Thursday, June 4, 2020

‘When I grow up, I want to be a Supreme Court judge’ — George Floyd’s 2nd grade teacher revealed an assignment of his from 38 years ago describing his hopes for the future

Holy cats. This piece by Andy Bacevich - not someone I usually agree with on a lot - is pretty blistering and thought-provoking. Backhands Esper and strips the bark off Milley.

NEW — Faculty at GWU law school are pushing to get Bill Barr’s honorary degree revoked.

Almost exactly four years after Russian operatives hacked into the email accounts of prominent Democrats ahead of the 2016 election, Google confirmed on Thursday that Iranian- and Chinese-backed hackers are attempting the same thing.

Two senior Marine generals say otherwise. I'll take their word for it.

More trouble for Jeffrey Epstein former client, Les Wexner.

I really hope the rumors I am hearing about 1 million protesters assembling in front of The White House on Saturday are true.

“Senator Murkowski also said that she’s now struggling with whether or not she would be willing to support President Trump in November”

Harris and Booker call out Rand Paul. Harris: "Sen. Paul is now trying to weaken a bill that was already passed. There's no reason for this." Booker: "I do not need my colleague, the Senator from Kentucky, to tell me about one lynching in this country."

GOP senator derails Lindsey Graham’s Obamagate hearing with profanity-laced rant on ‘grandstanding’

Hundreds gather outside Floyd’s memorial service in Minneapolis: "The world is listening"

NYC hits hopeful milestone: Zero confirmed coronavirus deaths for first day since March

WH email: Corey R. Lewandowski, of New Hampshire, to be a Member of the Commission on Presidential Scholars. David N. Bossie, of Maryland, to be a Member of the Commission on Presidential Scholars.

BREAKING: Senator Mark Warner calls on AG Barr to resign for ordering the attack on peaceful American protesters.

Southern Baptists see historic drop in membership

Civil liberties groups sue President Trump, Barr for forcefully removing Lafayette Square protesters on Monday

Yeah MLB let’s go to Arizona and play ball. Fucking trump ass lickers are out to kill the population

No golf for Trump this weekend. #ThoughtsAndPrayers

Mitch McConnell will always uphold white supremacy. He hates black people

Thugs. Criminals. Murderers. Thomas Lane J. Alexander Kueng Tou Thao Derek Chauvin

BREAKING: Ukrainian prosecutors find absolutely NO evidence against Hunter Biden

So there's also no correlation between Field Marshall Barr inspecting the troops before there was no correlation between "moving the perimeter" and the chicken crossing the street?

Sen. Lindsey Graham: "You think I am in Trump's pocket."

An audit of thousands of old case files by Ukrainian prosecutors found no evidence of wrongdoing on the part of Hunter Biden, the former prosecutor general, who had launched the audit, told Reuters.

The insane lies peddled by Project Veritas are crazier than Portlandia. Incidentally, their new, awkward attempt to expose "antifa" involves the very bookstore highlighted on the TV series. Too bad it has been closed for years now!#thursdayvibes: fabulist.

White House security blocks Washington's Episcopalian bishop from holding a vigil at her church.

Senate GOP authorizes broad subpoena power in election-year probe of Russia investigation

Latest: the 82nd Abn Div's ready battalion is still not marching into DC to bayonet innocent Americans to death under "martial law." In fact, they're headed back to Bragg

The Republican candidate for governor in Washington, Tim Eyman, repeatedly invoked the image of George Floyd’s death while attempting to argue that the state should lift its coronavirus-related public health restrictions

Every Soldier and Department of the Army Civilian swears an oath to support and defend the Constitution. That includes the right of the people peaceably to assemble and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. @USArmy @USNationalGuard

Breaking via WaPo: Trump's ex-chief of staff John Kelly defends Jim Mattis. ⁰"The president did not fire him. He did not ask for his resignation," Kelly said. "The president has clearly forgotten how it actually happened or is confused."

this is entering Death of Stalin deleted scene territory.

The president’s former Chief of Staff John Kelly confirms Trump lied when he claimed he demanded Mattis’ resignation.

