Sunday, October 4, 2020

Forcing the Secret Service to risk their lives for a drive-by preening is cruel and unnecessary. Shame on you, @realDonaldTrump. Focus on healing yourself and crushing Covid, not sickening others!


AG Bill Barr is now self quarantining


The agents in the car with God


This reckless action by @realDonaldTrump puts Secret Service and other personnel at risk for contracting #COVID19 for no good reason. One of the highest risks for transmission is being inside a small, enclosed area with a person who has Covid19.


#HongKong #12


Trump is now back in his hospital suite at Walter Reed, the White House says.


— Donald J. Trump


The new Chevy ‘Super-spreader’ Suburban.


Regeneron, the company that developed the experimental antibody cocktail used to treat Trump uses human embryonic stem cells in their research. Amy Coney Barrett thinks life begins at fertilization. His Supreme Court pick is at odds with the company providing his treatment


Trump family, aides flouted Cleveland hotel mask mandate ahead of debate


NEW: The White House supplied New Jersey officials with the names of at least 206 individuals who attended President Trump's events in Bedminster, Thursday, PIO for Somerset County Nathan Rudy tells @CBSNews . [1/2]


This was fantastic. Thank you Jake Tapper.


Amy Coney Barrett's Confirmation Is in Jeopardy


#Belarus #Minsk Great video that shows the scale of the rally. There were several crowds of protesters who couldn't join because security forces didn't allow to do so.Nevertheless,at least 100,000 people came out to the streets again. They demanded political prisoners be released


Two members of the White House residence staff tested positive for the coronavirus roughly three weeks ago, according to two people familiar with the diagnoses.


Opinion: The medical briefing on Trump’s health was an insulting exercise in obfuscation


Biden led Trump 53% to 39% in a national Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, his highest margin of the presidential campaign


BREAKING—KellyAnne Conway’s daughter Claudia Conway just revealed on TikTok that she has coronavirus.


White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows rubs his head as U.S. Navy Commander Dr. Sean Conley, the White House physician, speaks to the media about President Donald Trump's health.


Pope Francis’s new encyclical is a papal warning about a world going backward


ABC NEWS SPECIAL REPORT: Updates on Pres. Trump's condition outside Walter Reed Medical Center.


The American people are counting on us to crush the #coroanavirus. If we don’t see a serious approach to the pandemic from Republicans now, we never will.


In the early days of the coronavirus pandemic when testing supplies were limited, local politicians went to great lengths to help a businessman with a criminal past try to sell telehealth and COVID-19 services across Texas. This is their story.


Newly #COVID19 diagnosed Trump aide Nick Luna... is married to Cassidy Dumbauld, who is also a WH aide... to Jared Kushner! The WH / GOP senior leadership outbreak is still raging. More positives will be coming for sure.


Joe Biden said he told some governors not to publicly endorse him because he worried their states would not get support/resources from the federal government needed to fight the COVID outbreak


Amy Coney Barrett accepted money from a hate group that supports the recriminalization of homosexuality in the United States. She was pressed on this issue in her 2017 federal judge appointment hearing.


This kind of action is one of the many reasons why I’m running against McCarthy. I’m a single mom, veteran, and Democrat. We are the first campaign to put up a TV ad while running against him. And we can win. Please retweet and chip in here to help:


Chris Rock Stand-Up Monologue - SNL


Weekend Update: Trump Tests Positive for Covid - SNL


“Saturday Night Live” goes political with a parody of this week’s presidential debate, Chris Rock’s jab at President Donald Trump and Megan Thee Stallion’s message supporting Black people during her performance.


EXCL: A Scottish Govt body is being urged to throw out a former Trump Org executive from an elite Scottish business network. George Sorial is currently part of a contentious class action lawsuit against the Chinese Govt over its handling of Covid-19


Do you have 14 doctors at the top of their profession, access to cutting-edge therapeutics that aren’t available to the public, and unlimited free medical care, including airlift support? No? Then wear a mask and stop acting like the lives of others don’t matter.


There's a real chance to defeat @cindyhydesmith and Trumpism in Mississippi. Mike Espy will be the one to do it, but he needs your help. 1. Follow @MikeEspyMS 2. Retweet this tweet


Trump‘s team knew they had exposed one of their greatest supporters, an obese asthmatic, and they didn’t bother to give him a heads-up. Truly they are inhuman monsters.


