Thursday, July 30, 2020

My Latest—> None Dare Call It Treason

Devin Nunes is working with Russia to dig up dirt on a political opponent. He is a traitor to the United States of America.

Opinion: Trump’s suggestion to delay the election is the most anti-democratic thing any president ever said

Here's Mike Pompeo claiming "I fought on the border of East Germany" (there was no fighting on the border of East Germany)

BREAKING: ultra-conservative founder of the Federalist Society Steven Calabresi calls for Trump’s immediate re-impeachment in response to Trump’s tweets about delaying the election. Full article:

”Intel Dems press Nunes for details on anti-Biden package from Ukrainian official”

BREAKING: Judge REJECTS the emergency conference requested by Ghislaine Maxwell. "At this juncture, the Court has determined that an emergency conference is not necessary. Counsel shall proceed with unsealing as previously ordered."

Q: "How can you assure people that schools will be safely reopened?" TRUMP: "So, can you assure anybody of anything?"

EXCLUSIVE: The first dog positive for SARS-CoV-2 in the U.S. was a German shepherd named Buddy. He has died. We knew little about US pet cases before now. No identities, scant details, few updates. Buddy’s owners reached out to me to tell their story:

President Trump "continues to take Vladimir Putin's word above his own intelligence community," Sen. Tammy Duckworth says on ABC News' 'Powerhouse Politics' podcast.

#BREAKING: A federal grand jury has indicted Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder and 4 others. (Defendants were previously charged by criminal complaint)@USAttyDeVillers: “Dark money is a breeding ground for corruption. This investigation continues.”

Forty lobbyists with ties to Trump helped clients secure a least $10,500,000,000 in federal coronavirus aid. We cannot trust this corrupt administration to give out relief dollars to the people who truly need it.

TRUMP ADMIN: It's unsafe to vote so maybe we should delay the election ALSO TRUMP ADMIN: Crowded schools are perfectly safe for everyone!

Betsy DeVos, lying, says "there has been no data that has suggested that it is unsafe for kids to go back to school." (To cite one example, Israel experienced a spike in Covid cases after schools there opened prematurely

"America was built by John Lewises. ... John Lewis will be a founding father of that fuller, fairer, better America," former President Barack Obama says in his eulogy for the late civil rights icon

Vice President Pence obliviously tweets out photos of him speaking to a large audience where people aren't distancing from each other and almost nobody is wearing a mask

George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama all spoke at John Lewis' funeral today, and Jimmy Carter sent a letter that was read aloud during the service. Donald Trump is the only living president who had no role

Trump is incapable of feeling guilt for Herman Cain dying because he attended Trump's rally.

Miami-Dade ICUs at 146% capacity with coronavirus patients, according to federal document

The Internet wants to keep you "doom-scrolling." Here’s how to break free.

As ceremonies honoring the life of civil rights legend John Lewis began over the weekend in Alabama, one Republican state lawmaker and pastor gave an invocation for a KKK leader's birthday celebration

Powerful, honest essay from within on what the GOP has become. The conclusion is simple: only a major November defeat could create shockwaves strong enough to reunite the Republican Party with its conscience

"Trump's Whore"

BREAKING: U.S. Q2 GDP plunged by a record 32.9%

The last three months were the worst period for economic growth our nation has experienced in the 70 years since we started measuring it — a drop of nearly 33 percent. Let's be clear: This is no act of God, it's a failure of presidential leadership. — Joe Biden

SCOOP, with @NPRDina: HHS wrested control of COVID data gathering from the CDC, gave it to a private firm w/little to no experience in infection control data. Among other items our investigation found the firm's CEO had links to Trump Org financiers.

NEWS: The full DC Circuit Court of Appeals has agreed to rehear the Michael Flynn case. Oral arguments for the en banc review are scheduled for Aug. 11.

Mike Pompeo should resign. Pack it in Mikey, you will never be president. Go back to Kansas and buy a feed store.

BREAKING: The Michael Flynn legal saga goes on. The full DC Circuit has vacated the panel decision ordering an immediate end to the case without permitting trial judge to review the legitimacy of Barr's decision to drop it. Will rehear arguments Aug. 11.

Opinion: When did Republicans become such weaklings? The macho party is turning to victimhood.

You must never forget that republican leaders operate exclusively in bad faith. They don’t care about deficits or debt or hypocrisy or principles or democracy or anything else, only their own power.

