Friday, March 13, 2020

Analysis: Trump shook hands, patted backs and touched the microphone 31 times while declaring the coronavirus national emergency

What’s this about, Dr. Birx?

Saudi Arabia has abandoned efforts to support crude prices and is preparing to flood global markets with cheap oil. It's a risky strategy that could result in lean years for a country that still relies on crude sales to drive much of its domestic economy.

"I don't take responsibility at all." - President Trump

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says the House will pass the Families First Coronavirus Response Act today: It "is focused directly on providing support for America's families ... The three most important parts of this bill are testing, testing, testing"

Pres Trump has been shaking hands with a number of CEOs throughout press conference including leaders of Walmart, Walgreens, CVS and Target. A full list of those business leaders he called up. Trump was in contact with a Brazilian official in FL who tested positive days ago.

Trump announces that he’s waiving interest on student loans owed to federal agencies until further notice. The U.S. will also buy "large quantities" of oil for reserves

NEW: Fox News host Tucker Carlson was among several guests at Mar-a-Lago that met with Bolsonaro and his press secretary, who tested positive for the coronavirus. Several conservative lawmakers that were also present have already self-quarantined.

This plan for drive-thru testing feels around 3-4 weeks late

Trump’s attempt to ad lib about “telehealth” and what it is is sad

We can help people stay home if they're sick and support our economy by: -Creating an emergency paid leave program -Increasing Social Security checks by $200 per month -Expanding unemployment benefits -Canceling student loan debt

MA Gov @MassGovernor Baker speaking emotionally about how we can’t dismiss #CoronavirusPandemic as something “that will happen to Seniors” “Those are the people who dressed and fed us everyday and are the reason we are where we are today”

The White House is holding up the nomination for one of the Pentagon’s top intelligence jobs because the official is not considered sufficiently loyal to the president

NEW VIDEO: We all know Trump’s a scammer. But the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

President Trump to declare a national emergency over #coronavirus under Stafford Act to provide additional federal aid to states and localities

Postponing elections is unamerican. Vote by mail.

New - Bolsonaro negative for virus.

Aww who the hell knows and it ain't like these guys ever tell the truth.

Hotel disputes conservative lobbyist Matt Schlapp’s claim of coronavirus ‘screening’ at CPAC site

"It is often said that a crisis reveals a leader’s character. Sadly for all of us, that is certainly true with the coronavirus pandemic and what it has revealed or confirmed about the character or lack thereof of President Donald Trump,"

Inbox: "On Thursday, March 5, Senator Lindsey Graham met with Australia's Minister of Home Affairs Peter Dutton ... in Graham's Washington office. This morning it was announced that Mr. Dutton had tested positive for COVID-19."

Taiwan sets example for world on how to fight coronavirus

Andrew Gillum, a Florida Democrat who narrowly lost a bid for governor in 2018, was found “inebriated” and vomiting in a hotel room with another man apparently experiencing a drug overdose, according to a police report

Trump had no problem declaring a national emergency to build his vanity wall (parts of which collapsed into Mexico, which he said would pay for it!) — but is dragging his feet declaring a national emergency for #coronavirus testing and care. Save lives now - put #FamiliesFirst!

What you need to know if your college is canceling classes or asking students to move off campus

#BREAKING: Andrew Gillum was in an "inebriated state" on scene of "possible drug overdose" at Mondrian South Beach Hotel early this morning with "clear plastic baggies containing suspected crystal meth," according to @MiamiBeachPD report

Miami mayor tests positive for coronavirus after event with Brazil President Bolsonaro

Something bad just happened. Dr. Anthony Fauci was asked point blank whether our failure to act fast on coronavirus has put us on a course like Italy, which now has over 10,000 cases. Dr. Fauci declined to answer directly. Just devastating. New piece

Hundreds of constituents have contacted our office with questions about Coronavirus, so I sat down with Dr. @RebeccaKatz5, a public health and infectious disease expert, to get answers. Our first defense is good information. Watch our conversation

.@NYGovCuomo Dear Governor, using the schools as kitchens and distribute the food to homes and neighborhoods can be done if you decide to close schools! Also for low income families, instead of a children meal we can distribute a grocery bag to feed whole family...

