Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Roughly twice a year, US Customs and Border Protection opens a gate at the border in Texas and allows separated families to see each other—for 3 minutes. For many, it's the first—and last—time they will have physical contact with family members for years.

Trump judicial nominee Lawrence VanDyke, who was given a ‘Not Qualified’ rating by the American Bar Association (ABA), cries at a hearing after being confronted on his views toward the LGBTQ community

Russian Amb. nominee John Sullivan on whether he was aware of the effort to smear then-Amb. to Ukraine Yovanovitch: "I was." Sen. Menendez: Was Rudy Giuliani involved? Sullivan: "I believed he was, yes."

How is team trump going to win if they can’t cheat?

Tim Morrison, the top Russia official on President Trump's National Security Council who is scheduled to testify in the impeachment inquiry on Thursday, is expected to leave his White House post imminently.

JUST IN: US diplomat William Taylor willing to testify publicly

New federal guidelines could ban voting machines from connecting to the internet or using any wireless technology like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth

In Syria and elsewhere, Trump is making Russia great again

Israeli Justice Minister Signs Extradition Order of Russian Hacker to U.S

Tim Morrison, a senior National Security Council official, is resigning his post ahead of his scheduled testimony with House impeachment investigators about Trump's efforts to press Ukraine to investigate his political rivals

Did... did they photoshop James McCloughan out and replaced him with a dog?

Twitter bans all political advertising, saying the reach of such messages "should be earned, not bought"

Twitter bans all political ads by candidates and outside groups, aiming to avoid the chaos Facebook’s policy has created

Jeffrey Epstein accuser Courtney Wild asks AG Barr to tear up immunity deal

BREAKING: House Democrats ask former National Security Adviser John Bolton to testify in impeachment inquiry

UPDATED: Epstein's brother believes his life -- and others -- could be in jeopardy because feds think Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide, when it appears he was murdered.

Three big new deposition notices just went out, per a person familiar. John Eisenberg for 11/4 Michael Ellis also for 11/4 John Bolton for 11/7

Matt Gaetz is BACK outside the SCIF, talking about his plans to file an ETHICS COMPLAINT against Schiff

NEW: Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan, Trump’s nominee to become the next ambassador to Russia, testified that Rudy Giuliani was involved in the effort to oust former ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch.

Trump has urged Republicans to focus on the substance in the impeachment inquiry, not the process. I can confirm our focus will continue to be on the President’s own words and misconduct. Glad we all agree.

Here’s How Dumb Bill Barr’s Great Mifsud Conspiracy Story Really Is

#Russia begins the largest military exercises in the North Atlantic since the end of the Cold War, Norway media reports. Fleet includes 10 submarines, 8 nuclear. Moscow's goal is to REACH #US COAST—w/o detection—& inspect #NATO abilities, Oslo says

Nunes acolyte misrepresented himself to Trump as Ukraine expert

Vindman had been looking forward to debriefing Trump & giving a positive account of Zelensky’s vision for Ukraine’s future, but was instructed at the last second not to attend the debriefing, because Trump’s advisers worried it might confuse the president

remarkable photograph by @WallySkalij for the @latimes of Air Force One at the Reagan Library looking out at the Simi Valley burning hills

REVEALED: ‘Panic spread’ in the White House as Trump officials ignored Pentagon warning on withholding Ukraine aid

From Catherine Croft's opening statement: "During my time at the NSC, I received multiple calls from lobbyist Robert Livingston, who told me that Ambassador Yovanovitch should be fired... associated with George Soros." "I heard... Trump describe Ukraine as a corrupt country."

While undermining Ukraine, which was detrimental to US nat'l security & foreign policy objectives, Trump & his cronies used the Kremlin's talking points. This is not surprising, since Trump repeatedly turned to Putin for guidance on Ukraine and Zelensky.

Trump’s main defense tactic: Smear witnesses

Chris Anderson will testify today that when Russia escalated its conflict with Ukraine by seizing Ukrainian military vessels in Nov. 2018, State officials prepared a statement condemning Moscow—but senior WH officials blocked it from being released.

“Secret ritual performed by a cult?”

Georgia could soon cancel roughly 315,000 voter registrations in the state, the secretary of state's office has confirmed, ahead of the 2020 election

During the Mueller investigation, many Trump staffers leaned on a legal defense fund to offset their hefty bills. A similar cushion has yet to emerge for impeachment — making some skittish about defending Trump publicly.