'The Comey Rule' trailer reveals Brendan Gleeson as a menacing Trump

WATCH: Complete tribute from former President George W. Bush at Rep. John Lewis Funeral

In the middle of a pandemic, CFPB Director Kathy Kraninger—who is supposed be a consumer watchdog—rolled back protections against predatory payday lenders. The Trump Admin’s $7 billion giveaway to payday lenders will hit workers when they are already struggling.

Ask him about voting by mail. And Putin's bi-weekly chats with our president, while you're at it.

Listen to this Texas Navy vet explain why Trump is trying to delay the election. "I think mail-in voting is safe... Trump knows the economy is not going to pick up by November, he knows his chances are slim-to-none, he can't recover from this unless he has a bounce-back..."

From @mkraju: “Not answering any questions,” said Sen. Joni Ernst, an Iowa Republican facing voters in a tough race, when asked about Trump’s tweet.

President Bush: "We live in a better and nobler country today because of John Lewis and his belief in the power of God, the power of democracy, and in the power of love to lift us all to a higher ground."

NEW — The Gang of Eight is engaged in an extremely rare, bitter partisan fight over how much info to share with the public about election interference. The in-fighting is already having collateral damage.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi responds to Pres. Trump's tweet suggesting delaying the election by quoting Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution.

Exclusive: Kamala Harris Introduces Bill On Uterine Fibroids

Do not lose your life for donald.#WearAMaskPlease

Two separate crashes happen in Pence motorcade in Pennsylvania this morning, per pool. Vice president uninjured. Trump/Pence campaign bus had a fender bender with a dump truck, and later two law enforcement motorcycles crashed.

Donald Trump should resign. Pass it on.

Bill Montgomery, founder of Turning Point USA, who introduced Trump at Dream City Church Rally in Phoenix, has also died of COVID-19

It is truly sad that people are dying because of allegiance to a political cult. Trump could stop this in a heartbeat. He choses not to.

Here is the original series #PerversionofJustice as it was published in November 2018.

.@timkaine to Pompeo: "You might think is silly. But when someone works for their entire career for the State Dept, & they are slandered with lies ... that sends a message that could not

Donald Trump killed Herman Cain!

The right way to respond to Herman Cain's death is to remind those around us of how important it is that we all do our part and take COVID-19 seriously. Masks save lives. Social distancing saves lives. Washing hands saves lives. We have to come together to beat this disease.

GOP House nominee Angela Stanton King, who has posted pro-QAnon messages in the past, seems to be implying something nefarious happened to Herman Cain.

Donald Trump is terrified. — Dan Rather

Only Trumpers can send out MILLIONS of tweets saying it's a hoax/don't wear a mask/trust Trump & then when 1 of their own dies of #coronavirus from attending a Trump rally and bragging about not wearing a mask (he deleted that tweet before he died) they say don't talk about that

Donald Trump's story ends with political asylum in Moscow as Vladimir Putin's court jester.

US businessman, Tea Party activist and former presidential candidate Herman Cain has died. He was in hospital with Covid-19. He had been at the infamous @realdonaldtrump Tulsa rally, and was not wearing a mask.

Any other pizza company owners you care to tweet about right now Donnie? Like maybe the one who just died by believing your cult of lies. @realDonaldTrump

Tragically.. 98% of the media coverage today will be about Donald Trump's tweet suggesting postponing the election. And only 2% will be about the unnecessary death of @THEHermanCain from #COVID19 for listening and believing what Donald Trump told him and millions of Trumpers.

Herman Cain, a former presidential candidate and ex-CEO of Godfather's Pizza, has died from coronavirus. He was 74.

BREAKING: Herman Caine, who likely contracted COVID-19 at Donald Trump's Tulsa rally, has died from complications of COVID-19.

Pay attention. Trump's morning tweet about postponing the election makes more sense now. As President, he would have been told about Herman Cain's death FIRST. Trump knew he was responsible for Cain's death & fired off an inflammatory tweet to change the news cycle Believe it

Herman Cain's last public appearance was appearing at Trump's Tulsa rally without a mask. He posted an anti-mask tweet the day before that has since been deleted.

Basically, Donald Trump killed Herman Cain

good to see that the president is focused on the important issues

Cause of death: Trump Tulsa Rally.

Breaking: Herman Cain has died from the coronavirus

Don’t forget Hong Kong. These activists are so brave, and cutting-edge — and have taught so many others so much about resistance and demonstration. They are also warning us all what is to come if we falter. It won’t just be Hong Kong. It will be everywhere.

