Sunday, July 5, 2020

BREAKING: Officials say Israel was responsible for attack using powerful explosives on Iran’s Natanz nuclear complex on Thursday.

The indictment alleges she was moving around millions of dollars. She was living In a $1 million home with a double wolf stove when she was arrested. The women who were abused are living in one-bedroom apartments and waitressing (unemployed b/c of Covid right now!!!)

Texas Doctor: I got 10 calls yesterday for young people who will die if they don’t get ICU support, but I only have three beds left.

JOHN BOLTON: “If you could clock the amount of time [Trump] spent actually in the Oval Office versus the amount of time he spends in the little dining room off the Oval Office with the cable news networks...on, it would be a very interesting statistic.”

As of today, Trump has officially spent over a year of his 4 year term at his golf courses:

According to reporting including @MeetThePress , Trump called Putin 6 times in 2 months - March 30th, April 9th, April 10th, April 12, May 7th, June 1 ! That would be a crazy number of calls to any foreign leader. But to Putin? What on earth were they discussing? So strange.

We appear to be in a fight over whether revealing Trump's name or his businesses in the FBI files of a Russian vor (top-level gangster) would infringe on his privacy rights.


Japanese carmakers opt to triple Mexican pay rather than move to US

Was searching for old Roger Ebert reviews and stumbled on this video clip that’s interesting to watch two decades later: Ebert supporting @SpikeLeeJoint and blasting Mel Gibson’s “The Patriot” for how the film depicted slavery.

130,000 dead Americans and Trump spent the day golfing, watching TV, and trying to incite violence. I wonder why his poll numbers are in the trash?

The hard truth is that it didn’t have to be this bad, but Donald Trump ignored the warnings and refused to take action. He failed our nation.

This woman DEFACED the #BlackLivesMatter mural at Contra Costa County courthouse on July 4th! We will repaint that mural and you will not silence our collective voice for justice!!

Kaepernick on July Fourth: 'We reject your celebration of white supremacy'

Trending now: #BenedictArnold ...keep it going....

I would say I don’t believe she works for this White House but that would be a stretch

Fauci, CDC rebuke American Airlines plan to resume filling planes to capacity

This pandemic has hit low-income families the hardest. Millions of Americans, including those in #TX24, are struggling to get enough nutrition due to increasing economic insecurity. We need to elect leaders who will work to ensure no American goes hungry.

Protester dies after being hit by speeding car in Seattle

snitch on ‘big names’ to save herself

President Super Spreader

Trump retweeted a poll that pitted him against Dr. Anthony Fauci. Apparently a reminder is necessary: They're SUPPOSED to be on the same team...

Dear Kevin McCarthy: Many of us Democrats served on active duty to defend your right to say ludicrous, stupid stuff. Also, when are you going to believe American intelligence officials and condemn @realDonaldTrump for not responding to Russian bounties on US troops?

You’re just afraid, aren’t you. The rest of your life...

Video simulation of how a single cough spreads microdroplets throughout an entire room. Even 20-minutes later the microdtoplets continue to circulate. Please wear a mask around others.

I’m a political scientist with a PhD from one of the best programs in the country .. there’s NO SUCH such thing as “left wing fascism”! That’s not a thing! .. fascism is a RIGHT wing not a left wing movement. Thank you for coming to my Ted talk

Professor Dershowitz hopes there is the legal equivalent of child porn available so that his absence in any such videos means he is exonerated

U.S. Supreme court rejects call for universal vote-by-mail in Texas

U.S. Supreme court rejects call for universal vote-by-mail in Texas

Trump should’ve started his speech with: Four whores and 7 lawyers ago.

I am retweeting this because @Mimirocah1 is right — hopefully someone is looking at the prosecutors in Miami AND West Palm Beach — and Washington — who let him off the hook. They all knew. They all knew. They all knew.

Fauci says U.S. could see 100,000 new Covid cases a day if behaviors don't change

Putin Still Has A Bounty On United States Soldiers. @realDonaldTrump has still refused to respond. Why do you refuse to protect America Donald Trump?

If a mask mandate is an infringement of rights, why is controlling a uterus a function of government?

This is Army Spc. Vincent Sebastian Ibarria. He died in Afghanistan's Farah province in a vehicle rollover yesterday, the Pentagon just announced. He was 21 years old, and on his first deployment as a member of the 10th Mountain Division. RIP.

Putin wants a new foreign adventure and he needs Trump in the White House, and Trump needs Russian help more than ever. Two desperate men who think only of themselves need each other, a dangerous moment.

Jeff Bezos has become $40 billion richer during the pandemic while the people who work for him were told to live indefinitely on a single $1,200 check. American exceptionalism is a lie.

On “Face the Nation,” Margaret Brennan says that they have been requesting Dr. Fauci as a guest for past three months but Trump administration has not approved their requests for his appearance - and they haven’t had a CDC guest either, despite their requests

As someone who - first - memorized this beautiful oath, took it multiple times, and asked others to take in on hundreds of occasion, this QAnon BS display sickens me. — Mark Hertling

Tell me again how defund the police is wrong when no one even bats an eye at a policeman in Oregon flashing a white power sign at a Proud Boy that he’s obviously chummy with.