@JohnRobertsFox: A number of White House staff (including comms team) were just called to an urgent meeting in the Chief of Staff’s office because of the Brazilian President Bolsonaro positive test for coronavirus.

Am I allowed to say they’re racist now?

Until Trump gets tested and announces he doesn’t have coronavirus the possibility that he is spreading it cannot be ruled out

Rumors are floating around DC that Trump made another emergency visit to Walter Reed on Wednesday night after his awful Oval Office address...

This is completely irresponsible. Until Trump is tested, we don’t know whether he is spreading the virus to the rest of our government.

Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro tests positive for coronavirus days after Trump meeting.

Trump is a mass murderer.

We need to pass this life-saving bill now. Mitch, just pretend it’s an unqualified white man seeking a lifetime judicial appointment.

Really grateful to @TheAtlantic for un-paywalling its coronavirus coverage. Anyone wondering if you can still do [insert desired activity here] during social distancing, this is a measured read

If you want to know how crazy and panicked people in the DC area are getting, go to a Cosco. At the store I’m at near Pentagon city, people are literally fighting over cases of bleach and Lysol spray. This is what a leadership vacuum looks like.

It's Friday where: -maybe all patients+workers in WA extended care facility have enough COVID-19 tests? -it takes days to get test results in CO, NY -but somehow entire NBA + NBA commentators already tested, have results And we're waiting for Kushner to finish a book report

Remember when trump asked “what the hell do you have to lose?”

“Russia’s trolls pretended to be American people, including political groups and candidates. Much of their activity seemed designed to discourage certain people from voting" - Prof. Young Mie Kim in the @nytimes about Russian interference.

“I trust him to always put the country’s interests before his own; to tell us the truth; to appeal to our best, not our worst, instincts; to unite rather than divide us; and to always treat the presidency as a privilege rather than an entitlement."

California received test kits for COVID-19 from the federal government *that did not include all the components needed to actually run a test.*

Acting Intelligence Chief Grenell Freezes Hiring and Looks to Cut Office

Mr. Jones has been marketing & selling toothpaste, dietary supplements, creams & other products as treatments to prevent & cure the #coronavirus. He even fraudulently claims the US government has said his toothpaste "kills the whole SARS-corona family at point-black range."

All seniors, especially those like me who are over 70, must take every precaution: we are the ones most likely to suffer the most severe complications from COVID-19 that will overwhelm the healthcare system. Please, follow strict social-distancing & even consider self-quarantine.

We now know that Trump wanted LESS coronavirus testing to hide how fast the virus is spreading.@RepAdamSchiff warned us: “You know you can’t trust [Trump] to do what’s right for this country. You can trust he will do what’s right for [himself]."

U.S. federal response to coronavirus is a 'fiasco,' says global health expert

Chinese, North Korean, and Russian government cyberspies caught using COVID-19-themed emails to infect victims State-sponsored hackers are now using coronavirus lures to infect their targets

A new coronavirus test can assess 4,128 patients a day, a 10-fold increase from existing technologies

This is completely irresponsible. Jerry Falwell Jr. should not be given a platform to mislead the public and endanger the lives of Americans

You can’t fight the coronavirus without harming the economy

In February 2019, tRump declared a National State of Emergency over a group of people traveling across South America and Mexico. An “invasion” that never happened. He still hasn’t declared a NSoE for COVID19. Americans are dying and he hasn’t done anything.

JUST IN: Stocks jumped 5% this morning following Wall Street’s worst day in 30 years.

Harvard global health professor Dr. Ashish Jha called the U.S.’s haphazard response to the coronavirus pandemic “among the very worst in the world.” via @HuffPostPol Pretty sure we can no longer say USA is the best in anything. The worst?? PROBABLY

Trump's deadly incompetence has been aided & abetted by the GOP & the conservative movement. Thousands of Americans will die b/c of Trump's mismanagement & millions of Americans will suffer other losses. The Rs and the right share the guilt for this

Omg this ⁦@anitakumar01⁩ story. Jared Kushner asked model Karlie Kloss’ dad (his brother’s father in law) for suggestions to fight coronavirus, so he turned to a Facebook group for ER doctors—telling them he had a “direct channel” to the WH.

