Saturday, February 9, 2019

GOP lawmaker condemned for inviting Holocaust denier to State of the Union

Republican congressmen send letter pleading for Dems to stop hunt for Donald Trump's tax returns

Our president is officially making openly racist jokes on twitter that would get anyone else kicked off of Twitter.

Since Thursday: Saudis linked to Bezos blackmail attempt; MBS threatened Khashoggi "bullet" in 2017 and now: Vice made Saudi propaganda. The Kingdom is exporting criminality and media manipulation to the world.

Google, the company who’s motto is “don’t be evil” does a deal with Russian government to ban websites that Putin doesn’t like, including anti corruption exposes, from its searches. That seems pretty evil to me.

Exclusive: Venezuela shifts oil ventures' accounts to Russia's Gazprombank - document, sources

Russian-Style Kleptocracy Is Infiltrating America - 18 yrs before Mueller investigation CIA Moscow station chief Richard Palmer warned Congress Russian elites were plundering $, trying to influence US politics, & the US was an accomplice


MBS promised a bullet for Khashoggi. Congress must promise consequences for MBS.

Russia will conduct disconnection from global Internet exercises

"The clearest command of the Establishment Clause is that one religious denomination cannot be officially preferred over another."

Elizabeth Warren calls for banning foreign governments from hiring lobbyists

A Russian couple who lived a lavish life behind the gates of a sprawling NC mansion hid an explosive secret: They were living off a scheme that produced $150M in kickbacks from subcontractors seeking business with Russia's military.

Watch live as Elizabeth Warren speaks in Lawrence

McCabe: Trump "ordered" Rosenstein to write memo justifying Comey firing

The most important moment at the Whitaker hearing and everyone missed it.

"There is no health, safety, or medical reason for this requirement; every major medical association has said so." Kavanaugh Just Showed How He’d Roll Back Abortion — Without Overturning Roe

Efforts to oust Maine Republican Susan Collins intensify after Kavanaugh’s anti-abortion vote

TX State Sen. West: "How do you define voter suppression?" David Whitley: "I think it's irrelevant." West: “You’re the secretary of state, sir. It is relevant to me if I’m going to vote for your confirmation.” Whitley is Texas's top election officer.

On Feb. 7, we reported that the Saudi crown prince had considered using "a bullet" on journalist Jamal Khashoggi in 2017. The U.N. said Khashoggi's killing was "planned and perpetrated" by Saudi officials. Our video shows how the hit job unfolded:

The black writing at the top in Arabic is the same as the English under it, “Mohammed Bone Saw” and “I kill Muslims”; the white word at the bottom says “Fail” and the blue text says “Poor English from the Ministry of Communications” cc @KingSalman

Trump Defies Congressional Deadline on Khashoggi Report

BREAKING: Leahy REAX On Report That The President Will Ignore Filing Deadline For Magnitsky Act Report On The Murder Of Jamal #Khashoggi

6 people arrested after largest US-Australian meth seizure-No Wall was used in the seizure or apprehension

The art of provokatsiya:#Russia wants to monitor Ukrainian elections, #Ukraine objects. Russia withdraws its request. Russian state media starts to perpetuate the idea that now Russia doesn't have to recognize the incoming president, "with all consequences arising out of that."

Keith Schiller, Trump's longtime bodyguard, has so far received $225,000 from the RNC through his one-man consulting firm, according to CNBC

Veterans Affairs Chair Mark Takano has opened an investigation into the role three members of Trump's Mar-a-Lago club have had in the Dept. of Veterans Affairs. Takano wants all comms between the Mar-a-Lago members and their companies with VA officials

Trump’s Publisher Pal Puts Saudi Propaganda Magazine in U.S. Supermarkets

New filing in United States v. Manafort: Transcript Doc. on PACER

Former senior FBI official calls Whitaker hearing "disgraceful"

"If any state entity is spying on Bezos & leaking his purloined comms to third parties in the media, that’s legitimately alarming for privacy & personal liberty in America. Because if they can do it to the richest guy on earth, they can do it to anybody."

Saudi regime accounts today have been going berserk over this story about how, a whole year before Jamal's murder, MBS outlined his plan to deal with him: Return voluntarily, or by force, or get "a bullet".

Bezos could very well land #NationalEnquirer brass at AMI in jail. Here's how

Rep. Jerry Nadler to Acting AG Whitaker: "I fully intend to call you back for an interview under subpoena if necessary and I expect more fulsome answers at that time."

While I’m pleased the Supreme Court agreed to temporarily block a Louisiana abortion law, it’s troubling, but not surprising, that Kavanaugh wrote a separate dissent arguing the court should disregard long-standing precedent, despite his assurances that he'd respect precedent.

Opinion: Jeff Bezos can sue the pants off the National Enquirer

Antivaxxers are already a public health menace, and soon they will be a national security issue.

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT ; please read this article & share. This is a very extensive & graphic examination of ongoing Russian Intelligence Services operations on Social Media, Twitter in particular. Educate yourselves

New sex assault claim prompts wave of calls for Fairfax to resign

Private Eyes Expose National Enquirer ‘Blackmail’ Machine

Saudi media blitz could explain devotion of National Enquirer/AMI

Trump campaign, GOP donations being put to dubious use

Amid dodges, Whitaker denies discussing Mueller probe with Trump

Matt Whitaker went to Trump Hotel after Judiciary Committee hearing