Nigel Farage to be examined over £450,000 payment from Arron Banks

Suddenly Ken Starr doesn’t like impeachment so much

NEW: Catherine Croft will tell impeachment investigators that she heard Trump repeatedly call Ukraine a corrupt country and that she received an unexplained calls from lobbyist Robert Livingston urging the ouster of Ambassador Yovanovitch

Good morning from New York. Rex Tillerson takes the stand this morning in the NYAG’s fraud case against Exxon. I will cover it live for @CourthouseNews.

There is always a tweet:

Sen. Bob Menendez has filed a complaint about Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's repeated trips to Kansas, saying they warranted an investigation into whether he was engaging in political activity while traveling in an official capacity on taxpayer funds.

The cavalcade of career diplomats and military officers testifying despite threats from the White House is the bright silver lining of the impeachment drama. The public can see that their government is filled with good, honest people. Such a contrast to our corrupt President

A President who pressures a foreign government to interfere in our elections should be impeached. It’s a huge betrayal of this country. You should know that.

READ IT: New impeachment inquiry witness Catherine Croft releases opening statement ahead of Wednesday testimony

Breaking: Jeffrey Epstein’s autopsy ‘points to homicide,’ pathologist claims

BREAKING: Jeffrey Epstein’s injuries look more like murder than suicide, noted pathologist says (Story will be updated with new info from Baden to come

Trump’s Dark Assumption About America

Bannon has changed his elect-Trump strategy, advising that pro-Trump conservatives should stop going on Sean Hannity or Laura Ingraham’s Fox News programs and try instead to go on outlets like CNN and unfriendly media venues

Take a closer look at the activities of Livingston Group - the lobbying firm run by Rep turned lobbyist Robert Livingston, who allegedly urged the ouster of Ambassador Yovanovitch

Explosive news from Brazil: Reports link Bolsonaro to murder of Rio Councilwoman & rights advocate Marielle Franco

The number of uninsured children grew by more than 400,000 between 2016 and 2018, an unprecedented decline in health coverage for the youngest Americans, a new study has found

So LTC Vindman says the Trump WH doctored the xcript of Donnie's notorious 25 JUL Prez2Prez call with Zelenskiy. Who possibly could have seen this coming? Aside from everybody awake who noticed that wasn't the xcript of a 30 min call. The Impeachment Express is coming to town.

Two volatile meetings at the White House have become central to the impeachment inquiry

“It’s quite shameful that Duncan Hunter is still a member of Congress and Katie will not be. It is a shame that we have Donald Trump as still our president while Katie will not be serving us in Congress."

“Trump’s attack on the Purple Heart recipient unnerved Republicans in Congress, with several pushing back, albeit without naming the president.”

Imagine trying to blame the wild fires on diversity. You don’t need to imagine it because it’s happening on the frozen fish heirs white power hour.

Incredible: Two volatile meetings at the White House have become central to the impeachment inquiry

Soviet-born businessmen Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman and their company, Global Energy Producers, gave more than $621,000 to various Republican political campaigns in the past two election cycles, including the 2018 midterms

Do you know this man? He was captured in photos chatting with arrested Ukrainian businessman Lev Parnas at Gov. DeSantis' inauguration. I would like to talk to him. DMs are open

A judge in Florida ordered Lev Parnas, associate of Rudy Giuliani, to testify within 30 days about the source of funds that were used to make campaign donations to the America First political action committee and former U.S. Congressman Pete Sessions.

Netanyahu’s son calls senior Likud minister ‘a rapist,’ report says

Impeachment witness says transcript of Trump-Zelenskiy call was not complete

Imagine how bad things have gotten that John Bolton is the moral compass of this situation.

Republicans accused of trying to out the whistleblower in closed door testimony

"The rough transcript also contains ellipses at three points where Mr. Trump is speaking. Colonel Vindman told investigators that at the point of the transcript where the third set of ellipses appear, Mr. Trump said there were tapes of Mr. Biden."

Hardcore Trump base down to 26%.

Nixon territory!

A Nazi flag was hanging in a corrections department window. The state is trying to find out why.

Pelosi on Dem accusations that GOP is trying to out the whistleblower. "Outing the whistleblower is an unpatriotic action. They shouldn't even go near that and the public knows that."

I’m so glad we all agree, John! However, since President Trump and Republicans are working to undo and even suing to undo the law protecting Americans with pre-existing conditions, can we count on your vote tomorrow to protect these Americans?

MORE FLYNN NEWS: In another filing, prosecutors say every charge leveled by Flynn's attorneys in a recent brief are "unsupported by fact or law." And they go further to say the filing itself is flawed because you're not allowed to raise novel issues in a reply brief

Next time these flag waving jerks in the GOP side up next to Veterans to bask in the reflected glory, remember moments like this. These guys have no problem giving tax cuts to the wealthy but Vets & ordinary folk? Let them eat cake I guess

It is critical that those deliberately impugning the integrity of an American war hero be held accountable. Trump’s defenders have no facts or law on their side. They have only calumny.

