Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Fantastic reporting by @michaeldweiss on the 3 DHS agents that Putin wants to interrogate along with me in his infamous Helsinki swap offer. Well worth reading.

White House: "Can't guarantee" there's no tape of Trump using n-word

“Among them was a ban on spending military funds on ‘any activity that recognizes the sovereignty of the Russian Federation over Crimea,’”

Omarosa claims Trump called Betsy DeVos "Ditsy DeVos" when she wasn't in the room

We need to protect our institutions and processes developed over many years. A President weighing in on personnel and clearance decisions is bad juju. We risk making national security institutions into partisan gangs.

Um, Omarosa just said that Trump knew about the Wikileaks email dump before it happened. Happy Tuesday everyone one, our “president” coordinated with a hostile foreign government.

BREAKING: Omarosa tells @KatyTurNBC just now she has talked to Robert Mueller's office, and "there was a lot of corruption," in the campaign and the administration. She says Trump knew about hacked emails before they were released.

11-year-old hacks into a U.S. election website replica in just 10 minutes

Trump Won’t Follow Congressional Directives on Russia and Crimea Defense authorization signing statement effectively discards restrictions recognizing Crimea as Russian

Driver who hit London pedestrians was British citizen: security minister

Source passed along an early copy of Omarosa's book, which I read so you don't have to. Here's what she says about members of the "cult of Trumpworld," beginning with VP Pence and Hope Hicks

Here's the Jared Kushner email to Manafort saying "On it!" in response to Manafort recommending for Army Secretary a bank exec who just approved $16m in loans to him. It's exhibit #502.

Judge: Have you discussed testifying with your lawyers? Manafort: “I have, your honor”....

“I was framed!”

Trump campaign files arbitration against former aide Omarosa: ABC

Manafort’s defense called no witnesses. None. Zero.

#BREAKING: We are filing suit against Purdue Pharma for persistent and widespread fraud and deception in marketing #opioids. Purdue lined its own pockets by deliberately exploiting our communities, fueling a crisis that has devastated NY families. We are holding them to account.

.@ricardo_de_anda & I appeared in ct today to attempt to allow us to take our client Antony home to mom in Guatemala TODAY. The govt opposed our request - he will now have to stay perhaps another 2 mos here. He hasn’t seen his mom in 81 days. Trump and his cronies have no heart.

Reminder: There’s no such thing as a normal Tuesday for the children still waiting to be reunited with their parents. We can’t give the government a moment’s peace until they fix this crisis.

Breaking: Paul Manafort's team will not present a case nor call any witnesses in his defense. The defense rested at 11:53 am

It’s Not Just Kobach: Three Vote-Suppressing Secretaries of State Are Overseeing Their Own Elections The glaring conflicts of interest are only getting worse

Someone is scared

PolyMet, Twin Metals, and both sides of our ballot littered with corrupt politicians in the back pocket of the sulfide mining industry. Do we care about clean water more than about profits and partisanship? It is time to decide.

Ex-prosecutor in DOJ's tax division says he expects Paul Manafort will be "found guilty of 5 counts of filing a false tax return," "several counts of bank fraud, plus the foreign bank account requirement."

11-year-old handcuffed for dribbling ball after being told to stop: report

Gall darned Florida

After Boston Beer Co.’s founder praised President Trump, Somerville’s mayor tweeted this: “I will never drink Sam Adam’s beer again!”

"Russian Military Spy Software is on Hundreds of Thousands of Home Routers"

What happens to survivors of terror attacks in America, after the news cycle moves on? Who advocates for them? Who pays for medical bills?

London's Met Police say it is treating the car crash in Westminster as a terrorist incident

What To Watch In Tuesday's Primaries: Wisconsin, Minnesota, Connecticut And Vermont

Donald Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner is now officially part of the trove of evidence in Paul Manafort's criminal trial

Brilliant cartoon

We have troops and their families who are on Food Stamps. But Donald Trump suggests real patriots would give a pay increase back. Also, President Obama raised military pay by 3.4% for 2010, @potus. So your “biggest in a decade” claim is a lie.

