Friday, October 5, 2018

Interpol president reported missing after China trip

Ruth Bader Ginsburg denies DOJ request to block Ross deposition in 2020 Census case

Trump claims anti-#Kavanaugh protesters were "paid by Soros." Here's where he got that idea: #Russia's state media, RT.

U.S., British and Dutch authorities took a collective swing at Russian intelligence efforts, describing a campaign of hacking by the Kremlin

Maria Bartiromo asked Chuck Grassley this morning if he thinks George Soros is paying the elevator protesters. "I have heard so many people believe that. I tend to believe it," Grassley said. Trump tweeted the accusation about 80 minutes later

No, Mr. President, these woman are not paid professionals. Nor are the Sandy Hook parents or David Hogg or the millions of Americans fighting for decency and morality. Your dog whistles won’t change that.

How Russia Persecutes Its Dissidents Using U.S. Courts

Full quote from Murkowski to a gaggle this hour

When I reviewed the FBI #Kavanaugh report, I saw a stack of leads from the tip line - a foot & a half tall. There undoubtedly were tips worth pursuing. But we’ll never know. Trump & the Senate Republicans wouldn’t allow the FBI to follow up. This is nothing short of a cover-up.

This is only a vote to end debate. This fight is not over. This is the moment when your voices matter most. Keep raising them. As loud as you can. Call your senators and don’t stop between now and the final vote: (202) 224-3121

Comment Of Senator Leahy On The Cloture Vote On Judge Brett Kavanaugh's Nomination To The U.S. Supreme Court

BREAKING: Following dramatic cmte. move that led to FBI review, Sen. Flake says he plans to vote in favor of Judge Kavanaugh's confirmation to the US Supreme Court.

Read the latest filing in our Trump Foundation case. Our investigation makes clear that, for more than a decade, the Foundation operated in persistent violation of state and federal law governing charities.

What happens if a SCOTUS judge gets disbarred? Asking for a friend

In my lifetime, I have seen relatively few acts of political courage. In the last 24 hours, America witnessed two such acts. Thank you Senator @LisaMurkowski and Senator @SenatorHeitkamp.

Russia is not "Republican." It has the highest abortion rate in the you think they give a damn about overturning Roe v. Wade?? They are pro-Kavanaugh bc they know he will divide U.S. and undermine Americans' faith in the most revered legal institution in the country.

Trump Pushes Due Process For Some, For Others 'Lock' Them Up

BREAKING: 2018 Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Denis Mukwege and Nadia Murad "for their efforts to end the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war and armed conflict. "

To spot a bot: Official calls for "critical thinking" to fight disinformation

Call Now!

The Latest: Top Russian diplomat warns the U.S. its allegations of cybercrimes by the Russian intelligence could dangerously escalate tensions

U.S. Defense Chief Mattis again calls Russia out on alleged violation of missile treaty: "Russia must return to compliance with the INF treaty or the U.S. will need to respond to its cavalier disregard for the treaty's specific limits."

BREAKING: @SenatorLeahy “feels sorry for @FBI” saying @WhiteHouse told them “they couldn’t ask” all their questions

One of my constituents went to the FBI with evidence that Judge Kavanaugh was in touch with the wife of an alleged eye witness regarding Ms. Ramirez’s allegations of sexual misconduct before the New Yorker story broke. The FBI never called her back.


. S Ct judges dont lie under oath no matter how emotional -- he'll diminish the court from day one.

Today I was arrested protesting the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh, a man who has been accused by multiple women of sexual assault. Men who hurt women can no longer be placed in positions of power.

"'Boofing' and 'Devil’s Triangle' are sexual references. I know this because I heard Brett and his friends using these terms on multiple occasions."

BREAKING: Dr. Kenneth Appold, the widely respected James Hastings Nichols Professor of Reformation History at Princeton Theological Seminary, says he can corroborate that Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted Deborah Ramirez at Yale

Republicans aim to confirm Brett Kavanaugh this weekend; protesters arrested

WATCH: Retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens said that after seeing Judge Kavanaugh’s performance during the Senate hearings he had changed his mind about supporting the nominee.

.@realDonaldTrump said he wanted a full background check. What he delivered was a whitewash. An investigation isn't legitimate if dozens of key witnesses are never interviewed. The Senate will be committing gross negligence if it confirms this nominee.

For the first time since 1987 (with Robert Bork), the @WashingtonPost editorial board call on the Senate to reject a Supreme Court nominee

Brett Kavanaugh just published an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal. It will make your blood boil.

This video of President Trump with toilet paper on his shoe

Ret. Justice Stevens: Kavanaugh disqualified himself from Supreme Court

U.S. government interest payments surpassed total economic output from Belgium

Oh look! Kavanaugh comms w/buddies right before 9/11. About a yacht trip, rub-&-tug massages, & something about gambling & aggressiveness on the yacht that he can't remember because...? Was he still a teenager in '01?

Are you worried about the Supreme Court's upcoming double jeopardy case because it might allow Trump to pardon his way out of trouble?

A judge just blocked the Trump administration from ending protections for 250,000 immigrants

Russian Official Linked to Natalia Veselnitskaya, the Trump Tower Lawyer, Is Dead

Spokeswoman for @SteveDaines confirms that he will indeed be walking his daughter down the aisle on her wedding day on Saturday, won’t be present for a Kavanaugh confirmation vote if it happens then.

The Boston Public Library has uploaded a copy of Mark Judge's “Wasted: Tales of a GenX Drunk,” to the Internet Archive this week, making a free digital version available for people to check out.

Donald Trump Is Still Holding Campaign Rallies Because No One Else Will Validate Him - Things have gotten pretty pathetic.

This video needs to go viral. It’s more proof that Kavanaugh is not an impartial judge. He said: “I consider myself a Republican,” at 2004 hearing.

Trump mocks Al Franken for resigning quickly amid sexual misconduct allegations

While we play circus, the war is still waiting for us:

From the @TaxPolicyCenter: more proof that the #GOPTaxScam prioritizes the very wealthy over working families.

New report to Trump Hotel Chicago investors on foreign & U.S. customers broken down by country shows 169% increase in Saudi Arabia-based patrons and 114.2% in customers from China in 2018 from 2016. Trump Org wouldn't say whether Saudi govt paid for rooms

This letter from law professors opposing Kavanaugh’s confirmation was at 650+ professors a little more than a day ago. It’s now at north of 2,400 people

The Koch Brothers are spending millions of dollars against these three Democrats. Pitch in now to help keep battleground seats like these blue!

Should be shared: "We were Brett Kavanaugh’s drinking buddies. We don’t think he should be confirmed."

JUST IN: Hundreds of female Alaska attorneys call on Murkowski to vote "no" on Kavanaugh

Judge Kavanaugh Op Ed

Kavanaugh vote looms as GOP pushes and voices of protest rise

James Roche, Kavanaugh's Yale roommate: "In this climate, had he simply said 'I don't remember' or even 'If I did these things in my youth I am sorry,' he might have sailed through the confirmation process. But he lied, under oath, like it was nothing."