Thursday, July 11, 2019

Across a 12-hour period today, President Trump stepped directly onto some of the most volatile fault lines that could rev up his fiercest supporters

JUST IN: President Trump backed down on including a citizenship question on the 2020 census, instead announcing an executive order directing every federal government agency to turn over citizenship data to the Department of Commerce.

The real news would be who paid off Brett Kavanaugh’s debt. The real news would be a definitive answer as to why Judge Kennedy abruptly retired. The real news would be why Deutsche Bank, which employed Kennedy’s son, kept financing a financially delinquent Trump.

NEW Court Filing: "Notwithstanding Defendants' efforts to mischaracterize the video to the Court, the VIDEO shows exactly what Ms. Johnson alleged happened to her: an unwanted kiss from Defendant Trump...inside a Campaign RV on August 24, 2016."

President Trump is expected to announce new executive action Thursday during a news conference on the 2020 Census and his push to include a citizenship question.

It's official: National Enquirer bosses David Pecker and Dylan Howard have been subpoenaed...

Jeffrey Epstein Donated Thousands To Chuck Schumer. Schumer Says He'll Donate That Amount Of Money.

This man is obviously a hateful idiot. But pause and consider that his wife, with whom he has developed his ideas (some suggest she actually wrote his dissertation) is a senior official at the Department of Homeland Security.

Trump invites right-wing extremists to White House 'social media summit'

"How can Trump *possibly* win?" ask the Democrats. Y'all are so bad at this it fucking hurts.

Breaking News: Nationwide raids to sweep up undocumented families for deportation are scheduled to begin Sunday, homeland security officials said

Global Rating Agencies Do Not Sound Optimistic About Deutsche Bank's Restructuring Plan

House Judiciary votes to authorize subpoenas for 12 individuals as part of the probe into potential obstruction of justice. Kushner, David Pecker, John Kelly on list. Also subpoenas authorized over immigration policies. Party-line vote: 21-12.

Immigration reform? Now Elizabeth Warren has a plan for that, too.

Guess what! *Now* Paul Ryan, in an interview for a book, says @realDonaldTrump is a self-absorbed, know-nothing, moral miscreant who shouldn’t be president. Ryan is a true profile in courage.

Sunken Soviet nuclear submarine emitting radiation '100,000 times normal level' into sea, scientists find

Ken Starr, one of the major attorneys behind Epstein’s unconstitutional 2008 deal, is a paid Fox News pundit. No one on the network has thought to ask him about his pedophile client.

BREAKING: Trump decides against giving immediate relief to seniors on prescription drugs

Charities say they never got the donations Jeffrey Epstein claims he made.

BREAKING: Jeffrey Epstein's attorneys want him to wait out trial in his Upper East Side mansion.

Former CIA Director and Republican Michael Hayden: America May Not Survive a Second Trump Term

These are the rest of the 14 restrictions that they propose. "For reasons explained elsewhere, round-the-clock, privately funded security guards will virtually guarantee – not just reasonably assure – Mr. Epstein’s presence in the circumstances of this case," the memo says.

Trump defends Deutsche Bank in bizarre series of tweets — and sets off alarm bells

Alan Dershowitz admits to going to child sex trafficker Jeffery Epstein's house for a massage, but would like you to know that he kept his underwear on.

Trump accuses Iran of secret nuclear enrichment

“The kidney, very special, the kidney has a very special place in the heart. It’s an incredible thing. There’s a spirit like you see rarely.” That's the full quote. Yes, this really happened.

Federal judge grants motion to keep jurors from hearing about former White House Counsel Greg Craig’s efforts to get a job for Paul Manafort’s daughter

Trump dossier author was grilled by the DOJ for 16 hours last month. The interview was contentious at first, but investigators ultimately found his testimony credible and even surprising.

So Jeffrey Epstein is a fake billionaire and serial sex offender who’s deep in debt with Deutsche Bank? Dang! He could be President!

