Saturday, November 9, 2019

"The Russians were who attacked us in 2016, and they're now writing the script for others to do the same. And if we don't get our act together, they will continue to make fools of us internationally." -Fiona Hill, former senior NSC official

Politically motivated manipulation or suppression of government scientists’ research undermines critical government programs aimed at protecting the public’s health, the environment, and the economy. In short, it puts lives at risk.

Russian infiltration in Britain’s establishment posed "potentially the most significant threat to the UK's institutions and its ways of life," one witness to the ISC Russia enquiry told lawmakers in written testimony filed last summer and seen by CNN.

The Berlin Wall and the collapse of communism in five acts. The destruction of The Wall was a key symbolic act at the center of a much wider drama.

It would be implausible for Putin NOT to target Trump. In addition to this being the Kremlin's modus operandi, Trump's personal and business affiliations, corrupt practices, behavior and attitudes towards women all but guaranteed a huge collection of kompromat

Mick Mulvaney filed papers yesterday asking a judge if he must obey a House subpoena in the ongoing impeachment hearings, or follow WH orders that he not comply Mulvaney had been subpoenaed to testify Friday, but did not#MickMulvaney will be going to jail in the new year

Trump is still lying about how tariffs work. They are taxes on American importers, not China -- no matter how many times he claims otherwise.

REPORTER: Did you ask Bill Barr or anyone in your DOJ to investigate the Bidens? And if not, why did you ask the president of Ukraine to do something you weren't willing to ask your own DOJ to do? TRUMP, DODGING: "We're looking for corruption."

Asked what he says to Americans who don't believe him, Trump bizarrely brings up his first call with the Ukrainian president and says he's willing to releasing some sort of transcript of it

Trump indicates he's open to endorsing Jeff Sessions in part because Sessions said nice things about him in his campaign launch video

Trump thinks Fox News propagandist Mark Levin is the final word about whether or not his dealings with Ukraine were appropriate

Trump on impeachment: “They shouldn't be having public hearings.” Wasn't the Republican complaint that the proceedings were secret — a “secret, closed-door star-chamber process of impeachment,” to quote one? Make up your minds, guys.

Trump's lawyers intend to petition the U.S. Supreme Court by Nov. 14 to review a lower court ruling requiring the president to turn over eight years of his tax returns to a state grand jury, according to a letter written Friday.

Inside Russia’s Shady Seduction Schools

The presidents free lawyer is worried that he’s going to get in trouble for all the criming.

No, you and your client have trashed the Constitution, as well as countless other laws, rules, and norms that have made us a civilized society governed by the rule of law. Schiff is trying to honor and restore them.

Indeed. And this too: “No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.” -Matthew 6:24

The disingenuous legislators and Fox News entertainers know the whistleblower's identity is irrelevant. They're not confused about that. They fall into 2 camps: those who want him/her killed to scare off other whistleblowers and those who want to distract from Trump's wrongdoing.

Yes. As I reported in #HouseofTrump, Trump started laundering $ for RU mafia in '84, the RU Mafia works hand in glove w KGB/FSB, he was invited to Moscow shortly thereafter, and ran for pres in 88 on a foreign policy platform that sounded like it was written by KGB.

Chairman @RepEliotEngel: The Trump Administration is holding assistance $ to Lebanon at a time when those funds are needed to counter Hezbollah, ISIS, & Al-Qaeda. We need answers on why the Administration is preventing this critical U.S. support from moving forward.

Rep. Jim Jordan - who's been appointed to the House Intel Committee with impeachment hearings set to begin - is facing a new accusation that he ignored warnings about an OSU doctor, accused of sexually abusing nearly 200 men over two decades.

Upon leaving office, Trump should be prosecuted for fraud for using his charity for personal and political expenses. Other people go to prison for this. The wealthy and powerful should not be able to buy their way out with a civil fine.

These con artists are doing tremendous damage to Christianity.

Via an official working on the impeachment inquiry: "This morning, one minute before his scheduled deposition was to start, Mr. Mulvaney’s outside counsel informed us that his client had been directed by the White House not to comply ...and asserted 'absolute immunity'"

Kevin McCarthy, who is on tape saying he thinks Putin pays Trump, appoints Trump's #1 defender in the House to new position where he can ignore, obfuscate and deny Trump's connections to Putin the same way Gym ignored, obfuscated and denied sexual abuse at Ohio State.

