Saturday, September 21, 2019

BREAKING: In AP interview, Colombia's president compares Nicolás Maduro to Serbian war criminal Slobodan Milosevic and says Venezuela's embattled socialist leader would be making a "stupid" mistake were he to attack.

AG Barr seems to have already decided that the Russian investigation was improperly started and used for political purposes, which is exactly what his boss wants to hear. This behavior is far from impartial, and AG Barr should recuse himself.

President Trump and the warping of democratic governance

After the Mueller report, Congress had a duty to begin impeachment. By failing to act, Congress is complicit in Trump’s latest attempt to solicit foreign interference to aid him in US elections. Do your constitutional duty and impeach the president.

Jared Kushner struggled to get a security clearance. The Saudi Crown Prince reportedly bragged that he was "in his pocket." Why is this happening?

Houston is underwater right now and the senior senator from Texas is tweeting this.

Trump is only priority GOP has

“There is a direct clash between current White House doctrine on climate change and the Pentagon’s determination to overcome climate-related threats to military preparedness”

Joe Biden on 45’s holding Congressionally appropriated funds for Ukraine hostage while demanding a hit job on Hunter: “Trump’s doing this because he knows I’ll beat him like a drum ... he’s a serial abuser ... a serial abuser of power”

Citing Khashoggi’s killing, Pelosi says U.S. should not bomb Iran at Saudis’ behest

UPDATED: It took until 9 pm on Fri. night but Marine Corps confirmed a South Florida unit is considering holding an annual ball at Mar-a-Lago. Adds no taxpayer money will be spent. Still, Trump could profit and the USMC commandant is said to be “angry”

US Border Patrol just stopped a Concord Coach bus in Brunswick, Maine, heading to Boston, asking riders if they are citizens, without any apparent reasonable suspicion. No one appears to have been detained

If This Isn’t Impeachable, Nothing Is

Former Palm Beach police chief Michael Reiter says every time a case against the financier was closing in, someone likely tipped him off

#HongKong protestors tonight return to Yuen Long two months after triad-connected gangs ambushed and attacked activists here. They’re calling for an inquiry into alleged links between some police, politicians and underworld figures. Police strenuously deny this. #China

Let me get this straight: In order to give credibility to their conspiracy theory that Biden as VP had withheld funds from Ukraine as leverage to benefit his son, the President and his lawyer hatched a genius plan to withhold funds from Ukraine as leverage to benefit themselves?

The Conspiracy Is That It's All In The Open

Hey @LindseyGrahamSC, is it okay for @realDonaldTrump to withhold aide from an ally to pressure it to do oppo research on his political rival? @ChuckGrassley, what do you say? @SenSusanCollins? You’re toadies empowering an authoritarian & allowing the subversion of democracy. Sad

"If the latest allegations about President Donald Trump’s conversations with the leader of Ukraine are true, his conduct may constitute a garden-variety public corruption crime: extortion and bribery,"

10 months ago I talked about Trump’s addiction to snorting Adderall on ‘Apprentice’ It’s obvious to anyone watching he is seriously impaired and his cocaine and stimulant abuse was known in NYC for decades yet not one member of the press has asked him about it.

Can we also investigate why the felon Paul Manafort hand picked @mike_pence for @VP?

This is how the Israelis can pay back for their recent spying/eavesdropping caper.

Congress doesn’t need this legislation to hold a president accountable, and it’s not even good policy to allow a sitting president to be indicted. Moreover, the Constitution already provides a remedy: It’s called impeachment. I’m available to serve as speaker if I can be of help.

What really happened to end the relationship between Jeffrey Epstein and Prince Andrew? In my latest for @CNN, I have new details on the dramatic chain of events, some of which have never been told before.

Let's also keep in mind, Trump did not relent on Ukraine aid voluntarily. Congress about to force him to disgorge the money. If up to Trump, he wd have continued blackmailing Ukraine until they fabricated the anti-Biden story he demanded

Seems Ukraine backing off the frontline hasn't worked

Remember when Paul Manafort helped foment anti-American violence in UKRAINE while working for a corrupt political party backed by shady Russian oligarchs then Donald Trump hired him as his fucking CAMPAIGN MANAGER and now he is in jail? I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.