Sir, my attorney, @kaplanrobbie, asked you to submit your DNA sample to be tested against the dress I was wearing when you attacked me. You replied to my request by TWICE seeking to DELAY my lawsuit. What are you afraid of? The Law? Or the Order?

Lancet retracts major Covid-19 paper that raised safety concerns about malaria drugs

The GOP Senate is now expected to hand Justin Walker a seat on the D.C. Circuit. Handpicked by McConnell, the six-month district judge has boldly declared he wants to upend Obamacare and come out against affirmative action.

Oh so nooooow your all checks and balances. Bout damn time.

Armed white vigilantes lined Idaho streets amid ‘antifa’ protest fears. The leftist incursion was an online myth.

I invite Bill Barr to say this in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee—under oath.

This is truly beyond parody.

Uh...Senate Republicans, why didn’t you join you colleagues?

Soooo . . . I can’t help but wonder if they will be announcing steps toward ending the unconstitutional behavior and despotic rule of Donald Trump OR will they be announcing further steps to end democratic rule, the rule of law, our freedoms and our republic.

.@KamalaHarris just called for a blocking of all subpoenas in the Senate Judiciary Committee on the partisan Republican investigation on Flynn, etc. until William Barr is called to account for the teargassing of peaceful protesters outside the White House.

Amazingly, Trump tweeted "LAW & ORDER!" literally minutes after corruptly dangling a pardon for Roger Stone. This makes an utter mockery of rule of law. In so doing, Trump neatly confirmed that James Mattis' blistering criticism is 100% right. New piece:

#BREAKING: Graham postpones Russia probe subpoena vote as tensions boil over

Maybe blondes don't have more fun?

What I find striking about this - and it speaks to a larger set of political changes taking place right now - is that Democratic Senators feel no political fear in doing this.

BREAKING UPDATE: Florida reports 1,419 new COVID-19 cases beating yesterday's total of 1,317 new cases which was highest since April 17. Florida now has 60,183 reported cases and 2,607 reported deaths.

Romney praises Mattis: “he expresses his opinion in a very powerful and stunning letter” “I think he’s an American patriot of extraordinary service and sacrifice and great judgment”

Gov. Cuomo: "If I were at one of those protests, I would assume that I was exposed" to COVID-19. Urges NYers to get tested for COVID-19. Says threat is not over. Urges protesters to wear a mask.

William Barr: wannabe authoritarian, linked to the far-right Catholic sect Opus Dei (they worked for Franco and Pinochet) and a truly dangerous individual.

First the bunker, then the tear gas, now the fence...Trump is a coward.

READ IT HERE: Legislation to Reduce AG Barr’s Budget, Reign in Efforts to Politicize DOJ

The “Law and Order” President says “You’re immune from the law and that’s an order!”

Sounds like the pardon is on for Roger Stone.

BREAKING: The Georgia man who shot 25-year-old Ahmaud Arbery while he was he was jogging on a residential street allegedly called him the n-word after the fatal incident, investigators said

We’re up to a half-dozen retired 4-stars warning the military can defend its oath to the constitution or defend the president but not both — every joint chief reminding of this oath — and the decision for honor being passed down to individual servicemembers — Where is Congress?

@Lincoln_Police Nebraska signed the “Hold Cops Accountable” pledge then celebrated with Black Community Leaders

Per Lindsey Graham, a whole lot of former senior military leaders are apparently gullible buffoons who were easily deceived by the Fake News media.

Lindsey Graham's take is that Jim Mattis has been suckered by the anti-Trump "liberal media," just amazing stuff.

Barr is deploying Bureau of Prison officers on the streets and officers from a mash up of federal agencies who aren’t wearing identification and aren’t trained in managing mass protests. This is the twilight zone except it’s real and it’s all happening.

1. Notice the total mismatched nature of every costume. 2. Why are there long guns, & what agency registered the weapons? 3. Does the DOJ/ BoP issue long guns? Where is the official order from DOJ, that outlines acceptable weapons for officers to carry on public streets?

