Thursday, March 7, 2019

The judge apparently just said Paul Manafort has led an otherwise blameless life!!!! He ran "the torturers lobby."

47 months is a very low sentence for Manafort, considering the sentencing guidelines range. I suspect Judge Jackson will run his sentence in her case consecutive to this sentence.

Judge rules Manafort does not get credit for acceptance of responsibility

Sources: Mueller's report "not good news for anybody named Trump".

Sources: Jared Kushner 'extorted Qatar with US foreign policy', accepted bribe from Saudi Arabia

It's a big reporting day on Patribotics - here's our second exclusive of the afternoon. Multiple sources say all three of Trump's eldest children plus Jared Kushner are indicted.

U.S. reportedly cancels journalist Jessikka Aro’s award over her criticism of Trump

“You can’t possibly be serious,” one of the judges told an attorney for Ghislaine Maxwell who wanted to keep the entire case file sealed

Bloomberg: Michael Cohen has filed a lawsuit against the Trump Organization, according to a docket entry in New York State Supreme Court

Foreign leaders showered Trump and his family with more than $140,000 in gifts during their first year in the White House, with China and Saudi Arabia among the most lavish givers.

Embassy Staffers Say Jared Kushner Shut Them Out of Saudi Meetings

Paul Manafort will be sentenced for financial crimes later. He could receive as much as 24 years in prison

Trump threatens to block networks from hosting debates after Dems reject Fox

Dollar to slip, no lift expected from any China trade deal: Reuters poll

Famed attorney & Trump supporter Alan Dershowitz was accused of involvement in billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s sex-trafficking ring by an attorney for a victim of Epstein, who claimed in federal court that release of sealed documents will prove it.

MONDAY: Award-winning journalist Jane Mayer reports that Fox News gave Trump debate questions in advance and then protected him by refusing to run the Stormy Daniels story.

Interesting article on the Congressional investigation - House Probes Cambridge Analytica on Russia and WikiLeaks

Dear @RudyGiuliani: Maybe you missed it, but Cohen is going to PRISON in part because the hush money payments were illegal. That means if @realDonaldTrump wrote the checks, he became part of the conspiracy. You were a former prosecutor. You know the law. Stop lying to us.

Robert Kraft hiring Epstein's attorney?

get ready for Friday my friend be somewhere cool with cool people

BREAKING: Trump supporter Alan Dershowitz accused — in open court — of having sex with victim of billionaire’s pedophile ring

NBC: Customs and Border Protection compiled a list of 59 mostly American reporters, attorneys and activists for border agents to stop for questioning when crossing the border at San Diego-area checkpoints. Agents questioned or arrested at least 21 of them.

NEW: Giuliani says that lawyers for multiple individuals under investigation have contacted him about whether Trump would pardon their clients.

SPICY FILES LIVES - and points out that Jarvanka are both criminally liable for their "security clearances."

FBI Announces New International Corruption Squad in Miami Field Office: The FBI announces the creation of the Miami International Corruption Squad, which joins other squads in New York, D.C., and Los Angeles in combating international corruption by addr...

Nothing could be more dangerous to democracy than a demagogue who claims there’s no way he can be legitimately voted out of office — that any defeat would be fraudulent. That’s where Trump seems to be heading, partly to fend off indictment.

North Korea is reportedly restoring facilities at its long-range rocket launch site that it had dismantled as part of disarmament steps last year

It’s been four years since the murder of Boris Nemtsov. Russians haven’t forgotten.

Trump's former COS John Kelly at Duke: “I think the whole national emergency thing right now is going to be wrapped up in the courts, if it even really gets through Congress, which right now it doesn’t look like it will ..." “Thank god we have the courts,” he added.

I saw them with my own eyes. They’re cages. With children in them.

Open the Jeffrey Epstein files. All of them.

BREAKING: Democratic National Committee rejects Fox News for primary debates, citing New Yorker article that cast doubt on the network’s fairness and neutrality

Lawyer Alan Dershowitz appeared in federal court today at a hearing to release court records in Jeffrey Epstein case. Story to come.

McConnell on why Senate won’t vote on election reform bill: "Because I get to decide"

What started with an investigation into Russia’s interest in Donald Trump’s election campaign has moved far closer to home

Pompeos complaint about the Boston-DC corridor is based on flawed data

New sealed docket in DC.

It might be normal for Trump, but this isn't normal for a president of the United States ‘That is absurd’: CNN host explodes at reporter Maggie Haberman for normalizing Trump’s hush money payoffs

Fox News begs Democrats to reconsider rejected debate and promises 'the ultimate journalistic integrity'

Breaking: Trump admin has identified 471 parents who were removed from the US without their children and “without being given the opportunity to elect or waive reunification in accordance with the preliminary injunction”. This follows ACLU request

Congress demands documents on Trump role in FBI headquarters plan

Trump FBI building scandal returns minus GOP cover from oversight

Question of pardon offers for Cohen a new focus of Trump inquiry

Cohen makes another visit to Congress with documents in hand

Investigators checking if Trump lying includes financial docs