Trump wants to go to Russia

But what’s the statue of limitations on you knowing about coaches molesting boys while you did nothing?

After weeks of Republicans demanding that Schiff open up the doors and allow the public to see the impeachment proceedings, Trump says this morning: “They shouldn’t be having public hearings.”

Ooooooh we’ve moved from executive privilege to “absolute immunity.” Fantasy Law looks fun, maybe I’ll teach it next semester

It’s a decision for the representatives of the people, all of whom swore an oath to the Constitution, but hey, Trump gets a pass. You almost had a chance for greatness, but now you’re just one more bootlicker for a man below your regard.

Yes, Jordan is apparently the best the House GOP has to offer. He is Trump’s latest Roy Cohn. Three guarantees about his upcoming star turn 1. He will be in shirtsleeves, no jacket 2. He will talk VERY fast and be VERY hard to follow 3. He will be uninterested in the truth

This needs more investigating. Jordan’s denial seems implausible

Extortion. Hatch Act. Abuse of official position. Mulvaney is going down. Impeachment transcript: White House officials testify quid pro quo effort was coordinated with Mulvaney

Steve Bannon says the Trump team saw Roger Stone as an "access point" to Assange. They thought they were colluding.

Jim Jordan’s entire career has been based on ignorin’ criminal behavior.

Trump claims he never asked Attorney General Barr to hold a news conference exonerating him on Ukraine. I've submitted a FOIA request demanding DOJ documents on this. If Trump is telling the truth, Barr should have no problem expediting my request.

Trump called Gordon Sondland a 'great American.' Now he says 'I hardly know the gentleman.'

Trump and top campaign aides believed they were colluding with an attack on the US election that was publicly linked to Russia. And they got away with it. This is bigger than Ukraine

Only 3 Senate Republicans aren't defending Trump from the impeachment inquiry. Sens. Mitt Romney, Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski have refused to sign onto a proposed resolution denouncing the impeachment inquiry into Trump

Yes, it does @Jim_Jordan. It's not a trial. It's an investigation. Stop tweeting and get ready. Methinks you are scared out of your wits.

Seth Meyers destroys Lindsey Graham: ‘Not good when your defense is also a confession

Trump is denying a report, that he and "The Apprentice" creator Mark Burnett have talked about rebooting the show. His tweet comes after The Daily Beast, citing four sources, revealed Trump and the show creator have been kicking around ideas.

The proposal, which is slated to be published in the Federal Register Thursday, would make the U.S. one of only four nations that require asylum-seekers fleeing persecution to pay a fee for the government to process their applications

Jeff Sessions used to show “reefer madness” at his rallies, a movie that says Marijuana makes white women want to have sex with black men. But you know what makes white woman want to have sex with black men? Jeff Sessions...

Trump has spent weeks questioning the whistleblower. But most of the whistleblower's complaint has been corroborated during closed-door depositions, through public statements and from the rough transcript of the call itself, released by the White House.

Hey @realDonaldTrump, you think Hannity is your friend? He set you up for impeachment!

Breaking News: John Bolton, President Trump’s former national security adviser, has details on the Ukraine affair that lawmakers don't know about, his lawyer said

Oh look here's Fiona Hill, a high-ranking NSC official in charge of Russia in the Trump administration, saying Putin targeted Trump back when he was a businessman

Q: why do you believe Putin was targeting Trump from his days as a businessman? HILL: Because that’s exactly what Putin and others were doing. Part of directorate of KGB. what they did exclusively was targetting businessmen

Wow. This comment alone should be enough to dispel any lingering hopes that @NikkiHaley might be a constitutional conservative. Likening impeachment to the death penalty?! Give me a break. So sad to see Nikki choose this path. Was a huge fan until she parted with principle. Next!

Fiona Hill, Trump's former top adviser on Russia and Europe, told House investigators that her time in the Trump admin. was marked by death threats, “hateful calls” and “conspiracy theories,” a harassment campaign she said was revived after it was learned she would cooperate.

It's really nice of future GOP presidential candidate @NikkiHaley to admit on camera that she would commit impeachable crimes if she were elected President before she ever files to run.

Mulvaney rolls the dice, puts his fate about testimony in court’s hands. But Dems have indicated unwillingness to delay their proceedings with the hopes of wrapping things up by year’s end. Mulvaney’s move though could put more pressure on Ds to hit pause

Calls grow for Jim Jordan to resign over refusal to confront sexual misconduct as #JimJordanKnew trends

Fiona Hill Transcript Describes Rep. Matt Gaetz Getting Kicked Out of Closed-Door Hearing

People Are Using Secret Facebook Groups To Spread Hate We Can’t See. We Need Your Help.