Trump has called it an "exact" transcript at least 16 times

Meanwhile in Russia, propaganda is in full swing. State TV segment is entitled: "Interview With Maria Butina After Release From Horrific American Gulag!"


Please R/T this list of Republicans on the Intelligence Committee. They’re not interested in investigating Trump’s crime. Their only goal is to identify the whistleblower, & put his life in danger! *NOTE: It’s not legal to intimidate, threaten, or expose a #Whistleblower

So Yoo's story now is that the Ukrainian's understandable confusion on Trump's bizarre directive to work with Fruity G on a nonexistent investigation, and their attempt to follow up with a White House official for clarification...was an espionage operation???

Three people have been killed and nine have been injured in a shooting at a home in Long Beach, California, officials say

Is a development bank that's just relocated from Moscow to Budapest "Putin's Trojan Horse?" I ask its chairman. I wonder if Putin & Orban will mention the bank in their talks today?

HUGE GOP Rep. @TedYoho hasn't attended a single deposition even though he's allowed to be in the room He says he has "other responsibilities in the House."

Just 32% of all suburban voters now say they would definitely vote to reelect Trump, according to a new Grinnell College poll. Another 14% said they would consider someone else, and 51% said they would definitely vote for a candidate other than Trump

The North Atlantic Council (NAC) is visiting Ukraine today and tomorrow. The visit shows NATO’s solidarity with πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦, and support to Kyiv’s ambitious reform process, which is essential for security and stability

NEW: Vindman’s testimony appears to contradict Rick Perry's ardent denials that he ever heard the Bidens discussed as part of pressure on Ukraine...Perry was in the meeting when Vindman raised concerns about targeting the Bidens, we’re told.

Reminder, Vindman’s testimony doesn’t just impeach Trump. It also impeaches Pompeo.

here — this is my story but backed up with multiple sources and audio (not at all attached to Playboy) about how a local radio host in California approached the National Republican Congressional Committee with the Katie Hill images before the first stories ran in RedState.

UPDATE: Judge Beryl Howell doesn't view DOJ's arguments against House access to Mueller grand jury secrets as a home run, says they have 'serious infirmities' and 'minimal' chance of winning appeal. Stay denied. But DC Circuit has temp hold in place

This is a lie. Mitch McConnell has repeatedly fought to end protections for folks with pre-existing conditions. Now we're going to end his time in the Senate. Join our grassroots team:

1. Smoking gun: Trump urged Ukraine president to dig up dirt on Biden. 2. Quid pro quo: Trump ordered military aid stopped until Ukraine agreed. 3. Coverup: Official transcript leaves stuff out. 4. Attack: Trump accuses accusers of treason. Trump is Nixon on steroids.

Planners were having difficulty selling table sponsorships to the Statesman’s Dinner, 'Unprecedented’: Florida GOP postpones biggest annual fundraiser

Nixon was a President who became a criminal. Trump is a criminal who became President.

Sen. Ron Johnson said he would be happy to provide his first-hand knowledge of events and conversations involving Ukraine to U.S. House members conducting the impeachment probe.

Shame on CNN. In a race to the bottom with FOX

STATEMENT from Intel, Judiciary, Foreign Affairs and Oversight Chairs: The House impeachment inquiry has collected extensive evidence and testimony. In the next phase, the American people will learn firsthand about the President’s misconduct.

Would that be the data you illegally obtained Brad ? How many bots are connected to this operation? How much microtargeting of individuals & districts with false info is part of this plan? Who is funding this?

‘The president is unimpeachable’: Jared Kushner declares that Trump has ‘done nothing wrong’...Sounds like Jared's involved, don't it?

You are the most corrupt, wicked president this country has ever had.

This Soviet dissident knew why finding common ground with dictators can’t work: “The voice of conscience whispers that our fall began from the moment we agreed to ‘peaceful coexistence’ with evil.”

Breaking via NYT: Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman told House investigators that the White House transcript of a July call between President Trump and Ukraine's president omitted crucial words and phrases, and that his attempts to restore them failed

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman testified before House impeachment investigators today for more than 10 hours.

At the presidents hotel which he profits from because of course.

