Wednesday, November 11, 2020

BREAKING: The New Yorker has fired staff writer Jeffrey Toobin after a weeks-long investigation into an incident in which he exposed himself during a video call with colleagues last month


*Arizona judge rejects Trump team's request to seal evidence in lawsuit over Maricopa County votes. *Election officials convinced judge that the public “has a right to know how flimsy Plaintiffs’ evidence actually is.”


This Veterans Day, I feel the full weight of the honor and the responsibility that has been entrusted to me by the American people as the next president, and I vow to honor our country’s sacred obligation


POTUS has nothing else on sched today but is nonetheless late to Arlington National Cemetery to honor veterans on Veterans Day, keeping decorated veterans, their families, and others waiting in the rain, not understanding the significance of the day, hour, minute of commemoration


JUST IN: White House political affairs director Brian Jack has tested positive for coronavirus, an official confirmed to CNN


"The anger out there in these red states is so deep and palpabale that GOP legislators may have a difficult time seating Biden electors,” Fox News’ John Roberts casually says on air


GEORGIA: US Senate Run-off elections set for January 5th. Request Absentee Ballot: Register Now Before Deadline: 12/7 Early In Person Voting Begins: 12/14 For help, contact our Election Protection hotline at 866-OUR-VOTE/866-687-8683. #gapol


Warning to all Trump Administration staff: destroying documents is a felony. Anyone engaging in those acts will be prosecuted by a NEW DOJ


Ugh, ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ has been president for nearly an entire term and he still doesn’t get that you’re supposed to put your hand over your heart (not salute) if you’re not a veteran or in uniform


A tip from U.S. authorities has exposed a major child sex abuse ring in Australia with links to the United States, Canada, Asia, Europe and New Zealand, police said.


Thread: Something is up -- Nunes' other goon, Michael Ellis, who also was in the NSC, was made General Counsel of NSA today. It's like Crabbe and Goyle infiltrating the Pentagon and NSA.


Right-wing nationalists like Narendra Modi and Boris Johnson have done their nations no favors by aligning themselves with Donald Trump


Marco Rubio’s Senate staff is attacking me today because I tweeted this. So please watch and retweet. It really hurts them


“Trump and his allies want the info public because they believe it would rebut claims that Putin supported Trump in 2016. That may sound like ancient history, but for Trump it remains ground zero — the moment when his political problems began.”


Thread of @jaketapper's reporting: "I spent some time today talking to Republican officials on both ends of Pennsylvania Ave, and what they say is, no one out there should worry that our democracy is in actual jeopardy..."


Help Ossoff & Warnock For Volunteering:


. @ossoff destorys Senator Purdue. Make sure you're Registered for #Runoffs before December Deadline here


Massachusetts Republican Gov. Charlie Baker: "I can't think of a worse time to stall a transition than amid a deadly pandemic."




#Belarus My former colleague, great @RFERL journalist Aleh Hruzdzilovich has been detained. Police came to his apartment to arrest him. He fearlessly covered the protests in #Minsk, also before the elections. Journalism is not a crime


Today in court, a Pennsylvania judge asked a lawyer for Trump point-blank whether he was alleging fraud. (Full transcript here


BREAKING: Hong Kong’s pro-democracy lawmakers have quit en masse after Beijing forced out four of their colleagues

Some lawyers at the law firms representing the Trump campaign in lawsuits over election results are worried their work is advancing arguments that lack evidence and may be helping President Trump and his allies undermine the integrity of U.S. elections


False and unsupported claims about voter fraud appear aimed, in part, at stoking Trump’s base to give him money to pay off the debt his spendthrift campaign ran up.


“Six Jones Day lawyers said... the main goal of the litigation seemed to be to erode public confidence in the election results.” Yet Jones Day continues representing Trump’s campaign, which is raising “legal defense” money in part to retire campaign debt.


Some big, early shifts on immigration expected under Biden


Can one believe something into existence?