A doctor in Boston with #coronavirus symptoms says it’s been hard getting tested despite being a healthcare provider

FAUCI: "You can get infected, become symptomatic, resolve the symptoms, feel well, and still shed virus... Just because you feel better or feel well does not mean that you're not shedding virus.

If you’re wondering whether it’s an overreaction to cancel large gatherings and public events (and I love basketball), here’s a useful primer as to why these measures can slow the spread of the virus and save lives. We have to look out for each other.— Barack Obama

THREAD: What happens when you start feeling sick during an infectious disease outbreak but you don't have health insurance? Texas has the highest share of uninsured residents of any state. Here’s how that complicates the #COVID19 response.

Stocks set to surge following worst day since 1987 Black Monday crash, S&P 500 futures hit ‘limit up’

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, tells @ABC News' @CeciliaVega that the coronavirus spread will "get worse before it gets better."

Trump administration blocks states from using Medicaid to respond to coronavirus crisis

Democratic lawmakers have called on the Trump administration to delay its planned food benefit cut because of the rapidly expanding coronavirus outbreak, but administration officials have said no.

Tom Bossert, a former homeland security adviser to Trump, has tried repeatedly in recent days to be patched through to Trump or Pence to warn them just how dire the coronavirus pandemic really is, only to be blocked by White House officials

Amid coronavirus pandemic, Fox & Friends host Ainsley Earhardt says "it's actually the safest time to fly" (It is not the safest time to fly)

Public record. Cold, rejecting father. Manic-depressive mother. Total absence of love plus lots of money created the most grotesquely maladapted human being on earth.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert, is sounding the alarm over a lack of testing kits in the US: “The system is not really geared to what we need right now. What you are asking for, that is a failing.” @tomcostellonbc has the latest on the coronavirus

Italy’s Health Care System Groans Under Coronavirus — a Warning to the World

There is a pandemic killing people. The stock market had the 4th worst day in US history. President Trump is tweeting attacks on the Centers for Disease Control, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden. He simply cannot comprehend anything other than self-praise and deflecting blame.

He woke up & tried to blame a past president for his deceit & the fact that he has demanded the test kits not be made available to Americans so it would not affect his campaign. He cut the CDC by 80% two years ago. He is solely responsible for this crisis & disaster.

There are now more than 132,500 cases of the coronavirus and nearly 5,000 deaths worldwide, according to the World Health Organization. Over 68,000 patients have recovered globally, according to a tally by Johns Hopkins University.

How did Matt Gaetz get a coronavirus test when the rest of us can’t?

Senate did not pass a #COVID19 bill before adjourning until Monday. McConnell had to get home to Kentucky, with Kavanaugh by his side, for the investiture of new federal judge Justin Walker (rated Not Qualified & never tried a case). That is his priority

The entire country is now paying for those colossally irresponsible decisions—to elect Trump and to dismiss the articles of impeachment—as we face the worst crisis since 9/11 under the bungling leadership of the worst president in modern times.

The coronavirus is deepening the rift between Beijing and Washington, at a time when cooperation is needed most

China’s first confirmed case of COVID-19 is said to have been traced back to mid-November

You have been president for more than three years.

Trump’s Iran policy has done nothing but make them stronger and America weaker. Iran now has enough uranium for a bomb. Our troops are in daily peril, largely defenseless. Iran’s proxies in Syria, Lebanon, Iran are stronger. Time to change course.

Trump has been in charge of the country for more than three years. The main outbreak-related action he took was to disband the pandemic preparedness unit within the White House and try to slash CDC funding. Now he's blaming Obama. He is so unbelievably unfit for office.

WATCH: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell criticizes coronavirus relief bill, calling it "an ideological wish list."