....George Papadopoulos tweeted this just before the RedState revenge porn story came out

California’s 25th congressional district looks like it’s for the taking πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ — George Papadopoulos

U.S. coal baron Robert Murray, a big donor to Trump’s campaign, has placed his company into bankruptcy

They attack a veteran to protect a draft dodger. That should be all one needs to know to see the type of cowards they all are. This is not only an attack on Col. Vindman, but an attack on all veterans who served honorably. It's disgusting and cowardly

Federal Prosecutors Are Lining Up Witnesses Against Jeffrey Epstein’s Cronies Numerous Epstein victims have met with prosecutors in recent days.

"I know Lt. Col. Vindman. ... The idea that somebody with his resume would not serve the United States of America is just disgusting. It's outrageous. And I want those people to apologize and to remember what they're doing when they take cheap shots..." -fmr Amb. Michael McFau

Lev Parnas was working for Rudy Giuliani, but *also* paying Rudy Giuliani? You pay him a half million dollars so that you can work as his assistant in his legal representation of the president? Huh?

That growing pile of consciousness-of-guilt evidence now includes: Removing key phrases from the transcript Hiding the call on a classified server. Prohibiting witnesses from testifying Refusing to hand over docs There goes their ignorance defense.

Vindman’s testimony that transcript of Trump’s Ukraine call omitted certain words begs questions of who made those decisions and why. Follow that trail, House members. Consciousness of guilt.

Perspective: President Trump may have violated criminal provisions of the Hatch Act

This also solves the mystery of the ellipses, which administration officials had claimed was simply Trump trailing off. According to Vindman, they represent gaps in the transcript.

Retired Lt. Gen. @MarkHertling: Alexander Vindman is living his oath to America

"One of the two indicted associates of President Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudolph W. Giuliani, on Wednesday tied the case to the president himself, saying that some of the evidence ... could be subject to executive privilege."

Want to play politics in partisan elections? The IRS says bye-bye 501c3 tax status. Catholic priest says he denied Joe Biden Holy Communion at Mass in South Carolina because of abortion views

Denying Communion to politicians, Democrat or Republican, is a bad idea. If you deny the sacrament to those who support abortion, then you must also deny it to those who support the death penalty. How about those who don't help the poor? How about "Laudato Si"? Where does it end?

Revenge porn publisher says she hopes Katie Hill doesn’t sue her publication... When asked where she obtained the pictures, she refuses to reveal her sources

A healthy democracy depends on fair maps. Next Tuesday, voters in Virginia, Mississippi, Kentucky, and other states will have their last chance to elect the state legislators and governors who can draw them in 2021. Find out what's on your ballot at...

“If you think [Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman] being a decorated war veteran would make the Pres. and his supporters more reluctant to smear him, well then you have not been paying attention,” says @jaketapper on the GOP’s attacks on the key witness in the House impeachment inquiry.

NEW: Trump sides with indicted, allegedly mobbed-up Ukrainian oligarch Dymtro Firtash

NEW: Jared Kushner, Tom Barrack and Rick Perry are representing the United States at a Saudi Arabian economic conference starting today. Each of them have entanglements with the country that raise significant ethical questions.

Before Trump pressured Zelensky by phone, two volatile meetings on July 10 brought the Ukraine scandal directly into the White House -- confrontations between Bolton, Hill, Vindman and Sondland that are now at heart of impeachment probe.

California's wildfire season is stretching out as both Northern and Southern California burn

NEW: For the first time since the Ukraine scandal blew up, the House affirms in a court filing that the Mueller probe is still a crucial part of the ongoing impeachment inquiry. DOJ claims to the contrary, which solely cite a WaPo article, are inaccurate, the House says.

"Parnas was also a broker in the mid 1990s with Euro-Atlantic Securities, Inc. That firm was at the center of a stock fraud prosecution in New York in 2001 involving several alleged organized crime figures. "

DC judge tonight: 'DOJ is not likely to succeed on the merits on appeal' in challenging disclosure of Mueller grand jury material / DC Circuit earlier issued administrative stay

Brennan: Trump abuse of public trust calls for brave defiance

Brennan: W.H. handling of Trump's Ukraine call 'an aberration'

Vindman: Trump-Ukraine call record omitted Biden-related mentions

Trump backers aim to smear war hero amid more damaging testimony

Parnas associations range from Russian mob to Trump legal team

The @WSJ can confirm that Vindman testified today that the rough transcript of the call contained missing words and phrases that he tried unsuccessfully to restore, according to people familiar with the matter. Good scoop by NYT.

You’ll be shocked to learn the president, his free lawyer and his dumb ambassador were all lying.

"The rough transcript also contains ellipses at three points where Mr. Trump is speaking. Colonel Vindman told investigators that at the point of the transcript where the third set of ellipses appear, Mr. Trump said there were tapes of Mr. Biden."

At least three people were killed and nine injured in a shooting at a California home, fire officials say