Friday, March 29, 2019

A report that should not be overlooked: Mitch McConnell is setting up a major fight in the Senate over the chamber’s rules. Republicans plan to deploy a controversial procedural maneuver to speed up consideration of hundreds of lower-level Trump nominees.

BREAKING: British Parliament rejects EU divorce deal for a third time, leaving future of Brexit up in the air.

Remember right after Trump fired Comey, he met w/ Russians Lavrov & Kislyak in our Oval Office, only allowed in a Russian photog, passed classified intel, & never looked more relaxed or pleased. Is this a man not serving or colluding with the Russians? Do you believe your eyes?

Trump starts his day at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida. This is Trump's 234th day at a Trump property as president.

Trump is leading a cult fueled by anger and paranoia. And the GOP is just fine with that. This recent appeasement/courtship of deplorables began with the Tea Party, then Sarah Palin, then birther Trump. Now GOP = QAnon. Sad.

How Q-Anon Hijacked the White House Petition Site to Push the Next Pizzagate

Overwhelming majorities of Americans want the full Mueller report made public and believe Barr and Mueller should testify before Congress, according to a new NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll.

Trump health official Seema Verma employs a team of private consultants who write her speeches, polish her brand and travel with her across the country

If they're now confirming the Mueller report is over 300 pages long, that doesn't tell us anything about what's in it, but it does raise further questions about why thus far we're only allowed to see less than 50 words of it that were quoted in William Barr's statement.


Obama left office with 107 open judgeships, many with nominees who didn’t get a vote or even a hearing. A SCOTUS seat was unfilled. McConnell was responsible for the 2-year effort that created these vacancies.

It's clear that the Russians tried to influence our 2016 elections and will only continue to do so. We can't fall into their trap of eroding trust in our democratic institutions and must instead work together to create a strategy to counter Russia's covert influence operations.

The Kremlin probably has its copy by now.

Breaking: The U.S. House's oversight committee is now investigating a Texas voter roll review that flagged thousands of eligible voters.

Trump falsely accuses Democrats of wanting to allow doctors to execute babies "after birth." His audience responds with huge boos.

The moment when Capitol Police notice the swamp monster sitting behind oil lobbyist David Bernhardt is too much

‘Ridiculous Bullshit’ as ‘Better,’ ‘Smarter’ Trump Rages Against the Losers

.⁦@DevinNunes⁩ spread the “unmasking” hoax, the hoax that the FBI investigation was triggered by Steele Dossier, hoax that the FBI spied on Trump campaign. And now he has the gall to fundraise by calling the legitimate Mueller probe a hoax

New: Top Trump health official Seema Verma spends millions of taxpayer dollars on GOP-connected consultants whose contracts are routed through PR giant Porter Novelli, making them untraceable to the public.

Hello, mortgage fraud.

The House Oversight Committee has asked election officials in Texas and Kansas to turn over communications as part of the panel's expanding investigation into allegations of voter suppression.

The same @GOPLeader who said Putin was paying off Rohrabacher and Trump before Paul Ryan told him to shut up.

The giveaway here is that Barr won’t commit to EVER sharing the unredacted Mueller report with anyone, even Congress. We are supposed to believe this report exonerates Trump and embarrasses his critics and also that they don’t want anyone to see it

Trump was consumed by his feud with Kim Jong Un & made nuclear threats as he toured storm damage in Puerto Rico in 2017, sources say. @Acosta reports that at one point, Trump pointed to the "nuclear football" & said he could use it on Kim whenever he felt.

I agree. Very strange. And frankly, not very pleasant. I felt like he was suggesting that I was involved in some kind of wrongdoing. That’s really insulting. (& he didn’t ask one question about the subject matter of the testimony, for which I worked hard to prepare)

Overwhelming majorities of Americans want the full Mueller report made public and believe Barr and Mueller should testify before Congress, per a new NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll. Only about a third believe that President Trump is clear of any wrongdoing.

I've been covering Qanon for a year, and the amount of pro-Q people in this video from yesterday's Trump rally line in Grand Rapids is absolutely shocking. This is just a portion of it.