Vallejo Police shot and killed 22 year-old Sean Monterrosa while he was kneeling on Tuesday. The officer who shot him aimed from inside his squad car and shot through his own windshield five times after mistaking a hammer in his waistband for a gun.

Putin has declared a state of emergency after 20,000 tonnes of diesel oil leaked into a river within the Arctic Circle as a result of a fuel tank collapsing at a power plant near Norilsk last Friday-it wasn't revealed until two days after the spill.

United States added to list of most dangerous countries for journalists for first time

Meghan Markle: “I wanted to say the right thing...I realized the only wrong thing to say is to say nothing. George Floyd's life mattered and Breonna Taylor's life mattered and Philando Castile's life mattered and Tamir Rice's life mattered...”

The speed with which this administration has full-throatedly adopted the tactics of war and hostile occupation against its citizens — for what is mostly nonviolent protest — has been astonishing

Former President Jimmy Carter on George Floyd protests: "Silence can be as deadly as violence"

Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong says he would not leave the city to seek asylum in a different country if the China-backed national security law gets passed. "Hong Kong is the hometown I'm born, I live and I love. And we need to stand up and fight back."

Joining @abbydphillip and the team at @NewDay in just a few minutes during the 0500 hour. Grab a cup of coffee with us. — Mark Hertling

The U.S. coronavirus death toll passed 107,000, while reported cases topped 1.8 million

Antifa is going to be the new migrant caravan and the former VP is going to have every conceivable attack thrown his way

Actually, this should terrify them.

Please watch this new ad from @ProjectLincoln . Retweet it please !

House Democrats unveil $500 billion transportation package with focus on buses, rail and the environment

Trump is not fit to be commander in chief — Kamala Harris

Exactly right. In the face of 108,000 dead Americans, unemployment near Great Depression levels, and a nationwide reckoning about race and policing, the Senate Judiciary Committee is "investigating" my text messages.— Lisa Page

They don’t answer questions because they are trained to deal with riots in prisons (a pre-defined environment of “hostiles” that can be treated as such), not to do policing which requires community interaction and basic de-escalation. These aren’t the right guys for this mission.

Turns out if it's not really even a thing, then it's probably not instigating the riots. "The FBI Finds ‘No Intel Indicating Antifa Involvement’ in Sunday’s Violence"

There’s no time to waste — we need to get to work immediately on real police reform. Congressman @Hakeem_Jeffries has a bill to outlaw chokeholds. Congress should put it on President Trump’s desk in the next few days. Period.

Protesters got near Mark Zuckerberg’s house

Meghan Markle pays tribute to George Floyd, saying it's "wrong" to stay silent

Historian here. A head of state using a standing army to occupy an American city, compel citizens off the street, stifle free expression and assembly—using paramilitary forces to smoke clergy out of their churches at the head of state’s whim—is pretty much the founders’ nightmare

Yes, we’re gonna be okay.

I did not join the Marine Corps at 17 for a flag I did not go to war at 20 for an anthem I offered my life to the Corps to do with it as it saw fit to best protect the People of the US and the constitution. People matter more to me than any symbol ever could.

Well Republicans, you had a chance to rid yourselves of Trump back in January, but you shrunk like cowards. Trump's the political equivalent of a suicide bomber and you're all strapped to his vest.

Milley's letter is more of a bombshell than Mattis's (which is no small thing itself). Milley is the sitting CJCS affirming that the military must remain true to the Constitution. Like, almost as a response to something going on around him.

Is there anything more phony in American politics today than the sneering faux anti-elitism of Tom Cotton (Harvard, Harvard Law, McKinsey, major law firm) and Josh Hawley (Stanford, Yale Law, Roberts clerk, elite London school teacher)?

EXACTLY @SenWhitehouse! Rosenstein had countless chances to show up and answer questions. The @SenateGOP are wasting time while we are in the middle of a pandemic & civil unrest. This is a disgusting disgraceful waste of time as people are dying right now!

.@DominicRaab: "We wouldn't sacrifice our commitments – the ones I've made in the House of Commons – to the people of Hong Kong for a free trade deal with China."

