Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Fantastic article by @jgeltzer and @Dahlialithwick: The biggest threat to the election is Trump’s ability to manipulate our perception of it. Don’t let him

JUST IN: Rochester police chief, entire command staff retire suddenly following protests in death of Daniel Prude.

BREAKING: U.S. stocks sink for a third day, driven by a selloff in technology shares. Tesla plunges the most on record while Apple falls for a third day

Police shoot 13-year-old boy with autism after mother calls for help

President Trump was visibly distressed this weekend over fallout from The Atlantic story claiming he disparaged the military

They had one billion dollars. Had. Where’d it all go?

Boris Johnson won an election on the strength of an agreement he now wants to abandon

Opinion: The curious non-defense of Trump’s reported contempt for the military

White supremacists will remain the most "persistent and lethal threat" in the United States through 2021, according to Department of Homeland Security draft documents

Oklahoma won't reveal COVID-19 data anymore citing 'competitive advantage

Rep. Adam Schiff: William Barr flat-out misled Americans with a 'blatantly false statement' - CNN Video

Trump’s Business Partners Allegedly Involved In Human Trafficking, Mafia Matters, Probable Money Laundering - hmnn, somehow this Forbes article from a couple of weeks ago didn’t get the attention it deserves

.⁦@TheRickWilson⁩ and I talk to ⁦@petestrzok⁩ on this episode of ⁦@NewAbnormalPod⁩

At least 66 foreign trademarks have been approved for Trump businesses since Trump assumed office. That’s at least 66 conflicts of interest for Trump and US foreign policy due to trademarks alone

It’s time we say it: Donald Trump is radicalizing our young men to become killers.

Scoop: Trump admin bans imports from 3 Chinese companies, and plans to add curbs on 6 more firms as they target clothing, computer parts, hair products from China, @kevcirilli reports. Why it's a big deal: US imports about 30% of its apparel from China.

Dead chicks, delayed prescriptions: Late mail leaves rural America disconnected “For people out here, the Postal Service is absolutely a lifeline," a West Virginia farmer said

The other desperate pandemic among U.S. veterans This is about the veteran suicide epidemic.

The Postmaster General has now been accused, on the record, of the precise crime I questioned him about two weeks ago. There is federal legal exposure, and the state of North Carolina should not hesitate to open its own investigation.

OK Patriots, It’s Now or Never To Speak Up About Trump

‘A tale of 2 recessions’: As rich Americans get richer, the bottom half struggles

Finally somebody writes about hypocrisy of DeSantis opening everything except where he works to public. The Governor’s office and Governor’s Mansion have been closed to public since mid-March

Belarus opposition leader arrested after refusing to be deported.

Mary Trump: "I'm not afraid of him. And don't feel loyalty, in a way they may, because I believe that loyalty is a two-way street."

Coronavirus lingering on chilled salmon may be infectious for more than a week, according to researchers in China

What the military came to understand over the past four years is that, for all Trump’s talk of patriotism, he truly is transactional. Throughout his career, he has always believed that loyalty was for chumps.

Trump huffs and puffs, but his campaign is built of strawmen

Hong Kong's leaders are blatantly rewriting history, writes @TMclaughlin3. "Yet even if no one is convinced, the propaganda itself is the point, a show of the state’s ability to lie, and face no consequence."

Louis DeJoy’s rise as GOP fundraiser was powered by contributions from company workers who were later reimbursed, former employees say

BREAKING: NEW AD! We need 5,000 retweets on this to help defeat Lindsey Graham. Please spread the word.

"It was completely unusual." Bags of mail were dumped in a parking lot in Glendale, California, last week, according to surveillance footage obtained by CNN.

"I describe Mr. Trump as a cult leader, and I was in this cult," President Trump’s ex-fixer, Michael Cohen, told NBC News in an exclusive interview. "So one of the purposes of writing the book is really from one former cult member to the current ones."

Watch this clip while reminding yourself that the unemployment rate has nearly doubled since Trump took office. He's peeing on your shoes and telling you it's raining.

It's almost like the fallout from the We Grift the Wall indictment means Don has nowhere left to Guo for money.

Election night may be half-time. Votes will come in for weeks after, so expect a “RED MIRAGE” on election night. Plenty of expert analysts predict it. Manage expectations of those around you. Be ready to correct/check. Don’t let mobster-in-Chief cry foul for his eventual loss.

He sounds like an aggrieved lover

The Chinese government appears to be expanding its hostage taking operations.

China confirms that a high-profile Australian television anchor who was detained last month is under investigation for a state security violation

When the adderall is flying out of your nose on public TV for the world to see. As you deliver a batshit crazy speech of epic proportions. Call the Betty Ford clinic it has a bed with your name on it.

NEW: House Oversight Committee will investigate Louis DeJoy’s alleged campaign contribution scheme and determine if he LIED under oath. #USPS

Disney’s “Mulan” is facing fresh political criticism for filming in China's Xinjiang province, where nearly 1 million ethnic Uighurs have been detained in camps

“By commuting the sentence of Roger Stone, an intermediary between Russia and the Trump campaign last time (and one of those many felons), Trump has given Moscow a clear signal that he welcomes its interference this time as well.”

How Trump’s Billion-Dollar Campaign Lost Its Cash Advantage

Freedom of speech has limits, says Hong Kong's Lam

Hong Kong residents arrested at sea 'will have to be dealt with' by mainland China: Carrie Lam

Covid-19 patients have prolonged and active gut infections, scientists in Hong Kong say

Hong Kong police are coming under heavy criticism after a widely-circulated video shows officers tackling a 12-year-old girl to the ground during a pro-democracy protest. Police say the officer deployed "minimum necessary force" in the situation. READ MORE

Video: Over 100,000 people in Belarus defied government warnings and protested in the capital, Minsk. It was the latest in weeks of protests that followed President Aleksandr Lukashenko’s claim of an election victory in August.

.⁦@majda_ruge⁩ unpacks Friday’s White House meeting between the leaders of Kosovo and Serbia. Well worth reading

At least 22 large fires are burning in California, where dry, windy conditions and record-breaking high temperatures have been fueling flames for weeks in some areas.

EXCLUSIVE: Workers and their worried spouses reveal to The Daily Beast that Disney is not only underreporting its COVID cases but clearing COVID-positive employees to return to work

In Spain, parents worried about the coronavirus are weighing the risks against the threat of a prison sentence for failing to send their children back to school.

Lev Parnas: Trump’s Cronies Made Fun of Him Behind His Back

First, lay off the “lines” And, the Speaker of the House is second in line, you nitwit.

Mr. President — If you’re so good at making deals, then why does your trade deal cost American workers so much pain while letting China off the hook for its biggest trade abuses?

Big story coming from WSJ. When it comes, it will be a sh*tty day for the IRA and their US pals. :-)