Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Here’s How Facebook’s Local News Algorithm Change Led To The Worst Riots Paris Has Seen In 50 Years

Nebraskan farmers say Trump's trade conflicts have cost them $1,000,000,000 in revenue, according to the Omaha World. Herald

BuzzFeed reports about the paranoia among Facebook employees: “Now, people now have burner phones to talk shit about the company — not even to reporters, just to other employees"

JUST IN: Canadian Justice Dept. confirms to CNBC that it arrested the CFO of Chinese tech giant Huawei in Vancouver on Dec. 1 for extradition to the United States; a court hearing has been set for Friday.

Today: The president ignores the findings of the CIA and stands by the Saudi regime. 2016: Lobbyists representing the Saudi government paid for an estimated 500 nights at Trump's hotel in just three months.

BREAKING: New home sales tumble 5.5% in September

Former President George Bush touches the casket of his father, former President George H.W. Bush, as he prepares to speak during his State Funeral at the National Cathedral, in Washington. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

The Flynn memo makes clear that the Trump campaign had a National Security Adviser who WAS ON THE PAYROLL OF A FOREIGN GOVERNMENT. At the same time Trump was pursuing a financial deal in Russia without disclosing it. How many countries were pulling strings behind the scenes?!?

Big news: Four Defendants Charged in Panama Papers Investigation for Their Roles in Panamanian-Based Global Law Firm’s Decades-Long Scheme to Defraud the United State

The Health 202: House Democrats want more aggressive scrutiny of health-care mergers

Second woman says she was paid to collect absentee ballots in North Carolina House race

Wisconsin GOP voted in wee hours of morning to brazenly strip power from Dem gov/AG & make it harder to vote Similar GOP legislative coups underway in MI, NC & OH This is outrageous abuse of power & should be huge national scandal

Comptroller: Netanyahu cannot use donations to finance his defense team

Once a president declares a “national emergency” more than 100 special provisions become available to him. What if a president facing electoral defeat or impeachment were to declare an emergency for the sake of holding on to power?

Some Republicans want to oust a Muslim doctor from his GOP leadership role — because he’s Muslim

We know Pence was in daily communication with Paul Manafort during the transition, discussing every position. Flynn's testimony likely confirms this contact and focus attention on Pence.

If charged under Section 951, as DOJ is considering, Erickson could be the first American embroiled in the Russia situation to face an espionage charge

Raw beef recall expands to 12 million pounds after hundreds infected by salmonella

America will suffer without a new NAFTA, top Canadian official says

Trump Emoluments Case: A Blast Of Subpoenas And A Politically Risky Schedule

Operation Pollino: 'Ndrangheta mafia struck in Europe-wide sting

"While the Western partners make strong statements, Putin acts." Ukraine's leader urges sanctions over Russian "aggression"

Slovakia expels Russian diplomat, says engaged in espionage

Michael Flynn is making amends. That's good for America and the Mueller investigation.

NEW: There is a direct financial connection between the North Carolina GOP and the alleged election fraud operation run by convicted felon Leslie McCrae Dowless The North Carolina GOP paid Red Dome, the company that employed McCrae Dowless, over 17K in October 2018

2005 Epstein Probable Cause Affidavit 20+ victims. The most grotesque sexual deviancy I’ve ever read. This is who ⁦@SecretaryAcosta⁩ brokered a sweetheart deal

BREAKING: European Parliament recommends an EU wide Magnitsky Act in their report on EU-Russia relations which will be debated on Thursday. A firm rebuke of Dutch Foreign Minister Stef Blok’s proposal to drop Magnitsky’s name from the legislation

Fun Fact: Donald Trump now owns 10 of the Dow’s top 20 worst single-day declines in stock market history

The Trumps’ use of a motorcade to visit the presidential guest quarters prompts questions and speculation about why they didn’t simply walk across the street

A trial that could have allowed the victims of serial molester Jeffrey Epstein to finally tell their stories from a witness stand was aborted Tuesday when it was announced in court that the case had been settled

Saudi Arabia works on convincing Russia to join oil cuts

Multimillionaire Jeffrey Epstein, an alleged serial sex abuser of girls, has settled a lawsuit, dodging the threat for now that several of his accusers would tell their stories in open court

George H.W. Bush's funeral will be the first time Donald Trump is in close proximity to the Obamas and the Clintons since his inauguration day

Joint Forces Operation Press Center: yesterday Russian forces opened fire 24 times. 1 Ukrainian soldier was killed, 3 wounded

Russia’s Defense Ministry said it’s deployed laser weapons amid U.S. threats to terminate the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty

Russia says U.S. has shown no evidence it is in breach of nuclear treaty

JUST IN: Istanbul chief prosecutor's office files arrest warrants for Saudi officials Ahmed Asiri and Saud al-Gahtani in relation to Jamal Khashoggi's murder - two Turkish officials

Behind Erik Prince’s China venture

Trump has been urging his associates to have "guts" and not cooperate in the Russia probe. But Mueller sent a clear message tonight to current/future witnesses: testify honestly and completely, and you could be spared prison time.

Bought&PaidFor Dept: "GOP Senators Who Tried to Kill Yemen War Resolution Were Paid by Saudi Lobbyists."

Mueller filing says Flynn made multiple false statements, including statements about a "Turkey Project." Mueller says Flynn's "false statements impeded the ability of the public to learn about the Republic of Turkey’s efforts to influence public opinion about the failed coup."

Mueller’s filing tonight is the equivalent of losing a cell phone call in the tunnel just when it started to get interesting..