Monday, August 10, 2020

We delivered a bill to you over two months ago-- the #HereosAct. Check in the pile of bills that are getting dusty on your desk.

You’re an idiot.— Gen Michael Hayden

Donald Trump accused Barack Obama today on TREASON on NATIONAL TELEVISION and NOT ONE SINGLE REPORTER said a FUCKING WORD about it or INTERRUPTED HIM to object or FOLLOWED UP IMMEDIATELY with a challenge. WHAT A DISGRACE

NEW: Victoria's Secret s Les Wexner accused by Alan Dershowitz as being a part of extortion scam.

Donald Trump will go down in history as a fucking murderer

Let me just spell this out: We can't have sports, because we don't have a president. some ways @AlanDersh is the person who is exposing those men accused more than @VRSVirginia -- look at his court filings. He is filing a lot of shit no one is paying attention to.

Court ruling involving Victoria’s Secret founder could spill more Jeffrey Epstein dirt

The Supreme Court, White House & Senate want voter suppression. The House does not have the power to change the laws by ourselves. That means voters need to take the steps necessary to overcome obstacles. If you are going to vote by mail, either vote early or hand in your ballot.

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has accepted Russia’s offer of its coronavirus vaccine, volunteering to take the first shot as a gesture of trust and gratitude

NEW: Ghislaine Maxwell's criminal defense counsel wants to know the identities of the three victims cited in her indictment, and they want her transferred to the general population of pretrial lock-up. They say she's on suicide watch because of Epstein—but she's not suicidal.

Lucky for him that wasn’t on the cognitive ability test.

"We've had the Postal Service delivering ballots through wars, through a civil war, through a great depression, and never, ever before have we seen a president or a political party try to weaponize it to systematically keep voters from voting."

This new Biden ad is outstanding. And horrifying.

Join me Tuesday at 9:30AM ET as I live-tweet the DC Circuit's rehearing of oral arguments that will decide whether the perjury case against Michael Flynn will be dismissed. Background:

Bristol Bay is no place for a mine — our administration decided that in 2014. We're only discussing it today because Donald Trump's EPA reversed course hours after a closed-door meeting with the mining company's CEO.

Hong Kong stocks are bearing the brunt of escalating actions taken by Washington and Beijing to protect their national security

Citing unspecified "critical new information" impacting her criminal and civil cases, Ghislaine Maxwell wants to pause the unsealing process in the open-records battle for three weeks. Maxwell's counsel claims she cannot disclose that info because of a protective order.

The biggest Trump financial mystery? Where he came up with the cash for his Scottish resorts.

Sen. Ron Johnson, by his own account, supplied the 50th vote for a tax cut with no spending offsets estimated to add $1 - 2 trillion to annual deficits over its first decade.

Dear White House Press Correspondents, (@whca) Thank you for the very difficult job you do every day. I understand Trump is having another press conference today. Here's my new short video to prepare.

Who are Jimmy Lai and Agnes Chow, two of the Hong Kong democracy advocates arrested Monday?

I know Trump has mocked the University of Alabama but even we know the difference between World War I and II. #SleepyDon

Trump "The plague of 1917...probably ended the second world war...all the soldiers were sick."


POTUS’s challenge making sentences and not just continuing to say words means he seems to just have said that after the explosion in Lebanon, there is a revolution underway, and “it’s a terrible thing.” Unclear what that was a modifier for ..

The photo is of Andrii Telizhenko with Sen. Johnson posted to Telizhenko's FB account on July 11, 2019. Who is Telizhenko? NYT: FBI warned Sen. Johnson of the Bureau's concern that Telizhenko is "a conduit for Russian disinformation about the Bidens"

Sen. #RonJohnson's 11-page letter in defense of his investigation is incredible The letter itself contains apparent products of Russian disinformation. Johnson elides how he and his staff met personally with Telizhenko (who FBI warned about)

There’s still been no contact between Schumer and Pelosi and the administration since talks collapsed Friday, per aides, so it’s totally unclear what Trump is talking about

REPORTER: 97,000 children tested positive for coronavirus in the last week of July. Does that give you any pause about schools reopening for in-person learning? TRUMP: No REPORTER: So do you still think kids are essentially immune? TRUMP: Yeah [this is false -- kids can die]

NEW: Trump returns to the press briefing after Secret Service abruptly escorted him out, he says a "shooting" outside White House is now "under control"

Trump wants more tax cuts for the rich. FYI: in 2019, "the top 1% of households received 3/4 of all long-term capital gains. So that’s the population who’d primarily benefit when the White House suggests further capital gains tax cuts."

