Sunday, October 11, 2020

Now in Government Food Aid Boxes: A Letter From Donald Trump


Remember when William Burck withheld thousands of documents from Brett Kavanaugh’s tenure as Staff Secretary, and Lindsey Graham was apoplectic over Kavanaugh’s treatment during his confirmation hearing? Lindsey’s principal campaign committee received $10,000 from Burck.


A man is being held for investigation of first degree murder in a fatal shooting that occurred during protests in downtown Denver, police say. The suspect is a 30-year-old private security guard working for a local TV station.


CNN exclusive: Fauci says he was taken out of context in new Trump campaign ad touting coronavirus response


The New York Times releases a report illustrating how the paper says President Trump turned "his own hotels and resorts into the Beltway's new back rooms, where public and private business mix and special interests reign."


Two of those charged in the alleged domestic terrorism plot to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer are former Marines, the Corps said


Schumer: “Democrats will not supply the quorum” to Judiciary Committee for vote


We don’t believe or trust you, plague rat.


McConnell admits packing the courts. Maybe the media should focus on *this* packing of the courts?


Looks like we found the real court packer.


There is no excuse for President Trump’s reckless behavior — Joe Biden


I want every member of the LGBTQ+ community to know you are loved and accepted just as you are — whether you've come out or not. I'll fight every day in the White House to create a country where you can live open, proud, and free — without fear.


Trump’s White House Covid outbreak is America’s pandemic failure in a nutshell


WaPo-ABC poll: National: Likely voters Joe Biden 54% Donald Trump 42%


In one Afghan province, targeted killings are on the rise, school attendance is down, and Taliban fighters are expanding their areas of influence


Opinion: How does Katie Porter do it?


Mitch has turned his back on Prestonsburg. Kentuckians need aid NOW and instead of fighting for it, he cut off negotiations and decided to focus on his own political agenda. I won't turn my back on Kentucky. I'll actually represent YOU


BREAKING: Joe Biden holds a 17-point lead over Pres.Trump in trust to handle the coronavirus pandemic in a new @ABCNews /Washington Post poll, powering him to a double-digit advantage in the race.


We don’t have precedent for a President ordering top cabinet members to use the power of the state, at this scale, against political adversaries 24 days before an election. The best comparisons are to the authoritarian states the US condemns. An analysis.


Have read this 3 times now. Such an oddly phrased note. Never once does it say he’s tested negative for COVID


Covid-19 vaccines that are sprayed into the nose or inhaled won't require needles — and they may be more effective, too


Weekend Update: Trump Leaves the Hospital - SNL


Hundreds of people came into contact with Trump in the week leading up to his positive Covid test, according to interviews and a review of White House schedules, news accounts and photos


The American people want @realDonaldTrump to take the pandemic seriously and to stop downplaying the virus. So what’s the response of @POTUS? Let’s do another super spreader event on Monday, this time in Florida! Vote like your life depended on it.


"I thought they just wanted to scare us or take us to the police station" Since 2019 more than 1,000 underage protesters have been arrested in Hong Kong during anti-government protests


"Soon the issue for the Kremlin may come to whether to abort progress in Belarus by using force or to prioritize improving Russia's economy and reducing social unease."


Mike Pence buried his conscience 4 years ago, when a tape emerged of Donald Trump boasting about sexually assaulting women,


BREAKING: Trump's doctor says the president is no longer at risk of transmitting the coronavirus.


Media focus on whether Biden will "pack the Supreme Court" is a PRIME EXAMPLE of how the US press eagerly promotes right wing propaganda.


Looking hale and hearty.


The central role played by Trump’s properties in his administration is illustrated by how often the president visits: about one out of every four days of his term, according to our tally.


Just 60 customers with interests at stake before the Trump administration brought his family business nearly $12 million in the first two years of his presidency, we found. Almost all saw their interests advanced, in some way, by Trump or his government.


President Trump didn’t just fail to drain the swamp. He reinvented it. Part Four of the Trump tax investigation reveals how he turned his properties into the Beltway’s new back rooms, where public and private business mix and special interests reign.