Last week’s Senate and Presidential races were decided on the same ballots. You can’t accept the results of one without the other.


An apparent purge is underway at the Pentagon, as the Defense Department announced the departure of much of its senior leadership and welcomed hardcore MAGA-ites in their place


“Not only does Trump have a history of disclosures, he checks the boxes of a classic counterintelligence risk: He is deeply in debt and angry at the U.S. government”


It just occurred to me that Trump’s refusal to concede means that every day the story is that he lost.


Laura Ingraham tells Lindsey Graham to stop acting “like a used car salesman”


This is really serious.


ELECTION OFFICIALS NATIONWIDE FIND NO FRAUD — Banner headline on Wednesday’s @nytimes front page


The senior Defense Department leadership now includes aides to Mike Flynn and Devin Nunes, as well as someone who called Barack Obama a “terrorist leader”


.⁦⁦@joshrogin⁩: “It’s becoming clear that...Trump’s firing of Defense Secretary Mark T. Esper...was only the first step in an effort to remove the entire top Defense Department leadership team and replace it with officials loyal to the president.”


South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem has enthusiastically taken up Trump's empty efforts to contest the election results, asking for online donations to "help us bring it home," but it appears the donations are set to flow into her own reelection account.


"TikTok says the Trump administration has forgotten about trying to ban it, would like to know what's up."


Dr. Anthony Fauci said Tuesday the Pfizer vaccine, which is reportedly more than 90% effective, could be available to everyone by April 2021


To all our Veterans... Thank you for your service. ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ


Jones Day


Dear @JonesDay: The issue you are litigating—whether the 10k ballots received after Nov 3 in PA should be counted—is frivolous because Biden’s lead is greater than 45k. If you are choosing to litigate moot issues that hurt democracy, at least have the courage to admit it.


Laura Ingraham is all over the place tonight. She just fact checked Sydney Powell in order to stop Powell from going off the ledge about how China changed the voting machines, because even Ingraham knows how batshit crazy that is


As we honor those on Veterans Day who have served and sacrificed, remember that the current Commander-in-Chief, who refuses to concede or commit to a peaceful transition of power, called those very same veterans “losers” and “suckers”.


Opinion: The biggest hole in the GOP’s voter fraud case


Surprising no one, these affidavits turned out to be a whole lot of nothing. Claims they weren’t allowed to be as close to the counters as they wanted, confusion about rescanning ballots, “liberal bias”, etc


The Vatican’s graphic report of sexual misconduct by Theodore McCarrick, once America’s most powerful cardinal, shows a trail of lies, deceit and coverups that spanned 60 years


Georgia's Lieutenant Gov. Geoff Duncan, a Republican, said today there have been no substantiated cases of voter fraud in the state.


@nytimes reporters called election officials in almost every state: They all said there was no evidence of voter fraud or other irregularities that affected the outcome of the presidential race.


Beijing ousts four opposition lawmakers in Hong Kong, dealing a blow to an already reeling pro-democracy movement


On why CIA director may/ may not be next one fired. Opinion | A furious behind-the-scenes battle to counter Trump’s threat to national security


More: A Pennsylvania postal worker whose claims have been cited by top Republicans as potential evidence of widespread voting irregularities admitted to U.S. Postal Service investigators that he fabricated the allegations.


President-elect Joe Biden shrugs off Donald Trump’s effort to challenge the election results, forging ahead with transition planning even as the president pursues a multi-state legal fight


The new Under Secretary of Defense of the United States (via @KFILE)


Pfizer's Covid-19 vaccine must be kept at -70 degrees Celsius before use, requiring a complex and costly distribution system that could prevent poorer nations from having reliable access


1/ National People Congress Standing Committee's decided to unseat 4 moderate lawmakers @AlvinYeungnk , @DrKwokKaKi , @KennethL_legco , and @cpdenniskwok came after the US election. This is a manifest declaration of Beijing to abandon the promises enshrined in the Joint Declaration.