Sunday, January 17, 2021

They actually refer to @HawleyMO and @tedcruz


THREAT LEVEL IN THE CAPITAL: @RepAdamSchiff tells @margbrennan he thinks the #inauguration will proceed safely, but underscores there remains a "profound threat" posed by extremists On the current security and military posture in DC he says, “it reminds me of visiting Baghdad.”


Police already arrested Navalny's brother and some of his closest aides, seemingly for the crime of waiting for him at the airport


Thoughtful, serious, and 100% correct. Highly recommended piece by ⁦@TheRickWilson⁩ Unity? First, accountability: Before Joe Biden can bring America together, Donald Trump and his helpers must pay for what they’ve don


Germany marks 75th anniversary of landmark Nuremberg trials


A retired Navy Seal who boasted about “breaching the Capitol” changed his tune when ABC News called him:”I would like to express to you just a cry for life now has been absolutely turned upside-down...I am not a terrorist. I am not a traitor”


CNN Anchor Alisyn Camerota: It’s Time to Stop Putting ‘Delusional’ Trump Supporters on Air


"I think Cruz would want us to do this so I think we're good," says one of the terrorists in this @NewYorker video


Pardon me


CNN Poll: Trump will leave office with the lowest approval rating of his presidency, with more Americans than ever in support of removing him from office


Belarusian blogger, political prisoner Ihar Losik has been on hunger strike for more than a month. The regime doesn't care, but we do. Let's support Ihar with letters. Let's fight together for democracy and freedom in Belarus. Let's be united against state terror and lawlessness.


Republicans should stop backing Trump apologist Kevin McCarthy


THIS IS AWESOME! Hundreds in publishing sign letter objecting to book deals for the Trump administration


Ok guys — here’s My Pillow Guy on the day of the riots. Completely bonkers. And Trump met with him again today. They participated in a failed coup. Once again, how is this guy not in custody? Asking for a country...




Police chief’s widow: "He regretted" not wearing a mask


When you and your friends are waiting for the plane to arrive


Any move by Trump to pardon himself in his final days in office could backfire, legal experts say


Mary Trump: My Uncle ‘Enjoyed Every Second’ Of Capitol Riot


Giuliani tells me he's working on Trump's impeachment defense and tells me he'd argue his voter fraud claims in the Senate trial: "If you can prove that it's true," he says of Trump's speech before the riot, "they are no longer fighting words."


Billbrowder on the importance of the #GenocideAmendment


Lukashenka's Dep. Minister of Interior Karpiankou plans to build a camp for peaceful protesters. I call on our international partners to act fast. We have no right to leave Belarusians on their own at this fight against the regime. Watch my statement:


Thank you, @thematthewcooke.

 Must see!

Perspective: The right wants a hands-off approach to business. Until it hates the results.


Man arrested in Washington with gun and ‘unauthorized’ inauguration credential, police say


Five Hong Kong democracy protesters who fled to Taiwan arrive in US to seek asylum


Pushed to the edge by the Capitol riot, people are reporting their family and friends to the FBI


‘We Need to Stabilize’: Big Business Breaks With Republicans


Misinformation dropped dramatically the week after Twitter banned Trump


Trump is telling his supporters and donors he wants to collect $2 billion for a presidential library and museum in Florida. He envisions it run by his social media director Dan Scavino.


I can’t stop admiring Belarusians. It's -25c degrees. It doesn't stop people from protesting. Every day — they gather in different parts of Belarus and rally against the dictator. They protest despite mass arrests and threats. With such brave citizens, we will prevail.


“An 11th-hour move like this and a directive from the acting secretary of defense is overwhelmingly strong evidence of irregularity...”


Loews Hotels says it won't host a fundraiser with Josh Hawley. "We are horrified and opposed to the events at the Capitol and all who supported and incited the actions."


They got the zip tie guys mom.


Whatever the morality or legality, it seems that the Twitter ban worked


Off-duty police were part of the Capitol mob. Now police are turning in their own.


Acting secretary of defense orders NSA chief to install Trump loyalist as agency's general counsel


Federal judge reverses bail for Capitol rioter Richard Barnett. The stun gun-carrying insurrectionist photographed with his boot up on Nancy Pelosi’s desk has been ordered to remain in jail and brought immediately to DC, so his case can proceed.


Justice Sotomayor slams government for "unprecedented rush" in federal executions in dissent: "This is not justice"


Two of the three #HKpolice officers who are the latest additions to a #US sanctions list have outstanding mortgages, raising questions as to whether their banking relationships can continue under the punitive measures.


41 minutes of fear


Today, it was my honor to join @chefjoseandres and @WCKitchen to provide meals to our heroic National Guard troops who are keeping our Congressional community safe during this difficult time.


I can confirm that “QANON” is an actual MyPillow discount code right now.


"What we’re seeing is a death by a thousand cuts of our democracy.” In the doc @_athousandcuts, journalist @mariaressa vows to hold Philippine President Duterte accountable and to continue exposing disinformation online.


Executive orders on immigration, climate, racial justice, student loan & rental support, public health. One could do worse for a day’s work. And: “This represents a restoration of an appropriate, constitutional role for the President."


Amid sagging ratings, Rupert Murdoch has taken a more hands-on role at Fox, perhaps portending the end of the road for the network’s CEO since 2018