Monday, December 12, 2016

China Says Donald Trump's Suggestion of Closer US-Taiwan Ties Are 'Out of the Question'

Not even President yet, our Tang snorting president elect continues to stick his very small hands down the rattlesnake hole.

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Donald Trump suggested Sunday that the U.S. may not be bound in the future by the understanding that Taiwan is part of “one China” — casting doubt upon a concept that has been a key part of Sino-U.S. relations for decades, and threatening to send those relations into a tailspin.
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Beijing 'seriously concerned' after Trump questions 'one China' policy

Trump says US not necessarily bound by 'one China' policy

Trump & Boeing: It's not about Air Force One, it's about China

Trump: I don't need daily briefings - You know, I'm, like, a smart person

President-elect Donald Trump said he does not need to receive the presidential intelligence briefing every day, suggesting in an interview aired Sunday that such briefings are repetitive and he is happy to rely on those around him on matters of intelligence and national security.
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Hmmm, as I recall, the last time a president blew off his daily intel briefing....It was a balmy day in August 2001. By the Trump mocked CIA no less.

Sen John McCain Calls for Full Investigation on Russian Hacking

Rex Tillerson: an appointment that would confirm Putin's US election win

The president-elect is reportedly favouring the Exxon Mobil CEO but experts say the Senate may bridle over a realpolitik choice that would benefit Russia
in Washington
If Rex Tillerson is nominated as the next secretary of state, it would confirm Vladimir Putin as one of the strategic victors of the US presidential election.
Barack Obama has ordered an inquiry into covert Russian intervention in the campaign, which the CIA says was designed to secure a victory for Donald Trump. But whether or not Russian intervention made a significant difference to the outcome, a Tillerson appointment would represent a significant gain for Moscow.
While the other leading candidates for the job hold largely traditional and adversarial views on Russia, the outgoing chief executive of Exxon Mobil has a history of close business ties to Putin, who bestowed the Order of Friendship on Tillerson in 2013.
The Wall Street Journal reported: “Friends and associates said few US citizens are closer to Mr Putin than Mr Tillerson.”
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Rex Tillerson, Exxon Chief, Is Expected to Be Pick for Secretary of State

Senators Balk at Tillerson Over Putin Before He's Nominated

McCain: Tillerson relationship with Putin a 'matter of concern'

What It Really Means to Be a 'Friend of Putin'

7 Photos Of Rex Tillerson And Vladimir Putin Show Their Close And Concerning Friendship


Politics Trump, McConnell, Giuliani & Comey Just Got Formally Accused Of Treason By Democratic Group

Rightly so.

The Democratic Coalition announced this morning that their formal treason complaints against President-elect Donald Trump, Republican Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell, Rudy Giuliani and FBI Director James Comey will be promptly filed on Monday morning.

PAC head Scott Dworkin appeared on MSNBC with Joy Reid this morning to discuss his report detailing three decades worth of Trump’s Russian ties when he announced the Democratic Coalition’s plan to formally accuse those four officials.
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Petition - Postpone Electoral College Vote and Inauguration, Pending Investigation

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