The crimes and corruption coming out of this White House are unprecedented. This is a #coverup, plain and simple. @HouseJudiciary will continue our investigation and get the truth to the American people. Because no one is above the law. Not even @realDonaldTrump

Mexican congressman climbs U.S. border fence to illustrate that Trump's wall is 'totally absurd'

Thousands of students converge on City Hall Plaza, joining global youth strike for a Green New Deal

New reports about Trump's calls with the Ukrainian president may have irreversibly pushed him into the impeachment hot zone

A view through the crowds... #ClimateStrike protestors gathered at Merrion Square, Dublin

Top State Department official for arms control with ties to Russian agent Butina's boyfriend will depart post

When President Trump visits the UN on Monday, many of his fellow world leaders will be participating in a summit meant to address climate change. Trump won't be there. Instead, he is chairing his own session focused on worldwide religious persecution.

Let the Saudis defend Saudi Arabia. That regime doesn’t deserve a single US service member

Trump Gets Caught, Sends Troops to Saudi Arabia to Deflect

Zuckerberg, who has repeatedly told reporters he’s not taking questions, enters Nadler’s offices for a meeting with the Judiciary Committee chairman

Saudi Arabia is controlled by a murderous, corrupt dictatorship. Thugs who call themselves Royals. It is sad to see an American Secretary of State grovel before them.

Trump sues Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance as New York state prosecutors seek eight years of the president’s tax returns

From The Post's Editorial Board: DHS says it’s ready to fight white supremacism. It can’t do it alone.

Bolton unloads on Trump’s foreign policy behind closed doors

Ireland warns of 'civil unrest' on UK border as hopes of new Brexit deal fade

Kushner to attend Saudi economic conference hosted by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman - The Washington Pos

This is YOUR war Trump! You broke the Iran Treaty, you support Saudi Arabia whose leader butchered an US journalist & sent terrorists to attack us on 9/11. So you better get Eric, Don Jr, & Ivanka fitted for uniforms! "US sending troops to Saudi Arabia"

The DHS on Friday called violent white supremacism “one of the most potent forces” driving a surge in mass shootings in the US, and acknowledged the role of online conspiracy theories, social media and extremist websites in fomenting domestic terror

BREAKING: Trump has ordered the Pentagon to deploy additional troops and equipment to Saudi Arabia: "In response to [Saudi] request, the president has approved the deployment of U.S. forces, which will be defensive in nature and primarily focused on air and missile defense."

Nearly 1,500 arrests do little to deter Hong Kong’s protests

The Kazakh Prosecutor-General's Office has called on citizens not to take part in what it called "illegal" rallies planned by the banned Kazakhstan's Democratic Choice (DVK) movement on September 21.

Seriously, how stupid do you have to be to shake down a foreign head of state to go after your domestic political foes in an OFFICIAL president-2-president phone call? Federal records, anyone? We all know Trump is lazy, dumb & arrogant, but this one takes the Cheeto Jesus cake.

Dozens of people protest in Egypt's capital, Cairo, to call for President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi to step down.

They're going to destroy the whistleblower.

We have a lawless president, who is a threat to our democracy. He must be impeached.

I worry people are missing the point on this. Additional election security funding is a necessary but not sufficient part of securing our elections. Until Leader McConnell allows bipartisan election security legislation to proceed, our elections will remain vulnerable.

Considering Rudy had no official USG role, that's some mafia shit right there

BTW, I haven't changed my mind on impeachment's chances of *doing* anything. It's never going to work...but as a vector to revealing Trump's corruption. Due to the incompetence of the House Democrats and their unwillingness to cause pain, the paper cover is the only pathway.

This is classic “blame the victim” (or whistleblower). The law does not need to be changed. The whistleblower doesn’t need to do anything different. People need to follow the damn law. Acting-DNI must tel Congress. There’s zero wiggle room.

"No collusion" they cried. "No collusion" they cried for 2½ years. Now they cry, "So what if he colluded with a vulnerable foreign government by trying to strong-arm it into subverting the very electoral process that makes us a free country." "So what" they cry.

