Wednesday, January 29, 2020

A Trump campaign official just RTed a tweet containing the name of the alleged whistleblower.

Remember: President Trump’s lawyers said you must have additional eyewitnesses but you’re not allowed to have them. The hypocrisy of Mr. Sekulow’s argument was not lost on senators. If anything, Mr. Sekulow's case made the case for witnesses and documents even stronger.

Again @AlanDersh makes stuff up. He just said “incapacity” cannot be grounds for impeachment. Yet Judge John Pickering was impeached and convicted for incapacity caused by senility, called at the time two centuries ago “insanity.” No crime charged, either, just incapacity.

Q: You refused to answer the question on political bias. Are the House managers refusing to tell the Senate whether the so-called whistleblower had an actual conflict of interest?

Dershowitz is now indicting the entire academic legal community of the United States, and Larry Tribe in particular, in the well of the Senate.

Here's the ugly truth at the core of all of this: the president actually can do whatever he wants - rob, cheat, steal, murder - if he can hold 34 senate votes.

Philbin (Trump attorney) basically confirmed Trump first became concerned about "Burisma" amid Biden's expected presidential run in early 2019. **There's no evidence Trump raised it before then and Philbin did NOT dispute this**

That answer from Dershowitz was amateur Debate 101 sophistry. "I define maladministration to mean abuse of power, and since you can't impeach for one, by definition you can't impeach the other." That would lose you a match even my old Connecticut Valley high school league.

It's been 10 years since Citizens United. 10 years of Super PACs. 10 years of corporations speaking louder than people. We need to end this system. Thank you @professorcostas, @ClementsJeff, Cheryl Clyburn-Crawford, Joyce Sanchez, and the Citizens Commission for your work.

Kushner tells Sky News Arabia he has read 25 books on the Israel-Palestine conflict


So his book is both “classified national security” and “untrue”?

Chief Justice Roberts is allowing Pam Bondi to turn the #ImpeachmentTrial into a Hannity-style Hunter Biden smear session.

No one is above the law, not even the President.

Pompeo Called Me a ‘Liar.’ That’s Not What Bothers Me. Journalists are supposed to ask tough questions, then share the answers — or lack thereof — with the world.

Mitch McConnell does not represent Kentucky. You know it, I know it, he knows it. Our first fundraising deadline of the election year is on Friday. You make up this team, not special interests. Can you donate now and join our (blue)grassroots campaign?

The fact that President Trump and his legal team do not understand why it violates the Constitution for the president to solicit aid from a foreign power for personal gain does not immunize him from impeachment and removal.

The LA Times misunderstood what I said today. Before the trial I said I'd keep an open mind. Now that both sides made their cases, it’s clear the president’s actions were wrong. He withheld vital foreign assistance for personal political gain. That can’t be allowed to stand.

Trump was impeached for risking national security to try and smear Joe Biden. He tried to force an ally, who is at war, to announce bogus investigations into Joe's son. Then the GOP smears Joe during Trump's trial. How does this make sense?

CBO: In addition to lowering growth, the trade war has reduced average real incomes by $1,277

"It turns out that it isn't just the president whose narcissism, corruption and immorality threatens the wellbeing of the United States. It's the entire party apparatus behind him. How do we know? Joni Ernst just told us."

Republicans concede President Trump may have withheld Ukraine aid for probes but says it's not impeachable

The co-founder of Students for Trump has pleaded guilty to posing as a lawyer and scamming clients out of $46,000

EXCLUSIVE: Navy SEAL promoted after choking Green Beret to death

Coronavirus latest: • 6,063 confirmed cases worldwide • 132 deaths in China • First Middle East case confirmed Track the outbreak in maps and charts

Opinion | Trump signals to Cabinet: Abuse reporters at will

Federal spending: CBO projects a decade of trillion-dollar deficits and soaring US debt

#BREAKING Five Bernie Sanders supporters have been arrested for criminal trespassing on Joe Biden’s Des Moines Campaign HQ. Among the arrested were: John Reardon, 22 Michael McKinley, 68 William Floyd, 22 Denise Cheeseman, 21 Kiran Loewenstein, 19

The United Arab Emirates confirmed the Middle East's first case of the coronavirus on Wednesday in a person who had come from Wuhan.

The Pentagon said that 50 American service members sustained brain injuries from Iranian airstrikes in Iraq this month, 16 more than it had acknowledged last week. President Trump initially said no Americans were injured in the attack.

What Trump and Netanyahu unveiled was a PR campaign, not a peace plan,

Bill Barr Facing Possible Impeachment: Bolton Reveals He Went to Barr About Ukraine Matter

When the photo is even scarier than the headline!

New filing in Fruman and Parnas case: Letter

Why would anyone make a deal with someone who has no respect for you?

"The White House did not call the airlines and hasn’t asked for a suspension of flights between the U.S. and China," the official said.

Running Bernie against Trump would be an extraordinary risk with enormous downside

Protests underway in Palestine as Trump unveils Middle East 'two-state solution'

Eric Trump's Brother-In-Law Named Chief Of Staff Of An Energy Department Office Lara Trump's brother, Kyle Yunaska, was named chief of staff of the Office of Energy Policy. No mention of Energy or Energy Policy on his resumè. ⁦

WATCH: President Trump extends his public support to Sec. Pompeo following Pompeo's treatment of an NPR host: "I think you did a good job on her."

Seeing progress, Schumer warns of Trump, McConnell power over GOP

Breaking: Bolton's team believes White House made copies of his book

Schiff: Why wouldn't GOP senators want to hear from John Bolton?

Schiff: Trump defense forced to fall back on 'So what?'

Republicans who stood up for Ukraine aid quiet on Trump scheme

NEW: The Department of Energy just released 139 pages of records to American Oversight in response to our FOIA lawsuit — including what appears to be Secretary Rick Perry's briefing book for his May 2019 delegation to Ukraine.

Trump claims he’s started the process to end the AIDS epidemic in “ten years or less” and claims other administrations could’ve done it but chose not to

Without witnesses, it’s not an impeachment trial; it’s just a debate. — Justin Amash

McConnell doesn't have the votes to block witnesses. Now is the time for a real push. Get on the phones, folks. Don't let up. Congressional Switchboard (202) 224-3121

Dear @realDonaldTrump: You are the Commander in Chief. Act like it. This is serious.

This is concerning. Wondering how long this can be ignored. Is there anyone left in his team that cares about his health and mental acuity?

Just had a source tell me that GOP Senator offices are being overwhelmed with calls demanding that witness be produced for testimony at Trump’s removal trial. The calls are working. Keep dialing, Patriots.