Thursday, August 8, 2019

BREAKING: Lead U.S. prosecutor in ’08 Jeffrey Epstein case — who sources say wanted to charge him — resigns

David MacNaughton stepping down as Canada's ambassador to U.S.

Koch Foods plant raided by ICE owed its workers $3.75 million from a 2018 class action lawsuit over discriminatory/abusive working conditions

There it is. “This IS formal impeachment proceedings,” Nadler tells @ErinBurnett, ending the semantics game about whether they’re in an impeachment inquiry or not. More details here

Facing mounting controversy for declaring the very real problem of white supremacy in America to be a "hoax," Tucker Carlson announced at the end of his Wednesday night Fox News show that he will be taking a vacation.

President Art of the Deal’s singular negotiating skills appear to be having no effect on Beijing

Donald Trump's racism and bigotry are impeachable offenses. His incitements to violence make it incredibly urgent. We must impeach- we owe it to the millions whose lives and livelihoods are on the line.

Trump Announces Deputy DNI Director Sue Gordon’s Resignation

“R. Kelly and Jeffrey Epstein are charged in separate cases with having sex with multiple minors. Both have long been seen in the company of underage girls. And both cases raise the question of why so many people said nothing over the years.”

BREAKING: Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe has filed a lawsuit in federal court, arguing he was wrongly fired because he was not sufficiently loyal to President Trump.

This is Adam Fannin of the Stedfast Baptist Church in Florida and he is going to get me killed.

Nancy Pelosi called on Donald Trump to use his constitutional powers to bring the Senate back into session, ramping up her efforts to force Republicans to act against gun violence

Read this about the Trump Admin killing off the science units at the Agriculture Dept. Termination notices are apparently going out now -- most of these units will lose almost all their staff. Decades of priceless high-level scientific expertise, all off-loaded indiscriminately

#MoscowMitch is beholden to the Russian owned NRA, that's why.

Massacre Mitch is all in.

Link to Andrew McCabe’s Complaint and supporting documents filed in DC today.

Tucker Carlson says that white supremacy is a hoax. Here are some Fox News sponsors McDonalds Disney Ford Lincoln Motor Co AngiesList HomeAdvisor Match .com Universal Pictures Bayer Starkist CashCall RubyTuesday Ihop RedLobster Starbucks GoldenCorral Tide Gain Tampax Always

Russian media speculates that Severodvinsk explosion happened during tests of Tsirkon hypersonic cruise missile near Nyonoksa—a test site for rocket-powered ballistic missiles. Authorities acknowledged an increase in ambient radiation after the accident.

Mississippi ICE raids: "there was a young man who was working there that protested the arrests because he was an American citizen...& they tased him, knocked him to the ground & put handcuffs on him before they finally figured out that he was an American."

NEW: They may not be calling it impeachment inquiry, but what House Judiciary is doing is just that. Recent statements and court filings point to an escalation, which could lead to articles of impeachment this year. Nadler on board. Pelosi's door is open

This is vile. Trump is simply vile. Horrid and vile.

Each day, we are made lower by this administration’s cruelty.

ICYMI: Remember Victoria's Secret owner Les Wexner has been accused by one of Jeffrey Epstein's alleged victims of playing a role in helping Epstein. Maria Farmer alleges that Wexner's security tried to prevent her from leaving in his Ohio mansion.

The new GOP is all about white supremacy, while the old GOP sticks with "God, Guns and Gays."


BREAKING: Wall Street banks have Already given congressional committees thousands of pages of docs related to Russians who may have had dealings with Trump, his family or his business. BIG NEWS

Holy shit. Trump actually attacked @BetoORourke IN THE HOSPITAL.

Walmart employees walk out in protest of gun sales

Russian officials start freezing the bank accounts of the country's top anti-corruption activists

Russia's military has been rocked by a string of explosions and fires in recent weeks that have left dozens dead or wounded

Fox News vs. The El Paso Shooter’s Manifesto

I noticed all their badges were backwards. That's not allowed if your on duty.

