Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Germany announces four-week shutdown as coronavirus cases spike


Holding a bible in one hand and a pistol in the other, Idaho’s rogue lieutenant governor, Janice McGeachin, appeared in a video from an anti-lockdown group that declared it will ignore any state emergency orders that it believes violates people’s rights


Thank you for your support, @HamillHimself. May the force be with us this election season.


Federal protections for Alaska's Tongass National Forest will be lifted this week by the Trump admin., allowing "logging and other forms of development" to occur in the world's largest intact temperate rainforest known as America's Amazon, WaPo reports


A disturbing snapshot of the state of the party: @RepDougCollins promotes endorsement from two felons (Flynn & Papadopoulos) while @KLoeffler touts support from a soon-to-be House member who questioned whether the Pentagon was really attacked on 9/11.


BREAKING: Supreme Court *REJECTS* Pennsylvania Republicans’ second attempt to block extended ballot deadline. **BARRETT DID NOT VOTE**


Vermont secretary of state formally asks Kavanaugh to correct opinion


WOW: the Alito, Gorsuch & Thomas statement also indicates the PA petition could be re-considered AFTER the election and ballots could be thrown out THEN


I just want to live in an America where I can give my grandson a hug.


"Anonymous," the author of a tell-all book who was serving in the Trump administration, has revealed himself to be Miles Taylor. Taylor, a former senior Trump administration official, went public with his criticism of the president in August.


McConnell gave $1.3 trillion in tax cuts to mega corporations and then ultra-wealthy CEOs rewarded him with more donations than any other candidate in a competitive Senate race.


On January 20th, 2021, @JoeBiden will be inaugurated President of the United States. The easiest thing for Donald Trump to do is to stand up like a man and accept the results of an election of the American people.


Why hasn’t @DNI_Ratcliffe apologized for lying to the American people at his hastily called presser last week? He said Iran wanted to “damage“ Trump. Iranians sent emails that threatened voters & warned them to vote FOR Trump. Iran was helping @realDonaldTrump, not hurting him.


.@JeffFlake helping @JoeBiden + @KamalaHarris bring it home in Arizona with a new GOTV ad


Powerful letter in today’s @nytimes from Dr. John Pastore, son of the late Senator John Pastore of RI


BREAKING: Miles Taylor, former Homeland Security chief of staff and outspoken Trump critic, says he wrote the 2018 "Anonymous" op-ed, chronicling a "resistance" in the administration


White House could have traced and contained its covid-19 outbreak. It chose not to.


Stella, thank you for being a poll worker. You’re making a difference and helping folks cast their ballot safely.


The Big Ten football game between the Wisconsin Badgers and the Nebraska Cornhuskers scheduled for Saturday has been canceled due to several positive Covid-19 cases within the Wisconsin football program


Since becoming president, Trump has used his power to direct at least $8 million from US taxpayers and political supporters into his own businesses.


CNN's @AlisynCamerota: "Hospitals in WI are near capacity. Does that give you any pause about going there and holding a big rally?" Trump 2020 Press Sec. Hogan Gidley: “No, it doesn’t … the VP has the best doctors in the world around him."


They're psychopaths whose last mission is to damage as much of this nation as possible before they face justice. Vote them out. And then...PRISON.


From the president that brought you “truth isn’t truth” and “alternative facts” comes his most monstrous lie: The pandemic is over. Meanwhile almost 1,000 Americans are still dying from it each day and cases are rising. No, the pandemic isn't over. But his presidency must be.


Jared Kushner bragged to Bob Woodward in mid-April about how the President had cut out the doctors and scientists advising him on the unfolding coronavirus pandemic, comments that came as more than 40,000 Americans already had died from the virus


Kushner also told Woodward, "The most dangerous people around the President are over-confident idiots" and that Trump had replaced them with "more thoughtful people who kind of know their place."


Americans for Prosperity, Koch brothers’ front group, deeply involved in packing & politicizing the Court, using dark money schemes we do not yet fully understand, & leading Republicans to break every rule, now decries packing or politicizing the Court.


A guard asked two sisters to put on a mask. They stabbed him 27 times instead, prosecutors say.


With a straight face, Melania Trump says "divisive" Democrats are setting bad examples for children


Supreme Court Lays Out Path to Help Trump Win a Contested Race


“The architect of Donald Trump’s hardline immigration policy, senior adviser Stephen Miller, is said to have a drawer full of executive orders ready to be signed in “shock and awe” style if Trump is re-elected.”


Hundreds of Trump Fans Left Stranded at Freezing Nebraska Airfield After Rally


The acting chief scientist was removed after he sent some new political appointees a message that asked them to acknowledge the NOAA’s scientific integrity policy, which prohibits manipulating research or presenting ideologically driven findings.


President Trump took off in Air Force One 1 hr 20 minutes ago, but thousands of his supporters remain stranded on a dark road outside the rally. “We need at least 30 more buses,” an Omaha police officer just said, shaking his head at the chaotic cluster that is unfolding.


BREAKING - Fmr Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says he was 'blindsided' to learn Jeffrey Epstein donated $650k to think tank he chaired. - Rudd says fmr Norweigan diplomat & IPI President Terge Rød-Larsen has apologised for not disclosing financial links


Mandatory evacuations were ordered for approximately 70,000 people in Orange County, California, as firefighters continue to battle two wildfires -- the Silverado Fire and Blue Ridge Fire -- which grew to nearly 30,000 acres combined in less than 48 hours.


A life-threatening storm surge is expected later today as #Zeta impacts the Northern Gulf Coast. Here is the latest peak storm surge forecast.


Vote. Life’s too important not to.


Biden vows to back Belarus opposition in removing Lukashenko


#Belarus At least 3 departments refused to change the shifts at Grodno Azot, one of the major enterprises. Workers say that 11 employees have been fired today because of the strike. People all over the country are supporting them. Here are students expressing solidarity with them


Lawyers for fugitive Hongkongers detained in China ordered to drop case


Is in Hong Kong under the direct control by Beijing planning an #asylum bid now justification enough to arrest people? "Four enter US consulate hours after arrest of Hong Kong activist planning asylum bid"


Investigators found hundreds of photos and videos of unconscious women on Brian Jeffrey Raymond’s devices


White House journalists and a former COVID Task Force staffer say Meadows’ hot temper and cavalier attitude toward mask-wearing are putting his staff and others in danger


Jared Kushner’s offensive blame game won’t absolve him of his failures


Nickelodeon held its ‘Kids Pick the President’ poll. Then it was attacked by bots, the network says


Satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo's front-page caricature of Turkey's President Erdogan fans a feud over Emmanuel Macron's Islam comments


Thousands of people left out in the cold and stranded in #Omaha, #Nebraska after a #Trump rally. I’m told the shuttles aren’t operating & there aren’t enough busses. Police didn’t seem to know what to do. Some walked. I saw at least one woman getting medical attention.


The fall surge has ushered in daunting rates of Covid-19 spread, with 29 states reporting at least one record high day of new cases since October began, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.


People recovering from COVID-19 may suffer from significant brain function impacts, with the worst cases of the infection linked to mental decline equivalent to the brain ageing by 10 years, researchers warn


Twenty US attorneys, who were appointed and served under Republican presidents as far back as Dwight Eisenhower, have announced their endorsement of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden


A 19-year-old Hong Kong activist facing secession charges under the city's national security law was detained Tuesday amid reports he planned to attempt to claim asylum at the United States consulate.


Joe Rogan says kids are "getting polio from taking vaccines" after Alex Jones spreads conspiracy that Bill Gates is trafficking vaccines that get 100% of people sick. Great work hosting this, @spotify.