China's central bank pumps $79 billion into banks to aid its virus-weakened economy

Seriously what’s wrong with your fucking asses #panicbuying

Trump had photo taken with infected Brazilian official but does not plan to get tested for coronavirus

Fmr. Obama adviser: Coronavirus economic effects ‘bigger than 2008’

Rep. Katie Porter gets Trump CDC Director to commit to free coronavirus testing

When it comes to flying during coronavirus crisis, 'preparation matters'

Top health official admits coronavirus testing system is ‘failing’

NBA suspends rest of season after player tests positive for coronavirus

U.S. ill served by Trump's repeated lying about coronavirus response

How a country serious about coronavirus does testing and quarantine

Trump admin fails on basic guidance to Americans facing coronavirus

Axios: Republicans fear 'total wipeout' in 2020

Jared Kushner's involvement is part of a discombobulated White House response to the virus, with Trump "reluctant to declare an expansive emergency to combat the escalating coronavirus outbreak, fearful of stoking panic with such a dramatic step,"

Watch this video.📽️ No matter how many times he says it ― no matter how many times he repeats it, please know that the current occupant of the White House *is lying*. We deserve better. This is why House Democrats are taking bold action to meet the needs of our families.

How does everyone feel about the Utah Jazz getting to use 58 tests to confirm one case of coronavirus while hundreds of thousands of ACTUAL cases go untested in countless states? ITS A BIG CLUB, AND YOU AIN'T IN IT. Eat the rich. Fucking assholes.

TRUMP LIED AGAIN: PolitiFact confirms the Obama-Biden administration declared H1N1 a public health emergency BEFORE anyone in the US died, contradicting Trump’s tweet that desperately tried to deflect from his own incompetent response to the coronavirus.

Hey guys, looks like we just killed another senior Iranian military commander. Sorry to interrupt.

Trump is tactically thinking re-election. He has his head in the sand. We are potentially facing a catastrophic health peril that requires a bipartisan, whole of government response. His Oval Office address sounded shaken, illogical. No allies consulted.

You narcissistic, corrupt, unstable, incompetent, liar. Truth: Obama admin tested 1 mil Americans within 30 days of first H1N1 case. 1st US #COVID19 was over 50 days ago-fewer than 10,000 tested.@ProjectLincoln isn't going away

The president keeps meeting people who could transmit the virus to him.

Chinese official pushes the conspiracy theory that the U.S. Army is behind the coronavirus

Beyond testing shortage, the next challenge will be a shortage of ICU units and ventilators. Testing can be ramped up relatively cheaply and quickly (even though it hasn’t happened yet). Not clear how US ramps up ICU units and breathing machines rapidly.

This ! I know it’s a time of hysteria and nerves, but offer to help anyone you can. Not everyone has people to turn to.

People are getting sick by the thousands, and MANY will likely die, BECAUSE TRUMP WANTED TO IMPROVE HIS NUMBERS HE DID NOT GET THE TESTS OUT! TRUMP needs to be removed. Removed and IMPRISONED! The GOPers who helped him as well need to face a penalty. His admin as well.

“Crises clarify. The bigger the crisis, the more the clarity, which is why the incompetence, dishonesty, and sheer callousness of the Trump Presidency have been clearer in recent days than ever before.”

Opinion: The coronavirus is under control. Correction: It is not.

So while we're fighting a plague, we're killing more Iranians?

New cases of coronavirus in China have dropped to single digits for the first time since the country began reporting daily numbers in mid-January

Mayo has developed a COVID-19 test. The initial testing availability will be small but expanding soon. While the Trump administration was limiting the test to its own CDC, we are grateful that other clinics & researchers around the country did not give up.

“It will be a long time before we can reckon with the full damage done by an Administration whose incompetence, disinformation, and sheer bungling in the early stages of the crisis have been at once predictable and breathtaking.”

Biden today proposed using the military to set up mobile field hospitals. This is wh

FIVE! Newly released court records show former Congressman DUNCAN HUNTER engaged in at least 5 extramarital affairs, often subsidizing travel with his mistresses — including a romantic weekend in Lake Tahoe — with $ donated by supporters to his campaign.

This is a lie. Friend’s son came back from Europe this morning. All they asked is if he had been in Italy. The president is spreading false information trying to calm Americans with soothing lies.

