Sunday, November 25, 2018

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The US has closed the port of entry at the Mexico border in San Ysidro as members of the migrant caravan approach. Will cause massive gridlock

EXCLUSIVE: Trump launched a drone strike blitz bigger than anything Obama ever did

Trump has reportedly baffled aides by calling for reductions to the national deficit while at the same time increasing spending.

#Russia's state TV claims that #Ukraine and unnamed powers in Washington "staged a provocation" near the Kerch Strait "to disrupt the upcoming meeting between Putin and Trump" at the G20 in Argentina.

"During an emergency meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers, President Petro #Poroshenko call on parliament to support a declaration of martial law because of #Russia’s attacks on three #Ukrainian ships in the #Azov Sea,"

#Russia's state TV fails to condemn the #Khashoggi murder, referring to it as a "provocation against Prince Mohammed bin Salman." Host Dmitry Kiselyov enjoys the opportunity to mock the weak response by the U.S. & the UK, describing them as "snakes spinning on a skillet."

the cruelty is the point

US Border Patrol has just launched tear gas into Mexico. Breeze carrying it hundreds of yards. Parents running away with choking toddlers.

BREAKING US agents have fired tear gas at migrants trying to breach the border between Mexico and the United States.

Today, yet again, the Kremlin reminded the world what it really is. A bully with no regard for laws and norms. Kyiv wants to take the #KerchStrait case to UNSC, and USG should support #Ukraine there. Militarily, NATO's options are limited, let's increase Moscow's diplomatic pain.

JUST IN: US shuts down one of largest points of entry along southern border

Ukraine says Russia has shelled and captured 3 of its ships. The FSB meanwhile is claiming that it's all a big "provocation" and the ships just turned around and went back to port

Those denying climate change chose to be complicit in the havoc it is wreaking on our homes, communities and country. The most powerful nation on earth cannot continue to cower before this threat.

UPDATE: The number of wounded soldiers has risen up to 6

I’m taking a side, this is the right call by Ukraine it request an emergency UN Security Council meeting. Irrespective of what “triggered” the conflict, Russia disproportionate military aggression should give us all pause.

Trump also repeatedly told Cohn to print more money, according to three White House officials familiar with his comments. “He’d just say, run the presses, run the presses,” one former senior administration official said.

Facebook, Inc. (FB) COO Sheryl Sandberg Sells 55,000 Shares - Fairfield Current

For every traitor politician, faux journalist, and seditious pundit who made fun of Trump-Russia, he's literally running interference as Putin makes war on other nations.

The Mexican federal police have shut down the border into Mexico - hundreds of riot police are lined up and no incoming cars are being allowed to enter from the US into Mexico


BREAKING: Ukraine says number of boats hit by Russian fire increases to 2, 2 crew members wounded; both vessels seized by Russia.

There is complete and utter panic in kook-right/kook-left/WikiLeaks SOCMED networks. Bots abound. Enjoy their collective meltdown as Julian’s “time in the barrel” approaches. :-)

Mississippi you are BETTER than these hate-mongers. Show the world. Vote for Mike Espy this Tuesday, November 27th.

This provocation was clearly conceived & carried out by Russia. It benefits the Kremlin twofold: to justify Russia's escalating aggression against Ukraine + to justify Putin's unavoidable failure to extract any meaningful concessions from Trump at the G20

CNN's Rick Santorum praises Trump administration trying to bury report on climate change: "A lot of these scientists are driven by the money"

Putin's providin' news cover for his Orange Apprentice as Mueller prepares to drop the hammer.

Ukrainian Navy's website has suffered an outage. Cause is unknown.

Putin reminds me of a cowardly little dog who marks every tree he can when no other dog is around. A man who dares to think he can take Stalin's place in history, though not near as smart. How much more of his egotistical folly will the Russian people tolerate and finance with their pensions?
Is ruling by a sneak and a thief really the image you wish to portray? Are you not better than him?

Russian has opened fire on one of Ukrainian boats, at least one sailor wounded

Russia is making a move now b/c they know their Trump op days are numbered. They’re going to use the confusion of the coming legal tsunami to push as far as they can on all fronts before we win our Republic back. This was expected. Stay strong, Patriots.

#Russia's media reports that Russian combat aircraft are being deployed to the area of Kerch Strait, which connects the Sea of Azov & the Black Sea. The Kremlin blames the U.S. for creating a "provocation," which is in reality another step in Russia's escalation against

Judge orders Papadopoulos to report to prison Monday, rejects bid to delay term

Sen. Amy Klobuchar: "We have tried to negotiate with [President Trump], but he won't take 'yes' for an answer"

“The President is not being honest with the country about the murder of Jamal Khashoggi … Is his personal financial interest driving US policy in the gulf? ... We don’t know but it would be irresponsible not to find out,” Rep. @AdamSchiff says.