Again, Trump is the only politician blamed for a mass shooting because he's the only politician who responded to a massacre by suggesting the killer made some good points

Trump admin argues that to avoid dependency on Ru, EU should buy its oil and gas at much higher prices from the United States – about 30% higher, in addition to the expense of building LNG ports to transport liquified natural gas by ocean tanker instead of by Russian pipeline.

Ron Robinson (gop guy w/servers in moscow) shows off his chat notifications in one of his videos. It proves he chats with a convicted elections fraud felon, Rhonda Rohrabacher. She is the wife of Dana Rohrabacher, who is also known as Putin's Favorite congressman.

Joe Biden: "We are living through a rare moment in this nation’s history … where our president lacks the moral authority to lead. Where our president has more in common with George Wallace than he does with George Washington"

Remember these images the next time a politician tells you he or she cares about unborn children. And then ask that politician what they said when we did this to children after they were born.

We are told the people in the photo aren’t employees of this hospital Tweeter please can we identify them ? We need to know if they are paid actors

A Russian human rights group says police have raided the offices of three employees of Navalny's NGO Anti-Corruption Foundation.

ICE Acting Director Matthew Albence told The Associated Press that the raids could be the largest such operation thus far in any single state.

U.S. Soccer hires lobbyists to push back against women’s national team, arguing they aren't underpaid

New: Five years ago, the paper and pulp company realized it needed to tackle a soaring injury rate. It did it the Koch way — and things have only gotten worse

“I’m not sure what this guy believes, if he believes anything” other than political “opportunity,” Biden said of Trump, before adding that the distinctions ultimately don’t matter.

More countries issue warnings about the danger of traveling to Trump’s US due to “indiscriminate violence.” In addition to Uruguay & Venezuela, add Canada Japan Mexico New Zealand Germany Britain We’re no longer the “shining city on the hill.”

China has one hugely powerful weapon up its sleeve: It's the American government's biggest creditor.

Keep it up Kentucky! You have a whole country behind you!#VoteMitchOut#MoscowMitchMcTreason Protestors drowning out McConnell’s speech with chants of “Moscow Mitch”

HAPPENING NOW: Forrest, Mississipp after ICE raids. Children of those who were arrested are left alone in the streets crying for help. Strangers and neighbors are taking them to a local gym to be put up for night MY HEART HURTS

BREAKING: A new United Nations scientific report examines how global warming and land interact in a vicious cycle. Human-caused climate change is dramatically degrading the land, while the way people use the land is making global warming worse.

Bulletproof Backpacks in Demand for Back-to-School Shopping

I don't see Maria Butina in the BOP inmate locator system. She got 18 months in April. Even with time served I think she should still be in custody. On another subject. I wonder how Mueller's multiple elements of the @FBIWFO are treating good ol' Wayne?

NATO just landed in the South Pacific. China, if you're listening, it's not just ANZUS anymore :)

Apparently this is Davis McIntire, Trey Hood, JT Sparks, Matthew Noss, Brennan Graham, Nathan Maggard and two others, pretending to grope and choke a sitting US Congressperson. Some of them attend a “Christian” academy somewhere in the Lexington area

Harrison Ford: "Stop Giving Power to People Who Don't Believe in Science""

WOW The mother of Heather Heyer, the woman who was killed by a white supremacist in Charlottesville, just called out Tucker Carlson after his white supremacy is "a hoax" comments

Opinion: What happened in El Paso is not about mental health. It’s about evil

For the Inciter in Chief to play the role of Consoler in Chief is the height of hypocrisy and Exhibit A for the word “Oxymoron.”

Putting Latinos in mortal danger and the grip of fear is more than just a humanitarian outrage. It is what the U.S. Constitution calls a “high Crime” against the United States, for which, upon conviction, a “President . . . shall be removed from Office.”

Kyrgyzstan special forces have stormed the home of the country's former president Almazbek Atambayev in an attempt to take him into custody

Our American gestapo is here

You accidentally washed your MAGA hat with your sheets.

David Duke supporting Tucker pretty much says it all

As a nurse I have one thing to say to the healthcare personnel smiling and posing with the President: SHAME ON YOU. You are laughing and taking selfies with a man complicit in landing your patients in the hospital. I've never been so ashamed of my fellow nurses.