Retired Marine Corps 4-star General John Allen: "We may be witnessing the beginning of the end of American democracy"

Fox News poll show Democrat Mark Kelly ahead of incumbent Republican Sen. Martha McSally by a 50-37 percent margin among Arizona registered voters.

Suburban women in Wisconsin are going 64% Biden vs. 29% Trump in new Fox News poll out tonight.

Former President Obama personally thanked protesters in the streets across the nation following the death of George Floyd, and urged young African Americans to "feel hopeful even as you may feel angry" because he feels change is coming

You literally cannot answer the legal question about “designating.” Got it. I have some experience with combatting terrorism, as I mentioned in my open letter to you in January — Preet Bharara

People stuck in traffic are witnessing NYPD beat up folks on their way home.

We see you, Mayor Garcetti. Please share widely.

Along a barricade on Capitol Hill, police and people are having conversations, listening to one another. It’s late - I’d love to come back and do a story about what they’re learning on both sides of the fence.

Ive studied the breakdown of regimes & revolutions most of my adult life. Trump should study them too, especially USSR in 1991, Serbia in 2000, or Ukraine in 2004. It's when soldiers refuse to carry out politicized orders, or be used as political props, that regimes break down.

Asked GOP Sen. Joni Ernst this evening if knowing what she knows now she had any concerns with the way Trump’s Monday church stop was handled, and she said: “I think we all will do things differently and the president chose one path.”

Somehow, AGBarr couldn’t find a single non-narcoleptic prison guard for Jeffrey Epstein. But for peaceful protestors singing “Lean On Me”, he found a few thousand to stand around in riot gear.

Pretty sure choking your dog and getting it back a week later is an A1 example of white privilege.

I could get used to the Bureau of Prisons guarding Trump.

This year, for the first time, Hong Kong will not have the chance to officially remember an event it cannot forget

How to bible 3 cuz I’m neurotic

Louisville, KY: police take position on an overpass and *shoot at cars stuck in traffic* for sport Reminder: the police are rioting

How the Tiananmen Square protests shaped modern China

Tiny Maine Town Readies for Trump Visit, Hoping Unrest, Virus Don’t Follow

Obama Steps Out as Nation Confronts Confluence of Crises

Massachusetts Sen. Ed Markey introduces resolution to abolish legal protections for officers using excessive force

My hot take: James Mattis just made it a lot easier for many, many other respected defense officials and Republican lawmakers to criticize the president.

BREAKING: Former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis compares Trump's protest response to Nazi tactics

We cannot tolerate an American secret police. I will be introducing legislation to require uniformed federal officers performing any domestic security duties to clearly identify what military branch or agency they represent.

If you see tweets, posts, text messages, or screenshots like this — they are a psychological operation. They are targeting communities all over. I’ve seen versions for half a dozen places. This information is not real. Same sh*t as “martial law” texts before covid.

He tear-gassed clergy so he could stand holding a Bible upside down like a dumpy idiot

The contrast in statements between General Mattis and Senator Cotton today is striking. So who do you trust more?

In Minneapolis, cops pulled a WashPost reporter over in a traffic stop for knocking on the door of the police union's leader.

The New York Times is gonna both sides the fascism so I guess that’s good to know. Anyway we got Mattis so that was good. Let’s win the Senate. Hang in there everyone.

The inevitable Trumper hit pieces on "Deep State Jim Mattis" will be laughably desperate, but more importantly, they'll prove the General's entire point.

IMPORTANT Senator @RandPaul is the ONLY Senator out 100 Senators delaying and standing against an anti-lynching bill. How fucking gone do you have to be to obstruct an anti-lynching bill? This is who the people of Kentucky elected to represent them.

Important story: A Florida officer who knocked over a seated protester just before a peaceful protest against police abuse turned violent has been reviewed by internal affairs for using force 79 times in his roughly three-and-half years on the force.

Ironic that @realDonaldTrump is being guarded now, checks notes, by federal prison guards.

Right-wing media personality Jack Posobiec claimed police had discovered crates of pipe bombs at the Korean War Memorial. Right-wing blogs ran with the claim, Park Police tried to find the bombs. But now police say the bombs never existed.

