Saturday, July 29, 2017

Why the Koch machine is a threat to democracy

Trump signs Russia sanctions bill he opposed

Police chiefs push back against Trump: Officers are trained to treat suspects with "dignity and respect"

Trumpocalypse: A Nightmare From Which There’s No Normal Exit

Wait, is this true? We're not going to have a Homeland Security secretary for the near future?

Lawrence: Priebus exit ends President Trump's worst week yet

New Chief of Staff John Kelly will have to wrangle a man Eugene Robinson calls 'Mad King Donald' and his a mediocre staff if he's to be at all effective. Will even Kelly end up a casualty of Trump? Robinson, Peter Wehner, and Chris Whipple join Lawrence O'Donnell.

House Democrats Introduce Security Clearance Review Act

John Kelly failed to disclose position at lobbying firm on ethics disclosure

Lawrence: The Resistance showed senators the way on health care

John McCain made the deciding vote on the GOP's health care bill and Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski were "unwavering in their opposition." But protesters around the country had the courage to do more than their jobs in fighting to save healthcare for 23 million.

Russians outraged over new US sanctions

Richard Engel talks with Russian Senator Andrey Klimov about why Russians feels U.S. sanctions are unfair, unjust, and illegal.

Sally Yates: Protect the Justice Department From President Trump

The police dept cheering Trump’s call for excessive force is already under federal oversight for discrimination

Trump's deranged call today for police violence and ICE brutality was the beginning. The end? With detention camps.

Russia quick to cover tracks after 2016 election

Richard Engel reports on how Russia was quick to arrest people who may have had knowledge of, or involvement in, interfering in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.


Russian goal of US chaos already accomplished

Richard Engel reports on how, regardless of whether collusion with the Trump campaign is ever proven, Russia's goal of sowing chaos and doubt in the American system is already working.

Latest Russia intrigue follows long history of espionage

Richard Engel reports on the long history of espionage and agent recruitment between the United States and Russia.

Russian Kaspersky Lab faces new scrutiny, suspicion

Richard Engel talks with Eugene Kaspersky, whose Kaspersky Lab anti-virus software is widely used around the world, including the United States, and who has come under increasing scrutiny and suspicion for his ties to Russian intelligence