Trump’s voters elected him because having an ignorant, angry, racist president who blames others for his problems makes them feel better about being ignorant, angry, racist citizens who blame others for their problems.

The last thing we should be doing is giving Saudi Arabia the tools to make a nuclear bomb. That’s why we have a law that requires Congress to review the sale of nuclear technology to foreign govts. But @SecretaryPerry seemed confused by that law – so I helped him understand it.

“Trump stands out among our presidents not just for being so petty, bitter and mean-spirited but also for being so incompetent.”

McConnell sets up Senate rules change to speed up Trump nominees' confirmation process

Source says RNC and America First are prepared to attack reporters. “Any reporter who tries [to attack Trump] will be hit with 30-second spots of all their ridiculous claims about collusion. Their tweets have all been screencapped. It’s all ready to go.”

A federal judge has ruled that the Trump admin's push to make health insurance plans available outside the Affordable Care Act that avoid the requirements of the health care law was illegal, calling the efforts "clearly an end-run around the ACA."

"Nadler offered to join Barr to seek a judge's approval to unseal grand jury testimony,"

"I have a better education than them, I'm smarter than them, I went to the best schools, they didn't. Much more beautiful house, much more beautiful apartment. Much more beautiful everything. And I'm president & they're not”

Last chance to vote for Brexit as we understand it- UK trade minister

Shanahan's efforts to reopen Niger probe surprise military officials

At his first rally since the Mueller probe ended, Trump unleashed a blistering, 82-minute diatribe against his political foes - while making a first push at a Rust Belt he is aiming to win again in 2020

Trump accuses FBI officials who investigated him of treason

Odd twist in leadership at office overseeing Mueller-tied cases

In Ukraine, Russia Tests a New Facebook Tactic in Election Tampering

Power Up: It’s not just Special Olympics. Trump’s budget cuts other disabilities programs

Documents show Trump practice of misrepresenting his wealth

While Trump is “far from the first real-estate developer to inflate his projects or wealth,” it also notes that there are these things called “laws,” some of which Trump may have broken by “defrauding insurers and lenders with false information,” according to the Post.

Trump fabulism seen in overinflated claims of wealth

Expectations grow for legal battle over Mueller report release

Exclusive: A key Trump health official spends millions on GOP-connected consultants

Two weeks after a State Dept official asked Jessikka Aro, a journalist with a history of breaking stories on Russian propaganda, to provide a list of her social media accounts, her award was abruptly rescinded and the invite to attend the event with Pompeo and Melania, canceled.

The Trump administration budget proposes cutting $270 million from the $300 million Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.

President Trump: "Puerto Rico has been taken care of better by Donald Trump than by any living human being and I think the people of Puerto Rico understand it."

Accused Venezuelan Money Launderer Flipped Trump Condo

You Keep Telling Me That: How Michael Flynn Kissed Up to Russias Ambassador

If you’re wondering what a yield curve is and why there’s so much fuss about it inverting, you’re not alone

Mark Corallo, ex-Trump legal team spokesman, said that he once told Hope Hicks that that AF1 statement on the Trump Tower meeting was "inaccurate" and there was documentation showing that. Hicks replied, 'well, nobody's ever going to see those documents.'

U.S. presidents have thrown the first pitch at a baseball game for more than 100 years — now Trump is ending the tradition

Contrary to what some unindicted-but-not-exonerated individuals may say or think, the Kremlin is not interested in "getting along" with the West.

The Chairs of the six relevant House Committees just officially requested the full Mueller report and underlying evidence be provided by April 2, 2019.

Trump mocks asylum seekers, mimicking them saying, "I am very afraid for my life, I’m afraid for my life." Then he says, "it’s a big fat con job."

Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she is proud of the work Chairman Adam Schiff has done. "In stark contrast to the irresponsible almost criminal behavior of the previous chair of the committee."

Buttigieg is creating a buzz around his candidacy with his earnest manner, sense of humor and deftness on issues

Schiff shames grandstanding GOP with litany of Trump corruption