State dinner "in honor of Australian PM Scott Morrison," guest list. Trump flaunts *JOE MANCHIN*

Now if only @SenatorBurr would step up to the plate — as he has sometimes done — and join @RepAdamSchiff in pressing Acting IG Maguire, we might break this impasse .


Congress appropriated critical, timely aid to Ukraine because it was in the best interest of the American people. @realDonaldTrump abused the power of the presidency to stop this aid to extract a personal campaign benefit for himself from a foreign power. That is sooooo illegal.

For the “McConnell will kill impeachment in the Senate so what’s the point” crowd, @tribelaw wrote this in June. Also, fuck McConnell. Let’s control what we can control, not let him decide for us

The U.S. has no rules for when the president is a national security threat

JUST IN: Pelosi wants to change law to allow a sitting president to be indicted

Why is the @MiamiHerald the only media organization who hasnt been afraid to NAME some of the men — besides Prince Andrew — accused of participating Epstein’s crimes? Why name Prince Andrew and ignore others?

I agree. As Ambassador to Russia, I argued on the record many times that Snowden should have used the whistleblower system. If the system fails now, expect more Snowdens. And yes, he will feel vindicated if we don’t get this right.

‘When you are in, you can’t get out.’ Women describe how Jeffrey Epstein controlled them

Trump always seemed "more interested in engaging Putin than Zelensky." "He had never been concerned or interested in Ukraine," but then saw "a political opportunity."

Sone coal workers lost jobs and some natural gas workers gained jobs. Instead of lying to coal workers that their jobs are coming back, we should be investing in their communities and providing skills retraining.

Fun fact: Obama is the one that gave the green light to the reconstruction of our nation’s strategic assets that Trump is presumably taking credit for here. Nuclear weapons modernization, new stealth bomber, etc — all Obama.

Some people are pretending that Joe Biden did something genuinely fishy in Ukraine and that it’s legit to investigate. Nope. This is Trumpite nonsense. This ⁦@PostOpinions⁩ article shows why.

Opinion: Giuliani has got to go

Is Saudi Arabia paying for the cost of our veterans care when our troops come back broken? Do they pay in cash for that?

Donald Trump and Mike Pence using foreign policy on their own behalf to gain advantage in a US election

Broward student suspended for handing out climate change fliers. He can’t attend prom now

Schiff, Cummings, Nadler, and Engel: "We call on the Administration to immediately deliver the whistleblower's complaint to the Intelligence Committee and halt all further attacks against this individual."

Ukrainians just voted into office a new president and parliament, creating the possibility of a genuine break with the past. At this most critical moment in Ukrainian history, Trump should be supporting this new president & parliament, not dragging them into OUR swamp.

Correct. Proper channel would be DOJ -> State Dept. -> Legal Attache in embassy -> law enforcement agency there. Also: Absent an open investigation in the U.S., I have never heard of the U.S. gov pressuring a foreign country to investigate a U.S. citizen under THEIR laws (...?)

“The president’s position basically is, we should recognize the fact that the Russians should be our friends, and who cares about the Ukrainians?” said the official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity

A judge says he is struggling with a request to more narrowly define what behavior justifies separating children from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border after complaints that the Trump administration has abused discretionary powers to split families.

Wendy Sherman on Trump, Giuliani, and the whistleblower complaint

Iran says new U.S. sanctions target Iranians' access to food, medicine

For the record: VP Joe Biden did a stellar work on Ukraine. He had the support of the whole Ukraine community, pressing President Poroshenko to do more for the rule of law & he achieved substantial results. Biden deserves only praise for his work in Ukraine!

WATCH: Warren vows to tackle U.S. corruption

United States sending troops to bolster Saudi defenses after attack

Iran says it will `soon' hold a naval drill with Russia and China in international waters

Remember this? But sure lets sacrifice some more Americans for the Saudis. #NeverForget

They have "flying shame." More and more Swedes shunning airplanes over pollution concerns, and now it's spreading to business travel.

Lawrence: the GOP silence is deafening re: whistleblower’s “urgent concern”