McGahn’s Attorney William Burck says McGahn will only cooperate with Congress if a court rules he has to.

The suit -- which still hasn't posted publicly yet -- comes more than two months after McGahn first blew off a Judiciary Committee subpoena, deferring to the Trump White House's claim that he was immune from testifying.

URGENT: In the wake of the tragedies in El Paso and Dayton, we’re calling on the Senate to come back from their vacation for an EMERGENCY SESSION to pass lifesaving legislation that would require background checks on all gun purchases. Please sign our petition now!

If you had a bad day, take solace in the fact that Mitch McConnell had an even worse one

These children will go to sleep tonight with no idea when, or if, they’ll see their parents again. This is being done in our name—and it’s on all of us to end it.

1. The best way to peacefully stop the civil war that @POTUS Trump has been ordered by his master in @KremlinRussia_E to start is to shun all Trump supporters and members of his party, the once great @GOP. Treat them like the Germans should have treated their Nazis. Shun them.

I'm so ashamed of this country right now.

Celebrities are calling on people to cancel their SoulCycle and Equinox memberships after billionaire owner Stephen Ross plans to host a Trump fundraiser

The El Paso shooting suspect’s mom reportedly said she called police weeks before the attack to express concerns about her son owning an “AK” type gun

Children of those arrested in Wednesday’s #ICE raids near Forest, MS. are being put up in a local gym tonight by neighbors/strangers. Many are left scared & crying after coming home from school & being locked out without their parents. Donated food & drinks are being provided.

Awful. Instead of comforting survivors and families of victims in the mass shooting attacks, @realDonaldTrump shoots a propaganda video

Equinox and SoulCycle members, including celebrities Chrissy Teigen, Sophia Bush and Billy Eichner, are taking to social media to say they are boycotting the clubs, and even canceling their memberships

Police in riot gear securing the perimeter for Trump’s visit to victims at the hospital.

We’re at a little cafe/bookstore using WiFi before returning to our mtn retreat. A UPS guy entered, in uniform, and a MAGA hat. Gunny walked over and said. “Remove that fucking hat before I report you.” MAGAT did. Gunny still wants to report him.

You turned this massacre into a campaign ad? Are you kidding me?!!!

Here is a real thing that happened: Based on nothing, the president and aides accused a mayor and senator of misrepresenting how he was treated...on a hospital shooting victims. In fact, they’d said he was received warmly. My fact check

Not everyone here in Dayton, Ohio is protesting Trump’s visit.

JUST IN: Peter Strzok's lawsuit goes to ... Amy Berman Jackson, judge in the Manafort and Roger Stone cases.

Last month, @opinion_joe reported on Wexner’s 2002 transfer of $250 million worth of stock to trusts controlled by Jeffrey Epstein, speculating on the “very real possibility” that the money wound up in Epstein’s pocke

A series of new firearm laws will go into effect in Texas next month -- further loosening gun restrictions in a state that's had four of the 10 deadliest mass shootings in modern US history.

"Tech Oligarchs"? Is that the new buzzword in St. Petersburgh, comrade?

Real Russia today.

Jimmy’s parents were refugees. They clearly brought him to the United States, the only country he ever knew, so he could have a better life. Under this admin he was forced onto a plane to a wartorn country where he’d never been and had no support and within 2 months he was dead.

defense attorney for man charged with choke-slamming & fracturing skull of a boy who didn't take his hat off for the national anthem says his client, compromised by a traumatic brain injury, believes he was acting on an order from President Donald Trump

Progress on gun reform getting 'stuck in the fight'

Booker, Biden rail against racism and Trump rhetoric

Divisive Trump presence disrupts Dayton community's healing unity

Trump visits to gun massacre sites met with protests

O'Rourke: Trump language is giving license to act on racism

“I’m wearing my ‘Fuck Trump’ shirt under my work clothes right now, because fuck that bastard and his racist rhetoric. It just hurts so much.” - El Paso resident David Villanueva