Thursday, October 11, 2018

So today #Kavanaugh pretty much said the federal govt. can detain immigrants indefinitely w/o bail hearings, that their power to do so is unfettered & in fact intended to be harsh in its application. Even fellow Trump appointee, #Gorsuch, seemed troubled.

Sabotage, sabotage, and more sabotage. Republicans are trying every trick in the book to kill Obamacare and drive up health care costs

President Trump directly accused Hillary Clinton of engaging in a conspiracy with Russia to affect the 2016 election during a rally in Pennsylvania.

Corker, Menendez and more than a dozen more senators send a letter to Trump that could pave the way for sanctions over Khashoggi disappearance. Full letter and background here

JUST IN: Soyuz rocket carrying two astronauts makes an emergency landing on Earth after an issue with a booster, NASA says

Dow set to fall another 300 points at the open

Taibbi: Trump Is Just One Player in a Much, Much Larger Tax Story

BREAKING: "Saudi journalist Khashoggi was killed within two hours of his arrival at the consulate by a team of Saudi agents, who dismembered his body with a bone saw they brought for the purpose; the order came from Saudi royal court" - a senior Turkish official

Turkey's Erdogan steps up pressure on Saudi Arabia over disappearance of journalist from consulate in Istanbul.

YESTERDAY: President Trump after stock drop: "The Fed has gone crazy."

BREAKING from @AP: 53,000 Georgians' voter registrations (nearly 70% of them African-American) are being held up by @BrianKempGA's suppressive "exact match" policy. If you have any questions about voting, please contact our voter protection hotline at 1-888-730-5816. We can help!

Jamal Khashoggi checked his cellphone just before entering the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, but never read messages sent to him minutes later, screenshots obtained by NBC News show. The messages corroborate the timeline of his disappearance.

BREAKING NOW Chief Justice John Roberts refers long list of judicial misconduct complaints against Kavanaugh to federal appeals court in Colorado

DOW drops 817 points today! Third worst plunge in the history of the index. Thanks,

“Jim Jordan's continued conduct in discrediting and undermining the independence of the Justice Department and the FBI is not only shameful, but frankly un-American.”

The Washington Post’s fact-check team reported Wednesday that almost every sentence in Trump’s opinion article for USA Today contains a misleading statement or a falsehood

If you’re not alarmed yet, you’d better read this. Now

Saudi crown prince ordered operation to lure and then detain Post contributor Jamal Khashoggi, U.S. intelligence shows

Melania Trump says she's "the most bullied person in the world"

Melania Trump says there are people in the White House she doesn’t trust

So black Georgians are affected by this registration hold-up at a rate more than double their prevalence in the population... as Brian Kemp oversees his own election.This is outrageous enough that it seems almost impossible that the courts will allow this to stand.

“They buy apartments from me. They spend $40 million, $50 million. Am I supposed to dislike them?” -

Kemp's office has canceled over 1.4 million voter registrations since 2012. Nearly 670,000 registrations were canceled in 2017 alone

Chief Justice John Roberts orders new investigation into Brett Kavanaugh