AEROSOL—Computer model of the Diamond Princess cruise 🚒 utbreak found that the virus spread most readily in microscopic droplets light enough to linger in the air—it was aerosol. This is now slam dunk for the coronavirus aerosol transmission. #covid19

Fox News political editor Chris Stirewalt tells Fox viewers that Trump floating an election delay is a "flagrant expression of his current weakness" and telegraphs his "weak position in the polls and his weak position for re-election."

BREAKING: because only Congress can change the election and they won’t, Trump appears to be endorsing President Nancy Pelosi

No election? Then we get President Pelosi January 20 at noon per the Constitution. Your term expires either way. Hope the door hits you......

Trump’s Controversial Pick for Pentagon Job Has Hearing Canceled

Important to note that a big reason why mail delivery is slow these days is b/c the Trump admin/Congress hasn’t given the USPS any bailout funds and has put in a postmaster general who is now having carriers prioritize delivery of commercial packages over that of regular mail

DEVASTATING animation—and clear contrast of how other countries succeeded while US has failed under poor leadership. Chaos has a price. #COVID19

@SenatorDurbin on the status of the new coronavirus relief bill: “The Republican Senate conference is in disarray at this moment...We run the prospect of it at least damaging, if not shutting down the economy, and Sen. McConnell cannot get his Republican Senators together.”

JUST IN: President Trump has explicitly floated the idea of delaying November's presidential election, a contest in which he currently trails his opponent by double digits

Russian Bounties

John Lewis asked The NYT to publish this on the day of his funeral. It is necessary reading. He writes, “When you see something that is not right, you must say something ... Democracy is not a state. It is an act, and each generation must do its part.”

"If you can talk, you can breathe," Arkansas cop tells man who later dies in police custody

Holy sh*t. This is an actual tweet from an actual US ambassador serving in Europe.

Barack Obama will eulogize John Lewis today. For a brief moment, we will be teleported from the 2020 hellscape and reminded about dignity, compassion, respect, intelligence, eloquence, and leadership.

A Nevada sheriff told a local library system not to bother calling 911 after it expressed support for the Black Lives Matter movement. He and the library system director later had a "candid conversation" about the issue, they said in a joint statement.

Barr says he won’t wait until post-election to reveal Durham’s filings. Democrats fear a campaign-altering surprise.

Alright, let’s do this again: New cases, yesterday: Spain: 2,031 France: 1,392 Japan: 940 Germany: 860 UK: 763 Italy: 289 South Korea: 48 US: 66,921 Neither testing nor population size comes remotely close in explaining these enormous differences.

Imagine how much a Democrat could get done if they did not have to fix the mess a Republican left behind every fucking time.


BREAKING: Trump raised the notion of delaying the next U.S. election scheduled for November, suggesting without offering evidence that mail-in voting will be subject to fraud

US President Donald Trump calls to delay 2020 election, citing possible mail-in voting fraud despite little evidence

The CRAZY thing about Trump saying we should delay the election is the US GDP fell by 32.9% in the 2nd quarter. The largest recorded drop in history. And more than 1.43M people filed for unemployment benefits for the 1st time last week, rising for a 2nd week.

GDP for Q2 fell by 10% That's bad. Really bad. As in the worst decline in quarterly GDP in recorded U.S. history.

BREAKING: U.S. economy shrank at a record-breaking 33% rate last quarter as virus shuttered businesses and triggered layoffs

“This John Lewis funeral is going to get all the media attention today. What can I do to stop that and bring it back to me? There must be something.”

At least 12 Hong Kong pro-democracy nominees including Joshua Wong are disqualified for a September legislative election, with authorities saying they failed to uphold the city’s mini-constitution and pledge allegiance to Hong Kong and Beijing.

A North Carolina private school is already open. Pence and DeVos just visited—and didn’t wear masks

What Trump is doing is authoritarian theater, @MaxBoot writes

Perspective: Tech titans gave their House testimony virtually. But it was the congressmen who departed from reality.

Trump hasn’t condemned Russian bounties on US troops, Russian attempts to steal vaccine research or to again interfere in our elections. Meanwhile, he is taking actions—such as withdrawing 12,000 troops from Germany—that serve Kremlin interests

Looking forward to seeing that "full and complete" health care plan that @realDonaldTrump has promised he will sign by Aug 2.

Opinion: How did tech CEOs do on Capitol Hill? Google "robber barons."

