Friday, June 8, 2018

House approves financial oversight of Mueller probe

Mueller charges Manafort and Kilimnik with obstruction of justice and conspiracy to obstruct justice

The @HouseDemocrats formally request the FBI open a criminal corruption probe in @EPAScottPruitt gross & flagrant violation of Federal Law, using his office for personal gain -daughter stayed in DC condo for free -his wife was paid & arranged trips

Facebook gave some companies access to user records well after the point in 2015 when it said it had cut them off, WSJ reports

Mueller has now charged 20 people in the Russia investigation. Five have pleaded guilty

BOOM! Another bad day for @PaulManafort and the rest of #TeamTreason.


"Manafort and Kilimnik were both hit with new charges accusing of using intimidation or force against a witness to obstruct justice, and also with tampering with a witness, victim or informant."

John Kelly confirms here what I reported last year: His phone was hacked.

"Russia should be in this meeting. Why are we having a meeting without Russia being in the meeting?"

JUST IN: Muhammad Ali's lawyer responds to Trump: "A pardon is unnecessary"

Melania Trump wanted to join G7 summit trip but she can't fly for a month, President Trump says


It's supposed to be the Happiest Place on Earth—but behind the scenes, a Walt Disney World employee, a Disney park frequenter, and a Legoland builder are alleged to have been part of a Florida child-pornography ring, @JuliaArciga reports

This morning Trump says Russia should be re-admitted to the #G7Summit. Seriously, who is writing his script?

Anthony Bourdain, celebrity chef and 'Parts Unknown' host, dies at 61

Devin Nunes is refusing to release transcripts from the House Intelligence Committee investigation into Russian meddling. What do you think Devin is hiding?

Watch: Rep. Hakeem Jeffries to Trump: "How dare you lecture us about treason"

Keith Davidson files defamation lawsuit against Stormy Daniels after collusion accusations

John Boltons New Top Aide Is a Russia Truther

President Trump Is What Happens After Republicans Spend Decades Rebranding Knowledge as Elitism and Ignorance as Bliss

Graham breaks with Giuliani: I don't buy that Mueller is trying to frame Trump

A new report says EPA chief Scott Pruitt dispatched his security team to scour multiple Ritz-Carlton hotels in search of a moisturizing lotion.

"The American President may not mind being isolated, but neither do we mind signing a 6 country agreement if need be," Emmanuel Macron said in an especially acerbic tweet

Corker gets the ‘Last Word’ on Trump Trade Folly

President Trump tried to convince Sen. Bob Corker not to back a bill blocking Trump’s trade attacks on U.S. allies but “deal maker” Trump did not succeed and finally Sen. Corker had to end the call because he said he had ‘other meetings.’ Columnist George F. Will joins Lawrence

Russia's companies are cashing in on the World Cup, despite U.S. sanctions

Elaine Chao defends brother-in-law as government agency nominee

BREAKING: Trump admin asks court to declare 2 key Obamacare provisions unconstitutional, but to hold off until after midterms. Sessions notifies Hill of refusal to defend the law.

The Ukrainian artist who made these posters -- protesting that Russia's international crimes are whitewashed by the World Cup being held in Russia -- has been blocked by Facebook.

British diplomat: Pompeo asked me to help dismantle Kim Jong-Un's nuclear missile

Head of Yellowstone National Park says he's being forced out for disagreeing with Trump administration

New: The mother of a man who died in agony in ICE custody is preparing to sue

In the largest protests in Jordan since the Arab Spring in 2011, thousands took to the streets against the divisive tax bill, leading to the resignation of the prime minister and his cabinet

Trump was said to have been venting about having to spend 2 days in Canada with Trudeau and wants to find new ways to punish the country — now it appears he's cutting that visit short

Trump is hurtling toward a Nixonian ending

Wilbur Ross says U.S. has struck deal with ZTE

BIG/weird scoop: The FBI has never examined the DNC computer servers it says were hacked by Russia

DoJ leak probe takes surprise turn; reporter's records seized

Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O'Donnell discuss the breaking news from the New York Times that the Justice Department has seized years-worth e-mail and phone records and surveilled a reporter in the course of investigating a leak from the Senate Intelligence Committee.

VIRGINIA – "The newly imposed tariffs are starting to threaten the livelihoods of farmers."

"North Dakota farmers are scrambling for answers in Washington. As a trade war brews between the U.S. and its partners, an atmosphere of uncertainty looms. North Dakota agriculture leaders say can't afford to lose these relationships."

To sum up: Vekselberg was allegedly bankrolling the promotion of a plan that involved lifting RU sanctions. Michael Cohen met w/Vekselberg, delivered the plan to Flynn (though he now denies it), started getting paid by Vekselberg’s US fund soon thereafter.

Wyden blocks Trump nominee over administration stonewalling

Senator Ron Wyden talks with Rachel Maddow about requests for information that the Trump administration has not produced and why he thinks they're resisting.

Trump suggests Mueller team investigate Obama administration over Iran waiver

Arizona appeals court cites Supreme Court bakery decision to rule against business that turned away gay customers

Ex-Senate Intelligence Staffer James Wolfe Indicted on Charges of Lying to FBI

Neutrality will officially end on Monday. The Senate has done its part, all we need to #SaveTheInternet is for Speaker Ryan to schedule a vote before the deadline!

Deutsche Bank has talked to shareholders about merging with Commerzbank

Moscow and Washington discuss possible Putin-Trump meeting: RIA

Mitt Romney on Thursday night predicted that Trump would ‘‘easily’’ win his party’s presidential nomination in 2020 and ‘‘solidly’’ win a second term.

We are joining a coalition of 16 AGs fighting to defend the Affordable Care Act against a Texas-led effort to gut health care for 20 million Americans

Light of Russia investigation sends Trump affiliates scattering

Rachel Maddow looks at what has become a pattern of panic by Donald Trump affiliates and associates when questions from or about the Trump Russia investigation send them hiding, denying, or shutting down operations.

Macron warns Trump: "No leader lasts forever"

Ex-Senate Aide Charged in Leak Case Where Times Reporter’s Records Were Seized

DoJ seizes records of NY Times reporter in leak probe: NYT

Rachel Maddow shares breaking news from The New York Times that the Justice Deparment seized the records of and surveilled a national security reporter who currently works for The New York Times, in an investigation of leaks of classified material.

Tennessee store puts "No Gays Allowed" sign back up after Supreme Court bakery ruling

Another mess for Pruitt: Overstaying his White House welcome at lunch

Sessions defends his decision to not defend ObamaCare in court battle

Time cover gets Trump just right | By Michael D'Antonio

House approves Trump's plan to pull back $15 billion in government spending

“Give us your huddled masses yearning to breathe free...and we will lock their children in cages with tin-foil blankets. And scar them for life! You know: The American Dream!”