LATE NIGHT NEWS FROM THE COAST: Manafort's ex-son-in-law Jeff Yohai gets 9+ years for 'horrific' series of frauds, including scam 'sober living' homes. Sentence is about year-and-a-half longer than Manafort is serving

“Shortly after WikiLeaks released the emails, Alexandra Preate, a Trump campaign aide who worked for Bannon, texted Stone a two-word message: ‘well done,’ according to evidence presented earlier in the trial.”

POTUS just called me Fake News again. My question is about his lying. His answer...before he told me to be quiet.

Fellow veterans take note: the President of the United States has formally confessed to illegally misdirecting charitable funds from an event he claimed was a benefit for veterans. How many more affronts to flag and uniform will we tolerate?

Manafort's former son-in-law gets 9 years for array of scams

Jim Jordan knew about repeated acts of sexual abuse of boys & young men at OSU & did nothing to stop these crimes. Kids were being molested & Jordan failed to protect them. Now he’s a congressman, allied w/ a sexual predator: Donald Trump #JimJordanResign

In excerpt of a @CBSSunday interview to air tonight on @CBSEveningNews, former UN Amb @NikkiHaley ridicules notion of impeaching Pres Trump. "On what? You're going to impeach a president for asking for a favor that didn’t happen and – and giving money and it wasn’t withheld?"

Rep. Jim Jordan - who's been appointed to the House Intel Committee with impeachment hearings set to begin - is facing a new accusation that he ignored warnings about an OSU doctor, accused of sexually abusing nearly 200 men over two decades.

NEW, w/ @NatashaBertrand: Alexander Vindman and Fiona Hill strongly pushed back against the Trump- and Giuliani-endorsed debunked theory that Ukraine interfered in the 2016 election. “It is a fiction,” Hill said. No “factual basis,” said Vindman

From Hill sworn testimony: Hill asked who put Sondland in charge of Ukraine. “And he said, the President,” Hill testified. “Well, that shut me up because you can’t really argue with that.”

Stone trial offers view on Trump camp engagement with WikiLeaks

Bannon names Stone as Trump camp's 'access point' to WikiLeaks

Trump options limited in defense of Ukraine shakedown

With impeachment looming, Trump rallies dubious support

Witness paints Trump scheme, Russian threat in vivid detail

Imagine how desperate you would have to be to think Gym Jordan is your best play

Right now in DC: Large march calling for Trump to be impeached and removed.

"The Russians were who attacked us in 2016, and they're now writing the script for others to do the same. And if we don't get our act together, they will continue to make fools of us internationally." -Fiona Hill, former senior NSC official

Yes please and thank you. Trump: 'If I lose, I don’t think you will ever see me again'

Continuing the momentum from this week, I will fight to be a voice for Kentuckians and defeat Mitch McConnell.

This is a pretty widespread conclusion among almost all Russia experts. Because that’s how Russia works. It would have been strange if they had *not* targeted him.

Within 24 hours, Trump announced that the former state attorney general to whom he had made an illegal $25k payment from his fraudulent charity, she's also going to be on his impeachment legal team!

EVERY predator and their enablers must be held accountable, including elected officials. We deserve better. No wonder we lack fair and just laws and protections when rape culture is perpetuated by legislators & ppl in positions of power.

Fiona’s Hill lawyer Lee Wolosky put in the record that GOP’s counsel, Steve Castor, laughed when Hill described being targeted by Alex Jones and InfoWars.

Fox News now attacks American Christians who refuse to accept the extreme right Opus Dei ideology of Attorney General Barr at ⁦@NDLaw⁩. Meanwhile real Americans support separation of church and state.

Parents of Teenager Killed by U.S. Diplomat's Wife Say Donald Trump Offered to Have the Treasury Write Them a Check

Time for @Jim_Jordan to head for the showers

Imagine being Donald Trump and knowing there was a book with all kinds of horribly true things about you but not being able to read the words yourself, bet the powerless he feels adds to the dystopian nightmare swirling in his drug addled brain.

No, not that Trump multi-million dollar fraud settlement, the other Trump multi-million dollar fraud settlement.

The article Donald Trump Jr. shared in his tweet naming the whistleblower was from Breitbart, which Facebook recently designated as a "trusted" news source.