Wednesday, October 23, 2019

“Dozens of members brought in electronics... They not only brought in their unauthorized bodies, they may have brought in the Russians and the Chinese with electronics into a secure space...”

Good. Now DO something meaningful about it.

The Republican speaker of the Texas House of Representatives announced that he will not be seeking reelection in 2020 amid a scandal involving an audio recording in which he apparently sought help ousting incumbent members of his own party

Ignoring the fact that this statement could have come straight from Hitler or any of the Persons Indicted For War Crimes (PIFWCs) of former-Yugoslavia, two things are extremely apparent: 1. He’s terrified 2. The GOP is fracturing — quickly.

Here comes the Judicial Branch... NEW: Judge orders State Department to release Ukraine records in 30 daysh

That is a Disney Annual Pass sticker. And a license plate that reads NO VAX. This is essentially the first shot of a disaster film.

Well fuck it... let's just have a king

Dems say Cooper hearing is still stalled: Tom Malinowski just called this a “pathetic stunt” It’s unclear when the Cooper hearing will start again since the members won’t leave the room The GOP members are sitting there eating pizza right now, he said

GOP Rep. Mark Walker entangled in federal corruption probe in North Carolina

NEW: Lawmakers conducting the #impeachmentinquiry issued a letter to deputy Secy of State John Sullivan saying the refusal to comply with a subpoena for records re: Ukraine at this point is considered obstruction of Congress and the inquiry itself.

Every one of these jerkoffs who stormed the SCIF will be dumping a fundraising email today. Mark my words.

When announced weeks ago, it seemed strange a politically-appointed US Ambassador to Germany would take on added duties as “special envoy to Serbia.” Given recent actions by other special envoys & Putin’s interest in the Balkans, perhaps another red flag?

I’ve been in SCIFs a lot. The stupidest thing someone can do is bring an electronic device. You would lose your security clearance +may even face criminal prosecution. If these reports are accurate, those remedies should be looked at.Foreign govts want to target SCIF all the time

We're witnessing the last-minute spasms of terror from the worst traitors in America's history.

Republican Sen. John Thune on the closed-door testimony of Bill Taylor: "The picture coming out of it based on the reporting we've seen is, yeah, I would say is not a good one."

Rep. Stephen Lynch says there are six Republicans still in the room who are staging a sit-in of sorts.

In a SCIF? Top Secret intelligence, you traitorous rat.

AP sources: More than two months before the phone call that launched the impeachment inquiry into President Trump, Ukraine's newly elected leader told advisers he was worried about pressure from the U.S. president to investigate Democrat Joe Biden.

The invasion of a SCIF by unauthorized persons isn't protest -- it's a Federal crime with serious #natsec implications. Lethal force is authorized to defend SCIFs. This isn't a joke. Next time Gaetz & his merry band of felons try this stunt, they should be ready for consequences.

If Barr does not recuse himself, the bar association's statement said, "he should resign or, failing that, be subject to sanctions, including possible removal, by Congress."

Giuliani Associates Plead Not Guilty To Charges Of Making Illegal Campaign Donations

To be clear, Parnas’ attorney recognized he personally couldn’t assert executive privilege but claimed that it might be implicated.

BREAKING: Maryland AG @BrianFrosh sues Kushner apartment company, alleging thousands of violations while renting rodent-infested units:

STORY w/ @MZanona >> GOP-led stunt delays impeachment proceedings

Laura Cooper’s deposition is currently on hold while Republicans remain inside the SCIF apparently trying to negotiate a settlement with Schiff. Source tells me the SCIF is now being swept because of the cell phone violations.

We won’t allow this @HouseGOP political stunt to stand. They would much rather attack process than answer one simple question: is it acceptable for the president to pressure a foreign leader to open an investigation and manufacture dirt on a political opponent?

Live: Trump announces 'permanent' cease-fire in Syria, end to sanctions ...

Dear lord. Trump is actually taking credit for the mess in Syria, and lifting sanctions on Turkey while apparently endorsing the Russia-Turkey plan to carve up Syria. This is insane.

Wyatt protester: No charges will result from August confrontation

Trump administration sought billions of dollars in cuts to programs aimed at fighting corruption in Ukraine and elsewhere

I'm on the Senate floor calling up the FIRE Act for a vote. In light of the President’s recent actions, it is more important than ever that we pass this legislation and require presidential campaigns to report attempted election interference to the FBI.

OMG they have lost their GD minds! Watch this so sad publicity stunt @mattgaetz @SteveScalise @HouseGOP trying to break into the chambers where the #ImpeachmentInquiry is being held. Arrest these crazy as f men, they are not representing Americans

Trump Attorney Shocks Judge by Claiming President could Shoot somebody on 5th Avenue: ‘Nothing Could be Done’

BIG: NYT says Ukraine knew of military aid freeze by early August, contradicting White House line that Ukraine didn't even know about the supposed leveraging of

Top US envoy for Syria: Turkish supported forces have committed "several" war crimes in Syria

This sure sounds like a call to violence.

Intel Dem @RepMikeQuigley said it would be up to leadership to consider whether to file ethics complaints against R’s who “pushed their way in” to scif — says they took photos/filmed in the House’s secure classified spaces “They have no respect for” the process.

These Republicans are none members of any Committee. This is a tactic to slow today’s testimony.

What Putin did and currently does again, is not just an "influence" in the democratic process of the #USA. No, what he managed to do was even worse: He made Americans questioning each others dignity, honesty, humanity and patriotism. But Putin will lose, if we spread the word.

Stop saying “Quid pro quo”. Start saying “extortion”.

Pompeo is handed a package of dog food by Italian journalist so US can learn to be faithful.

committing major federal crimes as a performance stunt to own the libs

Replying to and
Second source confirms for me that some Republicans brought cell phones into the classified space. Unclear how this will be handled but this sort of thing just doesn't happen.

The conservatives walked into hearing room with their electronics, Connolly said, which is prohibited in the room. Mike Conaway of Texas collected the electronics. Laura Cooper testimony has been delayed because of the disruption; Schiff is consulting with the sergeant of arms.

‘Horde of clueless angry white men’: Internet mocks Matt Gaetz for leading a raid on a secure impeachment hearing

Trump's attorney Consovoy just agreed that Trump could NOT be criminally investigated while in office if he shot someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue, when pressed by Judge Chin.

Dunne questions what would happen if the president "did pull a gun out and [shot] someone on Fifth Avenue." Would police be disabled? he asks
Trump's attorney Consovoy just agreed that Trump could NOT be criminally investigated while in office if he shot someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue, when pressed by Judge Chin.