Opinion: If these leaders define the future of the Republican Party, it doesn’t deserve to have a future

Something really strange just happened during the press conference, a person interrupted the President to inform him of something and the President left the briefing

The president just abruptly ended his press conference moments after he started it.

Belarus has been referred to as Europe’s longest lasting dictatorship under the brutal, corrupt rule of Lukashenko. After another fraudulent election, Belarusians are peacefully calling for freedom and democracy. America and democracies around the world must stand with them.

In any other year, this fiasco in Montana would get national attention as a GOP dirty trick for the fall election. This year, it's one of so many that it has barely made a ripple:

According to John Bolton’s new book, it takes almost 2 hours to do his hair and makeup every day.

I’m adding my voice to say this household relies on @USPS for critical meds. Stop trying to kill my family

Belarus Lukashenko wins sixth term


This is very worrying. The main candidate opposing Lukashenko in the Belarus election has been unreachable for several hours. Given the lengths that Lukashenko has gone to in order to rig the election, this is ominous

The White House is concerned over the detaining of peaceful protesters... in Belarus

NEW: A federal judge orders records unsealed in accuser Virginia Giuffre's litigation with Alan Dershowitz. Those include letters by Giuffre, Dershowitz and Victoria's Secret CEO Les Wexner (plus the Wexner family's attorney John Zeiger).

Trump realizes the lack of college football this fall will serve as a pervasive reminder that almost everyone's life is much shittier than it was four years ago

Belarusians are risking their lives to protest a corrupt autocracy, as Ukrainians did in 2014. They should have the support of the entire free world, as their dictator has the support of other dictatorships.


Post-Imperial Permutations of the Hong Kong Protests – EuropeNow

Hong Kong police raid pro-democracy newspaper, arrest owner

I keep saying it: Trump is barely coherent, but Barr knows exactly what he's doing.

We're months into this pandemic with more difficult months ahead. It's absurd for anyone to think another $1,200 payment is going to be enough.@SenMarkey, @SenSanders, and I are calling for $2,000 monthly payments to ensure people can eat, pay bills, and simply survive.

NBC chief reportedly proposed Nicolle Wallace as replacement for her MSNBC colleague Chuck Todd as moderator of “Meet the Press”

Coronavirus: How Trump killed tens of thousands of Americans.

We CAN beat Mitch McConnell. We CAN have affordable health care for all Kentuckians. We CAN bring KY's infrastructure into the 21st century. But it's going to take every single person standing up for our commonwealth. Thank you to @covkybob for hosting us in Covington.

Ive been offline all day. Can someone repost the Trump administration's denunciation of Lukashenko's stolen election & violent crackdown on democratic protestors in #Belarus?

The UK investigating Trump's money laundering TOO? Do tell!

This would be a bit thick in Pyongyang

Sorry, you’re only going on Roger Stone’s back

Dear AG Barr of @TheJusticeDept: Here is a dialectic exchange of views. At Judiciary hearing, you said 11 white men died from police this year but only 8 black men, so no racism. I call bullshit b/c there are more than four times as many whites as blacks. Math matters. Your move.

Hey! Did anyone mention 162,000 dead Americans because you’re a failure and a loser?

Raise your hand if you understand Trump is trying to steal your social security benefits that you EARNED.

It’s been nearly 150 days since the murder of Breonna Taylor. We cannot allow our demands for justice to become background noise—because sleeping in your home should never be a death sentence.— Kamala Harris

“More than 3½ years into his presidency, Trump increasingly finds himself minimized and ignored”

Look at @KamalaHarris inspire these young girls! I felt exactly like that when I met her in Harlem!