The @WashingtonPost has taken down the paywall for articles in our coronavirus newsletter. Get them emailed to you this way:

Trump and his lackeys oppose congressional dem proposals-$2 billion boost to state unemployment insurance,$1 billion in nutritional aid, a new paid-leave benefit for employees affected by the outbreak, an increase in Medicaid spending, a guarantee of free coronavirus testing.

When people die, it's entirely on trump.

People are panicking because we have no one to lead us, they are scared because they don’t know who to trust. That said, I’d like to nominate Nancy Pelosi as interim president while DJT snorts cocaine or whatever the fuck he does.

#Coronavirus can live in your body for up to 37 days, study It lived in the respiratory tracts of some patients for more than five weeks. Some of the patients received antiviral medications but the drugs did not shorten the virus's lifespan

This story broke today. Russia is targeting African Americans again & posing as activist groups - but this time they’re laundering their election interference by paying & working through Ghanaian and Nigerian trolls. Facebook exposed & took down one ring.

Some of the network’s hosts have spent the past week mocking COVID-19 fears, but an internal memo from Fox bosses underscores the severity

Fed repo liquidity = short-term LOANS. They have to be repaid. Fiscal policy (spending approved by Congress) is NOT THE SAME as monetary policy from the Fed. Zimbabwe & Venezuela conflated the two. Do you want to be like them? Come on, people

These people have consistently given the President bad advice

These notes from a UCSF panel are the single best document I’ve seen about what experts believe is likely to happen this year. I don’t want to tweet snippets because you should read it in full.

Just cancel the damn thing. If @SenSanders wanted to make a patriotic sacrifice, he would accept there is no longer a path to nomination and he would let Biden get on with beating Trump and assembling a post-disaster government. He’d be remembered as a non-partisan hero for it.

There’s a public health crisis in our country. We will not stop fighting for access to free testing, paid emergency leave, unemployment benefits for those impacted & more. It’s our responsibility to keep families safe during the #coronavirus emergency

The Trump reality: he intentionally allowed the limited time to slow the spread of COVID-19 to pass. Now, all we can do is study the infection rates and evaluate treatment. There are not words for how history will treat Donald Trump.

Hey folks, I know this may seem obvious but it’s a good reminder: the employees at grocery stores and whatnot have been dealing with panic-shopping and tension all week. They’re exhausted. Please put more than usual consideration into being kind and graceful. They’re helping us.

I've known Bill Burns, the former deputy secretary of state, for almost 25 years. I've never seen him get angry. But here he's angry, at the destruction Trump has wrought:

Comcast is boosting internet speeds, AT&T said it would suspend fees for data overages and Verizon says its networks haven't taken a hit.

Prediction I believe the reasons behind inadequate #COVID19 testing will ultimately be exposed as a Trump decision/directive, and that it will be seen as an egregious act & impeachable offense that is condemned by a majority of Congress (Even the GOP) and the Americans People.

In times of crises, I want my president focused on the present not the past. I also want her/him focused on bringing all Americans together, not slandering leaders of the opposition party with insults like "sleepy Joe." Call me crazy. Call me naive. I call myself an American.

.@realDonaldTrump should be ashamed of his response to this pandemic! He only cares about the Stock market, throwing money in the wrong place! Invest in the tests, in our health experts, in masks, in improving response! This is affecting all Americans! He must go in November...

Australia’s Home Affairs minister Peter Dutton has tested positive. This picture was taken seven days ago in Washington. Meeting Ivanka Trump and US Attorney General William Barr

A Wuhan resident reconstructs how her mother and grandmother struggled through the onslaught of the coronavirus—and lost

Some people see the prospect of a deadly virus and a 14-day quarantine and run far, far away. Others see the deal of a lifetime.

NIAID Dr. Anthony Fauci says guidelines for who could be tested for #COVID19 has changed: "The FDA has removed those restrictions... You go to the Dr., you have symptoms that are suggestive of the coronavirus, it doesn't matter where you are, who you are, you can get a test."

My fellow Americans, regardless of ideological, political, or social differences, my prayers are with each of us. We’re going to bury friends, loved ones & struggle through uncertainty. WE, US, together. I’m pulling for the sum of US...not some of us. Let’s be careful out there.