Attorney David Boies just told me that he now represents seven alleged survivors of Jeffrey Epstein's predation. He started out this week with three clients.

Dear Bill Barr of @TheJusticeDept: FYI below. Also, being the lapdog to @realDonaldTrump doesn't mean you need to defend the unusual and super lenient plea deal that @SecretaryAcosta gave to pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Have you no shred of integrity left in you?

Pence says Trump admin "welcomed" Acosta's account of role in Jeffrey Epstein case

A congressional committee is investigating whether Trump's Interior Department helped an Arizona developer and Trump supporter get a crucial permit after a wildlife official said his housing project would threaten the habitat of imperiled species

White House economic adviser Kudlow: $22.5T debt is not ‘a huge problem.’

We mobilized to take back the House to put a check on this dangerous president NOW. Not so we can wait until the next election. Where are the hearings? Where are the tax returns? Our democracy is dying. What are you doing @SpeakerPelosi? Attacking @AOC???

Nixon had a 68% Gallup Poll approval rating in January 1973. Members of Congress were not scared. They did their jobs. The impeachment hearings changed everything. By August 1974 he was gone.

Hey Senate Republicans, oral arguments yesterday in your Obamacare case suggest you may get your way and the whole ACA is eliminated. 20m will lose coverage. Millions more w preexisting conditions w see huge rate spikes.’s your plan then?

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell accused Democrats of making election security a political issue

US to investigate woman selling Chinese access to Trump

Acosta makes himself look worse with defense of Epstein deal

"A sex trafficking ring centered on minors, which involved numerous global VIPs in compromising situations, would be of high interest to quite a few intelligence services. The Epstein saga seems certain to get even more unpleasant and interesting."

BREAKING: The Senate Armed Services Committee was briefed this morning on an allegation of sexual assault against a top Air Force general nominated to become the military’s No. 2 officer, Gen. John Hyten. @marcusreports and I have the story, here:

Second federal judge blocks Justice Dept. bid to replace census attorneys

Yazmin Juarez, a woman suing the U.S. government because her daughter died after they were held in federal custody, testifies before Congress: "I am here because the world should know what is happening to so many children in ICE detention"

Trump accuser has him on video forcibly kissing her: court documents

Deutsche Bank Ended Its Relationship With Jeffrey Epstein This Year

Chuck Rosenberg, former U.S. attorney, is not buying what Alex Acosta is selling: "If Alex Acosta thought that the case was not being properly handled by the state, he had the complete ability to bring charges federally."

Ask members of the Washington diplomatic corps about the cables that Sir Kim Darroch wrote to London describing the dysfunction and chaos of the Trump admin, and their response is uniform: We wrote the same stuff. "Yes, yes, everyone does."

NYPD let convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein skip judge-ordered check-ins

The Trump side business hosting the nude dancer strip club auction should not be confused with the Trump side business tied up in the Chinese spying prostitution ring scandal

NEW: A strip-club golf tournament planned at President @realdonaldtrump’s Doral resort has now been cancelled.

Exclusive: @DeutscheBank had an extensive relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, lending him money and providing trading services — up until May 2019, when the bank cut him off.

So Jeffrey Epstein is a fake billionaire and serial sex offender who’s deep in debt with Deutsche Bank? Dang! He could be President!

READ IT HERE: Former Palm Beach (FL) State Atty Barry Krischer challenges Acosta’s characterization of why Acosta pursued a plea deal for Epstein: “I can emphatically state that Mr. Acosta’s recollection of this matter is completely wrong.”

Staggering. Since 1979, top 1 percent of earners have seen their share of income grow 70 percent while the bottom 20 percent have seen virtually no growth at all.

Members of Congress who were counting on the courts to enforce the foreign bribery clause of the Constitution should consider doing it themselves via impeachment hearings

Nude dancer auction at Trump golf club almost actually happened