Sunday, August 25, 2019

Steve King is broke and has been abandoned by his colleagues as he runs for re-election

Macron throws a curveball by inviting Iran's foreign minister to France

White House Economic Advisor Larry Kudlow tells @margbrennan the president does have “authority to block private businesses from investing in China.” But he added “He is not intending to right now. That is not his intention.”

"Kushner is among the most corrupt and seditious figures ever to work in the White House."

Republican fraud has forced a 2018 election do-over in North Carolina — and the new GOP candidate has quite the resumé

Let’s not forget the involvement of the women whom Jeffrey Epstein used to recruit victims

In which a French staircase nearly saves western civilization.

I call this one history favors the stupid

The US president's enormous Marine One helicopter left Buckingham Palace's garden in such a state that the Queen complained to Australia's PM the next day

Today at Fort Monroe, we marked the 400th anniversary of the first enslaved Africans landing in Hampton, Va. My message today was that if we are going to truly live up to our founding principles, then we need to tell the truth about our history — the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Guess who’s winning Trump’s trade war with China? China approves wheat, soy imports from Russia

PM Johnson to tell EU's Tusk UK won't pay 39 billion pounds under no-deal Brexit -

“Trump officials voice anger at G7 focus on 'niche' issues such as climate change.”

Not only is he complicit with #Traitor45 & Russia he could give a 💩 about anyone that isn’t wealthy! He cares nothing for the working folks & never has!#DitchMitch2020 Mitch McConnell's Nightmare Continues As Kentucky Coal Miners Expose Him As A Fraud

Trump, for first time, signals regret China trade war has escalated

Mitch McConnell Challenger Amy McGrath Releases Blistering Ad in Kentucky: He 'Left Our Coal Miners Behind'

BREAKING: A spokesman for Lebanon's Hezbollah says two Israeli drones crashed in Beirut without the militant group firing on them

Protestors in Hong Kong are cutting down facial recognition towers.

The shroud of mystery surrounding Russia’s latest deadly nuclear accident will become increasingly difficult to maintain once the data starts to roll in

‘Senseless disputes’: E.U.’s Tusk says Trump’s trade wars are damaging global economy

Who has qualified for the third Democratic debate

Matt Shea has ties to extremist groups and plotted to buy GPS trackers to follow his political rivals. But so far, he’s still in the statehouse

Here's how China is trying to quell Hong Kong protests without using troops

Emboldened by the president who refuses to disavow white nationalism.

Felix Bulger @FelixSater denies his obvious connections to Semion Mogilevich, but admits while doing so he was giving up info about him to @FBI to stay out of jail. The FBI can analyze IPOs on their own. They used Sater as Sater was a Semion asset

Three weeks have passed since the shooting in El Paso. A study found that’s how long it takes for America to stop paying attention—but we will not forget, we will not stop fighting until we end this epidemic.