Wednesday, March 6, 2019

“If Trump Jr was acting on behalf of the campaign and involved in the conversation about the importance of keeping [Stormy] quiet, then he’s in the circle of co-conspirators." Trump Jr signed two hush money reimbursements. I spoke to legal experts

.@ABC NEWS EXCLUSIVE: Lawyers claiming ties to Rudy Giuliani approached Michael Cohen after FBI raids, sources tell ABC. Investigators are looking into the contacts.

Former Trump campaign adviser Michael Caputo tells CNN why he won’t comply with House investigation.

Trump nixes public report on civilians killed by drone strikes

‘Capitalism without competition is not capitalism’ —The hidden reason economic inequality is on the rise is right under our noses

Investigators looking into lawyers’ contacts with Cohen after FBI raids

"Trump’s attempts to manipulate the news media have never received the kind of intensive scrutiny they deserve, because so many other scandals have jostled for attention." -

NEW: Michael Cohen gives House Intel new docs showing edits by Trump attorneys to false written statement he delivered to Congress in 2017 about the Trump Organization's pursuit of the Trump Tower Moscow project into the 2016 campaign season

The President of the United States still owns and profits from a luxury resort in Florida where paying customers can give him notes, scrawled on resort stationary, that he personally forwards to cabinet secretaries

.@LindseyGrahamSC today asked Customs & Border Protection chief Kevin McAleenan which is a higher priority: “changing the laws” or “money for barriers”? McAleenan: “We need both...but the immediate impact, 63% of traffic at the border, would be addressed by a change in the laws.”

Liberal billionaire Tom Steyer is setting his sights on two of President Donald Trump’s fiercest defenders in Congress: Republican Reps. Jim Jordan of Ohio and Mark Meadows of North Carolina

Hey Mitch, you have NEVER spoken up about the tidal wave of hatred from the so-called President. Don’t ever lecture @HouseDemocrats about intolerance. We will handle our business. And you can PIPE DOWN

Second undocumented worker says he worked directly for Eric Trump: report

New: The Democratic National Committee has decided to exclude Fox News Channel from televising any of its 2020 candidate debates, according to WaPo.

NEW: Michael Cohen gives House Intel new docs showing edits by Trump attorneys to false written statement he delivered to Congress in 2017 about the Trump Organization's pursuit of the Trump Tower Moscow project into the 2016 campaign season

House Oversight Dems launch major new investigation into voter suppression in Georgia & request extensive docs from Brian Kemp. This is BFD & could yield significant new evidence of suppression

‼️ @SecNielsen: "There is no parent who has been deported, to my knowledge, without multiple opportunities to take their children with them." She should reread the stories of parents who signed deportation forms they couldn't read, believing it would bring their kids back.

... Aaaaaaaaand here is POTUS retweeting the Kremlin disinfo channel posted by his son.

Cheerleaders at a Wisconsin high school were targeted with sexist "awards" from their coaches. What should have been a celebration of athletics quickly turned into body shaming and harassment.

"#Russia’s parliament has approved a controversial law that allows courts to jail people for online “disrespect” of government or state officials, including the president, Vladimir #Putin,"

Power Up: Despite Trump's efforts, Senators won't let Khashoggi killing go

Opinion: Trump is barreling toward war with Iran. Congress must act to stop him.

The #Trump @EPA claims to believe in cooperative federalism. Ha! They really believe in cooperative corporatism, where states like #RI get rolled unless their interests align with the fossil fuel industry. It’s a sham.

Inside the unprecedented partnership between Fox News and the Trump White House

‘I think you mean that, too’: Trump’s aides struggle to defend, explain his foreign policy statements

Trump friend and inaugural chair Tom Barrack plans to cooperate with House Judiciary Committee requests

The U.S. federal deficit grew by 77% in ONE YEAR.

Ty Cobb, who represented the White House as special counsel when Robert Mueller ramped up the Russia investigation, said he considers Mueller “an American hero” and does not share President Trump’s view that the Russia probe is a politically motivated hoax

"The Mueller report no one’s talking about": Justice Department rules require an accounting of any time supervisors told the special counsel “no” during his work, reports

This is absolutely appalling. According to new intelligence, Jamal Khashoggi's body was burned in a newly constructed tandoori oven in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. Mohammed bin Salman needs to be sanctioned under the Global Magnitsky Act

Ex-Trump campaign aide and conservative pundit Michael Caputo whines after receiving Judiciary Committee letter: 'I have a family!'

64% of voters say Trump committed crimes before he became president, 24% say he didn't, according to Quinnipiac. Republicans say 48-33% Trump did not commit crimes then. Every other party, gender, education, age and racial group says by wide margins that Trump committed crimes.

Hollywood Reporter obtained financial disclosure forms revealing Fox has been paying Shine millions of dollars since he joined the Administration.

FBI director: Foreign influence campaigns continue 'virtually unabated'

House Intel has also hired Diana Pilipenko--a Russian& Ukrainian speaker w/ expertise in anti-corruption, anti-money laundering, and sanctions--to help investigate Trump's finances. She was previously at Center for American Progress and Deloitte managing corporate investigations.

Trump took $17 million in insurance for hurricane damage to Mar-a-Lago in 2005 that few remember. The @AP looked into it in 2016 and found little evidence of damage. Trump couldn't say how much he spent on repairs; acknowledged pocketing some of the money

CNN Is Silent on Why It Gave Airtime to a Conspiracy Theorist. The news network let discredited right-wing operative Jerome Corsi peddle misinformation Monday night.

Trump insurance filings under scrutiny after Cohen accusations

@foxnews complaint is INTENSE. Credible allegations

Sudden increase in activity suggests WikiLeaks case moving ahead

Baltimore government docs suggest that Ben Carson's son was involved in shaping Sec Carson's "listening tour" in 2017 and that he pushed to include neighborhoods where his company was considering investing

W.H. refusal of House security document request sets up showdown

Judge losing patience with Stone stunts, strengthens gag order

Aaron Banks bankrolled the Brexit campaign. The source of this money is opaque. He denied any business dealings with Russia. That has now been proven to be false. “Banks Files: how Brexit "bad boy" Arron Banks was eyeing a massive Russian gold deal.”

That January 28 briefing broke a streak of 40 days without a briefing. So we are talking about 76 days with only 1 briefing.

.@NBCNews exclusive: North Korea started rebuilding a banned long range missile site 48 hours after the Hanoi summit collapsed

White House refused the request for documents re Kushner security clearance so subpoena may re next. If 45 stonewalls like Nixon, our Watergate subpoena and SCOTUS opinion answers what would happen if Mueller subpoenaed those docs, it may be time for Cong to go to Court for docs

Just the CEO of Twitter hanging out with Tim Pool, a Nazi propagandist

Trump DOJ maneuver would allow him to replace key prosecutor