Sunday, July 8, 2018

British woman Dawn Sturgess exposed to Novichok nerve agent dies

Today, one-third of all sitting justices on elected courts have run in a million-dollar election, as documented in a recent report by the Brennan Center.

Ross is awash in conflicts of interest and self-dealing

Brexit funder, Aaron Banks, now revealed to have had 7 more meetings with Russian officials during and after the campaign than previously admitted and to have purchased discounted shares in a state-owned Russian diamond company which then doubled in value.

We have liftoff!

US soybean farmers warn Trump trade war with China will cause "serious damage" to industry

So let's say: No Mobsters who took money from Semion Mogilevich bratva in our justice department - especially in charge of the ORGANIZED CRIME division.

The Trump administration threatened to withdraw military aid to Ecuador over a resolution supporting breast feeding??

Richard Blumenthal on SCOTUS: "The president's outsourced his decision to The Federalist Society and the Heritage Foundation ... I've never seen a president of the United States in effect, make himself a puppet of outside groups."

#Russia's state TV host ridicules @SenJohnThune for bringing a burner phone to Russia, says it's pointless, since "any phone can be hacked anywhere in the world." ©️


Paul Ryan is refusing to do anything about the Jim Jordan allegations.

"It isn't chaos , its calculation because between every single seemingly sparatic tweet , or exec order or press conference is a cold yet determined vision to divide American life to a zero sum game where in order for one part of our community to win someone else has to lose

U.S. government freezes payments to Obamacare insurers with sicker patients

Republicans are preparing a $30 billion farmer relief fund to help white Trump voters in the Midwest deal with the effects of Trump’s trade war with China. But uh... socialism is evil right? Right?

JUST IN: Pennsylvania county that voted for Trump by 75% elects known registered sex offender as Fire Chief for a second term, even though voters and town officials knew about his conviction for raping a 4-year-old girl. Local mayor defends decision.

This exchange between Pompeo and a reporter is something. Q: Did you bring up the satellite images that show that facilities are actually expanding, and what did the North Koreans say? Pompeo: “Well, your characterization is interesting...”

“I’m very pleased to tell you today the Scottish government beat that American golf course owner in court."

Mr. President, you erroneously suggested in Montana last night that our NATO allies have never done anything for our security. Before you get the summit, check out these numbers of soldiers who gave the ultimate sacrifice to defend us

Israeli intelligence firm Black Cube targeted NGOs during Hungary's election campaign - The Hungarian campaign would represent the first time Black Cube’s work was allegedly used in the run-up to an election

‘The denigration of Nato and the EU, longstanding US allies, has become about as common in the US president’s oratory as his praise for autocrats like Kim Jong-un, and Vladimir Putin’

Manafort requests his trial be moved out of Northern Virginia because district voted for Clinton

Trump falsely claims public opinion has "turned strong against" Mueller

Pres. Trump is tweeting about a 'witch hunt' again. Here's what Robert Mueller's probe has found so far.

Proving once again that only fools rush in, Trump forced a summit for cheap headlines. In the process, he gave legitimacy to the most oppressive communist regime on the planet, further damaged the United States and made himself look like a fool.

Maine lobster workers warn Trump: China's retaliatory tariffs will hurt our industry

Capital Gazette staffers say one of the reporters killed in shooting saved others by charging gunman

States aren’t waiting for the Supreme Court to solve gerrymandering

EXCLUSIVE: 30 Sources Expose Sexually Explicit Evidence of Harassment by Ohio GOP Rep. Wes Goodman


American media keeps falling for Russian trolls


No, President Trump, the KGB Is Not ‘Fine’

Wow, at an NYT event at UCLA, Luskin School Dean @GarySegura blasted and mocked NYT reporters in front of their faces for their both-sides journalism. Predictably, those reporters were not happy.

Trump, June 13: “There is no longer a Nuclear Threat from North Korea." North Korea, today: “US is fundamentally mistaken to think that the demands that reflect their ‘robber mentality’ are acceptable to our patience”.

A group of protesters confronted Sen. Mitch McConnell on a Louisville street, calling out "No justice, no peace."

Troops who joined the military through a program to award citizenship in exchange for urgently needed skills have been targeted by the Trump administration to have their enlistment contracts cancelled - facing possible deportation.

Trump administration focuses on Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, with Mideast peace plan stalled

Southern California heat wave breaks records

A lawyer representing @realDonaldTrump’s child separation policies has dog-sitting issues this weekend, so 100 kids under 5 won’t see their moms & dads. This is Trump’s new America. His cruelty has spread like cancer to those who serve him and it threatens all of our lives.

We need to stop calling it a "labor shortage" and call it what it really is: A WAGE SHORTAGE. Corporations are sitting on a record amount of cash. They just got an obscene tax cut. The argument those would boost wages was a lie then, and it's a lie now.

Seventh former Ohio State wrestler accuses top GOP lawmaker of ignoring sexual abuse

We're calling him Gym Jordan from now on.

President Trump’s first UK visit expected to be met with protests and support

What a joke. How can a White House staff that can’t tell the difference between a real and a fake Twitter account handle selection of a Supreme Court justice? Let’s see what they serve up on Monday. Then tell your senators to vote NO

Former Senate GOP Majority Leader Bill Frist: "Special counsel Robert S. Mueller III is under assault, and that is wrong. No matter who is in the White House, we Republicans must stand up for the sanctity of our democracy and the rule of law."

One American service member was killed and two others were wounded on Saturday in what the U.S.-led coalition described as an "apparent insider attack."

One of the leading contenders for the Supreme Court could see his chance at the nomination hinge on his handling of a legal battle last year over a 17-year-old immigrant’s request for an abortion.

Trump baby blimp to go on "world tour"

House Freedom Caucus members are urged to stand by Rep. Jim Jordan

Putin sends reminder

The third most dangerous country for women in terms of sexual violence? A tie between Syria and the U.S.

McConnell pushing Trump toward two potential Supreme Court nominees: report

BREAKING: North Korea Foreign Ministry says talks with Pompeo 'regrettable,' accuses US of unilateral demands for denuclearization

71-year-old Timothy Nolan — a former KY District Judge, KY chair of the Trump campaign & one of Trump’s loudest supporters will likely spend the rest of his life in jail after pleading guilty to 21 counts of child sex trafficking charges against him

Politico: GOP Rep @Jim_Jordan took saunas with his teenage wrestlers.