Beneficiaries of the PPP included a lettuce farming venture backed by Trump’s son, Kushner companies, and a dentist who golfs with the president. The figures were released after a lawsuit by several news organizations, including ProPublica

A lot has changed since we started this campaign, but our mission hasn’t. I’ll be a senator for Arizona.— Captain Mark Kelly

What we are seeing unfold is not just the destruction of Hong Kong - that was a ticking time bomb - but China’s full descent into a new level of authoritarianism.

Unreal. Stories about @realDonaldTrump’s desire to be on Mount Rushmore are barely 24hrs old & he sends a tweet clearly referencing them. It’s been 44 days since we learned Putin paid the Taliban to kill Americans, & we get silence. His priorities are clear.#RussianBounty

Trump is preemptively laying the groundwork to challenge a loss to Joe Biden by accusing the Democrats of trying to "steal an election" with mail voting

Where are the “YOUR TIME IS UP” protesters in DC?

Florida “off the charts,” Texas heat way above normal, Georgia records broken. Yet Republican senators from those states won’t get near a serious climate bill. What gives? Or is the real question, who gives...?

Small farmers were left behind in the Trump admin's COVID-19 relief package. The uneven distribution of funds is stark. The top 10 percent got over 60% of the pot, while the bottom 10 percent got just 0.26%.

How do you reach across the divide to talk to voters who live in a different information bubble? Here's an article about some people who have tried

Falwell committed the one sin that for a leader of a Christian University is unconscionable: He got caught.

Trump is as dirty as Epstein

A senior administration official involved in pandemic response said, “Everyone is busy trying to create a Potemkin village for him every day. You’re not supposed to see this behavior in liberal democracies that are founded on principles of rule of law.”

A pandemic ravaging America is no time to forget the first rule of American health care: There is no set price. One out-of-network medical provider in Texas seeks permission from patients to charge fees as high as six-figures to their insurance.

These people live on another planet

There’s no coming back if he stays in office

Yes this is about ballots, but it’s also about getting life-saving medicines in the mail. When they mess with stuff like this, they are literally messing with people’s lives. No one should mess with the USPS

Where did the hundreds of millions Trump poured into his Scottish courses come from? Scottish lawmakers are pushing to probe Trump’s finances using an anti-#MoneyLaundering law typically used against kleptocrats, oligarchs, and crime kingpins.


Unlike Donald Trump, @JoeBiden recognizes why we are in this fight and actually understands what we must do to dismantle systemic racism in our nation and build a better America.

I guess teachers, coaches, parents and grandparents don’t count.

Please ask @realDonaldTrump that if China is the enemy, why is the "enemy" manufacturing Trump's entire Macy's line of clothes in China as well as all of his campaign merchandise? What happened to #MAGA?


Barr slams Black Lives Matter, accuses the left of "tearing down the system"

Senior Russian lawmaker about Russia's election interference: “Let’s not be shy about it and say that we aren’t influencing anybody. We are and we will continue influencing them.” State TV host: “And we won’t sell the Motherland for 10 million dollars!”

A teen who shared a photo of a crowded hallway at her Georgia high school last week says she has been receiving threats after the image went viral.

Ben Shapiro got caught as the creator of an “Antifa recruitment” website hahahaaaaa

Alternative to the USPS for voting by mail. This is in Maryland.

More than 97,000 children in the US tested positive for coronavirus in the last two weeks of July, a new report says, up 40%. Roughly 25% of all infections reported this year to date occurred in these 2 weeks.

Let’s revisit the Trump claim: “Nobody could have ever predicted a pandemic of this proportion.” Rewind ~5 years... bring the coffee

The American people have a right to know the whole story about what the Russians are doing right now to interfere in our election. Our next President of the United States should be chosen by American voters – not by Vladimir Putin.

“There is no pandemic”. - Herman Cain “There is no Herman Cain” - Coronavirus

Trump, leaving New Jersey, says that he’d be willing to open negotiations again for COVID relief, says federal government has option to fully fund the $400 unemployment aid if states can’t contribute

Puerto Rico partially suspends primary voting because of a lack of ballots at polling places

“Your time is up”: Thousands of Israelis rallied outside PM #Netanyahu’s residence in Jerusalem last night as anger mounts over his corruption, abuse of office and his disasterous handling of the coronavirus crisis.