Tuesday, April 9, 2019

The special counsel transition continues: A lawyer from the US attorney's office in DC entered an appearance today in Michael Flynn's case (Flynn hasn't been sentenced yet)

The DOJ adopts a narrow interpretation of a law meant to bar foreign interests from corrupting federal officials, giving Saudi Arabia, China and other countries leeway to curry favor with Trump via deals with his hotels, condos, trademarks & golf courses.

BIG: AG Barr won't answer if the White House saw the Mueller report before he released his summary or if the WH has seen it since then or been briefed on the contents beyond his memo. Barr: I've said what I'm gonna say about the report today, I've issued 3 letters about it.

The Confession of Kirstjen Nielsen

Barr says Mueller did not review the letters Barr wrote on March 24 and March 29, but that Mueller was given the opportunity to review the March 24 letter and "declined." Re: Mueller's report, Barr says, "I am relying on my own discretion to make as much public as I can."

Hot on the heels of suing ⁦@DevinCow⁩, GOP Rep. Devin Nunes is now suing the ⁦⁦Fresno Bee for their story linking him to a lawsuit involving a Napa Winery’s cruise that allegedly featured prostitutes & cocaine. Hence

Trump's Florida resorts have been hiring undocumented immigrants through staffing agencies to help disguise their illegal status, NYT reports

The question people should be asking: Who’s funding Devin Nunes’ frivolous lawsuits? B/c based on his stated finances, I doubt he could afford 2 separate, expensive lawsuits that he’s likely to lose.

"The American people want to see the [Mueller] report. I think it would strike a serious blow to our system and to our democracy if that report is not fully seen." —Rep. José Serrano, chairman of the House Appropriations Subcommittee, to AG Barr

A.G. Bill Barr refuses to answer Nita Lowey's questions about whether the White House has seen the Mueller report or been briefed on the report beyond his four page memo.

NEW: Eric Swalwell becomes the 18th Democrat in the 2020 presidential race. "I’m running for president of the United States. It’s official.”

The media is still blowing it: This sentencing memo from Sam Patten SCREAM COLLUSION, CONSPIRACY, AND RUSSIA.

Donald Trump has declared on more than one occasion that he’s smarter than America’s military leaders

⚠️Trump has sabotaged major U.S. conservation efforts — in direct contradiction of instructions from Congress. Trump has withdrawn funding for 22 of the most successful conservation research centers that tackle climate change, flooding & species extinction

Sen. Mazie Hirono: "We need to provide a lot more assistance to these countries. And during Jeh Johnson's time, I know that we sent a lot of this kind of support to Colombia, for example, and that really decreased the number of people leaving that country."

NEW: @StevenMnuchin1 claimed OLEG DERIPASKA's "children did in no way benefit from sanctions relief.” BUT: The @USTreasury allowed the transfer of 10.5M shares of Deripaska's company (currently valued at $78M) to a trust fund for his 2 teenage kids.

Opinion | The IRS chief must release Trump’s tax returns — and Mnuchin must not stop him. Read my @washingtonpost column

Grassley warns White House not to oust any more top immigration officials

Putin just never gives up. Russia asks Interpol to arrest me for the 7th time on the same set of illegitimate and politically motivated charges (which were rejected 6 time before by Interpol)

Opinion: The full Mueller report could be released — if the House opens impeachment hearings

Mark Zuckerberg has some serious 'splainin to do. Literally took Russian roubles for political ads during the US Election. And Project Alamo with the Trump Campaign

"If the House ever gets his returns, they should start with his golf write-offs. For instance, did you know Trump keeps eight goats in a pen on his Trump Bedminster course to get an $80,000 farm tax credit?"

New: Trump told border agents in Calexico Calif., not to let migrants in. "If judges give you trouble, say, 'Sorry, judge, I can't do it. We don't have the room,'" Trump said per @CNN. After Trump left, brass told agents what Trump had ordered was illegal

AND LASTLY Patten’s current wife I am at a complete loss for words. His current wife works in counterintelligence Link to the numerous character letters filed on behalf of Patten

The WH is pushing the DHS acting deputy secretary, Claire Grady, to leave her post, since if she’s still in it when Nielsen leaves, federal law would require her to be named acting secretary. Grady has told people she doesn’t want to leave her job

BREAKING: President Trump fires director of Secret Service

The Saudi crown prince isn't on this list

#BREAKING: House Judiciary chair calls on Mueller to testify on Russia investigation

.@CBSNews reporting DHS No. 3 Claire Grady is part of the purge, clearing legal path for CBP director to take over as acting secretary.

Rep. Nunes' lawsuit alleges both that everybody already knew about the winery/cocaine/yacht/sex lawsuit, and that it is defamatory to suggest that he knew about it (by reporting that it wasn't clear whether he knew)

Rather: Trump era tests rule of law in the United States

Prosecutors praise Patten help in 'a number' of unnamed cases

Trump determined to take kids from immigrant families despite law

Fed officials issue “rare” alert warning EPA released inaccurate information on toxins in environment

Israelis have begun casting their votes in a fiercely fought election that sees Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu battling for political survival after more than a decade in power

Trump consolidates power with staff of 'acting' officials

Republicans in Congress fear Trump's actions could undermine the Federal Reserve's independence

Trump takes an honor of a lifetime and turns it into a black hole

Iran military unit's new terror label ignores past Trump business

NY Times columnist: Working for Trump admin is "an acid bath, not a job"

Republicans Are Warning Drug Companies Not To Cooperate With A Congressional Investigation

Hardliner Stephen Miller reportedly given total control of border policy