Trump’s new Washington hotel, located just blocks from the White House, owes electricians, wood workers and a plumbing and heating business more than $5 million for unpaid labor, according to liens filed against the property with the District of Columbia.

I expected it, but it's shocking to see that the only reference on @FoxNews' front page to the devastating new climate report is a tiny caption, below an item about a farmer killed by his dog in a forklift accident. Don't know how anyone with kids can work there and feel OK.

UPDATE: Major League Baseball says it has asked Cindy Hyde-Smith to return its $5000 contribution. The decision comes 12 hours after MLB's donation was reported on

Sean Hannity to Ted Koppel, “So you think I’m bad for America?” Koppel replies, “Yes I do.


'America's straightest arrow': Robert Mueller silent as urgency mounts

Ukraine claims Russia 'rammed our tugboat' off Crimea

Re-upping. @mlb and Commissioner Manfred have caused themselves a titanic problem because they didn’t stick to sports. Their donation was made after 7 major corporations recanted similar donations.

Russia has blocked the passage under Kerch bridge with a bulk carrier and other vessels, using its civilian ships for military purpose

Wisconsin school official says teens in viral "Nazi salute" photo protected by free speech rights

Contradicting Trump, Incoming Mexico Gov't Denies Making Deal To Host Asylum Seekers

Republicans are certain they can win back the Alabama Senate seat they lost in spectacular fashion last year. They just aren’t sure whether Jeff Sessions is the one to do

UK Parliament obtains internal documents that Facebook had fought to keep private... "More next week," British MP @DamianCollins says.

"Trump’s farmer bailout flows to city slickers"

U.S. prosecutors are probing whether last year’s epic Bitcoin rally was fueled in part by manipulation, with traders driving it up with Tether

The PBS documentary "Facebook Dilemma" has just aired in Australia (about 4 weeks after it aired in the US). The real world consequences of Facebook's f*ckery in countries like the Philippines & Myanmar are

EU Approves Brexit Deal in Brussels

Remember patriots, when the time comes for #TeamTreason to really start answering for their crimes, do not celebrate as political partisans. Celebrate as Americans who don’t hate the other side, but despise traitors on any side who subvert our Republic for personal gain.

Here's an inside look at the predatory lending machine crushing small businesses across America.

Russian official: We'll double-check the truth of the U.S. moon landing

"How to Control Your Citizens: Opportunity. Nationalism. Fear."

Trump and Kushner Put Saudi's Money First

95-year-old charged as accessory to 36,000 deaths at Nazi camp

The burning question in Riyadh. What's in store for the Saudi crown prince?

How Stalin Hid Ukraine's Famine From the World

Trump fans, brace for a reckoning from Mueller - Los Angeles Times

Israeli spyware firm was in talks with Saudis to sell advanced offensive capabilities

The far-right cavalry comes in to try to rescue Cindy Hyde-Smith

An Atomwaffen Member Sketched a Map to Take the Neo-Nazis Down. What Path Officials Took Is a Mystery.

"Explosives experts from the Tampa Police Department and the local FBI field office soon found components of a crude pipe bomb as well as radioactive materials. The search turned up ammonium nitrate and nitromethane, the mixture used by McVeigh to destroy the federal building in Oklahoma City in 1995. There were sacks of explosive precursors, including potassium chloride, red iron oxide and potassium nitrate. There were homemade fuses fashioned from brass 5.56 mm rifle cartridges. In a closet, they found two Geiger counters."

Russia poses greater threat than Isis, new British army chief warns

First, there was a shooting at an Alabama shopping mall. Then, cops said they shot and killed the triggerman. Now, the police are saying they killed the wrong person.

Facebook could face Hong Kong prosecution over failure to hand over information on racist users

True story, Kush, have you heard it?

Trump’s Nominee to Replace Kavanaugh Is a Staunch Defender of Dwarf-Tossing Neomi Rao is best known as Trump’s anti-regulation czar, but she’s a veteran of the culture wars.

The White House Communications Director is literally on the Fox News payroll

I wrote this about Trumpism, the shorthand we use for Republicans espousing racism to entrench their power. We need to understand something this corrosive as more than a mere political strategy.

Cindy Hyde-Smith promoted a resolution in 2007 that Civil War historians tell us pushed a revisionist view of the war. It includes references to the Sons of Confederate Veterans and “The War Between the States.”

BREAKING: Major League Baseball donates $5000 to Cindy Hyde-Smith @MLB


“Mueller reached Vietnam in late 1968, the bloodiest year of the war, and as a rookie second lieutenant, aged 24, found himself leading an infantry company which was part of a marine regiment nicknamed the Magnificent Bastards.”