The performance art of my Judiciary Republican colleagues auditioning for FOX News and Trump is quite the spectacle. — Sheldon Whitehouse

It’s not that they published an oped by literally Hitler, it’s that they did it at the height of WW2

why on earth do we need the utah national guard here? this is absolutely insane

Again: People acting under color of law have a fiduciary, if not legal, responsibility to clearly identify who they are, and it shouldn’t require investigative reporting. The failure to identify themselves reveals that they are there to intimidate, not protect. Shameful.

It's just unbelievable that the same guy who is challenging the FBI's authority to interview a subject who was *clearly in their counterintelligence mandate* has no problem sending in rando armed guards from an agency that literally has nothing to do with civilian law enforcement

If we stand together, we will rise stronger than before. A more equal, more just, more hopeful nation — closer to that more perfect union we must always strive to be.

Do we even know if they are law enforcement? This is a no-go in America. Who are these guys? report to? their authority to enforce anything is? what happens if they injure or kill someone? If I'm a citizen, am I required to do anything these people say?

Any thoughts about publishing Putin's OpEd back in 2013, or does every form of propaganda deserve publication in the New York Times?

Joe Biden's campaign is growing irritated at the lack of coverage they’re getting relative to Trump. And they have additional grumblings for The New York Times.

May Mattis be the first of many Republicans who finally find their voices. “In an extraordinary condemnation, the former defense secretary backs protesters and says the president is trying to turn Americans against one another.”

there is an absolutely insane procession of military police leaving the white house and heading down 15th and I.

Running this puts Black @nytimes staff in danger *and* it’s FUCKING DUMB AS SHIT. I stand with my colleagues

America do you have any idea how insane this looks the outside

Running this puts Black @NYTimes staff in danger.

Wait is Trump taking credit for giving Mattis a nickname he’s had forever? This won’t sit well with the military. Mattis is a legend, and Trump is a draft dodger.

There must never be a secret police in the United States. Who are the heavily armed men with no identification, no badges, no markings. Who refuse to identify themselves. This is an urgent matter. Who are they ?

Fmr. Special Prosecutor: ‘No plausible claim’ George Floyd was actively resisting police at time of death

"As always with Trump, there’s an intense element of farce mixed with rage." Read @sbg1 on the "tragic combination of the menacing and the absurd" in Trump's Washington

Reverend who marched with MLK in 1962 reflects on protests

Fired watchdog says he told Pompeo aides of probe into spending

It’s super inspiring that the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs is reminding the armed forces that they swore an oath to the Constitution and can’t kill civilians just because the President says so and wait inspiring wasn’t the word I was looking for.

Senator @EWarren is the fiercest of fighters for middle class families. Her work in Washington, in Massachusetts, and on the campaign trail has made a real difference in people's lives. We needed her voice in this race, and we need her continued work in the Senate.

In conservative West Texas. In Omaha, Nebraska. Across the quiet suburbs of California. The rage and despair sparked by the death of George Floyd in police custody has spread to communities of all sizes

Sen. Duckworth: Military force against peaceful protesters a ‘betrayal of the troops’

Y’all this is Boise, IDAHO coming together to say #BlackLivesMatter We’re in truly unprecedented times.

Now in 2020 it’s Donald “Bone Spurs” tRUmp vs. General James “Mad Dog” Mattis, USMC (retired). The only thing tRUmp serves is himself. The only thing he seeks to defend is his fragile ego. He knows nothing of service to others or higher ideals

Here is the unedited clip from my livestream showing the moments protesters were tear gassed and cleared from Lafayette Park ahead of Trump's visit to St. John's Church. I am posting this because people are trying to say it did not happen

Attorney for family of George Floyd reacts to new charges in case

MN AG cites 'additional evidence' in new charges in Floyd case

Why @realDonaldTrump why? History will not be kind to you..People want to be heard, to be treated with respect....and this is what you do? America will kneel down with pride with respect with empathy! We The People will overcome your hate for Democracy. We will win with love!

Surreal, beautiful, peaceful scene outside the White House as a man sings “Lean On Me” and thousands and thousands of protesters raise lighted cellphones and join their voices with his.