 Sex Offender (the most serious classification under NY law) but instead argued he should be designated Level 1 (the least serious). The question is why.

The #DOJ asked the appeals court in its filing for a ruling re: their motion for a stay on the subpoenas by July 22 — a week before the official response deadline — “in order to provide time to seek relief from the Supreme Court if necessary.”

From Page Six in March 2016: “When the Russian girls arrive in the city, they already have Jeffrey’s phone number.”

House Democratic leaders have decided to pursue criminal contempt against Barr and Ross for defying subpoenas for info about the census citizenship question

"If this was such a good deal, if this was the right thing to do, why did you seal it and keep it secret?" -Miami Herald investigative reporter @jkbjournalist on the deal Alex Acosta made with Jeffrey Epstein

It’s Human Trafficking Night.

Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter celebrate 73 years of marriage

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has signed a bill allowing the release of Trump's state tax returns to certain members of Congress.

“I agree with [President Trump] that the [Supreme Court’s] decision was wrong,” Barr told the AP. Well, that settles it, then!

Today, I sent the attached letter to Republican leaders as formal notification that I am withdrawing my membership in the House Republican Conference and, consistent with House rules, resigning from the Committee on Oversight and Reform.

Journalists have been beaten up so badly the past two years. So happy for the outpouring of support from the public and law enforcement — not just to me — but to all journalists — print, broadcast, freelance, video, podcast, college writers, high school journalists.

Kaine was the sole member of the Senate HELP committee to ask Acosta explicitly about the Epstein plea deal during his confirmation hearing.

Officials at the White House are nervous that Democrats will encourage women allegedly abused by Jeffrey Epstein to testify publicly before Congress, drawing attention to now-Labor Secretary Alex Acosta's work on the plea deal, WaPo reports.

Former President Clinton claims his only contact with Jeffrey Epstein was connected with the Clinton Foundation

Oh how surprising. Barr twists the law and facts beyond all reason to get to a result to please Trump. Stunner. What a transparent political hack and disgrace of an AG.

Who funded Epstein’s lavish lifestyle? Why did he keep detailed records of the girls and clients? Why didn’t he destroy them when the heat turned up? Why is this case being handled by the public corruption unit? One word: leverage.

Cy Vance: *Overruled his staff on whether to pursue charges against Ivanka and Don Jr. for real estate fraud and larceny *Chose not to prosecute Harvey Weinstein for sexual assault *Chose not to argue to designate Jeffrey Epstein as a Level 3 sex offender

Hey, Alan “I kept my underwear on” Dershowitz...no one believes you @AlanDersh you will never outrun the stank.

The Secretary of Labor is responsible for human sex trafficking. He is an accomplice to the sex trafficking of children. Think of it.

Convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein kept a stash of lewd photos locked in his $77 million mansion, where authorities also found kiddie porn, the feds revealed today as they charged the Epstein with child sex trafficking. But will Epstein flip on Trump?

Does wealth make Billionaires lose their values, or is that how you become one?

On this night, as the President plans to ignore the Supreme Court on the census question & his deeply duplicitous Attorney General dismisses Mueller's testimony as mere spectacle, I cannot for the life of me understand any legislator opposed to an impeachment inquiry.

Never seen anything like this. A complete withdrawal by all the trial level experts at DOJ — all of them. Every. One. This is the canary in the coal mine. Trump is stuck defending the census shenanigans w people from consumer protection division. They do impt work. Just. Not.This

NEWS: McGahn deputy Annie Donaldson refused to answer 212 questions about her Mueller testimony at the direction of the White House. Story TK

Your colleagues at the View owe it to Epstein’s victims to have their POV on the show. Having Alan Dershowitz on without giving the their point of view only serves to silence other victims. @TheView @WhoopiGoldberg your show is crucial in reaching out to victims.