“There are hundreds and hundreds of people who work [at the White House] complex, some who have families with high-risk family members. Since this whole thing started, not one email has gone out to tell employees what to do or what’s going on.”


So, there is more than one patient at Walter Reed MILITARY hospital. There are probably soldiers or vets there with PTSD. Might not be a good idea to blare car horns. Just saying.


Trump is in the hospital. His campaign manager, Bill Stepien, contracted the virus. All planned rallies and fundraisers featuring the President and his family are on hold. And Trump's ability to debate Democratic rival Joe Biden again is uncertain.


The Florida secretary of state's office shows that 2.4 million Democrats have requested mail-in ballots compared with 1.6 million Republicans — a 767,000 request advantage.


Belarus diary: ‘The authorities threaten us. But we see they are afraid’


ICYMI: More than 60 people have been arrested in Hong Kong for taking part in a banned pro-democracy protest on China’s National Day.


Former Governor Watches China End Hong Kong Self-rule


Folks, with just one month left until Election Day, voting is underway and there’s no time to wait to make your voice heard. Head to to find everything you need to make your voting plan.


FYI Senate GOP holds in person meetings 3x a week. Dem Senators hold our meetings virtually. In those GOP meetings, some wear masks and others don't. Low wage food service workers are required to be in attendance. But McConnell still refuses to test every worker in the Senate.


Let me be clear. If Governor Christie does not *absolutely require* hospitalization, his admission poses unnecessary risks to the Morristown Medical Center staff and is a tremendous waste of PPE and other resources. There is no such thing as precautionary. This is not a game.


Editorial board of ⁦@HoustonChron⁩ says it straight: Governor Abbott’s closure of ballot drop-off locations is voter suppression. Plain and simple.


Donors paid $250k to EAT A BUFFET LUNCH at a fundraiser for a President who had recently been exposed to Covid... a lucky few who paid an extra $50k got to meet the President INSIDE...


Putin declared victory in the race for a Covid-19 vaccine. Here’s why Western scientists doubt he has won


Well, this seems pretty clear.


The president is in the hospital with COVID-19 and the White House is putting out zero guests for the Sunday shows to explain what’s going on while also forcing administration health experts to cancel pre-planned interviews.


This week I was proud to introduce a bill to protect workers laboring in hot conditions, often without even the most basic protections like rest breaks and access to water. It’s simply unconscionable to allow workers—in particular farm workers—to continue to endure this.


Texas AG Ken Paxton, already indicted on an unrelated matter, is also the co-chair of ... wait for it ... Lawyers for Trump.


Whoa. Jamie Harrison tells Lindsey Graham in debate just now: "Just be a man about it" and admit you flip-flopped on confirming a Supreme Court justice in an election year


Why do I & others keep asking when was @realDonaldTrump’s last negative test? Because the timeline isn’t adding up. If there were neg daily tests (presumably with too low viral load to be detected), it’s hard to develop such significant symptoms within a day of testing positive


The Trump campaign made an ad showing Hillary Clinton coughing and stumbling, accused her of weakness


Jaime Harrison brought his own plexiglas divider to his Senate debate with Lindsay Graham.


This is another great story that’s not getting enough attention. Accusations of sexual harassment and Naked office sessions led to Kimberly Guilfoyle’s Departure from Fox.


Dear Media: The story is not whatever they said in the last 20 minutes about Trump's health. THE STORY IS THAT THIS BUNCH OF CRIMINALS IS PLAYING AROUND, LEAVING AMERICA WITHOUT A F**KING EXECUTIVE BRANCH.


Their president is hospitalized, but that hasn’t changed their view of the coronavirus


Rose Garden event suspected of virus outbreak alarms D.C. officials


So profound and fundamental is the president’s dishonesty that my gut reaction to the news of Trump’s illness was … doubt. He has lied about so much—why not this too?


Everything he does is fake


White House incompetence on full display for the world to see! On Monday, the entire city of DC had only 14 new cases of COVID. Trump WH alone is now responsible for 23 new cases & rising. They had every privilege available to them to limit the spread of the virus & they blew it.


Three North Carolina establishments close to deep clean after Ivanka Trump visit


NC cafe where Ivanka Trump visited temporarily closes after president’s COVID-19 test


The Trump campaign made an ad showing Hillary Clinton coughing and stumbling, accused her of weakness


#BREAKING Texas AG Ken Paxton accused of taking bribes and abusing power -- by his own aides: report