"Paying The Price"

Schooling Trump's "Doctors"

On why Arizona has the highest daily new COVID-19 cases per capita in the country, Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego tells @MarthaRaddatz: "We opened way too early in Arizona. We were one of the last states to go to stay-at-home and one of the first to reemerge."

An interaction between a cop and a Proud Boy in Salem, Oregon today. Defunding the police is defunding white supremacy.

Support Hong Kong and Taiwan. Allow increased immigration from Hong Kong. Reject dictators and jailers.

Sounds like stuff that spies do.

Some places use drones instead of fireworks on the 4th of July out of consideration for veterans with PTSD

President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence have repeatedly attributed the increase in the coronavirus case count in the United States to an increase in testing. These assertions are not backed up by the data, a ProPublica analysis shows.

Is this just stupid or what

The president’s son sharing an image like this would be viewed as over-the-top even in most dictatorships.

This young woman was killed in Seattle when a speeding car plowed her over when she was participating in a peaceful protest. Moments before the incident, she was doing the Cupid Shuffle with the protesters. This world is doomed.

Netanyahu given 30 days to prove he returned money to cousin for legal defense

How many of the MAGA folks calling liberals and BLM protestors Marxists couldn't pick out who is Karl Marx and who is Walt Whitman in the photos below?

This is the @washingtonpost headline I just cited on @CNN: "In Trump’s new version of American carnage, the threat isn’t immigrants or foreign nations. It’s other Americans."

How the Supreme Court could overturn Roe — while claiming to respect precedent Conservatives could build on abortion restrictions that point to “scientific uncertainty.”

Rep. Schiff says Republicans have been boycotting House Intel Committee briefings. "We’ve had important briefings on national security issues … and for whatever reason they’ve decided en masse they’re not going to attend."

I hope all of America watches and RETWEETS this ad.

never have defense cuts looked easier.

This holiday weekend, let’s be safe and smart. It’s going to take all of us to beat this virus. So wear a mask. Wash your hands. And listen to the experts, not the folks trying to divide us. That's the only way we’ll do this—together — Barack Obama

On Sunday, the medical staff at a Houston hospital ran out of both space for new coronavirus patients and a key drug needed to treat them.

Florida and Texas reported record numbers of new coronavirus cases on Saturday

DOD as campaign re-election tool, day 2

Perspective: 12 inconvenient truths about schools and kids that should be considered before reopening — from a teacher

"Columbus didn't 'discover' America — he never set foot in North America."

Donald Barr, the father of two-time US Attorney General Bill Barr, served as headmaster of the Dalton School in NYC. He wrote a Sci-Fi book where young boys & girls are kidnapped, raped, & used for both slave labor and sex slavery. He hired Jeffrey Epstein to teach at the school.

Jill Biden says Kamala Harris is “on the short list” to be her husband’s running mate

#impeached people should not be giving hate speeches on the 4th of July.

A Beijing-imposed security law has sent chills through civil society, including the media industry

Beijing-imposed insecurity law

Apparently it’s news to the Government that drunk people can’t socially distance.

This is MUST reading. Now we must prepare. ⁦@SpeakerPelosi⁩ and ⁦@SenSchumer⁩ How Trump Could Lose the Election—And Still Remain President

Oregon law passed last week / Oregon police behavior this week

Russia is an authoritarian state and its “elections” function as carefully choreographed propaganda to slap a veneer of legitimacy on Putin’s despotism

Trump Signed the Worst Trade Deal Ever (And It Just Went Into Effect)

“He has systematically gone after the guardrails of our democracy: the free press, the courts, and our fundamental belief that no one in America—not even the president—is above the law.” — @JoeBiden

Trump's latest move to restrict immigration to the U.S. might wind up being a windfall for Canada

One of the core, early, false claims of QAnon conspiracy theorists is Trump had feigned conspiring with Russia in order to enlist Robert Mueller in a plan to arrest prominent Democrats and banish them to Gitmo. Flynn knows more than anyone that’s false, but he’s in for the grift.

Catastrophic warming in the Arctic. "The temperatures occurring in the High Arctic during the past 15 years were not predicted to occur for another 70 years." Few of us take the climate emergency seriously enough. It's not an issue, it's an era

"The elements necessary to conduct safe in-person voting are all in short supply." From more poll workers and new polling locations to enhanced voter education and safety measures, @persily & @cstewartiii detail pressing needs for this year's elections.

Trump’s rallies—a bizarre mishmash of numerology, tweetology, and white supremacy—are the rituals by which he stamps his name on the American dream. As he prepares to resume them for the first time in months, his followers are ready to receive.

Hong Kong’s three-week Covid-free streak may be coming to an end

Flag-Bearing Motorcyclist Charged With Terrorism and Secession in Hong Kong

Trump's BFF. Man, that's a LOT of photos with someone you don't know.

Analysis: What’s Vladimir Putin’s end game? Other post-Soviet autocrats give a few clues.