“We were finally able to show the jury the secret, internal Monsanto documents proving that Monsanto has known for decades that ... Roundup could cause cancer.”

Steve Calk, the bank chairman who pushed for $16M in shady loans to Manafort, also sent him a list of Trump Admin jobs he wanted "in rank order."

Jared Kushner’s family business is finalizing a deal for their cash poor 666 business with Brookfield Assets. Brookfield is backed by the Qatari government. Meanwhile, Jared is a White House official in charge of Middle Eastern peace

Man intentionally crashed airplane into wife's house, police say

Great piece by @abigailtracy in @VanityFair detailing the insidious machinations of WH advisor Stephen Miller as he successfully maneuvers to shutdown U.S. refugee admissions among other legal immigration.

A number of pedestrians have been injured after car crashed into security barriers outside Parliament, London police say

WATCH: Trump rips McCain hours after signing bill named after him

Trump Job Approval: Approve 39% (-2); Disapprove 56% (+2).

Paper ballots are the cheapest and fastest way to address vulnerable systems before the midterms

Rent prices are down for the rich, but up for everyone else. @MSNBC's Ali Velshi and Stephanie Ruhle break down the shocking rise in housing costs for America’s working class.

Roman Abramovich proceeds with NYC townhouse construction

Opinion: It’s time for Louisiana to strip white supremacy from its constitution

McCain: Trump abased himself before a tyrant

House candidate Terry Power lives in $500K home but applied for food stamps

Perspective: To dismantle white supremacy, it's not enough to oppose it. We also have to study it.

Roger Stone: I would not testify against Trump under any circumstance

Here’s 10 faces from the Nazi hate rally yesterday, make them famous!

Sure, OK, why not.

The only Comey corroborating witness still at the FBI is David Bowdich, who directed the firing of Peter Strzok, contrary to the guidance of the FBI's office of personnel management.

Rep. Himes: Let's just be blunt about it. The president is a serial liar.

My mom is letter “R” right now. So proud

ABC finds a number of former Trump aides have been paid roughly $15,000/mo, backing up Omarosa hush money claim

President Donald Trump has no black people in the senior White House staff

BREAKING: Prosecution rests in fraud trial of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort.

Ex-'Apprentice' producer: Trump's behind-the-scenes comments were 'very much a racist issue'

"For as long as I'd known Trump, I'd observed the way he hugs, touches, and kisses Ivanka; the way she calls him Daddy...based on my observations, their relationship goes up to the line of appropriate father/daughter behavior and jumps right over it"

Trump seems to be saying that he needed confirmation that no tapes of his using the n-word exist.

Why now, five days before Robert Mueller's prosecutors make recommendations for the sentencing of George Papadopoulos, did Mueller get a protective order on evidence in the case?

What was Mark Burnett doing in 2000, partnering with the Russian state on a project? Why wouldn't he choose to partner with the US on a project? We have space stations. Why not us? Why the Russians? Omg. Does Mark Burnett know Putin?

The Violence Against Women Act, which gives law enforcement tools to remove guns from abusers, doesn’t have a single Republican co-sponsor seven weeks before it’s expiration. VAWA has been reauthorized three times since 1994 with bipartisan support.

Opinion: Cruelty without consequence is Trump’s way

Meanwhile, Trump keeps his job sends the message that texts matter more than inciting violence, pushing hate, tearing kids from families, threatening war, obstructing justice, and attacking OUR institutions, & defending the enemies. Time for America to fire Trump!

A group of black girls were kicked out of Jenkinson's Aquarium Gift Shop in NJ by an employee who said they were “not welcome” without a chaperone. Even after getting a chaperone the girls were denied service & watched other kids shop unaccompanied.

Seb Gorka is handing out fake Fox News business cards, according to Mediaite.

Kasich correctly identified a key problem for Republicans — they have become cloistered in their own world of white grievance. Claiming victimhood, they become more bitter and resentful by the day.