NEW: FBI Director Christopher Wray and other intelligence community officials warned about China’s increased capability to interfere in U.S. elections in separate classified hearings with the Senate Intelligence Committee this week

This should frighten you. One of most effective questioning of Trump you’ve ever seen (by @jonathanvswan on #AxiosOnHBO) Trump has NO GOOD response for NEVER raising Russian bounties/arming Taliban with Putin. Plus: Russia may still be doing it

New: Not only are Hispanics catching coronavirus at higher rates in Texas’ largest county, they also suffer some of the worst outcomes.

Remember when 4 Americans died in Benghazi & the @gop couldn’t get enough of investigating?@realDonaldTrump publicly says he knew Russia is paying to have US Solider killed & the @GOP no longer cares about American deaths. +150,000 deaths so far from Covid & they don’t care.

President Donald Trump's appeals to the suburbs have largely ignored their increasing diversity.

Authorities in Belarus have announced the arrest of more than 30 Russian mercenaries accused of trying "to destabilize" the country ahead of August's presidential election, the state-run news agency Belta reported.

After cracking down on Hong Kong, Beijing is turning its attention to Taiwan

Trump attended a fundraiser in Texas without a mask on the day the US hit 150,000 coronavirus deaths

Pelosi makes mask wearing mandatory for anyone on the House floor

Sen. Mitt Romney: The U.S. plan to withdraw 12,000 troops from Germany is "a grave error."

Mr. Acting Secretary ⁦@DHS_Wolf, maybe⁩ take a few minutes to read the comments of a Senate confirmed Republican DHS Secretary.

Spoiler alert: Germany is not ‘delinquent’. There is no ‘fee.’ And he’s moving the troops to other European countries that also do not spend 2 percent of gdp on defense (a threshold they have until 2024 to meet)

ICYMI: Judge Probes “Deeply Troubling” False Statements in NY Travel Case Echoes of the census battle as Judge Furman refuses to let the Trump administration drop the DHS trusted travelers case quietly.

One silver lining about living in 2020 is that the traitors are easy to spot. Traitors should be prosecuted in the courtroom, not voted for at the ballot box.

Barr Repeats Trump Falsehoods in Congressional Testimony The attorney general echoed many of the president’s inaccurate claims on nationwide protests, police shootings and the coronavirus.

Susan Collins - No re-election for you.

Another gift for Putin. I wonder whose fees Trump's businesses are delinquent to...

Great news! @tedwheeler, who forbade @PortlandPolice to protect the Federal Courthouse thanks to @JoAnnPDX’s insanity - changes course, and authorizes @PortlandPolice to protect Federal property - supplemented by Oregon State Police. Feds immediately go home.

Texas GOP Rep. Chip Roy does not plan to isolate despite interacting at length with Gohmert last week. Neither were wearing masks then. “I'm not concerned” about potentially being exposed, Roy told me, wearing a mask today

Putin is blackmailing Trump, Trump is blackmailing the GOP and Epstein blackmailed everybody

The Trump administration wants $377 million in the next coronavirus relief bill for a long-delayed modernization of the West Wing.

I mean, do the Republicans in Congress have ANY capacity to be embarrassed by Trump's tweet claiming NATO charges a "2% fee"? Or his tacit support for Putin paying bounties to murder our soldiers? Rhetorical questions, of course. It's 100% clear that this is what they stand for.

National-security police in Hong Kong arrested four students, ranging in age from 16 to 21 years old, over social-media posts

BREAKING: Mass disqualifications of democratic candidates in #HongKong happening right now. Another hammer-blow to Hong King’s autonomy. “Lifeboat” policies have clearly been inadequate to curb Beijing’s bullying. It’s time for coordinated sanctions.

There is no such thing as a "fee" in NATO. He doesn't understand any of this, and he doesn't care. Neither do his voters. That's to be expected. His enablers in DC know, but they don't care either

After tomorrow, former President Obama will have euologized John Lewis, Elijah Cummings and John McCain at funeral services the current President of the United States either stayed away from or was not invited to.

The smooth and impressive way that @AOC cuts thru Zuck’s BS like butter is so satisfying to watch. It’s as if AOC was roasting πŸ₯© on a grill right on camera.

Judge Postpones Release of Sealed Docs on Ghislaine Maxwell by Two Days

Opinion: This Republican implosion has been a long time coming

"This was clearly a failure. I'm gravely concerned that the Trump administration wants to replicate this failed experiment in other communities around the United States." - Oregon Governor Kate Brown

Half the makeup but double the clown.

There is a scenario where Donald Trump could LOSE the popular vote by more than 10 million votes AND still win the election. Anyone who thinks this is over is crazy. It's going to be brutal fight right up to the election and quite likely for weeks afterward.

What's up with his foot?