Monday, July 29, 2019

Trump grants presidential pardons or sentence commutations to seven people

Alan Dershowitz responds...

Corporate and Foreign Interests Behind White House Push to Transfer U.S. Nuclear Technology to Saudi Arabia 50 page second interim staff report issued today by @RepCummings @OversightDems

Trump lawsuit over New York state tax returns delayed 24 hours while lawyers confer

Senate loses bid to override Trump’s veto and block arms sales to Saudi Arabia to punish the kingdom for the murder of Jamal Khashoggi

NEW: Trump aide submitted drafts of 2016 "America First" energy speech to senior United Arab Emirates officials for edits, according to emails and text messages uncovered by a House Oversight Committee investigation

Mitch McConnell angrily defended himself against allegations that he's doing Vladimir Putin's bidding by blocking a series of election security bills proposed by Democrats

Ratcliffe as DNI: Well, as Spicy shows, an eighth-rate Fox News host cannot perform the job. anomalies

What did @GroverNorquist discuss on his call with @SecElaineChao of March 14, 2017—two days before his brother David was nominated to be an Under Secretary of Defense? Did @senatemajldr shorten the Senate confirmation process to ram his wife’s nominees through?

Dear Press: This has really good "optics".

#MoscowMitch hit a nerve...

NEW: Michael Flynn's former lawyers give Judge Sullivan notice they've now turned everything in their files over to his new attorneys. This was an issue last month when the judge had everyone in for an update related to Flynn's eventual sentencing.

BREAKING: Chairman @RepCummings releases new documents that show corporate and foreign interests seek to influence U.S. nuclear policy towards Saudi Arabia.

Reasonable people can disagree as to weather the age of consent should be 14? Is @AlanDersh nuts?

King Con Trump Bets It All on More Racism Trump, a creature of opportunity, believes hateful rhetoric intended to marginalize political opponents will protect him from the inevitable—the end of his presidency.

Mueller didn't clear #Trump, Fox's Chris Wallace tells Mick Mulvaney

#Gilroy police chief says there are 3 victims: 6 yr old boy; 13 yr old girl; 20-something male. Names not released until next of kin notifications are complete. May their memories comfort their grieving families. 💔 May the US Senate find the courage to act.

There is never, ever a bottom. Now begins the great multi-phase conservative media defense shield. "He never said that." "He said that but he meant something else." "He did it to pwn the libs. "Trump was at ground zero and personally rescued thousands."

How far will Putin's government go to silence opposition figure Alexei Navalny? There’s now widespread speculation that Navalny just fell prey to yet another Kremlin poison plot

New filing in Application for the Release of Mueller Grand Jury Materials: Motion For Order Doc. on PACER:

This week Rand Paul told a congresswoman to leave the country so she can “appreciate America more.” Last week Rand Paul voted against paying for the medical bills of America’s 9/11 heroes.


Rev. Al Sharpton: "He attacks everybody. I know Donald Trump. He's not mature enough to take criticism. He can't help it. He's like a child ... But he has a particular venom for blacks and people of color."

Ratcliffe attacked Mueller for not exonerating Trump. The report is an internal prosecution memo, which prosecutors write every day, to lay out facts to support decisions. Ratcliffe is either misguided or acting in bad faith. Neither bodes well for DNI.

Look at Steven Romero’s picture. In no other country in the world is he as likely to die from gun violence. None. We can stop this from happening.

Things not only are “that bad,” they could indeed get even worse. Much worse.

Trump suggests that he was a 9/11 First Responder

I'm calling for an impeachment inquiry because of the mounting evidence that Donald Trump has repeatedly broken the law to protect his own interests.

"If [Trump] thinks I'm a con man he would have nominated me for his cabinet," said @TheRevAl at presser happening now in Baltimore.

Battlefield prep for the pardons.

NEW: A look at Alan Dershowitz's history of defending men accused of crimes against women; his history of defending accused rapists and his belief that men, no matter how old, should not be punished for having sex with minors as young as 15.

Jared Kushner owns lots of apartments in the Baltimore area. Some were infested with mice.

Two years ago, Republicans controlled the White House, the Senate, and the House.

China taps Saudi Arabia for a record volume of oil imports after sanctions hit Iran

A student activist called on the U.S. government to stop the sale of riot gear and tear gas to Hong Kong

I can't believe the conditions in Baltimore! Wait... I'm sorry. These aren't from Baltimore. They're from the places @Jim_Jordan & @senatemajldr represent.

DEVELOPING: Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats is expected to leave his position as early as this week, according to 2 people familiar with the matter.

Republican senator from Kentucky caught helping Russia — and it wasn’t Moscow Mitch this time

CHRIS WALLACE: *plays Mulvaney video of Trump telling Hannity in 2016 that he would balance budget in 5 years. Then displays graphic showing Obama was a much more responsible steward of the federal budget than Trump* MULVANEY: Well, Congress spends money, not Trump

New filing in Trump v. House Ways and Means Committee: Set/Reset Deadlines/Hearings PACER Docket

She is a US citizen who was *carrying her passport* when ICE picked her up. They still held her for 32 hours because when they questioned her without a lawyer or guardian present, she gave “inconsistent information.” She is 9 years old.

Always worth retweeting this. Nigel Farage & Rupert Murdoch hanging together couple of days after EUref. And here’s an interesting #TheGreatHack-related fact: Cambridge Analytica’s first NY office was in Murdoch HQ

Witness describes hearing between 30-40 shots. Says suspect was wearing fatigues, had assault rifle

White male shooter. Shocker. When can we build a wall to protect us from white males with semiautomatic rifles?

11 people were reportedly shot tonight in California. The president is live-tweeting Fox News.

Imagine getting arrested in the USA for advocating for fair elections. This is what is happening in Russia right now. @realDonaldTrump & @senatemajldr allow Putin to interfere in our elections because selling out America & cheating is the only way the GOP can win.

The former first lady took to Twitter to honor a step-dancing team from Baltimore, just hours after President Trump attacked a prominent African-American congressman and referred to his Baltimore district as a "disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess"

John Oliver exposes UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson: "There is no reason for much hope here"

#Russia in one photo

UPDATE: Three people were killed, including a 6-year-old boy, and 15 others were injured after a gunman opened fire at a Northern California food festival. One suspect shot and killed, second suspect remains on the loose.

#BREAKING Russian opposition politician Navalny might have been exposed to 'toxic agent': doctor